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Robert Pattinson: Party with Joaquin Phoenix & Vince Vaughn!

Robert Pattinson: Party with Joaquin Phoenix & Vince Vaughn!

Robert Pattinson dons a hood over his head while exiting a private party at The Larchmont Restaurant in the Larchmont Village on Friday (April 5) in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old actor was seen walking out with his pals Joaquin Phoenix and Vince Vaughn.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Robert Pattinson

On the same day, Robert and his girlfriend Kristen Stewart were seen holding hands while grabbing lunch in Los Feliz.

In case you forgot, Kirsten is turning 23 years old on Tuesday (April 9). How will Robert celebrate her birthday?

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  • Anna

    These pics are not from april 5,but from last week.

  • http://yahoo Anne

    Rob finally is seen in some good company away from his hippy skanky croud

  • Blair


  • Lauren

    Drop the Kristen Stewart mentions. She wasn’t there and it’s not obvious they are more than friends at this point as they have separate homes and have spent majority of few weeks with separate sightings.

  • Jay

    No one cares about “Kirsten” the homewrecker…so stop mentioning her. P.S Rob your lovely, now grow a pair of balls and some dignity and get the F away from her already

  • http://yahoo ????

    Rob was out with Joaquin and Vince , and had a great time with them. Why the hell is kristen mentioned here . She wasnt there . Nick please give instructions to mags not to mention her in each article of Rob . She stinks

  • lila

    I think Rob just really must have low self esteem. The fact that he is dating that girl who LITERALLY looks like a twelve year old boy (and dresses like one as well) just means that he doesn’t realize how amazing he is and thinks that he has to settle for someone like her. She’s just awful inside and out. And for all of the KStew fans out there who will argue with me, just know that you’re defending a sour obnoxious homewrecker who cheated on someone like Robert Pattinson – like who would ever, ever, ever cheat on Rob? He’s perfect.

  • http://yahoo nicola

    great that Rob is hobnobbing with such talented guys . would love to see Rob in a movie with Joaquim

  • http://yahoo great

    Rob is awesome on his own . hope to see him in some awesome movies

  • Rob+Jen

    I want Rob and Joaquin together in a movie!!!!!!!!

  • Miri

    YAY! Rob’s beard is gone! I like that Rob is busy filming, because he shaves his beard for the films.
    And about the Kristen mentioning – Rob has been filming The Rover in Australia and Kristen was in the US (@Lauren that’s the reason why they haven’t been spending MUCH time together in the past few weeks, and Kristen DID visit Rob in Australia about a month or so ago), so I really don’t see a reason to mention them both together in an article.
    Anyway, Joaquin is an AMAZING actor and Vince Vaughn is one of my favorite comedian actors, and I really hope that this was a business meeting for a future collaboration between the three!

  • L

    THE DOORMAT without the homewrecher?! No way.

  • Lina

    @Miri: you are NOT a fan because Kristen DID NOT visit Rob in Australia about a month or so ago…google it!!!!

  • L

    Hahahahhaha you F ing crazy lunatic lol

  • http://yahoo awesome

    Awesome company Rob , hope you keep it that way

  • LOL

    the no talent is trying to get street creds by hanging with “his pals Joaquin Phoenix and Vince Vaughn”….and when did they become pals because he was seen in the same location with two other actors? seriously he’s a dried up tweenlight trying using pr to make him out to be the edgy actor. what a fail.

  • http://yahoo Anne

    Rob is such a loser to still be with the cheater , why cant he let her go ?
    He should be in good company like these actors and find a new GF .
    Would like to see him with Joaquin in a movie . That should be interesting

  • http://yahoo apsara

    Rob + Vince + Joaquin = awesome !!

  • JJ

    Yea I hope he celebrates her birthday by breaking up with that cheating bitch.

  • blah

    people need to get over the fact that Rob is still with Kristen, its his f***Ing life and he can date whoever he wants. I have more respect for him for following his heart and not listening to other people telling him how to live his life. Kristen is getting more hate than Chris Brown ever got and he beat a woman ( which is worse than cheating). If Rob really did not want to be with Kristen or could not get past the infidelity then he would have broke up with her months ago.

