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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Kiss & Hold Hands in Paris!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Kiss & Hold Hands in Paris!

Bradley Cooper and his new girlfriend Suki Waterhouse share a romantic kiss on Sunday evening (April 7) in the streets of Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actor and Suki, 20, were seen holding hands while strolling around the city that afternoon.

Bradley and Suki were also spotted hanging out around Paris for the next couple days as well. It sure looks like their romance is starting to get serious!

In case you didn’t know, Bradley is actually fluent in French and has been interviewed in the language before. Make sure to check out the clip!

FYI: Suki is wearing a Whistles jacket. Bradley is wearing Red Wing Heritage 8114 Iron Rangers.

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246 Responses to “Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse Kiss & Hold Hands in Paris!”

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  1. 101
    hehehe Says:

    BC is gay, end of story

  2. 102
    PETER Says:

    @hehehe: nice one hahahahah i agree

  3. 103
    Jen Says:


    Harmless to Lawrence, that is the desirable one in this scenario. They fight everyday with her shippers with other men, they are all disputing her.

    For Bradley… not so much harmless. These so called fans are calling him a poor, desperate man who is dating a 21 year old with pr purpose. If not, disgusting creepy old guy.

    Jennifer fans really shouldn’t bother about the crazy shippers. She’s the one on top here. Bradley is the one who should get rid of these “fans” who are doing him no favor.

  4. 104
    Dee Says:

    @Violet: So, now we have clarification on her age. Still a big difference, though. For those of you in the UK, is she really that much of a party girl? That’s what people have been saying and I can’t help but wonder how that will fit with Bradley’s ‘no alcohol, go to bed early’ personality.

  5. 105

    @Ein: well this article its about bradely not jennifer, if you hate so mcuh you can open new blog and debate all your feelings about her and your hatred, so get a life and any actress or actor have FANS so what is your problem with that?

  6. 106
    Ein Says:

    @OFF TOPIC LOL: See what i mean? If anybody dares say anything remotely negative about Jennifer, crazy fans comes to the rescue, LOL. And no, i didn’t start the off topic. It was Jen’s fan who started.And i said i liked her in a previous post. See before writing anything.
    Anyway, we’ll see what happens with Suki girl.
    Btw: shouldn’t all people writing here (including you) get a life? specially if you feel so authorized to critize me? LOL

  7. 107
    Melissa Says:

    I don’t understand how this became about Jennifer Lawrence. Yeah, a couple of people want they together. So what? Is not gonna happen. Now, if you want to blame her for the hate Bradley is getting, you’re in it for a long fight because everybody creeps out on old guys dating 20 year olds. It’s not Jennifer’s fault or the few delusional fans that want them together and are now disappointed.

    You shouldn’t worry about JL, she’ll soon go back to her ex or find a hot new boyfriend her age. She’s not harming Bradley, he is harming himself.

    And oh, don’t start about her Oscar. You better get over it. Jennifer Lawrence is someone you will have to get used to. She’ll win another one in no more than 5 years. She’s here to stay.

  8. 108
    Dee Says:

    Does anyone know when the Cameron Crowe movie Bradley is doing with Emma Stone starts filming? Also, when does filming wrap on his current movie?

  9. 109
    Melissa Says:


    Shouldn’t you? ;-)

  10. 110
    Violet Says:

    @Dee: I think she has been trying to become an ‘it-girl’ for quite a while. She goes to event openings and got attention mostly from her successful friends/boyfriends. She isnt just famous here, mostly society/event photos in fashion magazines. Everyone around her seems to be more successful that she is, and she gets name-checked by association. However, since her first diallance with BC, she has been in the tabloids a few times – all through association with ‘dating’ him. Its the most press attention she’s ever had.

  11. 111
    Ein Says:

    @Melissa: We all should ;)

  12. 112
    Melissa Says:


    You should, you’re the one who said people who write here should get a life. So go ahead and do it. I’m fine. I like Just Jared and I saw Jen Law’s name, so I like to comment. Love that girl :) No wonder she got all the awards for Silver Linings Playbook. It was supposed to Bradley’s movie. Damn, that girl. :)

    Now, don’t let the door hit you in the ass while you are at it getting a life. Bye.

  13. 113
    Nic Says:

    I thought he was so sweet and that made him very attractive. He now looks ugly and creepy.

  14. 114
    Ein Says:

    @Melissa: Wow, that was rude. And that the comment i made on people getting a life, was for off topic lol, he/she said i should get a life. So i responded all people (that includes me, i write here) in here should get a life. Jeez, you are making my point in here, the instant the name of Jennifer is written, people get all crazy. Calm down!

  15. 115
    Melissa Says:


    You should have answered him by saying “you should get a life” not “everybody who writes here”. I was polite in my post and I felt attacked too by your remark.

    Jennifer Lawrence has fans, I don’t know why it bugs you so much. If you go to a thread about Angelina Jolie (and ok, this is not about her, but everybody, including you, was bringing her up) and say bad things about her, people will call you names and say you should die (really, try it sometime).

    So this attitude of “Jennifer Lawrence has crazy fans” and “You all should get a life” was insulting. All I said in my post was that she was not the one to blame for Bradley’s decisions and that she was here to stay, so… you should get used to that Oscar because where it came from, there will be more.

