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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Kiss & Hold Hands in Paris!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Kiss & Hold Hands in Paris!

Bradley Cooper and his new girlfriend Suki Waterhouse share a romantic kiss on Sunday evening (April 7) in the streets of Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actor and Suki, 20, were seen holding hands while strolling around the city that afternoon.

Bradley and Suki were also spotted hanging out around Paris for the next couple days as well. It sure looks like their romance is starting to get serious!

In case you didn’t know, Bradley is actually fluent in French and has been interviewed in the language before. Make sure to check out the clip!

FYI: Suki is wearing a Whistles jacket. Bradley is wearing Red Wing Heritage 8114 Iron Rangers.

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246 Responses to “Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Kiss & Hold Hands in Paris!”

  1. 1
    Rosa Says:

    omg eww. all respect lost for him.

  2. 2
    Really Says:

    Really?! Grow up Bradley.

  3. 3
    Camden Says:

    Boy he’s got a gorgeous smile.

    I really wanted Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence to happen!!
    But it was always discounted in the press cause “she’s too young” and I think even Bradley mentioned this….and than he turns around and finds a girlfriend even younger than her :-/

    I’m no expert but I give this union a year max.

  4. 4
    ssssss Says:

    What a creepy creepy man. She was a teen last year and hes almost 40.

  5. 5
    Quell Says:

    I think its odd that he said Jennifer was too young for him and he wouldnt date her because hes old enough to be her father, yet now hes dating someone even younger than Jennifer…

  6. 6
    ella Says:

    weird how all his girlfriends are over a decade younger than the last. guess the next gf will be 8 years old.

  7. 7
    tsk tsk tsk Says:

    It must Jennifer then the problem ,and not the age.

  8. 8
    Quell Says:

    tsk tsk tsk, that wasnt the point of my comment. the point was hes a pedo. that age difference is not right. a 20 year old is still a child. he should be settled down already.

  9. 9
    Scarlet Says:

    im 19 and i would never date a 38 year old. thats almost as old as my parents. what a weirdo

  10. 10
    Sweetness Says:

    I was also hoping for a Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence pairing..the typical going for the 20 year old model is a Leo move. Zoe Saldana mus feel like a jerk for going out twice with him to be dumped twice.

  11. 11
    No Says:

    Jennifer is 22. Thats too young also. He needs to quit creeping on young girls and be with a woman who is in her 30′s like he is.

  12. 12
    Elodieee Says:

    Since he hit the A list looks like he’s less and less private I see… does his Mum approve?

  13. 13
    Susan Says:

    @Quell, I’m sorry but a 20 yo is hardly a child.

  14. 14
    lola Says:

    I’m so grossed out. I cannot believe people find this cool or fine.

  15. 15
    yeah Says:

    Well I guess he has reached his midlife crisis, dating this underfed child.

  16. 16
    Alice Johnson Says:

    Come on 18 years difference in age. Bradley grow up.

  17. 17
    James Says:

    I was hoping Bradley Cooper would start dating Jennifer Lawrence. I think they would make a great couple.

  18. 18
    Ugh Says:


    Who says Zoe was dumped? And at least she’s OF AGE.

  19. 19
    @Susan Says:

    Yes it is. She’s not even old enough to drink. Just because someone hits 18 doesnt mean theyre not a child anymore. A 20 year old is way more immature than a 40 year old man.

  20. 20
    . Says:

    @ SUsan
    Shut up you fat *****

  21. 21
    STUPID GUY Says:

    THANKS god zoe saldana moved on, she deserve real man not immature guy like bradley, well he want to be the new dicaprio well good for him,im sure this girl want just to be famous, she is smart

  22. 22
    Jack S. Says:

    I wish Bradley would just come out of the closet for chrissakes!

  23. 23
    Liz Says:

    If I did his PR I’d be going crazy…Lost all respect. Looks like he’s the one that’s immature and trying to be DiCaprio. Note to Leo and Bradley, it doesn’t look cool anymore, it looks creepy

  24. 24
    MELISSA Says:

    its weird bc before, he dated women like rene zelleger and she is older than him and now its the opposite, well i think im sure he think he is more younger LOL crazy dude

  25. 25
    Juliana Says:

    I don’t think being 20 years older that someone it’s a problem. Look for Warren Beatty and Annette Bening for example they are together for 20 years and have 4 kids!

  26. 26
    TryThis Says:

    Hmmmmm…it’s the first time we have seen him kiss a gf, we never even saw him holding hands with Zoe

  27. 27
    LOL Says:

    its obvious they know the paps are there. clear lighting, only the two of them in site, clean cut shots. i hope people remember this anytime they accuse their favourite actor(s) (ex) girlfriends as famewhores and attention seekers. no ones a victim. bradley and leo play the game happily.

  28. 28
    Samantha Sophia Says:

    Did not say in an interview the J Lawrence was too young for him?

  29. 29
    Seth Says:

    Bradley and his PR team want to shoot down his gay rumors.

  30. 30
    Dani Says:

    This is so staged. He’s trying hard to stay relevant and she’s an up and coming what? Model?
    And what kind of name is Suki Waterhouse? Sounds like a made up porn name.

  31. 31
    Odd Says:

    I don’t get it. He barely acknowledged he was dating Renee over those two years, yet there are dozens of photos of him and Suki together after just two months! And they can clearly see the person taking the photograph. There’s even one of them kissing. Is he flaunting this relationship? He’s thrown his privacy out of the window. It does leave me confused.
    And I don’t buy the trying to shoot down gay rumors theory.
    Going out with a barely legal only draws MORE attention to his private life and choices which should be what he should be avoiding esp after an Oscar nom.

  32. 32
    MIA Says:

    @Samantha Sophia: well i think she said before they are just good freinds but the media keep saying all this rumours, i know it its not true, well like all this young actresses(EMMA WATSON, EMMA STONE, KRISTEN STEWART…..) they feel more safe with guys in the same age not older like bradley and many others craz ydudes who loves young girls its little weird and cheap

  33. 33
    Anne Says:

    @Juliane -Yes, but Annette Bening was in her 30′s and had already been married previously…not 20, looking like she’s 16

  34. 34
    Liz Says:

    He’ll move on in a month, he’s officially the older male version of Taylor Swift

  35. 35
    mom Says:

    He’s hurting from the death of his father and is just using this kid!!!! Bradley you are gross!!!

    I’m hiding my 19 year old!! :(

  36. 36
    Sweetness Says:

    but why would a 20 year old want to date him, let’s face it for this young model only in age is she young, she is still probably more mature and finds him attractive..if she didn’t would she really be with him when she could easily meet and date any guy she wanted. Models never hurt for lack of guys to date.

  37. 37
    TRR Says:


    Exactly! It’s a pretty empty street they’re on. So it’s safe to assume they know the paps are there. Looks like he’s showing off to me. Perhaps one of their team’s called the paps.

    As for Bradley, he’s a momma’s boy. I’d stay away from those types. There’s usually some element of co-dependency.

  38. 38
    Susan Says:

    Oh look how mature, the person whose name is a dot, you’re very mature, I think bradley is going to like you. A 12 yo is a child, a 20 yo is not, doesn’t matter if she has the maturity of a teen, she’s not a child anymore.

  39. 39
    Cate Says:

    Why did people want Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence to get together? They made it clear repeatedly that they were not at all interested in each other romantically. It was never going to happen.

  40. 40
    Ein Says:

    Agree, it looks staged. For a private person like him, and dude knows how to keep his life private, he has done it before. So this, it smells fishy. We’ll see how this developes.
    But i don’t get him, he knows (because i’m quite sure he does) this will get bad press for him and will make him loose fans, but he still goes ahead anyway. That’s what i find confusing.

  41. 41
    Janie Says:

    bradley is now officially a young dirty old man.

  42. 42
    Lea Says:

    Jennifer knows Bradley is gay, and she’s already Oscar winner. She doesn’t have to make PR stunts.

  43. 43
    Destiny Says:

    If he’s happy than that’s that. I doubt our comments matter. Whatever the issue was with Jennifer & him is between them . I see Suki as an average female , attracted to & dating a man who so happens to be bradley cooper…her age & look shouldn’t really matter cause it is what it is, SHE GOT BRADLEY. believe it or not, in 2013 , if your legal , your age doesn’t mean a thing regarding nature’s laws of attraction. When it comes down to it, we all grow old God willing.

  44. 44
    Wendy Says:

    Who cares how old she is? It’s his life and she’s legally been an adult for years.

    And I also don’t think he’s gay. He’d pick a better beard than this. It’s not getting him the best press.

  45. 45
    SH Says:

    I noticed this poor girl deleted her twitter. Bradley/Jen fans were probably going ballistic on her.

  46. 46
    patz Says:

    his smile is sooooooooooo creepy. i can’t get girls find him attractive, someone hoping for a Bradley and Jennifer pairing. Yuk. Jennifer deserves so much better than him.

  47. 47
    Ava Says:

    JLO dating a guy 15 years her junior, and a back up dancer, so really she paying the guy, so is Madonna someone 20 years her younger , almost every celebrity male wife/ girlfriend are a decade younger then them if not more, I don’t think Jack Nicholson every dated anyone not 20 years younger…. So why the outrage … Seems weird, he just turned 38 which sorry is young, and she 21…. And she been in the London seen a long time, so really she probably seen a lot more then most 40 year old… Relax people… The only thing I don’t get is why so public, and why her, to me she’s ugly, don’t get the attraction, looks like a cheap version of ScarJo.

