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Alexander Skarsgard: 'Kelly & Michael' Interview - Watch Now!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'Kelly & Michael' Interview - Watch Now!

Alexander Skarsgard dons earphones while taking a solo stroll on Tuesday (April 9) in New York City’s Soho district.

Earlier in the day, the 36-year-old actor was dashing while signing autographs after making an appearance on Live with Kelly & Michael, where he talked about dropping out of college and his past relationships.

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“New York is a amazing city, it’s probably one of my favorite cities in the world,” Alex shared. “But it’s really hard if you’re in love with someone 5,000 miles away.” Check out the interview below!

Alexander Skarsgard – ‘Live with Kelly & Michael’

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard taking a stroll in Soho…

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  • yawn

    this guy on this site way way too much.
    he’s so boring.
    not even all of that.

  • blahhhh

    umm hes on this site alot because hes HOTT as hell!

  • Amanda

    He’s not boring and well, at least we get to see something pretty. Or maybe you prefer, lindsay lohan?

  • Alex is a Joke

    Yes, He is very boring and bland!

  • uhhh

    He’s gay….right?

  • Duh,

    yes he is.

  • Umm


    Excuse you lame but he is in NY to promo his film and talk about TB and his other film so yeah he has a right to be all up on here and not to mention he is HAWT!!
    Sorry he is not joggling on a monkey while riding a bicycle.

  • -.-

    He’s really handsome but i do get gay vibes
    Love him though and true blood

  • A

    -.-, gay vibe for what? walk? duh, what an asshole! lol

    He looks handsome <3 I think NY makes marvels to ASkars :D

  • Nope

    Sorry. This one’s straight kids.

  • Lilla

    hej stilig :)

  • …………

    Watching him is like watching paint dry.

  • maría

    he is not boring.and dont kill me,but i think that he is dating caroline wingberg, skinny blonde again,he has a type of woman.and no.i m not a troll,i am a fan but not a blind one

  • Cadulech

    Don’t kill me but you are wrong,Alex dated before brunette girls and for what i know web the only blonde was KB.

  • Tiff

    Does Diane own just Jared? She’s always on here but not on many other celebrity sites.

  • amanda

    I don’t get why people think he’s got a type, and that his type is skinny bobble head blonde. Maybe because kate called the paparazzi so much when they were together everyone can only think of her.

  • Dating

    Where is the evidence of him and model CW dating? I am talking couply sightings ?

  • Michelle

    Actually, I’m next to positive he’s dating Ellen Page.

  • Keiko

    Well, CW has certainly popped up more in the past year than ever in the past 8 years. Anyway, I was very surprised that Alex re-visited the long, long, long ago BRIEF Sweden relationship on live TV while he was supposed to be promoting a movie. It was very odd and very awkward. The fans are strangely quiet about it. When the hostess of the show admits that “this has taken a strange turn” you know something is off.

  • Keiko

    Maybe the long-ago 6 months romance was CW.

  • ladybug

    @Michelle: Oh, probably not. I think Ellen and Alex are only dating in the minds of the Daily Fail and other really inattentive gossips.
    And to our resident ‘gay’ troll, why is being gay considered an insult for you? Do you have some deeply-repressed feelings that you might want to talk about? Preferably someplace else.

  • DailyNightly

    Actually, he has brought up that long ago relationship quite alot. I’ve read many interviews where he has mentioned it. He says he has not seen her since then, so it’s not CW.

  • ladybug

    @DailyNightly: He has, often, though not recently. I think it was an attempt to be ‘funny’.
    And Caroline just turned 28, so she’s too young.

  • sophie

    God! NYC suits him so well! I met him 2 years ago there and he was adorable! He took pictures with us and chatted a little even though he was suppose to shoot scenes for his movie What Maisie Knew! I love this man he’s amazing…and really but that’s obvious

  • sophie

    @ladybug: By the way you rule! Loved your comment!
    You haters just go away he’s too hot for you sad eyes!

