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Pregnant Kim Kardashian: Bare Baby Bump Photo!

Pregnant Kim Kardashian: Bare Baby Bump Photo!

Kim Kardashian shows off her bare baby bump in this newly posted pic on her Instagram!

The 32-year-old pregnant reality star captioned the pic, “baby love ’.”

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In case you missed it, check out a sneak peek of the season finale of Kim‘s hit show Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, airing this Sunday (April 7) on E!.

Also pictured: Kim rocking red pants while dropping by the Westlake Village Inn with her older sister Kourtney Kardashian on Friday (April 5) in Westlake Village, Calif.

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pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 01
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 02
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 03
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 04
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 05
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 06
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 07
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 08
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 09
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 10
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 11
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 12
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 13
pregnant kim kardashian bare baby bump photo 14

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  • danielle

    I figured she was going to pull a Beyonce to quell the rumors that she wasn’t pregnant and show her belly to us all.

  • Lisa

    I might be the only one who for whatever reason thinks the photo of kim “attention whoring” looks slightly photo shopped. Most times it just seems like Kim eats “the wrong foods” to “bloat” herself and then goes out to make a “scene.” That’s ok, because come next week she won’t be showing at all and telling interviews once again “It pops depending on the day.” I’m still waiting on the “miscarriage.” And has anyone else wondered if she was really “pregnant” and not just for a few days, why Kanye wouldn’t be in the picture?? Some thing about this just seems fake….can’t put my finger on it yet. Also, how come her belly in the “out and about” photos don’t look like the one she posted—my bad it “depended on the day.”

  • Lisa

    Look at her in the 8th picture from the side….no belly, but today you have one—oh I keep forgetting “it depends on the day.” Smh.

  • Sharon

    @danielle: Pull a BEyonce? we still haven’t seen a full pic of Beyonce’s face and her baby bump, what the heck are you talking about? Jess Simpson, Amber Rose and countless others have shown instagram shots of their baby bumps. Beyonce showed an edited pic on a film and her face was not shown, just stop it.

  • Sharon

    @Lisa: You are a Jacka** clearly you have never been pregnant, that happens to most women, all depends on what you wear.

  • Sharon

    @Lisa: LOL!!! you delusional b*tches kill me. What part of this photo looks photoshopped? girl move on and find something else to hate on you are making yourself look really ignorant.

  • zey

    I’m sorry but it’s weird that Kanye is not been with her through her(their) pregnancy.. There is really no excuse.. i don’t even care for her but dang he should want to be there.. If theyre really in love he should want to give her nightly foot and belly rubs.. It’s 9 months.. Be a man and be there emotionally and in person for your girl.. If he’s making an album he has enough pull he could wait or record in LA.. So many red flags.. i actually feel sorry for her that her guy wont do that for her.. Its selfish..

  • whatutalking

    I wonder how she gonna explain her child, what she all had in her mouth? I hope her daughter isn’t practising sex with 14. With 14 you should be a child, not having sex. Ewwwwww!

  • sada

    no one wants to see this loser

  • Jen

    She looks beautiful and her bump is cute!

  • Zmanm

    @sada: why are you lying lol u clicked on this article because u care.

  • dri

    @Lisa: there;s a belly in that pic but her pants are pulled up so it looks different..geez it’s common sense.

  • danielle


    There was a set of pics that came out that were taken by a fan or something on the beach…most publications only chose one of them. But she was clearly pregnant–now if it was photoshopped I don’t know.
    No need to be rude to someone offering an opinion just because you don’t like her.

  • Lisa

    @Sharon “Delusional?” I don’t recall setting up camp to converse with hos on the weekends…who are you? I know you’re patheic…sounds good? Great! Get mad than get over it. She’s faking it, but I guess you like the rest of her slaves will have to wait until the end of the month. As you were ho :)

  • Lisa

    @dri Common sense? That’s what I’m talking about. But I guess like Sharon, you too won’t be convinced until–whether next she’s not showiing as usual and/or at the end of the month when she says, “I had problems….and miscarriaged later because of that…” Y’all drink these Kardashians kooliad day in and out.*** Shrug*** Y’all adore getting upset….

  • twixnMix

    AWWW she looks cute.

