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Katie Holmes: 'Mania Days' Set for New Spike Lee Film!

Katie Holmes: 'Mania Days' Set for New Spike Lee Film!

Katie Holmes walks to her trailer on the set of her new film Mania Days on Wednesday (April 10) in the East Village neighborhood of New York City.

The 34-year-old actress is reportedly starring in the film about “a manic depressive rapper (Luke Kirby) who gets involved with a manic depressive poet (Holmes) in a passionate affair that results in a pregnancy.”

The film will be directed by newcomer Paul Dalio and produced by Spike Lee.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie Holmes’ role in the movie Mania Days?

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82 Responses to “Katie Holmes: 'Mania Days' Set for New Spike Lee Film!”

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  1. 26
    K-FLOP - Really, Really BIG Says:

    According to Greg Morrison, an assistant locations manager, the film about a manic depressive East Villager will continue shooting through Friday at Tompkins Square Park and the Pyramid Club, among other locations.

    East Villagers hoping for a celebrity sighting, however, will be disappointed.

    “It’s nobody that’s really, really big,” said Mr. Morrison. “There are some people from TV shows, but we’re a small indie movie.”

    Returning/sticking to the indie route – good move.

    Let’s see if this one sees the lights of a theater, tv screen or straight to video.

    Anyone like to take a guess?

  2. 27
    Yassine Says:

    @K-FLOP – Black Hole:

    This project is still current. (Untitled CCP)

  3. 28
    annie Says:

    that was a very bad move, and she knew it, nobody turns down Batman, and I saw the interview where Chris Nolan( when asked how he felt about Katie not coming back) he said he was a bit angry at her. he said nothing more.
    She probably would have been in all of the Batman movies, she suited playing his girlfriend, she had a sweetness, where as Maggi G played her more mature, more edgy, don’t think it worked for him ,so he killed the role off altogether.
    These are the roles that make actresses famous, and get more roles in bigger movies, but she probably would have gone on location for a while, and Tom never cared about her career, it was all about him, he probably didn’t want her to go, and he probably didn’t want to go on location, or maybe it was because of Valkyrie, don’t remember.
    Just like she never did any promo for Thank You For Smoking, but she turned up for Toms things.
    Shouldn’t blame him for everything Katie had a mouth and she should have used it, but she was very much in love with him, so she just went along with everything. She’s not the first and def won’t be the last.
    I really like seeing her doing a bit of modelling as well, all the video clips of Alterna, Bobbi Brown, and H Stern jewellery are really great, one paticular Bobbi Brown one, where she’s wearing a pink dress, with her hair up, is beautiful.

  4. 29
    Suri the meal ticket Says:

    BTW, isn’t a more common term for manic depressive, bipolar?

  5. 30
    danielle Says:


    Annie you keep saying she is going to surprise and wow us all with her acting skills–when? She is 34 soon to be 35. That is considered pre-senior citizen in Hollywood. There are tons of actresses more talented and with more drive/ambition and YOUNGER than Katie who are clawing their way into roles. Just how and when is she suppose to transition into this wonderfully talented actress???? While I do realize Hollywood is fickle and it would only take one big role or award to renew interest in her–I just don’t see it happening. She is just not a good actress. Pieces of April was about the only thing I’ve seen her in that was in any good. She was downright embarrassing in Mad Money. Couldn’t act worth darn in Batman and ohmigod–that Adam Sandler movie–Jack and Jill–she was beyond cringe worthy with her acting. She was awful in the Kennedys. I couldn’t believe how awful she was–Jackie has very defined mannerisms and Katie couldn’t even successfully copy them. In Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark–she was way out of her acting element. And then there were the three major flops: Son of Nowhere, Extra Man and The Romantics. These three movies had decent casts and scripts and should have done well instead of going way belly up like a beached whale. Folks that I know that saw them said she was awful to lukewarm in the acting dept. So Annie, like Lindsay Lohan, I think she has lost the majority of her talent and quite honestly I don’t think she can make a comeback. I think her skills were perfect for Dawson’s Creek and The First Daughter. But she is now 34 and that cutesy, naive, ingenue look no longer works.

  6. 31
    Brad Says:


    You sound like you predict the future of this innoncent woman, how many people like you I’ve met who said the same thing about some celebrities, you can talk whenever you want and as many as you like, all those theorotical sentences will return against you, wait and see.

  7. 32
    Kevin Says:


    You oddly forget that she also got a award for “Disturbing behavior”. Well, a potential actress …

  8. 33
    Anne Says:

    Let’s accept. The marriage was a contract, 05 renewed for another 05, (as Nicole). Tom did not want to renew, agreed that Holmes would ask for a divorce (he wanted to be a victim, remember how bad it was before the public, because of Nicole?). Katie, ran the script, invented Sea Org to spice divorce. I also believe that she repented after having Suri entered this farce to leverage career, wanted to protect her daughter and a crazy fanatic. Tom is 100% closeted and Katie is ambitious. Poor Suri.

  9. 34
    ryan Says:

    @Anne: what about penelope cruz and rebecca, mimi?

  10. 35
    Tiff Says:

    @annie: I agree, katie is a natural, we will be seeing a lot of her, the future looks bright for Miss Katie!!

  11. 36
    Yassine Says:

    “Hope is what makes us live”, go Katie.

  12. 37
    Spankmi Botm Says:

    The 34-year-old actress is reportedly starring in the film about “a manic depressive rapper (Luke Kirby) who gets involved with a manic depressive poet (Holmes) in a passionate affair that results in a pregnancy.” ~ So it’s a true story then.

