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Justin Theroux & Jennifer Aniston: Bel Air Home Visit!

Justin Theroux & Jennifer Aniston: Bel Air Home Visit!

Justin Theroux carries a big bag while heading to Bank of America on Friday (April 5) in Hollywood, Calif.

Last week, the 41-year-old actor and his fiancee Jennifer Aniston were spotted furniture shopping in West Hollywood.

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Justin drove them in their Mercedes up to their new house in Bel Air, and they were met at the gate by contractors,” an eyewitness recently shared to E!. “Jen was in a cheery mood and chatty with the contractors. She had a scarf around her neck and very little makeup on. They stayed at the house for 45 minutes before leaving.”

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  • yep

    Happiness to them!

  • Karla

    Hello Mr Sexy Theroux!

  • Ne

    Nothing cooler than driving your girlfriend’s Mercedes and living in a mansion you would never be able to afford!

    Seriously does he even work anymore? Or just living off his sugar mama!

  • kara

    Those pants!!!! So tight at the bottom!

    And ii is not their car or their house. It is her car and house and Justin just enjoys the perks.

  • FugAngieHoly

    Great ass Justin!

  • Marie

    Beautiful couple

  • FugAngieHoly

    @Ne: and it hurts you?

  • Veeeee

    Member when all Jen’s followers thought her and Vince were the “best couple ever”? How her and John Mayer were “so cute” , so “beautiful” ? such idiots, love every man she’s with until they dump her.

    Justin enjoys the perks and $$$$$ too much to walk away. None of the other men were financially dependent on her. Justin is considering he would not have made much money writing and he has not worked for 3 years!

  • FugAngieHoly

    @kara: Its their life! do not worry too much about jen! I know you love jen and you dont want anyone to take her money away! but she is grown woman so calm down!

  • Lol

    @Veeeee: he has not worked for 3 years?? YOU IDIOT! how you know that? only because he is not in another movie yet has not work? piece of shit is what you are!

  • sarah

    @Veeeee: Um, no actually I don’t ever remember saying that. Jen and Justin are GORGEOUS, TALENTED, PERFECT and BOTH ARE FILTHY RICH. Comments like yours are really funny in a sad for you kind of way.

  • just me

    Yes its her money and car who cares? He grown and should get something his self. Men fall for women like that. She is not going to marry him either. Didn’t they suppose to got married last month? What happen? Just for publicity like every one that be on just Jared. Promoting your relationship or having a baby or breaking up. Are promoting show and adding your ex with you. No news here or other times.

  • Veeeee


    Whoa….you have some serious anger issues.

    One trip to IMDB shows his last acting role was Wanderbust. People do not care enough about their relationship to even see a film with the 2 of them.

    And Zoolander 2 (hahahah) , which does not seem even close to being made.

  • Jil


    Actually tons of Jen fans were gaga over Vince, in love with Mayer. Claimed to see a baby bump on Jen everytime they saw her with them.

    And Justin is not filthy rich. He is not gorgeous (especually not with that hooked nose) .Jen is plain and manly with her chin and nose, she is far from talented (and her lack of awards/nominations for FILM roles proves this) and neither is perfect because no one is.

  • JJ


  • JJ


    WTF are you talking about lol?

    Did Theroux change his profession now? Last I looked a director/actor/screenwriter. Not a driver for Miss Jennifer Daisy. As such i.e. a film industry type he is UNEMPLOYED! And has been for a very, very long time

  • African Girl

    Jeez! JA couldn’t afford checks….how much are they $10.99? Poor guy has to log around his pay in a bag.

  • wren

    Sunset Boulevard. I wonder how much he is getting paid for this, and if they have a swimming pool.

  • sarah

    @Jil: Wow, you kinda sound like a stalker. Then again stalkers know their business. Justin is more of a screen writer and has made millions, ie, Tropic Thunder, Zoolander, etc… You just sound like a chubby chick who sits in front of your computer and complains, put down and who is well….jealous of people who have made something of their lives. Now do yourself and those who actually know you a favor and wipe the cookie crumbs off your belly and keyboard….go outside and get a life. Peace out, God Bless ya

  • Guest

    first of all he wrote Tropic thunder with like 2 other people and the movie didnt even make that much money it just broke even and zoolander didnt make money either. He is no Coen brothers or Sorkin so how eactly is he making millions, do tell

  • dani


    I don’t think he needs to make that much money–I believe he has family money. He was privately schooled and went to Bennington College which is one of the most expensive private colleges in the US with tuition this year at $44,000 plus an additional $13-14k for room and board and a host of other fees. He had wealthy great grandparents so it is possible the money has trickled down. Plus he has worked fairly steadily over the years–not making tom Cruise or Brad Pitt type money, but still a decent amount.

