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Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: Rome Sightseeing Couple!

Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: Rome Sightseeing Couple!

Gerard Butler and his girlfriend Madalina Ghenea take a romantic stroll on Saturday (April 6) in Rome, Italy.

Earlier in the day, the 43-year-old Scottish actor donned a colorful trench coat while meeting fans at Coin to promote his new flick Olympus Has Fallen.

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“One moment like this makes the whole tour worth it,” Gerry tweeted on the same day, along with a pic. Check out the pic below!

The night before, Gerard and Madalina attended the premiere for Olympus Has Fallen.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea taking in the sights of Rome…

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gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 01
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 02
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 03
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 04
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 05
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 06
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 07
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 08
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 09
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 10
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 11
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 12
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 13
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 14
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 15
gerard butler madalina ghenea rome sightseeing couple 16

Credit: Ernesto Ruscio; Photos: Getty, INF Daily
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  • brandi’s wart

    You are MINE Gerard..MINE! I will make sure you remember me. You will see!

  • C.A

    Well Well …. GB is still around …. Good for her …. LOL …

  • joak

    so i’m curious.. why do all the gerard butler and madalina ghenea posts have hundreds of comments insulting him/her/both of them? i’m totally out of the loop. what’s going on..?

  • dior

    Because MG is a disgusting famew/h/o/r/e that looks like a ladyboy and GB is a manw/h/o/r/e on drugs.

  • brandi’s wart

    He got HPV from Brandi Glanville and then didn’t even remember her or was too embarrassed to admit his drunken one night stand with her.

  • saturday

    Good for them! Wonder what sites they saw…just looks like a bunch of streets. My cousin actually saw them walking around.

  • liz

    She’s probably demanded that he take her shopping again.

  • MG pregnant?
    Has Madalina gained some weight? Well, I’ll say it again; I really Believe she is pregnant.

  • I am a fan

    I am so glad the hateful things said about Madalina mean absolutely nothing to Gerry. They are so beautiful together. Fanatic fans like GFW need to face that he is in love and has chosen to be with MG and be happy for both of them. Is it really that hard??

  • Gerry and Maddie

    Having a ball here in Rome and watching you all implode. Thanks for the laughs, ladies. Looks like you’ve been ignoring your cats. Time to go change the kitty litter, girls. We’re living our lives; why don’t you do the same! It’s a beautiful world out there. You ought to check it out instead of us. We’re off to a wonderful late dinner and then a bit of romance. We’ve really missed each other.
    All our love,
    G and M

  • Wrong Again

    How does it feel, GFW, to know NOTHING about Gerard Butler? Every ‘sense’ every ‘feeling’ every ‘opinion’ is wrong. Thankfully, most who reads the various sites know it all too well. Gerry and his lovely lady are together and very happy. It’s another great day in the freaky Butler world. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • saturday

    I’m very impressed that although AE has been on this promo tour for a while we have yet to read any gossip about him…he seems very unassuming and grounded.

  • bitly

    As long as the lunatics are here, the streets are safe… Thanks JJ!

  • Hilarious

    @Gerry and Maddie: hahahahaha now THAT was funny ….and before ROFL don’t forget dear G & M … if no us there would be no G & M ;-)

  • Sosad

    @Gerry and Maddie: if this is really G and M then, ugly people only rub their faces in others. Pretty on outside. Ugly on the inside.

  • bitly


    How old are you? 13?

  • TUT

    @brandi’s wart: AE is a real man. Understated, handsome and respected.

  • bitly


    why are you on Gerry’s page? phony

  • MG pregnant?
    Once again hiding her tummy. Her face looks like s*it as well, like she’s been throwing up for Days or something. Yep, definitely preggers. Gerry is about to be tied down to this ‘lady looks like a dude’ for life.

  • SosadMGifPretty

    @bitly: no, but Gerry and MG and you all think alike so you must be.

  • Pathetic

    Somebody’s working overtime to sell this sorry excuse for a relationship.

  • Talkaboutshallow!

