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Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, & Keith Urban - ACM Awards Performance 2013

Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, & Keith Urban - ACM Awards Performance 2013

Taylor Swift takes the stage with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban at the 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (April 7) in Las Vegas, Nev.

The country trio sang Tim‘s song “Highway Don’t Care” during the big country music award show!

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“Backstage…wish us luck!!! #ACMS” Tim tweeted before he, Taylor, and Keith took the stage for the performance.

In case you missed it, check out Taylor‘s red carpet look earlier in the evening – as well as Keith‘s look and Tim‘s look from earlier in the night as well!

FYI: Taylor is wearing a Naeem Khan dress, Anna Kern shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

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  • Louise

    Great performance. Keith Urban plays a mean, fantastic guitar.

  • lala

    since when does taylor sing country any more?

  • liz

    keith urban is so talented and lovely. nicole kidman is a lucky woman:)

  • Jenna

    This was great except Taylor’s failed attempt in sultry theatrical moves.

  • liz

    taylor looks beautiful but needs to stop trying to be sexy because she is lanky and kind of physically awkward and it just looks weird.

  • C@$hHVILLE

    I have nothing against Taylor Swift personally, but I don’t understand how she can be so famous with that kind of voice. It’s so strange! Her voice is pleasant but very flat (no vibrato), doesn’t have much of a range, and cannot sustain a note for longer than 3 seconds. Anyone can take voice lessons and have a voice like hers. It’s not fair that there are people on talent shows with a million times more talent, more heart, and more SOUL who get turned away simply because they don’t have a heartbroken-girl-next-door gimmick.

  • Elodieee

    I’m confused… Is Swifty country or is she pop? Her songs of the past year scream the latter…

  • Dolly

    Taylor has always been POP masquerading as Country because Country music is not cool according to CMA.

  • kat

    Taylor was amazing she looked fantastic. She sang a line in this song. I wouldn’t base her vocal abilities on it. She has sang amazing on HER songs, such as “Cold as You” or “Last Kiss” live by herself, acoustic, and sounded great.

  • kat

    & I don’t get why people are picking on her persona. Yes she started her career when she was 16 and homeschooling. So people always recognize her as that girl. She is 23 now and finding her identity. She started as a country artist and after her third and forth album is trying to expand her range and trying different sounds. She will always be a country artist for writing songs that tells stories about life. That is what country music is about, not what instruments you stick in a song. As a true artist you try to continue and grow with your work not stay in a safe place and release records that all sounds alike.

  • Paisley

    She was never country country people needed a young star who could compete with the pop starlets so they endorsed Taylor who is a joke with a horrible voice. They never play real country music only music that sounds like something else to win the public over.

  • susan

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  • kat

    Taylor sucks!!

    and i’m the real KAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kat

    Pretty sure Taylor was country when she started. Her first album is straight up country. Being in the music business you’re exposed to more types of music than you usually are accustomed to. Artists samples different sounds all the time. She is a young artist, she can do whatever type of music she pleases. I don’t get why she has to pick one type of music and stick to it. If she can make great country and pop songs than why can’t she do both? And being able to craft a whole song from the beginning right down to the lyrics, melody, and vocal variations is a talent and not many artists can do that. (I’m the smarter Kat.)

  • justme

    Pretty bad when the guitar player out shines the singers. Keith Urban is the greatest guitar player. What do you call those moves Taylor was making. She is so stuck on herself and craves being the center of attention. I believe if she would stop with the dramatics people wouldn’t criticize her so much.

  • kara

    @justme: Its called dancing, which she is used to when shes entertaining arenas and stadiums on her sold out tour. She likes to entertain and connect with the music. She does it in her own performances too. If people didn’t read so much into every little thing they wouldn’t make hasty assumptions. And everyone knows that depressed people needs a scape goat.

  • danielle

    Keith is hot!

  • Jaya

    Keith Urban is definitely a fierce guitarist! eventhough he’s a bit under dressed next to Tim and Taylor

  • http://Comcast Joni

    This trio was the best part of the show. Keith Urban has IT, whatever IT is he has it.

