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Taylor Swift Brings Cancer Survivor to ACM Awards 2013!

Taylor Swift Brings Cancer Survivor to ACM Awards 2013!

Taylor Swift poses with cancer survivor Kevin McGuire backstage after her performance at the 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (April 7) in Las Vegas, Nev.

The 23-year-old country singer invited Kevin to last year’s show after he asked her to be his prom date. Unfortunately, his health was bad at the time and he couldn’t make it, so this year the Academy flew his entire family to Vegas for the show!

Over the weekend, Taylor met up with the family to hang out and spend some time together. Then at the big show they met up again in their fancy clothes. Check out all the pics below!

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taylor swift brings cancer survivor to acm awards 2013 03
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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty, Facebook
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  • 22

    it’s b nice maybe if she dated a non-celeb.
    that might b good for her.

  • stan

    She is the kindest celebrity with the most amazing heart. What a great gesture.

  • Claire

    publicity stunt

  • stan

    @Claire Must be sad to be such a bitter person. I`d believe you if there was no evidence of Taylor doing things like this numerous time before. Most of which got 0 reporting apart from Facebook/Twitter posts that fans picked up.

  • will

    everyone sees taylor the serial dater,
    no one even tries to see this one. the one who takes time out to be with cancer patients, who dedicates time to make others happy

  • Samantha

    LOL! I agree Clare. What’s the point of doing something nice for someone if you can’t get some photo ops and some publicity out of it. I expected this Taylor is SO predictable. She won no awards and had to piggyback on a Tim McGraw performance to even get stage time.

  • ….

    It would be nicer if she didn’t do it for publicity. Although, she’s not the only one.

    I condemn the celebrities who do such nice things without cameras around. You only hear through the grapevine, which is how it should be.

    I dislike Taylor. Don’t hate her, but don’t like her. Too self-absorbed for my personal taste. She always has to make sure she looks good to others. Whether it be doing nice things for publicity, or constantly calling out others for public shame.

  • kat

    Even though I don’t like Taylor, I do respect her for doing this. This is the kinda stuff that makes me have some respect towards her.

  • stan

    I hate her! She is always doing things that make her look good while making stupidly the lives of childhood cancer sufferers among others, raising money for some pointless stupid cancer researches, donating her dumb money to flood reliefs. Absolutelt horrible. She needs to stop.

  • Sam

    This is the Acadmeys doing, not Taylor’s. They are the ones to praise.

  • Jane

    The Academy did this, they just asked Taylor to spend time with them. And she couldn’t help to take pictures of it so the world could see “how nice and ood person she is”… That’s really not cool Taylor!

  • Heather

    She is not my favorite person. I don’t like her but this is really, really nice.

  • Samantha

    Wow. So the Academy did this for the cancer patients and Taylor did a photo op.

    #9 stan you make no sense.

    Honestly, supporting cancer research or visiting the sick, donating to victims of floods, and famine are all wonderful, and a lot of celebrities use their fame to promote good works. Matt Damon is very active in getting attention for the lack of clean water in poor countries and the suffering of children. So there is nothing wrong with that. But there is a huge difference between the ones who are genuinely dedicated and do stuff as part of their real life, and the ones who show up for photos or make sure when they send a check, we all find out about it. Taylor is the last kind.

  • Li

    Hm, it’s pretty evident that most people here don’t know about a thing of what actually happened before this meeting. Last year, he asked Taylor to prom. The word spread out through the social networks and Taylor answered him saying that she couldn’t make to his prom but invited him to be her date on LAST YEAR’S CMA. She had bought a suit for him and plane tickets for his whole family get to Vegas to be there for the cerimony but, sadly, he wasn’t well enough to attend to last year’s CMA. After that, he got a transplant and he has improved a lot, so that this year he was invited to go to the CMAs again and meet Taylor and it happened. Those photos are from Kevin’s twitter and some others are from his sister’s facebook. Great photo op.