  48. 48
    Ava Says:

    They seems happy , why don’t people let them be without all this hate and judgement

  49. 49
    Ana Says:

    @Wendy: A beard is usually selected from a catalog for z-list actress or model.

  50. 50
    pacha Says:

    He is crap she is a little girl

  51. 51
    Anna Says:

    Not for nothing, what does a 20 yr old girl know about being a WOMAN. I sure as heck didn’t. I use to like Bradley. I thought he was a sweet, genuine, family guy, totally the kind of guy that would settle down and have lots of kids but this is now the total opposite. The young gf, hideous clothing (that hat!!!) and PDA. What happened? Is this his version of a mid-life crisis? Anyone saying we should judge, why not? He has chosen to outwardly expose this ridic. relationship as opposed to others he’s had with older, mature women??

  52. 52
    Nicole Says:

    The difference is Lawrence is an Oscar winner and more successful than him. Suki is young and dumb and less successful than him. See how that works? Young, dumb girls are a walking, breathing ego boost for older, insecure men.

  53. 53
    fgj Says:

    The big dog in those WB cartoons is DiCaprio and the smaller hyper one bouncing around his ankles asking him what they’re gonna do today is Cooper.
    “Models. Woof”

  54. 54
    Yup Says:

    bradley and his beard out for a pr stroll

  55. 55
    ewwwwwwwww Says:

    Those pics are so fake and staged. Look, we cannot see whether he kisses her lips in the ‘kissing pic’. How much did he pay money to her?

  56. 56
    MEme Says:

    If look back at during award season, bradley’s so sweet behave just like he’s so mature as his age. yet now he’s so different, so careless about his image. By my thought he might has suppressed anger.

  57. 57
    Sarah Says:

    Oh Bradley, NO!
    I lost my respect for him now that he wants to be the new Leonardo DiCaprio, dating a girl that could be his daughter and probably another PR relationship to put down the rumors about his homosexuality, just like all the others he had (or someone REALLY BELIEVED in that public “relationship” he had with Zoe in front of paparazzis?). Bradley used to be very discret when he was dating Renee and I like that, but now seems like he is crazy to show off his relationships for the media. Why?
    And I believe I don’t need to mention that this girl is a climber famewho*re, right?, she is with him to help her career (?), by the way, WTF she does for living?
    @Quell: Please, don’t overdo! she’s 20 years old, not 5 years old!, he’s not a pedo for dating a 20 years old woman, I don’t like it too but he’s not a pedo because of this, come on!

  58. 58
    Lara Says:

    Yikes. So of you spend too much time thinking about a celebrity’s personal life.

  59. 59
    Kate Says:

    @Lara: This is a gossip site, what did you expect? people talking about the World War II? Come on!

  60. 60
    Tess Says:

    But why did he begin to prefer such a child suddenly?

  61. 61
    Rose Says:

    That’s all!

  62. 62
    Eliana Says:

    It’s not the age difference, it’s her youth that grosses me out. She looks like one of my children’s friends, and they’re 13! I agree it’s bad PR. Not that I don’t want the guy to be happy, he seems like a genuinely nice guy, but c’mon, it’s not like it’s forever anyway. I’d be thinking about my career, not a fling!

  63. 63
    Karen Says:

    He feels awkward? His facial expressions in those photos looks the same all. It looks like his expression stiffen with tension.

  64. 64
    Danielle Says:

    So he made that comment about jennifer making him look like an adult that was above dating girls 20 years younger but really he is just leo de caprio 2.0.? He lost a lot of credibility and respect with this

  65. 65
    ugh Says:

    looks like the do/uche lessons he took from his pu/ssy posse in Miami really paid off
    (DiCap, Butler and Mel Gibson will be so proud he’s dating jailbait)

  66. 66
    Lucy Says:

    She’s kissing him in every picture because she knows paps are there. Famewh and shame on Bradley!

  67. 67
    la Says:

    Suki is actually 21, not that it makes a big difference, her birthday is the same day as Bradley’s actually and she was 21 in Jan. This actually looks like quite a real relationship for him, why would he risk so much hatred from people if he wasnt bothered about her. In terms of publicity it’s hardly done him any favours. You’ll be able to tell how serious it is when you see her with his mother.

  68. 68
    zuki Says:

    Can’t believe. They’re like father and daughter. OMG, Brad

  69. 69
    zukima Says:

    OMG, they’re like father and… daughter

  70. 70
    jmh Says:

    Am I a bit strange, because to me it is the relationship bit that I find a bit distasteful? She is young, but she is not a child and if they want to fool around it is up to them. But the romatic trip to Paris and the hand holding, with such a private man, implies a relationship. Surely she would have to be spectacularly mature, emotionally and intellectually, to hold the attention of a much older, well educated man? Maybe she is that special – a modern day Lauren Becall , absolutely a match for her man? I hope so because if she isn’t it reflects very poorly on Mr Cooper, which ever one of them is in the driving seat.

  71. 71
    elodieee Says:

    hot boy!

  72. 72
    Nino Says:

    Bradley Cooper is awesome!!!!

  73. 73
    Lucy Says:

    @jmh: She certainly doesnt give the appearance to be like that.

  74. 74
    What Says:


    Don’t be ridiculous. I have seen some of her interviews. She’s a typical vapid prettying girl from a middle class family- bland and vapid. She models herself on the sixties Brit style icons like Julie Christie, Charlottte Rampling and Marianne Faithfull- all Cooper’s types – but she’s no where near as talented or bright. She’s just a rich wannabe, and he’s just a creepy twat

  75. 75
    What Says:

    @ Jmh
    It’s really annoying when people try and justify despicable behaviour. It shows low self esteem and a lack of morals.

  76. 76
    who Says:

    WHAT do women see in this guy?!! And I’m a straight woman, asking this. I do not see BC’s appeal, at all. He isn’t attractive in the least but somehow has all these women dating him. And getting involved with a woman who’s barely out of her teens and 18 years his junior? Dude could be her father. He’s gross!!

  77. 77
    Shameonyou Says:

    @ Ava, Juliana & Destiny

    So because celebrities are creeps who like cradle snatching, people should just be ok with it. I don’t think so. Celebs put themselves up to be judged, it comes with the territory and if they behave badly, judge and judge harshly I say. Look at the girl. She dresses like a 13 year old who just raided her mum old clothes from the truck in the attic.
    I used to think Cooper was a pretty mature stand mature guy as actors go, and I liked the way he dated women around his own age. Even though he has a ladies man rep I liked him with zellwenger and zoldana. I did found it a bit perturbing that so many were keen to pair him up with Lawrence, she comes across as a bright down to earth girl, but in her interview it is very obvious she still a bit of kid – and rightly so. So when he took up with this girl I was really shocked. I guess he was just acting.

  78. 78
    Queenie Says:

    The hand holding looks more like a brief hand “clasp” and in the next pic Bradley is putting his hand back in his pocket. In the alleged kissing pic, SINCE WHEN do you kiss someone by standing two feet away from them and then leaning forward with your hands in your pockets? Maybe I’m making too much out of this, but in most of the Paris photos, Bradley has his hands in his pockets and is making NO effort to touch Suki at all. In the few pics of Suki touching Bradley, she seems to be doing it hesitantly as if she isn’t supposed to touch him or doesn’t know how and then moves away from him. There’s another angle of the kissing pic where you can see Suki (like Bradley) is holding her hands AWAY from him to hold her luggage but is NOT touching him! Hard to know if these pics are poorly staged or if Bradley does.t know how to fake it well enough yet to make the pictures look convincing. For a “hot” young romance, it looks stiff and awkward in most of the pics.

  79. 79
    Dee Says:

    That kissing pic is a little weird because it looks like his head is over too far to be kissing her lips. Does anyone else notice this?

  80. 80
    jmh Says:


    Read what I have said again. Every word is carefully chosen. If you just rant you will never convince anyone who doesn’t already agree with you.

  81. 81
    Shameonyou Says:

    He’s making a fool of himself. He should get rid of that girl ASAP. His image and reputation have already been tarnished with this association. The longer it goes on the worse it will get for him. Can you imagine what journalists and talk show hosts are going to say about him – and to him – when he starts promoting Hangover III. Hardcore paps will goad him about it when he’s out and about with his mother or influential friends. Total strangers will shout out all kinds of lewd things to him about that young girl. He’s created a complete mess for himself and his family. Stupid man.

  82. 82
    Juicy Lucy Says:


    No, Suki’s date of birth is listed as May 1, 1992-which makes her 20.

  83. 83
    TRR Says:

    @Dee: Looks like he’s kissing her cheek.

  84. 84
    What Says:

    @ Jmh

    I did. You chose your words a little too carefully for my liking. Lauren Bacall was around 19 when she started dating Bogart who was 45. It was post world war II and women had little or no rights. As much as I admire Bacall, she is a child of her generation. Do you honestly think Bacall held Bogart’s “attention” for their entire relationship? Hepburn couldn’t do it with Tracy. This is Hollywood and the business of show, not the actual movies “The Big Sleep” or ” Key Largo”.

  85. 85
    TVgal Says:

    The age gap isn’t the issue. Look at Michael & Catherine, George & Stacy, it’s the fact that she is 2 yrs older than Justin Bieber that’s a problem. BC has lived too much life to be with someone that young. While they may have some things in common, it’s not enough to be a solid foundation for a REAL relationship.

  86. 86
    Dee Says:

    @Rose: How can you be so sure they are a fake couple?