  • http://Comcast Teresa

    I thought Luke and Blake were repulsive. Best part of the show was Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and Taylor Swift singing Tims’ new song. WOW

  • kat

    @kat: No one brought up the fact if you’re “smarter”. All i’m saying is that I was using the name Kat on this site for a very long time and then you just show up and take it.

  • Rochelle

    Loved that performance and love that song. “I can’t live without you baby. ”

    That could NOT have been done better. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!!!!! All three were A++++++++ and all equally shined. I can’t say enough good things about it.

  • lee

    Where is 45 year OLD baby girl?? Oh that’s right, she’s in the UK filming another box office flop!!

  • Babs

    Ha Ha “lee” we knew you would be front and center watching Keith! LMAO

  • Jonathon

    @kara: I agree with you on the fact that she’s just finding her identity, but that’s no excuse for her lack of abilities. She does not have a good voice whatsoever, no matter what type of music she sings. I like the fact that she writes most of her songs, but she has a lot of help. Fixings, co writers and whatnot. She’s mediocre, at best. There are many more deserving and more talented people out there who don’t get recognition.

    And trust me, what she displays on stage is not just dancing. She’s enjoying herself, and not just the fun kind of way. She’s very pretentious and thinks she’s better than everyone else. She’s showing her domince that she’s the one with all the attention. Even her faces she makes are always very smug with her head raised high and looking down to all her little peasants who made her rich and famous.

    I like that she incorporates her feelings into her songs, although it’s not a unique thing for an artist to do. But the thing is, that’s where they should stay. I find it incredibly disrespectful that she constantly does interviews about and makes fun of people on stage and on television. I don’t see many other artists being rude to others and claiming it as their “feelings.”

    And btw, passionate music involves all aspects. Including instruments you “stick in a song.” It all creates a beautiful piece.

    Needless to say, she is not good. If you like her and she inspires you, fine. But in terms of actual passion and real moving, good music, she’s a no go.

    On a personal note, she needs to step away from the lime light for a little while because she’s becoming arrogant and thinks she’s untouchable.

  • Rochelle

    Jonathon, stop the hate. She’s the woman of the song she’s supposed to command some type of attention. She can’t live without her lover, she’s longing for him, reaching for him and pleading for him. Stop hating it was excellent and she played the role to a teeeee. You’re just jealous that she knocked it out the park. Go find someone else to hate on.

  • LoLo


    You aren’t serious are you?

  • Rochelle

    Very serious. But I don’t expect you kids who are hating to understand what the song and interpretation should be about. “I can’t live without out you” “I can’t live without you baby”. That’s longing for a person, reaching for a person. If you can’t comprehend that then you’re too young (in the mind) to get it.

  • http://Charter rdh

    Keith Urban is so incredibly talented! When he plays his guitar, the rest of the performances seem to fade into the background.

  • stan

    Taylor looked and sounded amazing. Only person in country music who creates her amazing music solo 99% of the time.

    Wicked guitar work from Keith and good vocals from Tim. Claps all around.

  • Roxie

    Best part of the whole show! Now that’s a talented trio!

  • Roxie

    Taylor Swift is amazing. She writes incredible music and is a great singer. Anyone who thinks differently is just jealous of her success.

  • Randell

    OK.First of all much of the music that passes as country currently is pop or influenced by that category.Nothing new.In the 60′s we had the “Nashville Sound” which was more poppy overall with orchestral strings and so on.The whole Taylor Swift is pop phenomenon recalls the likes of Olivia Newton John.In the 70′s she was charting on country and it caused a flap when she was nominated and/or won awards one year.
    The parallel to Olivia continues in that she was a pretty blond who sang somewhat bland pop songs & had a cute but not great voice.And before that we had Patti Page in 50′s & 60′s who was attractive with a great voice but produced what is considered by some as homogenized music.
    And I paraphrase Ecclesiates”Nothing new under the sun.”

  • Yokel

    Most people don’t like country so they had to change its sound to pop.

  • Emma

    They sound really good together. Great performance.

  • Ms. S
  • http://Comcast Geri

    The best of the show Tim, Keith and Taylor all three were fantastic. Keith really stood out. I also think that Luke and Blake should grow up, they aren’t 10 years old anymore.

  • loo

    Looks like Taylor signed up for the Happy Hands Club! The more I watch this, the funnier she gets!