  • http://Facebook Kim k

    Sheesh leave her alone and mind your own damn business

  • http://Facebook Kim k

    If you don’t want to see her don’t search her or don’t read her stories it’s stupid

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Baring-the-Bump pic shows her belly out beyound her boobs. Harem pants pics don’t show a belly out beyound her boobs. And, speaking of her boobs, where ARE those huge boobies that she had in those hideous dresses she was photographed in last week?

  • Rebecca

    @Kim k: She wants the attention. So why should we then leave her alone?! She wants the attention, she begging for it. Thats why she took a picture of her pregnant belly and then posted it. Seriously, she does things just to get the attention. Thats how she makes money.

  • Me.Phillippe (Spanish)

    Kim made ​​a lie with her wedding and all his life has always been a show, so it’s normal that some (including myself) that we suspect her pregnancy.

    As for what to Beyoncé, photos and videos are which shows that the pregnancy was REAL, there’s even an interview where the interviewer touches her belly 8 months.

    Also including pictures of Blue Ivy Where has strong resemblance to Beyoncé, Beyoncé also shared images in his documentary where herself to tape the belly of four months at bathroom.

    The problem is that the people who criticized and accused to Bey of false, realizing that if she was pregnant, now them don’t know what to say, and they say a lot of nonsense, except accept that they were wrong.

  • ?!?!?!


  • FaithHillFANatic

    Kim is one hell of a beautiful woman. Personally, I think she looks absolutely stunning pregnant/with child. She definitely has that pregnancy glow. I find that the media is unnecessarily malicious, vindictive, spiteful, callous, ruthless and many times merciless towards Kim. There is NO reason in demeaning, humiliating and constantly bashing her. What people are doing and saying to Kim is called BULLYING. Just because she is in the spotlight doesn’t give them free reign to do so. Kim shouldn’t have to worry about what negative words/names people are calling her on a daily basis. She should be over the moon with happiness and delight. She is pregnant with her first child and that most definitely is something to celebrate without all the cruelness and negativity behind it. In the above photo Kim looks like an everyday woman taking photos of her ever growing baby bump and she looks gorgeous while doing so. :-)

  • miapocca

    WHERE ARE ALL THE “leave her alone” advocates…see even when the paps dont get a shot..she gives you a shot of some naked part of her body..except of course you are only supposed to say good thinks …do not critique else she is a victim……deranged family each and everyone of them..Robert Kadarshian made a serious mistake my marrying the pimp lady..

  • miapocca


    She wore push up bras on her gigantic breast to shove it at the cameras

  • miapocca

    So she is pregnant

    Kanye west only shows up once in a while and is perpetually absent

    she is still marries to the big lump…lol and probably will be at the birth

    She wants to put every part of her on display for the world to see

    She is fascinated by her 5 lumps, the smallest of which is the pregnancy

    hmm….nothing new..but I sincerely hope they dissapear like paris hilton…

  • uhm

    O k a y … stop there. Every woman makes pics of her pregnant tummy.
    Not every one posts them. Or later pics.
    Thank you, we have seen enough already.

  • Dora Glasberg

    I heard the baby is being named Smegma

  • Hellen

    Nice try,but it’s photoshopped.She’s rich,doesn’t work and has free time to photoshop fake pregnancies photos.She’s not thin like in the picture,her butt is huge,and you can see the difference between the two pics,her belly in the big photo is bigger than the belly in the other pic.In the small pic,the belly is smaller,while in the other photo,the belly is bigger.She had enough time to produce fake and photoshopped photos…she doesn’t fool me

  • @Hellen

    @Hellen: Yup, totally agree with you.

  • C

    While I wouldn’t past hcelebrities to fake a pregnancy (hello Nicole Kidman) I think KK is pregnant. If she was faking you would think she would look more flattering. Her face has changed as well.

  • Looselipz

    She’s clearly thinned out the photos…pretty desperate and repulsive to post these pictures of herself…what happened to her desire to be private…LOL.

