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Katie Holmes: 'Mania Days' Set for New Spike Lee Film!

Katie Holmes: 'Mania Days' Set for New Spike Lee Film!

Katie Holmes walks to her trailer on the set of her new film Mania Days on Wednesday (April 10) in the East Village neighborhood of New York City.

The 34-year-old actress is reportedly starring in the film about “a manic depressive rapper (Luke Kirby) who gets involved with a manic depressive poet (Holmes) in a passionate affair that results in a pregnancy.”

The film will be directed by newcomer Paul Dalio and produced by Spike Lee.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie Holmes’ role in the movie Mania Days?

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  • The Katie Factor

    She brings one thing and one thing only to this film, publicity. Name the last three films Spike made. Exactly! It’s win/win for the two has beens. I’m sure he got the thumbs up from Tom too. His camp still wants to keep her busy. All the negative press from the divorce is still lingering not to mention the Suri abandonment issue. Katie being a stay at home mom only emphasizes his heavy work schedule. Shoot, he may be financing the thing.

  • annie

    if it’s one thing I never do, nor do I need to, is lie.
    you read she got fired, I saw with my own eyes Chis Nolan say he was a bit angry with her for not coming back, he didn’t have to say that, he could have given any excuse, didn’t have to say he was a bit angry.
    I will always say , if there is something I don’t like about Katie, I have no problem in saying so, and I will stick up for her , if it’s deserving.
    however you will always stick up for NK, even when presented with facts, that go against her.
    katie will never come close to NK ‘s achievements, she can transform into any role, and there is no doubt that she is a great actress
    however let’s be a bit truthful here, since we are giving examples
    Paperboy should have been a success considering the actors in it…far far from it
    Trespass went straight to dvd
    rabbit hole just made it’s budget US and overseas
    Stoker not even close
    the invasion with Daniel Craig, flop
    her most successful movies had a leading man, no leading man , no success, and yes it’s her connections that still keep her going, because after all these years, she knows a lot of people, and just like anywhere else, it’s who you know.
    with no Hugh Jackman, Australia wouldn’t have been successful.
    Knight and Day was bagged to death, absolute death but still managed 200 something million worlwide.
    TC still has a huge following, people might not actually adore him …the person, but they like his movies, so I guess who cares if he’s liked or not he’s still very bankable.
    As for Katie, we’ll see , which one wins, astrology or scientific facts.
    I don’t think she looks crapola at all, when she’s just being herself, there are hundreds of pics of her, and she looks heaps better than most.
    I’m not talking styled hair and makeup here, coming out of the gym with hoop earings, makeup in place, and perfect hair..
    there are some really nice pics of her coming and going to her broadway play, of course ther are some where she doesn’t seem well, but mostly they are really nice, paticularly when you see them in sequence.
    So can’t agree with you there.

  • Yassine


    Fired? How can you say that? Read or see some interviews … So I know now that you’re not a simple critic but also a man who hates Katie.

  • Ladyjane

    Annie and Yassine, you know very little about the entertainment industry. No director is going to stand up and say in an interview that Katie Holmes was fired, especially when she’s entered a relationship with Tom Cruise. It simply isn’t done. They all make nice for the cameras because it’s an incestuous industry and they never know when they will need someone’s good will. Even the disaster that is Lindsay Lohan doesn’t get flack from her directors/producers publicly.

    Since Nicole was nominated for Oscars for both Rabbit Hole and The Paperboy, I don’t think it’s just her ‘connections’ that keep her going. But you go with that.

    And Annie, if you haven’t read anything bad about her acting, then I suggest that you get yourself some reading glasses and actually read the reviews for her last several movies. A lot of them pointed specifically to her as the weakest link for her acting. You don’t want facts; you want to ignore them and paint your own picture with unicorns, rainbows and utter delusion. It doesn’t make it true.

  • Yassine
  • Yassine

    @danielle: Do you honestly think after watching Mad Money that anyone after reading that script would have chosen a blockbuster like Batman over a horrible script like Mad Money? I don’t think so–not even Katie.

    This is why a lot of people think that it was Tom Cruise who turned it not Katie, WHO on earth whould choose to do Mad Money over a blockbuster like Batman??

  • Ladyjane

    Yassine, linking to an interview proves nothing against my point, or did you not understand it? No director or producer will say in an interview that she was fired. Is that not clear enough for you?

  • Yassine


    So I don’t understand why did you say I know very little about the entertainment industry, especially when my point join yours?