  • Marlene

    Taylor was great! This was the best number of the night. Three great entertainers put together. No surprise, they stole the show!

  • http://yahoo Ltish

    Stick Keith out in left field wearing tatty old clothes with two dandied up performers and he’s still the stand-out talent. That guy’s the whole package.

  • Louise

    I am definitely not a Taylor Swift fan, but I do not understand what the flap is about what genre she is. Performers should be able to cross genres. Kelly Clarkson is pop, but does country nice. I wish Keith Urban’s songs would play on pop stations; do not listen to country stations, but am a HUGE FAN OF THE TOTALLY AWESOME KEITH URBAN. Keith was by far the best performer of the night. Brad Paisley needs to learn Keith’s style.

  • S

    @Rochelle: Hahaha, uh, not a kid. Singing with passion has nothing to do with wild physical and irrelevant dance movements. In fact, it takes away from the music itself. And your comment does nothing for the fact that she cannot sing, and shows barely any feelings. It’s all visuals for her. She tries to look a certain way all the time instead of just simply making and feeling the music. I suppose she has to distract the audience from her voice somehow.

    And how exactly is anything on here hating? All I see is people stating facts. She’s no longer country, which isn’t particularly a bad thing, she lacks actual emotion, she’s self absorbed, and she is not a good artist. Point blank. No hate, only truth.

  • x

    Keith urban songs are not played on commercial radio because they are one dimensional and forgettable.

  • kw

    Keith Urban is the best guitarist on the planet! PERIOD! He always dresses in whatever he wants and is so good that he made the other two just disappear for a sec. I have loved him since he first came on the scene and he is so great live if you ever get the fat chance! Tim? Since when isn’t he awesome? Taylor Swift is a songwriter and hugely popular with her fan base. Try writing a killer song (and selling it!) before you go and slam someone. Really?

  • stan

    @S Only delusion i see in your post, tbh. Taylor has no feelings/ emotion in her music? Its like one of the most ignorant things i have heard. Go listen to her music before making a fool out of yourself. Start with “All Too Well” “Cold As You” “Last Kiss” and “Breathe”.

  • Patricia C

    @Jenna: Thank you! I was laughing so hard at her moves through the whole song.

  • Steph

    I don’t think you really know Taylor Swift music. Or have ever seen her live. Or even know what she’s thinking or how she feels- no one knows that part but her. Everyone has an opinion on what talent is, so who are you to say she has none. Considering her success, I think we should be looking at the positives rather than what she is doing “wrong.” Swift’s album Speak Now was written only by Swift, and I personally think the best songs on Red are the ones solely written as her as well, showing that she does not rely on co writers for her success. I think Swift is totally misrepresented in the media, something that seems to happen in this business. And remember this girl is only 23 years old; that is so young and she is expected to do so much. I’d like to point out that a lot of 23 year olds probably get upset over relationships and make immature actions by mistake. I bet that if not you, but someone you know, regrets things they did when they were 23. I’m not saying that everything about this star is good, but I think you’re being harsh on someone who is continuously criticized by the media. They seem to claim everything she writes is bashing her love interests, but there are so many songs that are positive or even about different things other than love. What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have any grounds, nor do I or anyone who doesn’t know Swift, to say she is arrogant, mediocre, or disrespectful. Swift was named most charitable in 2012, so I don’t think this girl looks down upon “all her little peasants who made her rich and famous.”

  • Nick

    This was my favorite performance of the night, and all of those people saying Taylor isn’t a country singer any more need to watch this. I don’t know why people would turn on such a talented young lady because she is trying to make country music appeal to more people. I was so worried when I realized I was missing the awards half way through my shift at DISH last night, but thankfully there was a recording waiting for me when I got home. I love how my DISH Hopper automatically records everything on CBS during primetime, so I don’t have to worry about setting timers for special events like this.

  • http://Comcast Geri

    @lee and your other 50 names. I knew you would appear with some ugly remark about Nicole. Do you realize how sick you are. Keith Urban loves his beautiful 45 year old wife, try to get used to it. By the way Keith is 45 also and both just gorgeous.

  • http://Comcast Donna

    The three of them, best of show by far. I also think Luke and Blake act too immature, ruined the show for me.