  • Lea


  • http://yahoo diane

    I love your comment JJ . That should be that the most appropriate gift to her if he actually breaks up with her on her bday
    Rob spent some time in some awesome company with these two great actors . This is good

  • http://yahoo niki

    Love Rob and happy for him . Love everything about him except to still be with the sh*nk

  • L

    Chris brown is still hated, he gets booed by the entire Madison square garden during Knicks games, he’s still needs to go to court and Rihanna is still mocked.
    Kslu t IS still a homewrecker aaand unemployed. People dislike her so much mainly because of her shi tty attitude and godawful acting ” skill”
    F ing a married director was just the cherry on top.

  • blah

    @L: and how do you know she slept with rupert? Were you there when they did? Please don’t use the cheating pics as your reason why you think she slept with rupert cos those pics show no romance or passion.

  • Megan

    @lila: @lila:

    Then Hilary Clinton must have the same low self esteem. LOL

  • http://yahoo seinna

    Rob partying with two of my favourite actors ! awesome !1

  • misti

    Didn’t look like they were holding hands, just kinda had their arms together but with lack of affection, as always.

  • L

    @blah: hahahhahahaahahhaha, child are you serious???! Lmafo the naiveness of heir fans is mind boggling lololol

  • Emily

    Rob has chosen a brilliant mentor in Joaquin, the real deal. I’d love to see Rob break out of the genre trap and become as creative and uninhibited as Joaquin. That would take courage but it would be the smartest move Rob could make.

  • blah

    @L: I ain’t a child and I ain’t naive, I just see the bigger picture and don’t think one dimensionally like you seem to do.

  • http://yahoo seinna

    Love your comment Emily ! Hope Rob does that and also breaks out of this relationship with the sh*nky K

  • blah

    @lila: s**t happens, people deal with it and move on with their lives instead of dwelling on the past and no I ain’t defending kristen

  • http://yahoo sh*t

    It happens when you stay around sh*tty people ! You are as good as people around you

  • pup

    Dude is butt ugly. No self respect or dignity what so ever.

  • k

    how people can find Pattinson attractive like wtf he is so ugly, has 0 confidence, is not sexy at all, can’t act there are 7678436576 better looking actors who can act

  • K


    You do come off incredibly naive and immature tho. I bet you too believed, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Married man DO NOT go out of their way JUST TO KISS around with a woman half his age. You should go out more often.

  • blah

    @K: I have no clue whether they slept together or not but I ain’t automatically going to assume they did. Maybe rupees wanted to sleep with but neither you, me or anyone else knows what really happened unless you think your psychic.

  • K


    hahah suuure; just googled kriste stewart minicoopering the result were dry Humpp ing pics, almost ti t suck ing no very clear tho, but what was his face doing down there.., Mouth F ing more so than ever seen with doormat. Overall she did look WAY more into it than anything with doormat, and that says something. i don’t’ think you know much about passion and being hot for someone that you don’t give a F where you are. Those pics look just like that.

  • ha ha

    LOSER!!! lol

  • blah

    @K: if I was hot for someone I would be way more affectionate than they were and actually look the person in the eye instead staring off in a different direction like kristen was doing in those pics

  • just me

    @Lauren: he does that with Rachel Bilson does that with Hayden when he don’t even be with her all the time. Are someone wil mention him when she is not with her. Same here Jared always try to make the story juicy to read. To make people have a reaction.

  • porkpies

    that’s a pack of some seriously cool people right there DAMN !

  • L

    You do realize that they’re 2 famous people(with SO) publicly dry humpping right?! lol

  • tammy

    Definitly a cuckold!!!

  • Calvin

    This guys are very good actors, his life don’t care to me everyone has flaws.

  • Jess

    @tammy lol… omg you’re a loser

  • anna
  • http://yahoo true

    Rob has upgraded his company . ….high time ! love all three of them !

  • http://yahoo pari

    Rob is a talented guy and totally gorgeous . ….but his choice of GF sucks