    @Gerry and Maddie: The trollies are having a field day on this one! This outing is so staged it isn’t even funny and she’s staged it! Same limo drop off and pick up as before. They walked up and down the street for about a block or two then left so the photog could get them. G even drops back from her at one point and she marches on ahead of him. That’s what guys do that want to be able to check out other women without getting the evil eye! Guess she thought she didn’t get enough high profile exposure to her liking so Gerry accommodated. He does not look like a man in love. He looks like a man trying to get someone off his back anyway he can. Even the hand hold is bad. She’s holding on to his almost closed fist. He’s not holding her hand at all. The man obviously can’t stand her! Wake up people! This will all be over soon!

  • bitly


    I’m not a hater, like you… in fact, I’m hoping he’ll marry her, so he’ll get rid of these so called “fans”… can’t wait in fact.

  • bitly


    PR nonsense again???? You people are beyond pathetic omg!!! lol

  • Candy land

    @Talkaboutshallow!: free PR. Like normal people would like to hideaway on their break from a promo tour. Gerard wants more!

  • Heh heh

    She taking him shopping again? She loves to take him shopping.

  • Hilarious

    @Talkaboutshallow!: So that is what he is saying to her in the first picture with that face tension… “Here goes… Showtime” :-)

  • saturday

    Since GB and MG like to have fun with fans (eg. staged pics)…the fans and supporters should have some fun too, right. So where’s the kissing on the street pics that they seem so fond of showing off to everyone? Oh or maybe that’s the next thread.

  • shocking appearance

    No chemistry whatsoever. PR is all it is.

  • Heh heh

    Five weeks apart, and instead of being in the hotel room getting reacquainted, they’re parading up and down the street? LMAO. You guys are so gullible if you can’t see that this is her last chance for PR. Hilarious.

  • CalledEating

    @MG pregnant?: Stop making up things like that .. She is only 25 and still trying to make herself a name … Why would she be so stupid as to tie herself down with a kid and with a man 20 years older than her …. (If so she is a fametroll) … She has a boyfriend now and then she can start eat again …. her face is like that because she does not eat to stay thin … :-)

  • Totally Useless Information

    GB is not about to marry anyone even if that someone is knocked up. She’s not but believe what you want.

    Little Maddie is thrilled to finally get her face in public again. It must have been the longest 5 weeks of her life with no camera around. GB still playing daddy, I see.

    Aaron is an actor and rests his laurels on that fact, nothing else. He chooses to not be in the spotlight but he still gets great roles. See him in Rabbit Hole. It’s one of his finest.

  • junk

    I still think both get paid well for it. Lovey dovey for the pics. It makes her so much more interesting to have connections to Hollywood. So every time she has the chance to show up with him, he will do her the favor. He´s not looking very happy with the situation, think he´s tired of it now. It is also still rumored that their contract runs out soon. Until then they´re still playing a happy couple. Her days as a model are numbered, and she´s not talented enough to become an actress, except for one minute appearances as a sil/ly pr/os/ti/tu/te in stupid italian movies and her appearance in Dom Hemingway will not be a big surprise either. The clinger also has not much potential as a “supermodel” without photoshop. Scary long fingers, bony long neck, fat legs, plastic lips, bo/ob- but/t- nose job, and not smart enough to do her own styling, make up and hair. Without it she´s less than average looking.
    I don´t think that he takes her seriously, this sil/ly gold digger is a burden for him, a waste of precious time. The look on his face speaks volumes.

  • saturday

    More fun: Oh these two, GB and MG, are oozing chemistry…you can see it in the hand holding pic. Doesn’t everyone know they are the most beautiful couple the world.

  • shocking appearance

    @Heh heh: Agree with you. He’s walking way behind her, and they are doing the pap ho-stroll. And…more shopping. Don’t think this is his style.

  • Is MG a porn model?

