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Miranda Kerr's Victoria's Secret Contract: No Plans To Stop Working Together

Miranda Kerr's Victoria's Secret Contract: No Plans To Stop Working Together

Miranda Kerr‘s Victoria’s Secret Angel modeling contract has been put into question about whether or not it will be renewed.

The 30-year-old model’s rep released a statement to, given by Ed Razek, President and Chief Marketing Officer at Victoria’s Secret, to set the record straight.

Miranda Kerr is one of the best models in the history of the business – and easily one of the most popular. She is also a consummate professional. Any rumors to the contrary are simply untrue,” Ed said. “While her international commitments have kept her away from us more than we’d like over the past few years, she will always be an Angel to me. We have no plans to stop working with her. In fact, I’ve already invited her to walk the runway in this year’s fashion show and, happily, she’s agreed.”

Stay tuned to for the latest about Miranda Kerr‘s contract with Victoria’s Secret.

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  • alfa

    too bad she looks like a chipmunk.

  • yulilop

    Who Cares ?

  • olivia

    They’ve been slowly phasing her out for a little while now.

  • Q.

    They should dump her and take back Rosie!

  • Tru

    You know I never used to believe the posters on this site who were always claiming that Miranda calls the paps and has a deal in place with JJ. I thought they were just crazy, jealous Orlando Bloom fangirls but I am rather suspicious her rep chose to release the statemnt to Just Ajred of all places

    Does a silly rumour like this really need to be addressed? Surely it would be proven wrong when Miranda appears at her next promotional event or photoshoot for VS? There was no need to release such a fawning statement especailly to JJ for anything other than PR reasons. I definitely believe that this site is in her pocket now!

  • overrated

    @Tru: agree. Most would release it to People. but JJ? lol she has them in her pocket. its obvious why she is always posing and smiling fo the paps and being on here sometimes twice a day now.

  • mimi

    miranda over rosie..??miranda is almost 30 and looks her age..

  • mimi

    @Tru: sooo true

  • First Aid Kit

    Miranda’s PR team obiously have a deal with JustJared. I know that one obsessed fan will come in and post twenty comments in her defense, pretending to be different people, but the truth is that Miranda Kerr is a vapid, self-absorbed woman who should spend half as much time working on her marriage as she puts into PR.

  • @Tru….#5

    Oh please it was Ed Razek, VS President & Chief Marketing Officer who released a statement saying the rumour was UNTRUE.

    It PROVES just how much VS value, respect & admire Miranda that they quickly shot down the trashy magazines FAKE story.

    I’m sure the statement was released to ALL celebrity sites NOT only to JJ otherwise it would have said “exclusive to JJ”.







  • @First aid kit. #9

    What’s the matter are you “haters” all upset that “Miranda is considered one of the best models in the HISTORY of the business & easily one of the most POPULAR”???…….I bet your heads must be exploding with jealousy……lol….

  • hujr3

    Finally. Long time overdue. Not that she seemed very interested in working with vs either all these years. With that same face “I am sooo above all that”. Bye bye Miranda. Phew.

  • sheerna
  • So good….

    This is hilarious, no doubt someone from the “hate” site probably contacted US magazine with the fake rumour and now it’s backfired against them…

    Instead VS has released a glowing statement saying how wonderful Miranda is, how they love working with her & their so happy she’s agreed to do the show with them again this year………

  • scarlett

    Not liking someone does not automatically mean said person is jealous of them. Why do people always think that?

  • @hujr3. #14

    I think you need to read to the article AGAIN.

    What part of VS saying “we have NO plans to STOP working with her” don’t you understand???

  • Emma

    I was at their store in London recently and there was about 20 photos of Candice, 15 of Adriana , 10 of Erin Lily & Lindsay, 5 or 6 of Alessandra & Doutzen, but only 1 small poster of Miranda in the bikini section. David Jones recently released her from her contract 9 months early because their sales went down since hiring her and she was making unrealistic demands of more money and less time spent working for the brand. Companies don’t just release models almost a year before their contracts are up without good reason, they still have to pay her so clearly there was an issue. Recently she has become more well known for smiling at the paparazzi, talking about drugged up babies and the dangers of sunscreen, being Flynn’s mum and Orlando’s wife, and her blood type organic gluten free wheat free organic alkaline diet; than she is known as a model. People don’t look at her and think VS, they think “oh where are Flynn and Orlando”. She’s not a very good spokesperson always praising RMS and chanel makeup before VS. She also goes to the gym or airport with Blow-dryed hair and a full face of makeup complete with red lipstick, the even went to whole foods in a minidress and stiletto heels for christ sake!!! She often does her VS shoots at a different time to the other models which costs them extra money, and there aren’t very many photos of her on the VS website. She used to have a sweet friendly vibe to her but now she poses every time she sees the paps and always wears a smug grin, when the client can no longer relate to the model their career is dead. Despite all the press she got since becoming pregnant with Orlando’s baby Adriana, Alessandra, and Doutzen still earn more than her because the public sees them as models and remembers the products they are paid to advertise and candice is hot on her tail. Now that she has lost her 2 biggest contracts I think she will drop out of the top 10 highest earning models altogether. If she doesn’t sell the goods why keep paying her millions!!!!!