  • ladybug

    @sophie: The gay comments? I really don’t understand why people troll around on this site (and others) claiming such and such celebrity is gay, as if that in itself is going make fans suddenly stop liking them. If he he were gay/bisexual/omnisexual, he’s still going to be an attractive man, an adorkable human and a pretty fine actor.
    It’s not as if anyone on this site is going to date him.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: .Thanks for stomping my dreams you buzzkill…. LOL!!

  • Keiko


    CW’s age: good point.

    I thought it was an attempt to just tell a story (I’ve heard that all guests on these types of shows are asked to “tell a personal story” and I often wonder if some don’t make up or exaggerate their stories). If it were just that it would be okay. But that bit about “maybe we should set something up” just rang really, really awkward to me. I just can’t imagine he doesn’t have ANY other NYC stories besides this one. Anyway, the interview was otherwise cute. And Michael is definitely taller by the one inch. I can’t understand some fans who insist on making Alex taller than he is! He says he’s 6’4″ and that is exactly what I think his height is, no more and no less.

  • Keiko


    These people don’t honestly believe he’s gay. They are trolls.

  • Keiko


    Another reason it surprises me that he still brings it up is that in past interviews (not even very long ago) he stated that he realized later that he wasn’t really even in love, only in love with the idea. He admitted they didn’t even really know each other. He changes the story so many times that I almost don’t believe it’s even true. I have to wonder if it isn’t designed to appeal to women, to give the perception of a romantic streak (left NY to return to the woman he loved, etc) but then the story creates sympathy too when the “reveal” is that she dumped him after all his effort. The story is almost “too good” as sympathetic love stories go.

  • Ted

    i worked in an office full of Danish people and at first I thought they were all gay… after a while I realized that their Europrean “manners” come off as gay to us Americans.

  • Keiko


    Wow, if I have to hear “European men act gay” one more time…

    …and the same for Asian men…

    You’d think North American men would catch on by now that people are simply different in different places, and stop this idiotic meme of assigning labels to body language.

  • sheerna
    sucha beautiful mann

  • ladybug

    @chelle: Um, sorry? :)

    Some of the better tumblr sites are run by married woman, which leads to posts like this:

  • chelle

    @ladybug: I was hoping to have steaming hot affair with hubby having full knowledge and approval… 

  • Ok!!!!!

    All this CW hooking up stuff funny how she is posing / chilling with an ex bf.
    Yet no sightings of CW and AS out and about in NY/ LA as a couple alone always with friends Ok then I get it a very very very very discreet relationship

  • Whycantipost

    Not to stir up rumors, but every time I see CW I see Kbola. They look alike.. Hard to explain, but in my eyes they could be sisters.
    If they do end up being a couple I would find it a bit scary, lol.

  • danielle


    Having traveled extensively some cultures and their men are more refined than some of the red necks we have in the US. And those that look at them and say GAY are probably not well read, not well traveled and have deep seated issues. Some of the men in Scandinavia very well might look gay to cultures that don’t appreciate differences in mannerisms, upbringing etc. Their loss. I don’t believe he is gay–if he were the gay sites would be all ‘atwitter’ about it and they are not. Most of them say straight. A few say ‘bi’ and in the end what does it matter? He still a hunk. He is still a very good actor. And he is still adorable! And he still is wonderful to his fans. He takes time out to sign autographs, take pictures and talk with his fans which is more than some of the hunky rugged actors do.

  • Hehe

    Chilling with a ex bf at the Bowery. Let me see who stays at the Bowery when in town?

  • Keiko


    I have to be honest. I grew up in the south and I also had those inborn ideas about what constitutes masculinity. What cured me was travel and seeing great foreign films (which is another way to get exposed to cultures). So by my late teens I had shaken those prejudices about what is and is not “manly” (I still have some strong views on the topic, though! And FWIW, Alex fits very, very solidly into my personal view of “manly). So while those types of un-cultured people frustrate me, I do understand. But it’s just time to grow up already. As a culture, North America.

    Also, I don’t think Alex is gay or even bi. You know, people said that about Gustaf for years, that he was bi, claiming that HE claimed to be bi. And lo and behold in a recent interview he stated clearly that he has zero attraction to men.

    People just talk. And they believe what they want to believe.