    I saw this post on the other thread. IS MG a porn model? It seems like her photos are all over escort/porn sites

    What is she doing in these photos?
    Taking pictures of her own butt for some sketchy softcore porn site?
    Is that a bedspread on the floor in the second photo?
    Who wouldn’t want to have children with a woman who takes amateur quality photos of herself that are so cheap and tawdry that they’re used on a website called “Gang Bang Club 45″?
    Who wouldn’t want his sons and daughters seeing their mother on a website called “Gang Bang Club 45″?
    Gerard Butler’s mother must be so proud that he’s dating a woman like this?
    Gerard Butler’s siblings must be so happy to have a woman like this around as an example for their daughters. After all, maybe Madalina Ghenea could give Geard Butler’s nieces career advice!! Surely Gerard Butler and his family would want the young girls in their family to do this sort of thing. I mean, why not????
    If Gerard Butler doesn’t want or think that he can get a higher caliber of woman than this trash, then he really must not be worth much as a man. The reality TV garbage and porn stars and self-prostituting “models” can have him.


    Come on!
    Look at the first pic of Gerry, trying to strut his stuff with his model girlfriend. Give me a break!
    And his twitter photo? Could he be pouting any more?
    Gerry seriously needs to stop taking advice from his 20-something girlfriend. He looks pathetic.
    Why oh why is Aaron looking more and more like a real man next to this poser.
    I can’t believe they are trying to pass off this romantic stroll as real!
    How stupid do they think fans are?
    Boring as all hell.

  • attentionhosrus

    So is her manager Esme on the job producing this photoshoot too?

    Did he get rid of her at the end and go hunting for some fresh Italian meow.

  • Amy

    why do people hate this couple?

  • Amy

    at least he remembered her name.

  • shocking appearance

    Shout out to JJ. How about a thread for Aaron? How bout a real man for a change? Give us some Aaron. Thank you.


    No one really hates Amy.
    Some of us are Mads fans others like Gerry, but what fans of either one hate is being lied to.
    And that is exactly what this staged ‘outing’ is.
    You have got to blind if you can’t see how forced this is.

  • Kristen

    So romantic. Probably shopping for wedding and baby items. Ain’t love grand? Not that a bunch of obsessive old biddies would know. LULZ!

  • Heh heh

    @Amy: Because they think we’re stupid enough to buy into their pathetic PR stunts, that’s why.

  • saturday

    More fun: what’s he looking at in the second pic (within the group of pics)…is there a camera in there? There’s a camera, there’s a camera, and there’s a camera. :)

  • simply put

    @Amy: they reek fake fame and attention seekers, even if they aren’t trying, individually and together they reek fake

    Agreed the one thing coming out of this PR tour is that Aaron Eckhart is looking better and better and he is making GB look shabbier and shabbier – poor Aarony caught in the middle of the Roman GB and MG show. Takes the focus off the movie. All it does is help her career. I hope Gerry’s PR people send her a bill.

  • really

    Yeah, I’d love it if I was pregnant and my boyfriend was out clubbing while I sat at home waiting, getting fat.
    And then he didn’t bother to fly me around on tour but only paraded me on PR walks.
    Oh girls! Aren’t we just jealous of Maddy? “rolls eyes*

  • Amy

    @STAGED: don’t follow them but thanks for the info. was curious why peeps were so harsh on them.

  • simply put

    @Heh heh:
    “Five weeks apart, and instead of being in the hotel room getting reacquainted, they’re parading up and down the street? LMAO. You guys are so gullible if you can’t see that this is her last chance for PR. Hilarious.”

    The Gerry is gay camp is jumping for joy.

  • Janet

    @Is MG a porn model?:
    Madalina Ghenea on a site called Gang Bang 45?
    She’s on far too many escort and porn sites for there to be no escort or porn work in her past. Maybe she’s one of these girls who did it to get a start or grease the wheels and now pretend like it never happened. But there’s no way that she never did something like that in her past. If she hadn’t, she’d have a legal case to make all of these sites take her name and images down. Obviously she hasn’t been able to do that. Probably because it isn’t illegal for a website to post an image of a woman that’s true.
    Doesn’t matter regarding Gerard though. He has plenty of Playboy playmates, porn actresses, and the like in his past. He doesn’t aim higher. In fact, he probably thinks it makes him cool and better than everyone else that he doesn’t care if a girl has sold herself. Maybe that’s what he learned at Oneness U!