  13. 38
    danielle Says:


    I said all it would take is one big role or one major award for her to regain the interest of major players in Hollywood. Look at her track record. Go to and look at her stats. Hollywood runs on money and her financial return and return on an investment is abysmal. Look at her last six films. Three of them were stinkers or bombs. She is 34. It will be a miracle if she can pull out of this slump.

    And part of the problem is not her acting skills–it is the fact that personally she is over exposed and when people see her in a role, they see Katie Holmes not the character. And that is never good.

    I’d like to see her succeed big time at something if for no other reason than to thumb her nose at her ex.

  14. 39
    Angie Says:

    I’m just happy that her life seems to be getting back on track. Go Katie!

  15. 40
    annie Says:

    @ danielle
    I never read anything bad about her acting , in don’t be afraid of the dark, the romantics, or the other movies. the script yes, not her acting.
    I read the romantics, and while I was reading it, I was thinking that I hoped the movie was better than the book…..well it wasn’t.
    Actually she got got reviews for playing the stepmother in BBAOTD.
    Well , like I said , let’s wait and see, 2015, should be big in every way for her, public and personal.
    We’ll see! Could be wrong!
    She also was sent a lot of scripts that she couldn’t do because of DC as well. They only let her go for a few days at a time.
    When she did Phonebooth, I think they let her go for 1 week.
    She also read for the role of Hellen in Troy with BP. the lady that she did the reading to, said she read better than Diane Kruger, but Katies colouring was wrong for the part, they picked Diane because Hellen was fair.
    I liked her in Batman, she suited Bruce, I think that’s what Nolan felt as well. I think Maggi G is a very good actress, but obviously didn’t fill the part right, so he killed her off.
    I doubt Katie will ever do anything to please you at any time anyway.

  16. 41
    Mollyme Says:

    I remember Katie being called the weak link in Batman and I don’t think she was invited back. She wasn’t doing anything before Tom came along so I don’t know why people would think she’ll become some big time actress now.

  17. 42
    Yassine Says:


    I saw all Katie’s movies too and honestly I enjoyed the actress but I didn’t like:
    *The romantics
    *Jack & julie
    *The extra-man
    *A bit mad money
    *The singing detective (well she just played a nurse and wasn’t really present)
    So I really appreciated the rest.
    Also her performance in How I met your mother.
    The Kennedys: no one would be better than Katie for Jacqueline
    -> amazing likeness.
    Elie stone in which her singing and dancing was praised by Tim Stack of Entertainment Weekly.

  18. 43
    Yassine Says:


    No, she was invited back but she turned down TDK to play MM, read.

  19. 44
    danielle Says:


    Actually she was fired from Batman. That came out first and then Tom’s PR machine went to work and quickly squashed the story. Do you honestly think after watching Mad Money that anyone after reading that script would have chosen a blockbuster like Batman over a horrible script like Mad Money? I don’t think so–not even Katie.

  20. 45
    danielle Says:


    Annie when I have criticized her–I’ve mainly criticized her acting, her endorsements vs. how she looks–i.e. she gets hair and make up endorsements and then goes out looking like crapola. Not good for the endorsement is it?

    You keep saying she is going to hit big. I wnat to know how–not the astrology behind it, but the science or the facts.

    You say she gets good reviews, but many are lukewarm and some are downright critical. Tell me how an Adam Sandler film can bomb so badly with her in it when his previous films were big hits. Tell me how a movie like Son of No One – bad script or not – could bomb with the cast it had. When it premiered at Sundance some of the critics and audience laughed at Katie’s acting. Heck that stinker Kidman made with Cage-Trespass-made more in just DVD than Son of No One. Same with the Romantics. Anna Paquin has a huge following as does Elijah Wood–one would think a few of their fans would pumped up the revenue. Supposedly Kevin Kline was excellent in The Extra Man while Katie got lukewarm reviews. What happened there? Why no nominations for Kline? Because they couldn’t get a decent distributer. I’ve worked in the business–radio/tv/film–and sorry Annie, but the money people do look at stats and Katie’s are abysmal. That said she seems to be trying to get back on track. But she isn’t using her brain. She needs to do something like a voice over in a Disney film or a bit part in a blockbuster so she can get her stats up and prove she isn’t poison. Do you know why Kidman continues to get plum parts? Many reasons, but three are she uses her connections, she has power and savvy in the industry, but most importantly she still sells big overseas. Katie has no large scale connections–she lost them when she divorced Cruise. She has no power and has proven she is not savvy about her choices. And she doesn’t sell well overseas. She needs to revamp her strategy and fast if she is going to continue to have a career in film. If she was smart she would try and get an ongoing role in a television show that showcases her limited talent. You can like her all you want, but you don’t control or make decisions about the purse strings. You know in Moneyball–Brad Pitts character introduces a way to win that baseball hadn’t used before. Unfortunately for Katie producers and money lenders use the appropriate stats that made the baseball team successful. They look at the “Q” factor (person’s likeability etc on screen), the power the person brings to a role and the money the person has made. That is skipping the casting couch totally. So look at Katie’s stats–they are not attractive for hireability. I don’t care for the Kardashians, but they have power, earning power and are willing to do what it takes to remain relevant and popular. Katie doesn’t play the game and while I do admire that in her–explain to us all how she is going to rise back to her former popularity when she is identified mainly as Cruise’s ex and Suri’s mom, when her stats say fail, and when she has no power and doesn’t play the game???

  21. 46
    Jennifer Says:



  22. 47
    Jennifer Says:

    Katie, do not listen to this bunch of haters on this site. You’re beautiful and will win.

  23. 48
    Connie Says:

    I’m happy that something good is happening for Katie. Now she just needs to get a hot man in her life.

  24. 49
    @Annie #22 Says:

    Thanks for all the SPOILERS for so many crappy movies I’ll never see.

  25. 50
    Sally Says:

    Go Katie, I really love her.

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