  87. 87
    What Says:

    @ TVgal

    That’s true if she was 30 and he was 50, it would not be an issue at all. She would be old enough to gain some good and bad life experiences – as most people of 30 or above know – but at 20 she still has a bit of dew left on her from the womb.

  88. 88
    kylie Says:


  89. 89
    JLaw fan Says:

    I love that people will stop thinking beautiful and talented Jennifer Lawrence is bearding the old gay man. Thank God! Free JLaw from the crazies!!

  90. 90
    GM UK Says:

    Suki Waterhouse is 21 years of age.
    She was born on the 5th of January 1992 not 1st of May 1992.

    05-01-1992 in UK format dd-mm-yyyy
    The format in the US is mm-dd-yyyy
    Hence the confusion in her date of birth and age.
    We also drive on the left hand side of the road in the UK
    For info Bradley Cooper was born on the 5th of January so they share a Birthday.
    The age gap may be 17 years but they look happy together.
    Be happy for them and let them live their private lives.

  91. 91
    What Says:

    @ GM UK

    I not into condoning creepy behaviour.

  92. 92
    Juicy Lucy Says:


    Please, I had the displeasure of reading her blog. She came across as being very immature. I’m disappointed that there are some individuals who are missing the point of Brad’s hypocritical words-I wouldn’t date JL as she could be my daughter- and now he does a complete 360 and starts dating a 20 year old? It’s for that reason that fans are losing respect for him and are calling him perv, pedo, and creepy, Does anyone recall reading an interview during one of the after parties that reported Bradley was “protectively” following JL around all evening. What emotionally stable, confident man does that? Suki’s last BF Miles Kane even remarked that Brad will realize how young Suki is. Brad has single handedly distroyed his intelligent, humble guy with morals and integrity image and I personally think it’s beyond repair.

  93. 93
    Ein Says:

    I doubt he is gay. He may have issues (with this the whole father-daughter thing that people is getting crazy about) if he were gay, he would have chosen prettier and hotter girls for his beard.He or better say, his PR. I love how everybody says “nah, he’s gay” just because one old rumor, the VG one. I think if he were we should have more stories…
    It’s always the same: the beautiful and talented (JLaw) and the gay (BCoop) i like JLaw, I really like her, but the love some people have for that chick is just as tiring as the hated some people have for Bradley…

  94. 94
    db Says:

    @GM UK:

    private lives? C’mon she’s selling her “private life” since she dated Luke Pritchar and Miles Kane. She loves all this attention. how you think she has all the coverage about her “modeling career”? Dad famous with money, celebrity friends and boyfriends singers (which she did not bother to do several services for magazines like she was the new marianne faithfull!).

  95. 95
    JLaw fan Says:

    Even if he isn’t gay – which yeah, he is – it’s getting really annoying for Jennifer’s REAL fans seeing a few girls insisting that she’s getting together with this creepy old guy. His own fans have so little respect for him, that they think they are defending him by calling this staged and a pr stunt. Very nice. Happy to see the oscar winner free from that mess. :)

  96. 96
    Jane Says:

    I love people talking about how he would choose a better beard if that was the case. The only women willing to do that are famewh0res and gay women in the clost (Hi, Renee.)

    That’s the best he’ll get for this job.

  97. 97
    jmh Says:


    It is my understanding that Bogart and Bacall had a very successful relationship. David Niven was a close friend and in his autobiography he talks about them throughout their relationship, how Bacall dealt with his death and beyond. This is a no holds barred autobiography, at 14 Niven had a misress who was a 17 year old London streetwalker and that was just the start of his very adventurous life. He talks about the fact that Bacall was the only woman who was able to help Bogart keep his demons and drinking under control and he presents her a a very forceful character throughout, an exceptional woman from a young age.

    Do I believe this girl is anything like Lauren Bacall? Off course not. But by offering a little of what some people want to hear, they might read the whole comment and gradually come to the realisation that it does not apply. As I said before, ranting just puts people’s backs up.

  98. 98
    Jane Says:

    @JLaw fan:

    I didn’t find it annoying at all. First of all, they are like (I’m sure most of them ARE) Leo/Kate shippers. They can’t see the difference between friendship and love. They see a hand holding picture and scream romance. Leo walked Kate down the aisle at her 3rd wedding, because that’s how they love each other, like brothers. And people, to this day, think they have to be together because they liked a couple of movies they did as a couple.

    Jennifer/Bradley shippers are the same kind. They are harmless. Delusional, but harmless – the only people they reach are themselves.

  99. 99
    Violet Says:

    She looks like Justin Beiber – maybe thats the attraction….lol. Seriously though, she is 21 (not 20) and gets most of her attention here in the UK fashion mags because of association – friends with Cara Delevingine/Georgia Jagger – whom both get major covers/campaigns whereas she does mostly high street shoots. She’s seems to have attempted acting/singing also – neither of which have gotten anywhere. Jack of all trades, master of none. Her biggest claim to fame was dating Miles Kane, who dumped her when she went back to Bradleys hotel with him. She’s clearly ambitious and doesnt seem to have any talent or a legit career in high fashion, so the attention from being seem with BC for her is beneficial in that more blogs/press are writing about her. I have no idea what BC is doing however.

  100. 100
    Ein Says:

    Jennifer’s REAL fans? Could you give the definition of a Jennifer REAL fan, please?
    The only i see from Jennifer’s fans (real or not) is that they practically believe she is a perfect human being that is above the rest of us, mere mortals. They consider her a goddess, practically. And that got worse with that Oscar (that she shoudln”t have win…and here i’m opening a fierce debate probably, but i don’t care, that Oscar, is underseved) she won. The Bradlifer shippers are just like Jane her have said, harmless delussional people that have bought the so called chemistry from SLP, that’s all. And those people can be fans of them too, together or per separate.

    Also…i would like to know how you confirm he is gay. Just curious. If you have a different story than the one always mentioned, i’ll be happy to know about it :)

  101. 101
    hehehe Says:

    BC is gay, end of story

  102. 102
    PETER Says:

    @hehehe: nice one hahahahah i agree

  103. 103
    Jen Says:


    Harmless to Lawrence, that is the desirable one in this scenario. They fight everyday with her shippers with other men, they are all disputing her.

    For Bradley… not so much harmless. These so called fans are calling him a poor, desperate man who is dating a 21 year old with pr purpose. If not, disgusting creepy old guy.

    Jennifer fans really shouldn’t bother about the crazy shippers. She’s the one on top here. Bradley is the one who should get rid of these “fans” who are doing him no favor.

  104. 104
    Dee Says:

    @Violet: So, now we have clarification on her age. Still a big difference, though. For those of you in the UK, is she really that much of a party girl? That’s what people have been saying and I can’t help but wonder how that will fit with Bradley’s ‘no alcohol, go to bed early’ personality.

  105. 105

    @Ein: well this article its about bradely not jennifer, if you hate so mcuh you can open new blog and debate all your feelings about her and your hatred, so get a life and any actress or actor have FANS so what is your problem with that?

  106. 106
    Ein Says:

    @OFF TOPIC LOL: See what i mean? If anybody dares say anything remotely negative about Jennifer, crazy fans comes to the rescue, LOL. And no, i didn’t start the off topic. It was Jen’s fan who started.And i said i liked her in a previous post. See before writing anything.
    Anyway, we’ll see what happens with Suki girl.
    Btw: shouldn’t all people writing here (including you) get a life? specially if you feel so authorized to critize me? LOL

  107. 107
    Melissa Says:

    I don’t understand how this became about Jennifer Lawrence. Yeah, a couple of people want they together. So what? Is not gonna happen. Now, if you want to blame her for the hate Bradley is getting, you’re in it for a long fight because everybody creeps out on old guys dating 20 year olds. It’s not Jennifer’s fault or the few delusional fans that want them together and are now disappointed.

    You shouldn’t worry about JL, she’ll soon go back to her ex or find a hot new boyfriend her age. She’s not harming Bradley, he is harming himself.

    And oh, don’t start about her Oscar. You better get over it. Jennifer Lawrence is someone you will have to get used to. She’ll win another one in no more than 5 years. She’s here to stay.

  108. 108
    Dee Says:

    Does anyone know when the Cameron Crowe movie Bradley is doing with Emma Stone starts filming? Also, when does filming wrap on his current movie?

  109. 109
    Melissa Says:


    Shouldn’t you? ;-)

  110. 110
    Violet Says:

    @Dee: I think she has been trying to become an ‘it-girl’ for quite a while. She goes to event openings and got attention mostly from her successful friends/boyfriends. She isnt just famous here, mostly society/event photos in fashion magazines. Everyone around her seems to be more successful that she is, and she gets name-checked by association. However, since her first diallance with BC, she has been in the tabloids a few times – all through association with ‘dating’ him. Its the most press attention she’s ever had.

  111. 111
    Ein Says:

    @Melissa: We all should ;)

  112. 112
    Melissa Says:


    You should, you’re the one who said people who write here should get a life. So go ahead and do it. I’m fine. I like Just Jared and I saw Jen Law’s name, so I like to comment. Love that girl :) No wonder she got all the awards for Silver Linings Playbook. It was supposed to Bradley’s movie. Damn, that girl. :)

    Now, don’t let the door hit you in the ass while you are at it getting a life. Bye.

  113. 113
    Nic Says:

    I thought he was so sweet and that made him very attractive. He now looks ugly and creepy.

  114. 114
    Ein Says:

    @Melissa: Wow, that was rude. And that the comment i made on people getting a life, was for off topic lol, he/she said i should get a life. So i responded all people (that includes me, i write here) in here should get a life. Jeez, you are making my point in here, the instant the name of Jennifer is written, people get all crazy. Calm down!