  • dani

    Annie and Yassine:

    Ladyjane is absolutely right–no one was going up against Tom Cruise at the time of Katie’s being fired. Do you all not remember the first few the reports that came out–that Katie was not invited back??? Then suddenly there was all this backtracking about ‘oh no she wasn’t fired’ she chose not to come back. Do you honestly think in the cut throat business of Hollywood that a woman who went on David Letterman when asked if she and her man both had films out at the same time–which one would she support? She said “my man’s.” Geeza louisa. Do you think that endeared her to the Batman crew and actors and producers?

    And Annie I know you hate NK. You make it very obvious. However, the fact I find her fascinating doesn’t make me blind. Of course I know many of her last films didn’t do that well. With Rabbit Hole I don’t get why tho and neither with Paperboy. If you look at the stats for the theaters–especially Rabbit Hole–it did great. I don’t know why it didn’t get picked up and more widely produced. BUT that said–both films grossed far more than Katie’s three major flops that were indies.

    Like I said, Katie needs to make herself look more attractive on the financial end and that may mean sucking it up and doing a small part (she probably can’t carry a major role and drive people into the theater) in a blockbuster. Her average per film would go up, she would look successful (which she does not right now–a string of film failures, a Broadway failure and it appears her clothing line is faltering). It doesn’t matter if the script was poor or whatever, she is perceived as being toxic in my media opinion. Doesn’t mean she can’t succeed (look at Aniston with minimal talent–she uses everything she has to be successful–she is driven, Katie is not). But it is going to be an uphill battle.

    Annie I don’t know if either of us will still be on JJ in 2014-2015 to say “I told you so” to one another or whatever regarding whether she is a success or not a success, but hopefully she’ll find a niche before its too late. Look at Betty White–she certainly regained fame and fortune in her late senior years.

    And Annie you seem to interpret my comments as hating her. I don’t hate her, but I don’t admire or like her. Two different things. I admire and respect that she learned from Nicole and got Suri out in such a stealthy way. Because if she had tried to wait it out Tom would have done the same thing to her that he did with Nicole and taken Suri and had her indoctrinated with the cult’s philosophy. I do think she is gorgeous when made up. Above average when she is not. However, my beef with her looking so ratty and unclean a lot of the time has to do with the fact she has a make up endorsement, a hair endorsement, and a clothing line. I’d fire her if I were Bobbie Brown–she is suppose to be the face of BB which means WEARING the makeup whether she wants to or not. Of course she can’t be fired from the Alterna or whatever hair products since is part owner. But she should know that as the face of that company her hair should always be clean and shiny and never dirty like it frequently is. And as a person who is front and center in the public eye–she should at least dress like a person who is always stating she is so into fashion. Wearing a dirty stained coat, dirty boots, clothes that don’t fit, clothes that don’t go with her coloring etc. are not exactly selling her fashion line or standing behind her words about how into fashion she is. Nicole frequently looks awful too in her everyday life–hair, no make up, wrong choice of clothes etc., but she isn’t pushing a fashion line, make up line or hair line. If you notice when Nicole was with Chanel -she wore #5 constantly and she always has on her Omega watches–especially after being criticized for not wearing one once. This is professionalism. This is what she is getting paid to do. Note Jennifer Aniston always carries Smart Water. Jolie has her LV bags with her. This is what they are paid to do. Katie is paid to wear or present BB and Alterna and does she? NO. I don’t mind her no make up look and messy hair look and awful fashion sense as long as she isn”t bragging about being the face of these products. And as long as she is clean and put together.

    We shall see if she is able to rise above the many obstacles she has in her path–from her low financial stats to living in NYC (when most of the wheeling and dealing is in LA), to overcoming the stigma of Tom Cruise.

  • Brad

    Dani, Ladyjane:
    Let’s face it, some of her films are bad and there is no doubt about it, Ok. But there also was not doubt that Katie Holmes was a very promising actress before Tom, besides she did her best films before she met Tom. You are not wondering how Katie is motived now and it is so much true that she has the first role in Mania days and if she succeed at this new movie, she is back and everybody would like to have Katie because we’ve found the real Katie before Tom Cruise.

  • annie

    @ Danielle
    I don’t disagree with some of the things you say, but why do you want to believe so much that she was fired, as opposed to dropping out. Her brains at that time were in the clouds, she dropped everything, until it finally dawned on her, and the real fanatical not so attractive part of Tom came shining through.
    I don’t want this to become about Tom, but if he could treat that Naz girl, who was a Scie to begin with, so badly, he could do it to anybody behind closed doors.
    At that time Katie would have dropped anything for him, done anything for him, if it would have been a choice between his career or hers , she would have chosen his.
    What’s done is done I guess, you can’t go back , so she has to do whatever possible to get her life and career back on tracks, and it is going to be hard, because of Suri, her schooling and everything.
    And….I don’t hate Nicle Kidman, if I felt that way, I would not say that she was a brilliant actress , or watch her movies.
    But you make excuses for her, about the obvious wrong things she has done, and the reasons she done them.

