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Olivia Wilde: DVF Awards with Gabby Douglas!

Olivia Wilde: DVF Awards with Gabby Douglas!

Olivia Wilde is classy chic while attending the 2013 DVF Awards held at United Nations on Friday (April 5) in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress was seen posing on the red carpet with Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas.

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“Heading to the UN for the first time to present at the DVF awards. Psyched (understatement). Gloria Steinem will not escape my bear hug,” Olivia tweeted earlier in the day.

FYI: Olivia is wearing a Diane Von Furstenberg suit, clutch, and heels, with an A.L.C blouse and House Of Lavande Vintage necklace. Gabby is wearing a Diane Von Furstenberg dress.

10+ pictures inside of Olivia Wilde and Gabby Douglas attending the 2013 DVF Awards

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olivia wilde dvf awards with gabby douglas 01
olivia wilde dvf awards with gabby douglas 02
olivia wilde dvf awards with gabby douglas 03
olivia wilde dvf awards with gabby douglas 04
olivia wilde dvf awards with gabby douglas 05
olivia wilde dvf awards with gabby douglas 06
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olivia wilde dvf awards with gabby douglas 08
olivia wilde dvf awards with gabby douglas 09
olivia wilde dvf awards with gabby douglas 10

Credit: Brad Barket; Photos: Getty
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  • Shellymr

    Olivia is so beautiful brunette will always be her color

  • Ella

    Gabby looks fab! Love her.

  • Ali

    Olivia is so gorgeous!

  • Mt

    I still don´t like her face, brunette defenitelly is her color her face isn´t pretty to look good with any hair color or any other hair style, except for hair down, and don´t forget about makeup to make us forget about the shape of her nose, her face and how big her head is, anyway if you need carefully you´d notice how it is.

  • Steve

    I don´t know, but I can´t avoid thinking about that evil character from Batman called the Penguin everytime I see her face, specially whe doesn´t have on her face so much makeup like on these photos.

  • Ego

    @Steve: retarded people tend to make connections that make no sense. I guess that’s why you did what you did,

  • Steve

    @Ego: well, I think retarded people don´t tend to make connections when something It´s obvious, I said I can´t avoid thinking about the Penguin everytime I see her face because they look like, specially for their noses, It´s not my fault that Olivia has that nose, if you said that It doesn´t add up It´s because you never watched Batman or your brain doesn´t work , so you aren´t capable to use your brain and make that connection, I just said what I think and what I can´t avoid thinking that´s all.

  • Ego

    @Steve: Well then in that case you’re retarded because the last thing anyone thinks about when looking at Olivia Wilde would be an old dc comic villain from the batman series. Hell even people who hate her wouldn’t even link something as off topic as the penguin to Olivia Wilde. Are you gonna link demi lovato to Japanese anime next? Or Pizza Hut to sky diving?

    Don’t get mad because of your own mental ineptitude dude. It’s not our fault that you were born with severe mental retardation.

  • Ego

    @Steve: You’re right. They don’t make connections when something is obvious. Which is why you trying to make a connection between Olivia Wilde and an old batman Villain is the furthest thing from being “Obvious” If you’re saying that it adds up because of her nose, then you’re either shitty with your own observational skills or you’re a mental invalid.
    In this case it seems like it’s a combination of the two. Don’t be upset with me because I called you what you are. That would be like calling a black guy a…black guy lol.

  • Steve

    (*laughs*) ….The only one who is upset is you, I don´t hate Olivia, but I just can´t avoid thinking about the Penguin everytime I see her that´s all and if you are her fan and are in love with her, and you don´t like my opinion it´s your problem, Thanks for telling me what I am, but I don´t need someone who need glasses tells me who I´m, I see enough photos about Olivia to know what I said, but if you think she´s the hottest girl in this world then why you´re upset with me for what I said ? It´s said people hate the truth, specially when they refuse to accept the truth, so don´t pretend to be cool talking about Pizza Hut and sky diving, it´s pathetic because cool people aren´t fan of anyone they just do what they want. Lol

    this is my last comment because I don´t like to waste my time, specially when I´m right (*laughs*)