  115. 115
    Melissa Says:


    You should have answered him by saying “you should get a life” not “everybody who writes here”. I was polite in my post and I felt attacked too by your remark.

    Jennifer Lawrence has fans, I don’t know why it bugs you so much. If you go to a thread about Angelina Jolie (and ok, this is not about her, but everybody, including you, was bringing her up) and say bad things about her, people will call you names and say you should die (really, try it sometime).

    So this attitude of “Jennifer Lawrence has crazy fans” and “You all should get a life” was insulting. All I said in my post was that she was not the one to blame for Bradley’s decisions and that she was here to stay, so… you should get used to that Oscar because where it came from, there will be more.

    I am sorry if I was rude on my last comment but you did offend everybody. Anyway, this is really getting out of hand here.

    Bradley Cooper and his fans should deal with his 20 year old, not me. I’m just happy to be rid of his shippers as well, but that’s just me personally. Bye.

  116. 116
    Ein Says:

    @Melissa: Yes, i didn’t write well that. It sounded better in spanish, in my head. In english, and written, it’s different.
    To me, not only Jennifer (or Angelina, now that you mention) has crazy fans. Every actor has. The point is, or the point i tried to make but apparently i didn’t, is not that Jennifer has any fault on this relationship Bradley is having with Suki, is that people constantly bring her up saying things like “thanks God Jennifer will stop being associated to this creep” and such. They (to me at least) always remark that she is better than him. Or than anybody, for that matter. You just have to see any actor that is remotely associated with JLaw.
    Of course she is not guilty of Bradley seeing this girl. That was not what i meant, at all.
    About Bradley and Jennifer shippers: i like them. Some of them, the ones that are not the delusional. There are some nice and cute graphics in tumblr, but there are also delusional letters to Bradley saying this was a mistake of him dating Suki. There is a little bit of everything.
    And as i said, i like Jennifer, it’s just that i don’t understand the need for some of bringing her up in any Bradley or any other actor’s thread here, on in any other gossip site.

  117. 117
    JLaw fan Says:


    Listen, I said that and that was not the point I was trying to make. Yes, I said he’s gay – and I think he is – but I was just messing around. This is JJ’s, for God’s sake. But I am glad Jennifer won’t be associated with him anymore. I do. But it’s not because I think she’s better. Of course I think she is, but I just don’t like them together and I think it would be creepy. Now, if Jennifer had been pictured with someone else, I’m positive a lot of Bradley fans would say “well, thank God, because it was getting creepy everybody saying he was dating that 22 year old Jennifer Lawrence.” A LOT of his fans loved when he said that he wouldn’t date Jennifer because she could be his daughter. Some said it here. Some said it on tumblr. It made them see him as a good guy. They are just not giving thanks because he’s dating someone even younger than Jennifer. So they are not happy. But the majority of his fans didn’t want that relationship either and would be giving thanks like I am. They will be giving thanks when he is with a 30 year old. Not because they think he is better than JLaw – they probably do because they are his fans, but that’s not the point at all – but because he is finally with someone they consider appropriate. That was all. Peace. Sorry I offended you with my crazyness for JLaw. I am crazy about her, indeed.

  118. 118
    Dee Says:

    @Violet: Thanks. I also read somewhere that she had already broken up with Miles Kane when she went back to Bradley’s hotel, so it wasn’t like she was cheating on him. Then, other publications were saying she just rode in the same cab with Bradley and nothing happened the night they met. Do you know the truth about that?

  119. 119
    Ein Says:

    @JLaw fan: It’s ok, don’t worry. I’m glad we have finally both understand each other’s point of views. Same with Melissa.
    I just wished we should have reached this point much earlier, and not having to go through 5 pages and more than 100 comments, lol. Have a nice day! ;-)

  120. 120
    Tina Says:

    Rumour has it that Brad was really into JLaw and tried to hookup with her but she isn’t into older guys and quickly shot down his advances. Wounded pride is why he spouted out the remark about her being “too young for him”. She wants to be friends and nothing more. It looks like he’s trying HARD to show her that young girls/women do find him attractive or maybe he’s just trying boost his ego after JLaw rebuked his advances. Very staged pda photos for whatever reason.

  121. 121
    Violet Says:

    @Dee: She WASNT single, she had been in a relationship with Miles Kane since about October 2011. He dumped her after she went back to BC’s hotel with him, and then Suki deleted all her photos of Miles on her Twitter, and Miles even cancelled a gig directly after (he was on a UK tour at the time, and was performing a show the night Suki went with BC). Even the week before, Miles did an interview and called Suki his girlfriend and ‘love of his life’. He was polite in the press afterward about her, and seemed to want to put it behind him.

  122. 122
    #120 Says:

    Rumor Shrumor. In every picture I saw of Bradley and Jennifer they had chemistry but it was more brother and sister rather then lovers. I never saw any attraction from either that others claim. They likely did not feel that way about each other and made up some line so people will cut the BS. Its like the Lainey claiming Leo had the hots for JLaw @Oscar party. LMAO. I’m sure they got on great but it don’t mean they were going to be lovers, anyone can see physically she’s not his type. Or Leo/Kate thing, shippers will insist they are in love when its more like s sibling thing.

  123. 123
    Dee Says:

    @Violet: Thanks again. I can’t believe Bradley would actually hook up with someone else’s girlfriend. I mean, no one knows what happened when they got to the hotel, but I can’t imagine they talked all night. LOL I wonder if she even told him she was with somebody already. I really thought Bradley was better than that.

  124. 124
    Dino Says:

    Come on Bradley, you can do so much better.

  125. 125
    TRR Says:


    If this is true, then Cooper is even more full of it. I remember him saying he wouldn’t hook up with a woman if she was seeing someone else or something. The whole ‘bros before hoes’ thing he and HS was talking about.
    That would make it twice (to my acknowledgement) that he hooked up with women who were seeing someone else at the time. SMH

  126. 126
    What Says:


    If you want to believe what Niven said about Bacall – who is still alive – that’s up to you. In regard to BC. I have no desire to change yours and anybody elses mind, so I’ll “rant” away thank you very much. Cooper is – and probably always has been – a creep, but he just covered it up well. If he’d always dated barely twenty something girls and was open about it most would have just thought he was a bit of a sicko and had little or no interest in him. He obviously played the decent guy role off screen to get a bigger fan base and more film roles. Loads of people on sites have said he comes across as creepy, looks like they were right, but some wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Oh and apparently it’s not the first time he’s been linked to a girl, there are rumours of him dating an 18-year-old on the sly.

  127. 127
    markie Says:

    Big fan of both J-Law and Bradley – I was also hoping for a pairing of both of them. But how can he say that J-Law is too young and he could be her father but then turn around and date a 20-year old. I don’t approve, of this but I hope that this will not disrupt their chemistry on screen: I really hope that Jennifer and Bradley remain close and good friends.

  128. 128
    What Says:

    So, he dates barelys despite saying in public that he wouldn’t date a 22-year-old because he could be her father. And he also says in public that he adheres to the “bro-code” but then hooks up with two people who were still in relationships. Jeez what a total hypocrite.
    He’s just looking worse and worse. No wonder he’s so good at playing scumbags.

  129. 129
    derp Says:


    No – she’s not a child but she’s making a childish mistake by thinking ANY kind of relationship with a 38 year old man is a good move.

  130. 130
    pokey Says:

    did anyone notice he has a huge bulge in one of the pics where she is hugging him? so maybe not gay…lol. The other thing is – why does she apear to have changed her clothes (how many jackets have we seen on her in paris?) from time to time and he is wearing those green pants in every single picture. I dont believe all the pics were taken on the same day – one looks like a goodbye kiss beforeheading to the airport. Did he wear those stinky green pants the whole time?

  131. 131
    db Says:


    Was 2 day (weekend) but they had a full picture coverage…who knows how the paparazzi knows in advance where and when they were:)

  132. 132
    Ela Says:

    Didn’t he say that he would not date Jennifer Lawrence, because she was old enough to be his kid?
    What a hypocrite. This girl doesn’t even look 20. I thought she was around 15-17.

  133. 133
    TRR Says:

    Think back to the person that heard their dinner conversation. It mentioned about him wanting to be at some fashion event in April. If so, it would explain why she has different outfits.

    They were in Paris because of her event.

    @Pokey I’m not sure is that bulge or the way the pants are crinkling.

  134. 134
    db Says:


    “her event” will be in london :

    “Next Model Management announces I’ll Be Your Mirror, in association with charity Mind, featuring work from Suki Waterhouse, Reggie Yates and Imogen Morris Clarke, curated by Stuart Semple. April 17-22, 11am–6pm, Eb & Flow Gallery, 77 Leonard Street, EC2. “

  135. 135
    Queenie Says:

    I think it was the poster “Violet” who said Suki was a model who has been trying for some time to be the next “it” girl. Somehow, it seems unlikely this will ever happen. Let’s be perfectly honest, “Suki” is neither tall enough or good looking enough to REALLY be successful as a model. She seems more likely to become (some kind) of professional girlfriend. Going through a series of famous and near famous men, receiving slight media attention for herself based on THEIR fame, and not much else.

  136. 136
    Natasha Says:

    It seems silly to get so pent up about this. It clearly isn’t going to last. I mean can you really imagine Bradley hanging around clubs with Suki and her gang of girlfriends Georgia Jagger, Cara Delvingne & Rita Ora.