    It isn’t the first time that she does something from cancer patient. If it needs to be reminded, she’s got a song about a child who died from cancer and his mother has said great things about her. About how she reached her to say how sorry she was and how she invited her to a concert a few years ago. That she called her and said about how she wanted to transform the story of her son into a song.
    She has visited the Ronald McDonald’s institute in NY more than once and it’s never noticed, we always got the word from the parents of the childs that are there and how she is really sweet to them. Recently, she invited a cancer patient to have dinner with her. Again, there was nothing about it on the mainstream media.

    You don’t have to like Taylor, but to say that she only does those things for the press is just dumb.

  • Tom

    Is if she does it for publicity then why don’t more celebs do it, like that greedy narcissist Beyonce, instead of vacationing in a getaway that didn’t involve the shameless exploitation of an oppressed people, Beyonce in Cuba will she intercede for rapper #AngelYunierRemon imprisoned since March for his critical lyrics of the Castro regime?
    What’s next, a tour of Pyongyang with Lil’ Kim for Beyoncé’s birthday or the the wanna be stripper Rihanna …. Every concert , awards show Taylor makes time for people in the military or someone with a illness.

  • Dani

    That was very nice of her/her team. I’ll remember this about her.

  • Dani

    Forgot to mention that I am glad that his health has improved. I hope that he only gets better.

  • Pickles

    Taylor brings the criticism on herself. She is constantly in your face all the time with the publicity and she has a mean side to her with the way she goes so public and says things about people. So seeing her take pictures with sick kids is just another photo opportunity for publicity IMO, even if she has done it before a thousand times. But I really don’t think she has. I think she should do everyone herself included a favor and disappear for a while.I notice she is getting some publicity that isn’t all praise for her ever since she told Tina Fey to go to hell, and usually when the media starts to criticize them, that’s when celebrities trot out their favorite charities.So even if this is real, it comes from a fake place.

  • L

    @stan: you’re mad at someone who do kindness.. ok..

  • stan

    @Pickles- she never sent Amy and Tina to hell. What a gullible media slaves you peope are. Nobody even bothers to read the whole story…

    @L- sarcasm, honey.

  • Rochelle


    Taylor does not have to piggyback on ANYONE’s performance. Who opened the Grammy’s? Taylor. Who Closed the VMA’s? Taylor. Who’s performing at the Billboard Awards…Taylor. You haters complain no matter what she’s doing. When she’s doing something high profile like OPENING the grammy awards it’s becasue she’s an “attention” seeker. When she sings in her current colab nice a subtle with Tim and Keith, haters claim she’s “Piggybacking” on Tim’s performance. You folks need to get a life. This isn’t the first time she’s walked away from the acm’s with no awards. In 2010 she didn’t win any either. Only to come back and with the biggest of the night at the ACM’s in 2011 and 2012, so if I were you, I’d be scared for 2014.

  • Rochelle


    How is this a publicity stunt? Are you saying that this young man is making up the story about having cancer? He and Taylor just decided to get togeter make up this huge false story about cancer, all for a photo op? You’re an idiot. He asked her to go to prom LAST year, she couldn’t go, instead she invited him the the ACM’s in 2012, however, HE TOOK ILL right before the show and couldn’t make it. This year it was the ACM’s who contacted him, NOT TAYLOR, the ACM’s flew him and his family to the 2013 awards. Taylor had nothing to do with it, she was simply being very nice and meeting with him. And with this day and age of twitter, Kevin and his family took pictures and posted them, not Taylor. You IDIOTS on here hating are just desperate to find anything negative about this SUPERSTAR. Jealous much?

  • Rochelle


    Pickles, way you want taylor go to away? So your favorite can finally win some Billboard Music Awards? Cuz they can’t beat Taylor in sales you want her to go away. hahaha!! She’s not going anywhere as long as she sellout 50K football stadiums? Would you go away if you were at the height of your success simply because HATERS wanted you to? Of course you wouldn’t.

  • sdffs

    it may be a publicity stunt, but at least she went to the show with him. how many others celebrities do you think would go to an award show just for a publicity stunt?