    PD: Gaby Douglas look better than Olivia Wilde

  • ego

    @Steve: So is that why you’re getting bent out of shape because I called you retarded for a stupid comment you made? Because I’m the one who’s upset? Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I gotta say thought normally people who aren’t upset don’t get offended by someone calling them a NON PC name I like I just did. They also don’t go out of their way to prove a moot point by posting pictures which are about as far from the point on which they are trying to prove. So you might want to work on that. All I’m merely saying is that no one with a fully functional brain would connect her with the Penguin. Unless they were a mental retard who also suffers from serious visual issues. Which you do. Again you’re the ONLY person saying she looks like the penguin. No one else is saying that. You know why? Cause no one else is stupid enough to say something so asinine.

    But I thank you for your hilariously idiotic attempt at trying to prove a moot point. You helped me prove myself right with that little gem of yours :).

    PS: I never said YOU hated her oh mentally slow one. Learn to read.

    Or at least get better taste in women if you think Gabby Douglas looks good.

    Nice Rage Quit by the way loser ;)

  • ego

    @Steve: “Thanks for telling me what I am, but I don´t need someone who need glasses tells me who I´m,”

    Also are you saying that people who need classes are unfit to call other people retarded? Last I check needing glasses isn’t a requirement to call out other people for their mental stupidity.

    Can’t you go one post without sounding like an invalid?

  • ego

    @Steve: “this is my last comment because I don´t like to waste my time, specially when I´m right ”

    YOu also don’t like wasting your time when you’re wrong. IE now. No need to thank me for calling you what you are. Now you can get the proper treatment for your mental ineptitude :)

  • Jacky Boy

    @Steve: I can’t stand Olivia Wilde but I agree with Ego. No one in the right mind would compare her to The Penguin in any shape or form. And you are an idiot for doing so.

    PS: Anyone who uses -laughs- two times in a row is either upset or desperate to portray themselves as NOT upset. Nice try but you’re not fooling anyone.

  • Jes

    Yeah, till now, Steve you´re the only one who has said Olivia Wilde looks like The Penguin, if you had said something like she has a massive head, ugly legs, or her legs looks like tre trunks, then you wouldn´t be the only one.

    PS: Gabby Douglas looks younger and pretty, but Oliva Wilde next to her looks like a 38-year-old transvestit* , so It´s not distasteful to say something good about her.

  • Ego


  • Ego

    @Jes: Yes well Steve isn’t the only mentally retarded individual here. I guess you didn’t read what I said about only the mentally slow make connections to things that aren’t there. Try to actually give me PROOF other than some idiotic drivel a superficial idiot would say. Your special education isn’t doing you any favors in terms of your visual perception.
    PS: It’s not only in bad taste to call someone a 38 year old transvestite, but it also makes you look like an idiot when you can’t even SPELL “Transvestite” you don’t seem to be benefiting from your “spelling for dummies” workshop course my dear.

  • John Freeman

    @Jes: Well to be fair, Steve isn’t the only shallow idiot out there who makes lackluster connections. Her head is proportionate to her body as are her toned and slender legs are to her frame. I take you’ve never seen a picture of her in a bikini before right? That’s ok. Most of the idiots here on JJ have pretty mediocre visual abilities.
    Oh and saying something about Gabby Douglas isn’t distasteful. However it is laughably stupid if you think that big lipped future steroid junkie individual is actually considered “hot” Also it makes you laughably stupid since you can’t even spell correctly. I mean what I said to you earlier dear. Your not ready to converse with the adults.

  • Jacky Boy

    @Jes: Well you’re also forgetting that Steve is a fool who wouldn’t know good taste if it bit him in the rear. If he honestly think the Penguin is a good antagonist, then I pretty much write off anything that individual has to say.
    I also write off and laugh at individuals who think Gabby Douglas is considered “cute” either that or they have a thing for underage looking jail bait. I guess that’s what you tailor to right Jes?

  • Joe Foster

    This must be the “stupid people say inaccurate stuff about celebrities” edition of Just Jared. Because only a truly stupid individual would compare a well proportionate person like Olivia Wilde to the Penguin.

    I guess thats why people like Steve and Jess to poke fun at right?

    Then again you have to be an idiot to think Gabby Douglas looks cute. Your taste in celebrities needs serious work Jes.