    I am sorry if I was rude on my last comment but you did offend everybody. Anyway, this is really getting out of hand here.

    Bradley Cooper and his fans should deal with his 20 year old, not me. I’m just happy to be rid of his shippers as well, but that’s just me personally. Bye.

  16. 116
    Ein Says:

    @Melissa: Yes, i didn’t write well that. It sounded better in spanish, in my head. In english, and written, it’s different.
    To me, not only Jennifer (or Angelina, now that you mention) has crazy fans. Every actor has. The point is, or the point i tried to make but apparently i didn’t, is not that Jennifer has any fault on this relationship Bradley is having with Suki, is that people constantly bring her up saying things like “thanks God Jennifer will stop being associated to this creep” and such. They (to me at least) always remark that she is better than him. Or than anybody, for that matter. You just have to see any actor that is remotely associated with JLaw.
    Of course she is not guilty of Bradley seeing this girl. That was not what i meant, at all.
    About Bradley and Jennifer shippers: i like them. Some of them, the ones that are not the delusional. There are some nice and cute graphics in tumblr, but there are also delusional letters to Bradley saying this was a mistake of him dating Suki. There is a little bit of everything.
    And as i said, i like Jennifer, it’s just that i don’t understand the need for some of bringing her up in any Bradley or any other actor’s thread here, on in any other gossip site.

  17. 117
    JLaw fan Says:


    Listen, I said that and that was not the point I was trying to make. Yes, I said he’s gay – and I think he is – but I was just messing around. This is JJ’s, for God’s sake. But I am glad Jennifer won’t be associated with him anymore. I do. But it’s not because I think she’s better. Of course I think she is, but I just don’t like them together and I think it would be creepy. Now, if Jennifer had been pictured with someone else, I’m positive a lot of Bradley fans would say “well, thank God, because it was getting creepy everybody saying he was dating that 22 year old Jennifer Lawrence.” A LOT of his fans loved when he said that he wouldn’t date Jennifer because she could be his daughter. Some said it here. Some said it on tumblr. It made them see him as a good guy. They are just not giving thanks because he’s dating someone even younger than Jennifer. So they are not happy. But the majority of his fans didn’t want that relationship either and would be giving thanks like I am. They will be giving thanks when he is with a 30 year old. Not because they think he is better than JLaw – they probably do because they are his fans, but that’s not the point at all – but because he is finally with someone they consider appropriate. That was all. Peace. Sorry I offended you with my crazyness for JLaw. I am crazy about her, indeed.

  18. 118
    Dee Says:

    @Violet: Thanks. I also read somewhere that she had already broken up with Miles Kane when she went back to Bradley’s hotel, so it wasn’t like she was cheating on him. Then, other publications were saying she just rode in the same cab with Bradley and nothing happened the night they met. Do you know the truth about that?

  19. 119
    Ein Says:

    @JLaw fan: It’s ok, don’t worry. I’m glad we have finally both understand each other’s point of views. Same with Melissa.
    I just wished we should have reached this point much earlier, and not having to go through 5 pages and more than 100 comments, lol. Have a nice day! ;-)

  20. 120
    Tina Says:

    Rumour has it that Brad was really into JLaw and tried to hookup with her but she isn’t into older guys and quickly shot down his advances. Wounded pride is why he spouted out the remark about her being “too young for him”. She wants to be friends and nothing more. It looks like he’s trying HARD to show her that young girls/women do find him attractive or maybe he’s just trying boost his ego after JLaw rebuked his advances. Very staged pda photos for whatever reason.

  21. 121
    Violet Says:

    @Dee: She WASNT single, she had been in a relationship with Miles Kane since about October 2011. He dumped her after she went back to BC’s hotel with him, and then Suki deleted all her photos of Miles on her Twitter, and Miles even cancelled a gig directly after (he was on a UK tour at the time, and was performing a show the night Suki went with BC). Even the week before, Miles did an interview and called Suki his girlfriend and ‘love of his life’. He was polite in the press afterward about her, and seemed to want to put it behind him.

  22. 122
    #120 Says:

    Rumor Shrumor. In every picture I saw of Bradley and Jennifer they had chemistry but it was more brother and sister rather then lovers. I never saw any attraction from either that others claim. They likely did not feel that way about each other and made up some line so people will cut the BS. Its like the Lainey claiming Leo had the hots for JLaw @Oscar party. LMAO. I’m sure they got on great but it don’t mean they were going to be lovers, anyone can see physically she’s not his type. Or Leo/Kate thing, shippers will insist they are in love when its more like s sibling thing.

  23. 123
    Dee Says:

    @Violet: Thanks again. I can’t believe Bradley would actually hook up with someone else’s girlfriend. I mean, no one knows what happened when they got to the hotel, but I can’t imagine they talked all night. LOL I wonder if she even told him she was with somebody already. I really thought Bradley was better than that.

  24. 124
    Dino Says:

    Come on Bradley, you can do so much better.

  25. 125
    TRR Says:


    If this is true, then Cooper is even more full of it. I remember him saying he wouldn’t hook up with a woman if she was seeing someone else or something. The whole ‘bros before hoes’ thing he and HS was talking about.
    That would make it twice (to my acknowledgement) that he hooked up with women who were seeing someone else at the time. SMH

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