  • annie

    thanks Yassine for the link!

  • K-FLOP-Lainey Wonders Why

    Katie Holmes was photographed yesterday in New York on the set a new movie called Mania Days about a rapper with mental health issues who hooks up with a poet (Katie) with mental health issues and she ends up getting pregnant. Spike Lee is producing, producing not directing, and all the headlines about it yesterday were kinda misleading: Katie Holmes working on a Spike Lee movie! Yes… but not really the same, right?

    It’s the first I’ve heard of the project. Don’t remember it being mentioned in any of the trades. Let me know if you recall differently. These day, as soon as anyone books anything, or is even negotiating something, Deadline or Variety or the Hollywood Reporter or Vulture is all over it. Oftentimes this is driven by the actors’ teams in an effort to demonstrate that they’re in demand. Given the premature cancellation of Katie’s last job, on Broadway, and the absence of her clothing line Holmes & Yang from NY Fashion Week in February, this news, that she’s booked a new role, would have been a good win after a couple of professional stalls. I’m surprised they didn’t hype this up some more. And I wonder why.

    Is it because she’s just not a gamer that way and she prefers to let the work stand on its own? Please.

    Was she advised not to for whatever reason that will make itself evident later on? A request from producers, or a strategy in place for later? An exclusive to the NY Times perhaps? Or did the deal come together very late and they didn’t have time to issue a release? Why does it matter? Deals that come together late are always interesting. Is it a replacement?

    The male lead is Luke Kirby. You may remember him from Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz. Not sure if he’s single. Should we start this rumour now?

    “Should we start this rumour now?”

    Sure, why not, add him to Joshua Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Hamilton (Dead Accounts co-star), Peter Cincotti, her divorce lawyer, and basically any male she is seen in public with that has not been identified as a family member.

  • annie

    Just went back to the link, didn’t have time this morning to read the comments, it was a good site Tomkatcrazy, and the blog mistress Julie was lovely.
    I miss some of those people, Jenna was fun , her comments were fiesty and interesting.
    Possibly the only thing wrong with it was, you couldn’t say anything bad against them, people were pushed out, if they said said something, bad.
    Still wonder what Mary was to TC, we all thought she was his mum, people used to ask her that all the time.
    She loved him, who ever she was, it was how she wrote her comments, paticularly when she said , she never wanted him to make Eyes Wide Shut, taking( it out of context) it was much more than that, but we all wondered.

  • Tulip

    Pregnancy? So Suri will have a sibling ha, ha! Love Katie, go girl!

  • Yassine

    Mania days, starring Katie Holmes, is filming at Alder manor, 1097 N Broadway, in Yonkers.

    Goooo My dear!

  • Sincerely concerned

    I hear the movie will wrap up by 4/26. I also hear the reviews for Oblivion were not good. I wonder if he is acting out of the country because he senses how much he is perceived as a nut. I do believe in karma. I really do hope she does well in this movie.

  • NG

    #64 – I used to also post on TomKatCrazy and I remember when they took it off. After awhile it was sad that they would make one’s comments go into moderation just like this site does it occasionally. #67 – Cruise is in Los Angeles and just had a premiere for Oblivion at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. And the actress Olga K just came to L.A. for the premiere at left town, she was videotaped arriving to LAX at the site X17. I think Cruise looks like he is working hard and promoting his movie with less drama from having a wife and child. It sounds mean but he looks like he’s moved on and is working hard promoting his latest movie and probably wheeling and dealing for this next movie. He already completed All You Need Is Kill and that’s not coming out until 2014 so he’s going to promote Oblivion as much as possible and then probably start filming his next movie and when that’s complete start promoting All You Need is Kill. Cruise is on a mission to reclaim his box office glory days. It is what it is. He’s a work acholic, he has said many times he loves filmmaking and in that regard he’s lucky he gets to work at what he loves. I think at the level of success he enjoys its hard to find people that don’t want something from him so he fills fulfilled working more than investing time with his family. Although his family and security time and staff (all paid staff) are probably the security and comfort he prefers in his life.

  • Yassine

    Katie may be going to cannes :D
    Cristian Carmago project: this will be a big deal for Katie who’s looking to re-star the film career:

  • K-FLOP – Pas de Cannes


    Cannes 2013 Official Selection –

  • K-FLOP – Roger Friedman

    Awww, poor Roger is second guessing all of the positive and supportive posts he’s been doing for K-FLOP.