    Don’t care for either JA or JT, but checking your “facts” helps your credibility you know..

  • Eatme




  • Eatme

    5’7″ at best!!!!

  • midget man

    Itty, bitty, teeny, weeny, short, short ugly man!

  • rachel

    what a dipstick

  • ellie’

    What a beautiful couple ..So happy for Jen & Justin.. There the a-list couple of Hollywood.. no one buys the other ones bull sh*t….

  • Guest

    since when is Justin A-list? would most people even recognize him if walking down the street. do you even know what an alister is. also serious question to the hens why is justin still unemployed?

  • Mamie

    Didn’t Billy Bob sneak out and left Angie when she was out of town…. but, you Loons didn’t care about Angie back then because she wasn’t with Fabio Pitt back then.



    Billy Bob was a coward and an idiot. He didn’t want to adopt so he left. That was the moment I fell in love with Angelina. She put a (hers) child above this selfish man she was married to. So many women take the man over their children and their dog or cat or whatever because they are too afraid to be unmarried or alone. Angie put the welfare of a child above the selfish jerk she was married to.

  • Jack S.

    1. Justin has his own money from working as a screewriter and family money. He is said to be worth anywhere between 5 and 10 Million dollars.

    2. Justin owns his own car and motorcyle.

    3. So there!

  • Guest

    @Jack S.:
    And they bought the house for 21mil not including renovations so thanks for confirming that she paid for it. And when was the last time he wrote a screenplay oh that’s right flop of ages. He hasn’t worked since then

  • And so we begin….

    Love this couple…..HATE HIS PANTS!!! What is it with these drop crotch pants anyway? MC Hammer used to wear something similar….but not this bad. Love you Justin, but change your damn pants!!!!!!!!

  • Justin’s Big Pay Day

    LOL at all the attempts fo make it seem a if Theroux is rich. Far from it. He has been in the business for decades now and has a pretty thin resume to show for it.
    Acting bits here and there and mostly probably scale and that means no steady money at all from acting.
    Writing credits here and there also with no big pay days. His contribution to Tropic Thunder was minimal and probably arose from hangong out with his buddy who threw him a writing credit. It happens in the biz. Unless you are a big name, directors do not make the big bucks. So it’s a pretty sure thing that he has never had even close to a million dollar payday of his jobs.
    Plus people need to stop this fantasy that he has inherited wealth. He does not. He has an ancestor who was an investor in New York and was wealthy BUT he went bankrupt and lost evrything 100 years ago around 1915 and he never recovered financially. So nothing has trickled down.
    Theroux’s father is a respected and well off attorney so he has always had a nice income but he is not “rich” though I am sure he has helped his 5 children out over the years. Justin did go to expensive schools as well as expensive rehab. Though Justin’s mother (long since divorced from his father and remarried) is a popular writer in some circles, she’s not rich either.
    The fantasies that people have to spin is amusing. Fact is that wealthy women like Aniston have to be careful. None of us know what is in peoples’ minds and hearts. Let’s just say I have my suspicions.

  • Justin’s Big Pay Day

    @Jack S.:
    Poor dear.
    1. See my post above for a dose of reality.
    2. Justin never had a car in NYC so that came with Jennifer. Jennifer is generous with her gifts to him so far. Are you sure he even had a motorcycle before Jennifer ;) and if so which was it?
    3. Ahem, so where? :^)

  • Justin Who?

    Who is this Midget with that crooked pointy nose before Maniston?

  • Still The Real Dirk_Reese-Fan

    There should be only one richness that counts:
    Always these discussions about the f*cking money! Ridiculous!
    I wish for Jen, that her heart is 1 with Justin´s heart!

  • Joy

    Justin is creepy. He and his tight black outfits with chains hanging, what the heck is that? Old man is so gei.