    The only thing I do find amusing is how Suki changes her style according to who she is dating. When she was with Miles it was all sixties pea coats & knee high boots & now that she is with Bradley she’s gone very urban with wooly hats, jeans & leather jackets.

  137. 137
    What Says:

    @ Natasha

    It would be really funny and pathetic to see him hanging around with the ” “little girl ” London set, trying desperately to keep up with their kiddie chat.

  138. 138
    Queenie Says:


    Don’t give him any ideas. He MIGHT just be desperate enough to do it! Good grief.

  139. 139
    What Says:

    @ Queenie

    It really wouldn’t surprise me. Look at how he’s dressed in those pictures, he’s already trying to keep up. I am just waiting for pictures of them chic slumping it in North and East London.

  140. 140
    db Says:


    Omg please not! old daddy trying to be cool for his “wannabe” it girl/artist/model, ecc

    “Suki changes her style according to who she is dating.” yes basically is like she has not a really strong personality.

    hope I’m wrong but this gives me vibes like the story of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. How long will it take for us to see Brad jumping on the couch in a talk show?

  141. 141
    kz Says:

    The pic with their luggages is like “we are done with paris PR stunt shoot..will catch up in some city soon” lol.His image is ruined beyond repair.

  142. 142
    Queenie Says:

    What said:

    “Look how he’s dressed in those pictures, he’s already trying to keep up.”

    EXACTLY! Instead of wearing an Armani suit or anything else age appropriate, he’s dressed himself like a frat boy which he’s 20 years too old to be. We won’t even discuss how embarrassingly ridiculous that wool hat looks. Shout out to Bradley…..get yourself a woman somewhere near your own age so you can dress like a grown man and look good again.

  143. 143


    omg I noticed the same thing. It’s like she called him to meet her there and he just up and left and didnt bring anything lol He is wearing the same clothing in every single pic!

  144. 144

    Also, this sounds random but remember the rumor of him having a foot fetish lol a model in her early twenties i guess “dated” him and was creeped out by him because he was into her feet or something lol this scenario is also a little creepy so it brings me back to that “rumor” lol

  145. 145
    Dee Says:

    @PROUD2BBLONDE: I’m pretty sure he denied that rumor saying that he only met her through Jennifer Lawrence or that she is a friend of Jennifer’s or something like that.

  146. 146
    A Point Of View Says:

    @Susan: A twenty year old is young woman who still doesn’t know what she wants in a mate. Perhaps she had an absentee father or maybe she sees an opportunity to advance herself with a big movie star. Who knows. I find this all so ironic after his statement at the Oscars when an interviewer asked him about the rumors of him and JL and he inferred she was too young for him. Shows you that an actor can act his way out of any tight squeeze I guess. I lost all respect for the guy. And this isn’t about age gap, it’s about how young this girl is.

  147. 147
    Ash Says:

    @ Dee and everyone, Violet is right on the ‘little girl’. The **** spent the night at BC hotel so Miles broke up with her. (Miles will be thankful for this , when she cheats on BC with next fool ). Before Miles she dated Luke Pritchard who ditched her as he said she needed to grow up . We don’t know what Bradley sees in the Female-Justin-Bieber-with-Bigger-Nose and non-model-body type. Jlaw likes him as a friend and did not go out with him because he is almost 40.Tonight if he is still professional, BC will be at his movie premiere for Beyond Pines in Schnectady Ny and April 17-22 he should be filming Abscam and at events in North East US. Where is the mancode–why does Bradley take cheaters like Zoe Saldana and this one who cheat on their fiance Keith/boyfriend Miles? Bradley is becoming a hypocrite in too many ways. If he wants to be DiCaprio/Clooney #2 than be, don’t lie to the world. BC Mom, family, and PR team, please save him!

  148. 148
    Juicy Lucy Says:

    Perhaps I’m aiming out of the ball park but did it ever occur to anyone that in Brad’s mind-now that he is famous-one of the perks available to him are dating young girls/ women who have boyfriends? Brad really is that pathetic to believe that dating 20 year old girls and women like Zoe (who was engaged to Keith) will make him more popular with his peers. It’s such a shame that his reputation is taking a well deserved hit due to his statements and actions. Then again he and his PR team built his fan base on him being such an intelligent, humble, nice guy who has morals and values. I think what Brad needs to be knocked down a few notches on the ladder of success so he learns that actions have consequences. I’ll say it again, I don’t mind an age gap that is half your age plus seven. I’m sure England is filled with 26 year old models who look younger but perhaps they are no longer impressionble child-women who believe the BS of of 38 year old man so Brad wasn’t interested.

  149. 149
    Queenie Says:

    @Juicy Lucy

    You bring up an interesting point about Bradley’s PR team and building his fan base. When you consider the REAL time and effort Bradley put in to create his image of being humble, thoughtful, sincere etc…etc….it doesn’t make much sense to throw it all out the window to parade around with a nameless model who looks like a little kid. He WANTED the whole world to see him doing this? Why???? And I’m not being sarcastic here, I’m asking seriously. Why would you put in such an effort to create an image to then throw it away for nothing? Is Bradley so deluded he ACTUALLY thinks he looks good with Suki? As far as I can see he’s the only one who thinks so. Every other comment I’ve read either describes the “relationship” as pathetic, gross, or just plain creepy. Bradley really needs a reality check or an intervention from his PR team. He does NOT look good in these photos. He looks like a desperate old guy being led by the nose by a piece of ass half his age. Nevermind pathetic or gross, at your age Bradley, it’s just not dignified.

  150. 150
    susie Says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is too smart for Bradley Cooper. She’s smart, pretty and is not gonna be one of Bradley’s three-month flings.

  151. 151
    Linda Says:


    The first comment I highly agree with. He surely is going through a midlife crisis. As for the girl, she’s also an attention *****. I guess it doesn’t take much to be a model nowadays. Big nose, no breasts or hips, and those bangs and clothes? Oh god, she looks twelve. It would somehow be different if she actually looked like a woman and not a kid. This is gross. Every celeb has nothing better to do then just seek attention and be lazy. Things come pretty easy when you “work” for two months and get paid millions of dollars even though 96% of the actors do nothing but act.

  152. 152
    Rose Says:

    @Dee: I know they are a fake couple because I HAVE EYES! Or are you really seeing any truth or love in these pics of them together? they knew the paps were there (they probably called the paps) and decided to make a “scene” to them.
    Please, open your eyes!

  153. 153
    Juicy Lucy Says:

    I’m not so naive as to think this is a couple that will go the distance (more like three months). It really is so obvious that one of them called the paps to “share the moments” of their romantic Paris weekend. In some photos, Suki is looking right at the camara like the little fame***** she is. I’m very surprised that Brad is not objecting to this. Oh, I forgot. He wants to be noticed with a hot young model (only in his mind) so everyone knows how popular he is.

  154. 154
    Dee Says:

    Is she really 21 years old? The Daily Mail in UK is still saying she is 20 years old. I’m sure they would know how birthdates are written in the UK. I thought they were also the ones who said she had broken up with Miles a few weeks prior to meeting Bradley. I’ve heard that publication is not always correct, so maybe they are mistaken when it comes to both of these things.

  155. 155
    TRR Says:

    @Juicy Lucy: …. “share the moments” of their romantic Paris weekend.”

    People on twitter say he was in Vegas with Leo over the weekend. She was with him.
    That means he was in Paris only one day–Monday. (I believe he went back to Boston Tuesday?) IF he wasn’t there for her fashion event, why was he there only one day? Yeah, show off and be pap’d basically. lol

  156. 156
    What Says:

    He’s really up Dicaprio’s behind isn’t he. And Dicaprio is basically a horribly smug doughy shitt, who was a reasonably good actor up until he hit puberty. Dicaprio also stricks me as a frenemy of the highest order. Anyway, you know what they say, you lay down with ..

  157. 157
    Dee Says:

    @TRR: I don’t know if I buy the Vegas rumors. It looks like he was in Paris from Sunday to Tuesday.

  158. 158
    Queenie Says:


    Maybe I’m just being naive here, but if Bradley was with Leo in Vegas , wouldn’t TMZ (at least) have some pics or at least a story claiming they were there? People on Twitter saying he was there isn’t much to go on. People on Twitter say a LOT of things because they’re easy to post. I’m not doubting your post, I’m just saying Twitter isn’t the most reliable source.

  159. 159
    mich Says:

    Smoke and mirrors/pure PR distraction – some other stuff is going on someplace else…

  160. 160
    TRR Says:

    Here’s a link:

    If you scroll down, there’s a pic of Leo with a cap on and most believe that’s Bradley in front of him, with an hat also.
    People on twitter say they saw them.

  161. 161
    AG Says:

    How could he be photographed in Paris on April 7 and the following days, but be in Vegas on April 8? He wasn’t. He’s been in Paris with Suki.

  162. 162
    TRR Says:

    ^ Those Vegas sightings/pics are from Saturday (April 6). The pics from Paris are from Monday (April 8). Now, I don’t know where he was at Sunday (April 7). Could be still Vegas or Paris.

  163. 163
    Dee Says:

    @TRR: It doesn’t look like the guy in front of him has a beard. Bradley currently has a lot of facial hair. I really don’t think that’s him in that photo.

  164. 164
    Violet Says:

    @Dee: She really is 21 years old. She had a joint 21st birthday party with Georgia Jagger in January (there are pics of it on the net, including a few of her and Miles Kane,( which she pulled off her Twitter when the BC story broke). The Daily Mail obviously had the wrong info, and other press outlets reprinted the story.