  • serem


  • aranka paul

    She wouldn’t know “private” if it hit her in the a**ss. Talking of a**ss, hers is still bigger than her stomach. One of the trashy magazines had published a photo of her dressed in a caramel color leather dress. The shot from behind is just unbelievable – I had never seen a bigger a**ss on anyone. Now Kortney is starting dressing weird too, She looks matronly and what sort of shoes does she have on. At first glance I though she is wearing one of those foot bracelets that criminals wear when forced to stay put and not roam around. Good Gosh, these folks are ridiculous. If they don’t know what to do with their money (and obviously they have plenty of it) why not donate to research (children cancer research for example). And please don’t tell me that Kardashian clan gives any money to good and noble causes. I don’t buy it – this moronic family is too self centered to care about anyone else in the universe.

  • porkpies

    omg she is shooting photos of herself in a mirror, that is so last century i think …. this is the number one reason i think putting a camera on a phone and every other device known to man is a terrible terrible idea , if we were still in the film days no one would be doing this im sure, now with digital it gives every idiot on the planet a click and shoot option its just terribly WRONG on so many levels….

  • DailyNightly

    Why do her breasts look so much smaller in that top pic and NO stretch marks yet??

  • Peaches

    She’s not pregnant. She’a fat and bloated from all of the ice cream and cr@p that she’s been scarfing down like a fat whale.

  • Get Real


    You chose one picture out of the whole set, in particular a picture where her jacket is covering the bump. The rest of the pictures (taken in the same 10 minutes!) show a bump. I am far from a Kim fan, but I don’t understand why people like you are hell-bent on wanting this to be a fake pregnancy.

  • Courtney

    Kim is almost six months pregnant so a loss would be a stillborn not a miscarriage get your terminology correct. a child doesn’t stay in the same position in utero for the entire time

  • http://** -_-

    so we now know she reads this thread — can someone get rid of this desperate family?

  • mrst

    She’s a beautiful baby bumpin’ momma…God bless Kimye!!!

  • Halli

    Clearly its an older photo, not recent. But look at her breasts right now, they are so veiny and that happens when you’re pregnant because your body is producing milk. She IS pregnant, I think because Beyonce clearly faked hers and she was too stupid to pull it off convincingly, people are now paranoid that anyone really famous would fake it. If you have big boobs and a but, like me, trust me it is the FIRST thing to blow up, its sucks but its true.

  • see

    Instagram – Where you aim your phone into a mirror and snap a picture of yourself, and post it before you even removed yourself from the mirror.
    A bunch of ego-photos where people only look like the way they see themselves, which is most often not like what they look for real if someone else had taken their picture.

  • Asdfg

    I admit I thought she was genuinely pregnant.

    After she posted her bare tummy pic and her being photographed a few hours later I don’t think so! Her bare belly looks big in the pic and not as big the next day in a tight fighting almost see through top! I don;t think a expecting mothers belly changes sizes everyday! Does it? Hmmm….

  • Jaimee

    I don’t care about her past, I will never bash a pregnant woman because she is carrying a life and I think she looks beautiful. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and I wish her nothing but happiness and peace as a mother

  • http://** -_-

    @Jaimee: yeah its lovely that she’s using her pregnancy to gain publicity.. what a wonderful mother

  • anna
  • erin33l3

    Clearly she is pregnant. It is very obvious to me. I don’t think the attacks about her weight are fair. Women gain weight when pregnant. It all depends on the woman. I think the problem with Kim and her fans have to admit to this, is her entire life is about the attention. She is and her sisters are a walking billboard. She makes money by the amount of press she gets. And this pregnancy is bringing in a lot of press. I think her appearance is a big priority for her. And being pregnant can be the most beautiful time in your life or the worst. Depending on how you go through it.

    She is more concerned with being stylish then enjoying her pregnancy posting pics of how she use to look. I think after the baby it will be all about how Kim got back in shape. That will be her First concern. I know Kanye is touring or whatever, but it is a bit strange that they don’t seem to be much of a couple anymore. Even when they were together he looked very distant. But I’m just doing photo assumption. Not a fan of Kim, but not a hater either. She is what the public has made her. A woman with no real talent who has become a star of sorts. I don’t get it but there you go.

  • DJ Micraster

    It´s fine that she is pregnant.

  • Manny

    I see the latest weather balloon is inflating. I hope they don’t expect it to float though. It is attached to an ass the size of a continent.