    It was only yesterday that he wrote the following – “If this untitled film (referring to Christian Camargo project) is ready for Cannes, it will be quite a feather in his cap. If it’s not ready yet, look for it to emerge in Venice or Toronto. Either way, this will be a big deal for Katie Holmes, who’s looking to re-start the film career she more or less abandoned to marry Tom Cruise.” (see Yassine’s link)

    But now Roger has a problem with her new project (even questioning if she is officially a part of it) because of its connection to another “cult” (he words):

    “Has Katie Holmes traded one cult for another? A year away from Scientology and she’s making a movie — filming but officially unannounced– directed by and financed by people who are devoted donors to Transcendental Meditation. And not only that, there’s a connection to sometime Scientologist Jennifer Lopez.

    Everyone’s going to yell at me for calling Transcendental Meditation a cult. But it’s masses of people chanting, backed by millions and millions of dollars. And now Katie Holmes is starring in a film financed by the most ardent financier of TM, Ray Dalio, of Bridgewater Associates. His son Paul is directing the film. I’ve written about “Mania Days” before–Spike Lee is executive producer, for unknown reasons. And now Katie is in the film although no announcement that I know of has ever been made. She’s playing a depressed poet who hooks up with a depressed rapper.

    “Mania Days” is an indie film, I guess, if you don’t count the director’s father running a hedge fund that invests hundreds of billions of dollars. Ray Dalio is also a big supporter of Jennifer Lopez’s 501 c 3 formerly called the Maribel Foundation but now known as the Lopez Family Foundation. Dalio’s given them $775,000 in the last three years. He’s been her major donor. Lopez is connected to Scientology through her father and through Tom Cruise. Katie was married to Tom Cruise. Is there a connection? Hmmmm….”

    Walking a FINE LINE K-Flop

  • Sincerely concerned

    @danielle: Have to disagree. Some of Sandler’s most recent ones were so chincy, I couldn’t finish watching them. And Kidmen was in one with Aniston and she was mediocre.

  • Yassine

    @K-FLOP – Pas de Cannes:

    I knew that, thanks.

  • Just a Comment

    - I so love the fact that sometime this week it was Suri’s seventh birthday and Katie did NOT parade her out in public. Good for you Suri. Enjoy your life and grow up happy in private and out of the public eye. So many ways to have as normal life as possible without strutting down the public streets of New York. Glad that Katie is giving Suri her privacy. The little girl did not ask for exposure she was born into the situation. Doesn’t mean she should stay indoors but there are ways for her to live her life without being the target of the papparazi. Surely she has issues to resolves and the best thing is to let her grow up in peace.

  • Anne

    Tom Cruise has been photographed recently with Suri after months. TMZ reported that she has a body double. I do not believe this “visit” because a man so obsessed with fame, paparazzi, stopped publishing pictures of the meetings? Clearly he was banished from the life of Suri / Holmes. After that, it will act differently in the next “weddings”, he never expected to spend so the “sweet girl from Ohio.” kkkkkk

  • Anne

    Where is Suri’s Meal Ticket. I miss you.

  • annie

    Havn’t been here for days, still going.
    Although, Tom the man, probably could be better, Tom the movie star makes really good movies, he comes across as a perfectionist, which has it’s up and down side.
    His star will always shine, and he will always have that youthful older man look, and will go on forever , doing what he does best…..movies!
    Let’s face it, he looks so much younger, than BP, George Cloony, and Ben Affleck, he’s heaps younger than TC.
    Perhaps if the Scie side to Tom, wasn’t there, things would be better for him, if he was more secure in himself, this has nothing to do with public life, or making movies, and believed in his personal self, he wouldn’t need anything else, to build him up.
    He doesn’t need to be a” big being” in the scheme of things, because it takes away from him being a very decent man.
    O blivion will kill at the boxoffice!
    My 2 cents worth for the day!

  • Anne


    will kill?

  • Yassine


    Well, not at the moment :/, critics are mixed.

  • Anne


    The image of Cruise in USA is very scratched, more, not abroad. People care little about his private life in Scientology. For me, only the money is not important, the respect of their peers as well. That he lost. He became a slot for the studios. Greedy, accepts every movie offers, will soon be working on Bolliyood. Still going to see the show in the tabloids 4th “wife” Cruise. Only I believe that no actress will want to participate in this farce. Must be an ordinary girl, he is desperate to improve its image. This dependence His religion is pure insecurity. Miscavige realized this. I feel sad, such a handsome man, became a crazy religious fanatic.

  • Yassine


    I do try to not care about his private life when I see the actor on screen, I’m one of the first persons on earth who saw Oblivion at his first day of release and I like it (8/10). I feel sad for Tom as well, he should leave this fanatic cult, three divorces for the same reason, he can’t see his daughter enough… Does he realize how his private life is a failure beside his success in Hollywood? No calling into question Tom?

  • Anne


    Only his family could show him how fanatic Cruise is to Scientology. This is detrimental in any.