  165. 165
    TRR Says:

    I agree, I don’t think that’s him in the photo. but I do believe the people that say he was there with Leo.
    I went to that persons twitter. I highly doubt they’re lying. Looks legit.

    Vegas on Saturday. Likely Paris on Sunday/Monday.

  166. 166
    Queenie Says:


    Thanks for the link to the Twitter pic. I don’t think it’s Bradley either. If Bradley really was in Vegas with Leo what was he trying to do? Show off for Siuki that Daddy knows famoius people like Leonardo Dicaprio? I wonder if it was Leo who paid to fly them to Vegas? I also wonder if it was Suki who wanted to meet Leo. He is a bigger star with a LOT more money. Hmmm……………

  167. 167
    kholla Says:

    I dont think this is the wisest decision on bradleys part and hopefully this is just his rebound from zoe. But, I feel like the 18 year age GAP is not the problem. I think suki is perhaps a little young to be going into a relationship with a guy who’s probably looking to settle down but other than that I don’t think people need to be making such a ruckus about the age gap. My parents are 15 years apart and have been happily married since 1986. They did get married much later in life and i think thats the thing. stop focusing on the actual number of years difference when really it’s just about the maturity level and expectations of both individuals in the relationship. Plus she’s over 18 and is a consenting adult…idk of a 20 year old alive that wouldnt be up for dating bradley cooper….

  168. 168
    What Says:


    You have to focus on it because it’s weird and creepy. As been said before if she was 30 and he was 50 it would not be a problem.

  169. 169
    carole Says:

    omg!! i have my chances to be with me and im 23!!!loooool

  170. 170
    Dee Says:

    Why would she fly to Vegas for one day and then go to Paris the next? It would make more sense for her to just come from London and meet him in Paris.

  171. 171
    Dee Says:

    @Violet: Is it possible she didn’t tell Bradley that she had a boyfriend when she went back to his hotel? I just can’t believe that he would do something like that. People always talk about how humble and nice he is with fans(including last night at a screening of his latest movie). It’s hard to believe a good guy who would be gracious with fans and intelligent in interviews would be sleazy in his personal life.

  172. 172
    TRR Says:


    Want to meet Leo. lol

  173. 173
    db Says:

    “FYI: Suki is wearing a Whistles jacket” seriously? WTF! nextmanagement agency please stop to try to sell “the super style” of your “talent girl”! she used the same pair of sneakers x 1 week , just because are from major brand. and in most photos we saw her, she looks like a girl who buys in thrift stores, even wearing designer clothing.

  174. 174
    Violet Says:

    @Dee: Oh lord, I have no idea. They met at the Elle Style Awards, and the previous night he was reportedly flirting with both Alice Eve and recently seperated Gemma Arterton at the Bafta’s afterparty. In my opinion, it would have been up to Suki to tell him if she was available or not (after all, BC wouldnt know who she was or that she was dating an indie rocker boy). Clearly it made no difference to her, since she went back to his hotel with BC regardless. Who knows what happened in the hotel, but the fact she went there at all was enough for for longtime bf to dump her. Since then her people have been working overtime with the press stories – ‘her and Miles had broken up months ago’ (a lie), then there were reports (from her camp again) saying BC was super keen on Suki and texting her everyday etc. This was before the Boston photos came out. Regardless, I do also think (as another poster stated) that its a fleeting thing and wont lead to a big romance. It’ll be done soon enough I think.

  175. 175
    TryThis Says:

    I think if we look at what he said and what he did (Saying he could literally be her father and then dating somone younger than her) it pretty much puts him in the position of a hurt guy! I bet it was Jennifer herself who told him something along the lines of “he could literally be her father”, she “freind zoned” the **** out of him when he was wanting to get with her and be exclusive and he was/is hurt. I’m just looking at this from the point of view of how alot of men work. They’re constantly in “hunting” mode. He was in hunting mode when he was hooking up with Zoe, came across somone he wanted to “catch” and Jennifer wasn’t interested in being caught by him, he wasn’t interested in catching Zoe, just f*cking, so he’s back to hunting, now with this kid! He’s “nesting”, but he hasn’t caught Suki, and doesn’t want to probably. The one for him to catch is still out there on the loose LOL, I just hope if they cross paths that she isn’t caught off guard and subjected to any leftover hurt feelings from his part, men are WAY more sensitive than women. And although he may be a bit of a creep, I am sure he knows better and knows how to treat a woman and will change when he WANTS to. Whoever he meets and spends time with next shouldn’t have to pay for his crappy behavior!

  176. 176


    He wasn’t super nice last night at the premier. He wasnt mean or anything either, but he barely interacted with fans who showed up. He came late to this premier and got his picture taken with the director and some other people from the movie, and did some press. Very little interaction with fans because we were all watching the movie when he showed up and the after party was obviously private. He looked smelly and dissheveled from what we could see.
    During the filming he was very nice from reports. But ask anyone who went last night, it was a little disappointing.

  177. 177
    princesslh55 Says:


    a year is being generous.
    i give it 6 months.

    i think he is seeing this Suki girl for now. just to pass the time (or a F–K buddy).

  178. 178
    princesslh55 Says:

    @tsk tsk tsk:

    maybe Jen didn’t want him….

  179. 179
    princesslh55 Says:


    well said

  180. 180
    princesslh55 Says:


    i think what was well said and very true.
    i totally agree with you. the 18 years gap is not the issue.
    it is the back that she is only 20. when i was 20 i knew nothing. even now at 33 i feel i still have more learning to do.
    if he is ready to settle down and have a family like he said he does this is not the way to go.
    i don’t see this lasting too long and i don’t see him marrying her.

  181. 181
    Dee Says:

    @PROUD2BBLONDE: The article I read said he drove there from Boston where he is filming his current movie. That might explain why he was late(and disheveled). Didn’t he sign autographs and take pictures with fans who waited around outside? I still think it’s a great thing for him to even try and get there after working all day on another movie. I’m just not ready to put him in the “creep” category yet because of this thing with Suki. I don’t exactly know what’s going on(no one does) or why he decided to be so public with her so soon, but to me he still seems like a good guy.

  182. 182
    Dee Says:

    @PROUD2BBLONDE: I misunderstood the article about the event the other day. I thought it said he signed autographs, took photos, etc. at that event, but they were referring to when he was filming there.

  183. 183
    Queenie Says:


    “We don’t know exactly what’s going on.”

    Bauer Griffin online has the full set of the above photos. In more than a few shots Suki is not only looking at the pap, she’s actually POSING for the camera! Could this be nothing more than a publicity “outing” for Suki with nothing more really going on? I wonder this because in most of the photos and the ones from the other day, Bradley has his hands in his pockets the whole time. That strikes me as a rather odd behavior for a man when he’s out with his hot young girlfriend. You”ll also notice in the Bauer Griffin pics after the brief hand holding Bradley puts his hand back in his pocket and actually appears to walk away from Suki. In the last two pics, Suki is walking by herself and smiling directly at the camera. Bradley is nowhere to be seen. Publicity stunt or real romance?

  184. 184
    Violet Says:

    Jeez, her people are really going to town on the publicity overall.

  185. 185
    db Says:


    Did u se this one?

  186. 186
    Queenie Says:


    My favourite part of the Cosmo article was the bit that said that since Suki has appeared in ONE film, she could teach Bradley a thing or two about acting! Hard to know whether to laugh or cry at that statement. Even as a publicity puff piece it’s ridiculous and makes Bradley look foolish. I also found it a bit odd that the UK Cosmo is quoting her age as 20 instead of 21. I realize proofreading this drivel would be a chore, but still.

  187. 187
    kz Says:

    just saw the cosmo the reporter being sarcastic or what???? its a complete joke.Both these article makes bradley look like an idiot.This is what happens when you hangout with immature girl.
    Wake up bradley !! he was never like this with his ex’s.what kind of contract or publicity stunt he got himself in to which puts both his career and image so down????

  188. 188
    Dee Says:

    @Queenie: How can you tell that the photo with Bradley with his hands in his pocket and walking away was taken right after the hand-holding photo?

  189. 189
    Queenie Says:


    The photos at Bauer Griffin are out of sequence. If you look closely, you can put them in sequence yourself. In the photo of Bradley walking away, look at the pavement. On the ground are whiite rectangles indicating a crosswalk. In the photos of Suki walking alone you will also see the white crosswalk. rectangles. Also in the hand holding photos Suki is holding a flat box in her left hand. In the photos of her and Bradley facing one another, she has placed the box in her left jacket pocket. You can see the box sticking out.

  190. 190
    Dee Says:

    @Violet: I always wonder if the quotes that are in magazines and on websites are legit. For example, when it says “source close to so and so”. I remember when the Boston photos first came out a “source” close to the couple said something about their relationship being new and that Bradley is really into her. Then, OMG!Yahoo had some quote from a “source” allegedly close to Bradley that confirmed they’re dating.

  191. 191
    TRR Says:

    “Suki is keeping Bradley on his toes because she doesn’t want him to treat her like one of his flings – she wants far more than that…”

    Ha. Every woman is a fling for Bradley. She’s not getting “more”.

  192. 192
    db Says:


    Violet I have a good friend who works in a PR Agency. None will say openly, but off the record is known that when they want to launch a model or an actor / actress, they have arrangements with certain freelance photographers and magazines/blogs/tabloids to “show” a “history” of love or the classic “out and about” so that these “talents” are known. Suki is known for be desperate to relaunch a modeling career almost dead and have advertising for her “art”.