  • Keiko


    I find her Twitter incredibly silly and immature. She’s 28, not 19. She’s very try-hard. I won’t comment on that further.

    There are so many angles one could view the CW/AS thing. She could be popping up in his circles more because she’s out of a relationship and is back hanging with old friends, or needs friends, or needs male shoulders to cry on, or she’s lonely. Conversely, all the talk of boyfriends and posing with Fares, etc, could totally be a cover to keep the public off her and AS’s scent.

    Who knows. She’s tall as h**l and their (potential) kids would be giants. And her Twitter is dumb. That’s all I know.

  • lilla snorkfröken


    Well, there are tons of new fans who hear the story very first time, but obviously you are on the warpath about bringing him down as you always try to do (considering your other comments here and on the earlier ASkars threads) for some reason I really don’t know. Maybe you are one of those “rejected” mature fan “girls” who get crazy every time his name is attached to some young and pretty girl? Maybe you are that “gay troll” too? And if I understood correctly, he told that story only to explain why he dropped out of the school. I’m sure he’s gotten over that girl a long time ago (and I don’t think that was the only reason to leave), but I believe he still regrets he didn’t finish his college studies. I know I would. Besides his brothers and most of his TB cast mates have degrees in arts and one of his brothers is a doctor and he maybe feels inferior to his better educated siblings and mates. Poor guy, go back to school and get your degrees, it’s not too late for you ;)

  • ladybug

    @chelle: Well, then that’s alright! :)

    @Ok!!! and Hehe, the man pictured with her in that photo is her exboyfriend, so she’s not referring to AS in this one.

    @lilla : I really don’t get any feeling from him that he feels any sense of inferiority because he didn’t get a degree. He strikes me as someone who did a lot of self-education and for him that’s fine for now.

  • Keiko

    @lilla snorkfröken:

    Oh, you pitiful human. Can’t take the slightest criticism of your “idol” and so therefore those of us who talk about him like he’s HUMAN must have mental problems.

    The fact is, the story is old. The story is boring. He could have stated he left school to return to Sweden as he had a GF. End of story. Talk about Disconnect. Nobody prompted him to act sad, pretend to cry, and make a comment about “setting something up” that was so out of left field that Kelly commented the conversation had turned awkward. And she wasn’t smiling, either.

  • Hehe

    @ladybug- It’s obvious she is referring to they guy in the pic as her boyfriend and I should have directed my post to @OK.
    @OK – she maybe chilling with her ex but it’s at the Bowery where a the actor of this post always stays.

  • connie

    Me thinks thou protest too much, Keiko..why are you so mad at AS?

  • connie

    give us some details how you know and ill believe it:)

  • Keiko


    Of course I MUST be “mad at Alex” (rolls @@ eyes) for daring to question his lapse in judgment on Kelly’s show. Of course. I mean, it’s a brand-new interview that NO ONE will talk about despite the fact that his extremely awkward choice of conversation topic is the elephant in the room. A sensible, rational fan would — at the very least — admit that he needs to come up with new interview material.

  • lilla snorkfröken


    Well, these are only my honest feelings and musings, not facts and I’m basing them also on our Scandinavian culture. If you have a degree you will be taken much more seriously not to mention it opens more doors to the bigger opportunities and stages. And his 6 yrs tv career in the ridiculously cheesy vampire soap opera doesn’t help either; it’s really not considered as a merit for him. If Alex moved back to Sweden just after TB, he wouldn’t have a very bright acting career there if any because most of the actors here have these art degrees and/or have an impressive list of acclaimed movies in their CV, Alex would end up to make bad movies or be a taxi driver or some blue collar worker, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I don’t think he would be happy as such if he still wants to be a “serious” actor. He needs to drop TB ASAP and try to get better roles in better movies IMO.

  • lilla snorkfröken


    K, you’re on your usual MO again. Nothing new, I saw that coming. If someone (usually no one) doesn’t agree with your ridiculous, pathetic, delusional, rancorous, rabid and downright stupid mad a$$ long trash posts you start name calling. Not cool for a mature woman at your age *waves a finger* (not a middle finger… yet ;)