    Days before pictures in Boston, RadarOnline spoke about the text messages and how crazy was Bradley for this girl. And now her brother put a link to Cosmo article on his T-shirt website, because his name appeared there (like press!)

    Is unclear for which reason Bradley making it clear doing this, because his popularity is falling down.

  193. 193
    Mac Says:

    Nice Como article…so she’s a 20 year old high school drop out and he went to Georgetown. It’s not the 18 year age gap thats the issue, she’s just too “young” for the image that he has created publicly.

    He’s trying to be Leo but he’s not. Silver Linings Playbook was good, but lets face it not all of his movies have been winners. Leo has more talent, B-Coop has been just a pretty face in a lot of his movies.

  194. 194
    Juicy Lucy Says:

    Brad’s public image has always been portrayed as a nice, humble, intelligent guy who has morals and intigrity. Brad also stated several years ago that he doesn’t date models or musicians. Take into consideration that Bradly is a PR nightmare-not always doing what they tell him to do- this relationship is going to do irreperable harm to his public image. It will be interesting to see just how low Brad’s popularity on IMBD falls this coming week.

  195. 195
    la Says:

    Suki met Bradley at silver lining playbook party in UK held by Harvey Weinstein followed by the Elle awards which Bradley went to with Harvey. Harvey is pictured with Suki at both events and she mentions in an interview that she is working with him. Interesting as Harvey has a history of promoting blonde actresses some successfully like Jennifer Lawrence and some not so successfully such as Gretchen Moll. Bradley was seen with other actresses that weekend including Gemma Areteton who are far more suitable matches and at the time she was seen with Jim twice along with reports of her divorce. Harvey could be placing Suki with Bradley to get her noticed -like sienna with Jude law – promising Bradley he’ll help push him for Oscar next season. Lainey mentions how strange it is Harvey hasn’t set Bradley up yet on her website when talking about the Elle awards.

  196. 196
    Queenie Says:


    Interesting post. I hadn’t heard about Suki working with Harvey Weinstein. With the example of Sienna Miller and Jude Law, even though Sienna was quite young at the time, she at least looked old enough to have a drivers license. That’s the problem with Suki. 21 or no, she looks like a little kid which makes Bradley look like a creepy old guy hanging around a little girl. Made worse by the unfortunately loud announcement by Bradley that he wouldn’t date Jennifer Lawrence because she was too young. Harvey didn’t anticipate that comment would come back and bite Bradley in the ass? How could it not? Seems careless that Harvey would assume that everyone has forgotten that comment by now. Why would we? Far too much was made of that remark for it to be forgotten, especially this soon.

  197. 197
    la Says:

    Suki announced as new face of Burberry, this is definitely helping her career!

  198. 198
    Dee Says:

    @la: Can you post a link to the article that mentions Suki working with Harvey Weinstein? It’s still unbelievable to me that Bradley would even agree to go along with this if it is in fact a fake relationship. And, why would they go to Paris for this “photo shoot”? Why didn’t he just go to London where she lives?

  199. 199
    Dee Says:

    It was just the beginning of this year that he was visibly uncomfortable on Katie Couric’s show when asked about his personal life. I don’t know what to think. I would also hate to think that he really likes her and she is just using him.

  200. 200
    Dee Says:

    The details of their dinner in Boston last month that were posted on Bradley’s IMDB page seemed like an actual date to me. And, why would Bradley agree to this in exchange for Harvey pushing him during the next Oscar season? Who knows if Bradley will have a movie that is worthy of being nominated? Unless they’re thinking ‘Serena’ is going to be that movie the way ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ was last year.

  201. 201
    Queenie Says:


    Maybe the “date” mentioned on his IMDB page was part of the plan. You know, go on a few dates to make the “relationship” seem real and not a fake publicity stunt. The fact is in the first set of Paris pictures Bradley looked bored and detached when walking with Suki, no eye contact and his hands were in his pockets every step of the way. They weren’t even walking side by side, Suki was walking behind him like an assistant. Then in the second set of Paris pics he’s suddenly smiling for the CAMERA he’s sees right in front of him and seems to be making more of an effort to look interested in Suki. Maybe I’m just reading in, but it did look to me like he was making more of a deliberate effort in the second set of pics to make the pictures look better and more convincing. Did he get the memo from Harvey?

  202. 202
    Dee Says:

    @Queenie: I thought the hand holding photo(where he is smiling) was taken on Sunday and the photo of them walking around after dinner was taken on Monday.

  203. 203
    Dee Says:

    @Queenie: Thanks

  204. 204
    Queenie Says:


    Since the walking after dinner photos were published first (presumably) they were taken first. I’m speculating just like everyone else, but it did look to me like the “dinner” pictures were taken first, did NOT look convincing, so a better effort was made the next day to get some GOOD pics! After all, if this really was a photo-op, the first set of Paris pics really did not look good OR convincing. They made Suki look like she was out for dinner with her distracted father who couldn’t even be bothered to make eye contact. No surprise the pics on day two looked better.

  205. 205
    la Says:

    It’s an interview on Youtube from London fashion week, towards the end she mentions that her film has been bought by Harvey, I’m assuming that is the film Pusher that was out recently. She has now secured a job as the face of Burberry. If you watch some of her interviews she is an articulate and fun girl so maybe this is a real match just after the mention of a PR launch you can see the links between everything. She has gone from being a nobody to being in newspapers everyday purely from her link to Bradley and how she dumped MIles Kane for him, rather than anything she has done. They are both adults and I’m sure Bradley has been around the block enough to know what he is doing. I still believe he was with Zoe for over a year and it was mutally convient to keep that relationship quiet, they have just broken up and he is having ‘fun’. It’ll be interesting to see if Suki makes the Hangover premiere and photo ops with Bradley’s mother that’ll tell you if it’s real.

  206. 206
    Violet Says:

    @la: I don’t know if youve seen Pusher, but the lead is played by Agyness Deyn. Suki’s role is a small supporting role and she didnt even remotely garner any attention from being in it on its release. Its not ‘her’ movie’. His company just distributed it, and it didnt make any real money so I dont buy that Harvey is pushing Suki, I’m sure she would have constantly name-dropped it by now. She now seems to be focusing on trying to be a musician now, and she’s terrible at that too.

  207. 207
    Shira Says:

    @Juicy Lucy:
    I wasn’t a fan of him before SLP, I thought he was the douchey guy he always plays in movies… then after SLP I became a huge fan… watched some interviews and what was revealed to me was a wholesome, humble guy. I, too, shipped (ship) him with Jennifer Lawrence… didn’t for a second believe he actually thought she was too young for him because he seemed incredibly smitten throughout the entire award season, and then this **** happened.
    The problem now is, I don’t know what’s worse – if it’s real then yes, respect lost for him, all of it. At least have the decency to shut up and not say you won’t date someone because you could be her father.
    If it’s a PR/Harvey related stunt – respect lost for him because really, he should know better. He’s done an excellent work on SLP and I honestly thought Hollywood will fall at his feet over that performance, but the damage he’s done to his image by dating her – practically a nobody in Hollywood’s terms – is immense.

  208. 208
    Queenie Says:


    I watched the YouTube interview with Suki and I think you’re being a bit generous to describe her as “articulate.” To me she sounded like a prattling airhead who has a very annoying nasal voice.

    Whatever Bradley………….

  209. 209
    kz Says:

    i agree with la regarding this whole harvey -suki PR stunt.This thought clicked me when i saw suki with harvey in SLP party in london during december in wireimage few days go.Now,after reading la’s comment..i do feel harvey may be the guy behind this PR stunt.Harvey might have promised for next oscar nomination for abscam movie or may be who knows harvey might have asked bradley to do this for SLP oscar nomination.Harvey-suki meeting happened december and the oscar nomination was announced in january…so they might have cut a deal in between..or am i speculating too much????because this whole suki dating dont look real at all.

  210. 210
    ??? Says:

    If it’s real or PR. He’s severely damaged his reputation.

  211. 211
    Dee Says:

    I still can’t believe he would go along with something like this. Whatever push Harvey could give him next award season won’t make people forget what is going on now.

  212. 212
    Dee Says:

    @Queenie: I think when the first photos were published, it mentioned that they were taken Monday after they left dinner. That’s why I think the hand holding photo, which is mentioned as being taken on Sunday, came first. Although, I’m not sure why they are standing on the street with luggage in the kissing photo on Sunday evening after spending time together during the day without luggage. LOL

  213. 213
    Dee Says:

    @Juicy Lucy: When did Bradley say he doesn’t date models or musicians and why? I can sort of understand not dating models, but why exclude musicians? He might as well exclude actresses too.

  214. 214
    Dee Says:

    I would much rather believe that he actually likes her than believe he would participate in a fake relationship.

  215. 215
    Queenie Says:


    In almost every place I’ve seen the Paris photos posted, the day the were (supposedly) taken has been different. Some sites say this photo was taken Sunday, other sites say Monday etc…etc.. Either they don’t bother to determine the date correctly or they just assume nobody really cares WHEN the pics were taken and you’re just supposed to look at the photos and believe the story. People like us have brains and notice the contradictions in the reporting. I don’t think we’re supposed to though. :)

  216. 216
    Mich Says:

    Whatever it is I just think you cannot say no to Harvey W. This is Hollywood: big bucks and big egos. I encourage everybody to read about his quest for Oscars for SLP and his campaign strategy twists. Regardless of what is behind all of this, BC appeal vanished, at least for me.

  217. 217

    So does this mean that Bradley isnt considered “A” list actor? I ask this because when do the PR shenanigans stop? Does he have to do this type of stuff until he wins an oscar? I guess I just do not understand Hollywood. I mean, did Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Daniel Day-Lewis and Meryl Street have to go down this route to maintain successs and win awards? I feel like Bradley is trying to hard to be something in Hollywood and he is just doing it all wrong!

  218. 218

    Also, I just came across an old little piece of bradley walking in an airport coming home from the UK. In the same little article, there is a picture of Suki and Harvey and someone else. This was before any mention of Suki and Bradley. I think this ties into all this PR stuff right??

  219. 219
    la Says:

    I agree he is trying hard to make it as a serious actor and be seen as more than looks and minor roles. He has made some good choices since his breakout in the Hangover however he lacks the real talent of Day Lewis, De Niro, Meryl Streep etc all actors who do not need publicity to sell themselves. I love the fact Daniel Day Lewis is so private and its all about the work however with Bradley you get the sense he wants it both ways to be a film star and a serious film actor something that is hard to achieve. An Oscar could give him the security he needs however I feel he falls into the DiCaprio camp. He could be a talented actor and regarded well for his work yet his private life and exposure in tabloids prevents people from seeing his real skill. The more that articles show there are links between Suki, Bradley and Harvey the more it seems like a PR move which I think is more for her benefit- she’ll appear more and more in the media, already they are commenting on her style and her new job at Burberry. She’ll probably land the role in 50 shades film with Harvey’s help! LoL

  220. 220
    Queenie Says:


    Well spotted for finding that old Daily Mail article. Makes you wonder doesn’t it ?The Daily Mail has also FNALLY published the rest of the Bradley and Suki in Paris photos. A WEEK later no less! I’m guessing Suki not being at the MTV awards with Bradley motivated the DM to finally publish the rest of the old news pics. It’s important to remind us that Bradley and Suki are supposed to be a REAL couple. In case anyone here was having any doubts. :)

  221. 221
    Dee Says:

    That kiss photo still looks like he is kissing her cheek to me. I believe the Daily Mail referred to it as a lip-lock, but it looks like his head is too far over to be kissing her lips.

  222. 222
    Queenie Says:


    I agree. Every other site I’ve seen that printed the”kiss” photo has cooed that Bradley was sweetly kissing her on the cheek. Interesting that UK publications like the DM and the Sun are only NOW printing these photos. Could it have something to do with Suki’s UK gallery event on April 17? Did they assume Suki would go to the MTV show and they’d have new pics but instead have to make do with old ones? The American sites aren’t bothering with these pictures, especially a week later.

  223. 223
    Violet Says:

    UK Vogue are commenting on the Burberry job and called it a rumour – so far neither Suki’s agent not Burberry themselves have confirmed/commented on it. Sounds like yet another PR leak from her – she has been quoted saying getting a Burberry campaign would be her dream job.

  224. 224
    proud2bblonde Says:


    I read that Burberry does not officially announce anything until July. So if she is the new face of Burberry, we wont know until then. But she has her show tomorrow, so we will see how much press she gets for it??

  225. 225
    Dee Says:

    I still don’t see what Harvey would get out of putting Bradley and Suki together. If she isn’t even the star of that movie ‘Pusher’, how would this pairing benefit him?

  226. 226


    I agree…I dont get this whole PR and Harvey thing? This whole thing is very confusing to me…Have any other celebrities done something like this for PR or whatever that anyone knows of? Maybe this relationship is actually something?

  227. 227
    Mich Says:

    This is of course all speculation, but Harvey has links and influence far beyond film industry and ties nicely with fashion industry. No idea about Harvey-Suki link but same as in any other interest circle, people do themselves a lot of different favors. BC link has already made Suki visible, …. just to mention that their Paris images are posted on official site.

  228. 228
    la Says:

    So new headlines for Bradley based on Details interview- he lives with his mother and wants to be a father. His words and actions do not match, if he wants to be a family man then why have such a young girlfriend surely the poor thing does not want to give up her youth to have children with him. It seems nice that he cares for his mother however can you imagine her living with Suki as well? I feel like his PR people are releasing this to try and revivie his image after this relationship has hit but a big misfire!

  229. 229
    Queenie Says:


    “His PR people are trying to revive is image.”

    Makes you wonder if his PR people simply miscalculated the Suki publicity. Did they expect people to praise Bradley for having a hot young girlfriend and were caught off guard when he was criticised instead? The fact that Bradley lives with his mother really makes me think “Bradley and Suki” are a Havey Weinsten publicity stunt to try and gain Suki some media attention. Whatever the reason that Bradley is living with his mother, WHAT does 21 year old Suki think about going out with a (nearly) 40 year old man who still lives with his mother? Suki’s other (much younger) boyfriends weren’t still living with their moms, were they? No offense to Bradley, but it really sounds like this guy has a LOT of baggage. Could Weinstein be manipulating that?

  230. 230
    Dee Says:

    This Harvey Weinstein publicity stunt theory is going a little far. LOL I don’t know what’s going on, but maybe Bradley actually likes her.

  231. 231


    I agree in way. I feel like people are putting Bradley on this high pedestal from past interviews and what not. What he says in interviews and how he is in his “real” life are i’m sure completely different. He obviously has baggage and other things in his life that people do not know about. He may really be dating this chick and people that really know him, it may not be a surprise. In a way I feel bad for him because his so called “people” are making him look confusing and fake to the public and his fans.

  232. 232
    Mac Says:

    I think people are reading too much into this being a ‘fake’ Harvey thing…he simply has a public and private persona. They just don’t match and it’s not looking good to his fans. If he’s looking to settle down but going out with a 20 year old model who dropped out of high school three years ago, he’s not going about it the right way. The more simple explanation is just that he’s getting some from a 20 year old model! It’s certainly not good for his image but hanging out in Hollywood too long has obviously changed him if he thinks this is “settling” down. His rep is now more of a Taylor Swift serial dater, it’s sad.

    However, who cares that he lives with his mother…her husband passed away thats a pretty decent reason. I wonder how she feels about him dating a kid. No, it’s not the age difference, she looks like a kid! And publicly acts like one too…

  233. 233
    TRR Says:

    @PROUD2BBLONDE:” I feel like people are putting Bradley on this high pedestal from past interviews and what not. What he says in interviews and how he is in his “real” life are i’m sure completely different.”

    This. A lot of stuff in interviews is PR talk.

    And yeah, I think this ‘relationship’ (I say that loosely) is publicity. At least for her….that’s her track record. Most 20 year old women simply aren’t interested in 38 year old men, UNLESS he can do something for her. Feelings usually aren’t genuine.

  234. 234
    ana Says:

    Look, maybe he really likes her, but the story is being taken out of proportion? Looking at the results it gives I guess Suki more publicity than making good for Bradley. Who knows. And now the headlines from his press coverage is mostly: I want to be a dad, which I believe is a bit of an over-intepretation of the original thought.

  235. 235
    ana Says:

    …. or maybe she is pregnant and this is just preparation for news to be made public.

  236. 236
    Ripper Says:

    This girl looks like a baby next to him. He is a grown man and she still isn’t even legal to drink. Lost a lot of respect for Bradley…

  237. 237
    la Says:

    So Suki has announced she’s been cast in first Hollywood film. Wonder which it is and if Harvey is linked?

  238. 238
    mo Says:

    I encourage everybody to see “Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project” documentary

  239. 239
    Violet Says:

    Sienna Miller and Tom Sturrige are the new faces of Burberry. The Autumn/Winter faces arent named yet, tho I doubt its Suki since Burberry already have a longstanding contract with Cara Delevingine they dont really need another blonde, posh London it-girl. As for the ‘Hollywood role’, she just says she has a new part in a film, could just be a anothersmall role low budget British film and is being sensationalised.

  240. 240
    kz Says:

    she is in a movie ?hmm,lets see what will next month PR pics gives her.Read that bradley broke up with zoe for selling their relationship for PR.Suki obviously doing the same come he is super silent about it and going along with it if its real and not a “harvey thing” ?

  241. 241
    db Says:

    rumors on twitter say they have shared a flight in NY yesterday and were seen today in Philly . I have the feeling that we’ll see new photos of this “couple” in love. not that they call the paparazzi to tell where they are … especially with how talented and successful she is. But this looks like a cute “couple” brand “weisntein”.I’m getting ready when BC and justine bieber “formalize” all with the obligatory pictures with mom Gloria …

  242. 242


    I heard she is gonna be in the new Transformers movie????

  243. 243
    la Says:

    Anyone else notice that for the past week Bradley’s name has only been in the news linked to Suki as in ‘Bradley’s girlfriend Suki has naked pics\ art exhibition/ he is smitten/ face of burberry/ Hollywood role/ beautiful in French connection ad… she’s everywhere linked to his name whilst since he visited victims of Boston nothing. I’d be annoyed if I was him but she probably has ways to pay him back.

  244. 244
    kz Says:


    Lol.So true.Also read on his FB fanpage that when a reporter asked about if he will take certain someone(suki) to meet his family..he replied “my parents have met samson and charlotte,my beautiful dogs”.hehehe.Has he answered like this while dating his EX’s too??????

  245. 245
    Skittle Says:

    Juliana, do consider Annette Bening’s age when she went with Beatty. She was way, way, way beyond 20.

    Please exercise some pedo alertness for your children’s sake.


  246. 246
    Skittle Says:

    No different than a creepy professor taking advantage of his college student. He couldn’t wait for her to graduate.

    Bradley has all the emotional, intellectual advantage over her.


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