  • @scarlett….#17

    Because calling her ugly, chipmunk, famewh*re and posting very spiteful & nasty comments about her reeks of petty jealousy & sour grapes.

    If you’re not jealous why post such insults???

  • diff

    @scarlett: no. but more and likely if there were no jealousy involved you would not even follow them/look at their pictures to begin with. I doubt Rosie O Donnell & Roseanne have legions of people flocking to their posts proclaiming how “ugly” they are. Most simply just wouldnt even want to look at them….LOL.

    do you have to like her? no.
    but not liking her yet following a said celebs EVERY move,interview,post,link,picture etc is a whole different story.

  • ash

    If it doesn’t make financial sense to keep Miranda on as a full angel than why should they, she’s lost out on $2 mil a year know all because of her inflated ego.

  • scarlett

    @#20 Erm, ‘scuse me, I’ve never said any of that about her so I’m not entirely sure who you think your talking to. It was a genuine question, no need to be aggressive. Do I worship the ground she walks on? No. Do I think she’s over-paid for what she is as a ‘brand’? Yes, absolutely. Do I think she sets out to attract attention? Indeed. Is she different to any other celeb who is lower down the celebrity pile? Nope. Do I hate her? No. Am I curious as to her appeal and why she divides people so significantly? Hell yeah.

  • Melrose

    Fire her.

    Her face always reminded me of a squished gnome.

  • Justme

    She looks like a chipmunk to me – she could be Selana Gomez’s older chipmunky-sister!

    Where there is smoke…somebody let slip she wasn’t popular and was demanding and her reps likely asked VA to come out with a glowing report on her to counteract word getting out of her bad rep, VA probably then had to bend over and kiss it as part of the “letting her go” deal. VA can afford to just bite it, probably so happy they released her to care!

  • @emma #19

    Wow talk about lies & delusional conspiracy theories.

    Did you even bother to READ the article at all before posting such nonsense???

    David Jones couldn’t AFFORD to renew her contract as she’s now one of the highest paid models in the world compared to when they first signed her five years ago.

    She’s now so successful that she can afford to turn down a million dollars a year rather than stay with David Jones.

    They would have loved for her to stay with them as it gave them so much publicity but it wasn’t worth HER while to stay.

    Most retail companies have been down 30 to 40% while DJ only 14% & this is not the fault of ONE model, just another lie.

    She IS still working with VS.

    READ the article AGAIN she hasn’t lost her contract with them & now she is able to work more with them as she doesn’t have to travel to Australia.

    VS said in the statement they wanted to work more with her over the last few years but she had “international committments” but are so happy that she’s walking the show with them this year & they have NO plans to stop working with her.

    She doesn’t need to call the paps as newspapers, magazines & celebrity sites BUY her pics from the paps because they get more hits, it’s called supply & demand.

    It’s ridiculous to criticize her for looking gorgeous simply because she wears lipstick & has naturally shiny healthy hair….duh….she’s a model of course she’s beautiful.

    Condemning her for smiling is also ridiculous, she has often said she’s a very lucky girl & she lives a wonderful life & is very happy & blessed.

    She wore stilettos at Whole Foods because she was returning from a business meeting, there is a video on YouTube of the paps following her to the market, again another lie.

    Your whole rant is full of lies and easily disproved.

    Miranda is beautiful, successful and popular, get over it…

  • anonymous

    Hmm, funny she gets dumped by 2 companies within weeks of each other. Think the first statement about her being hard to work with, demanding is likely the truth but now it’s coated in PR “we love her” BS.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    Poor For VS :(
    I Hope MK & Flynn Catwalk :))

  • @justme…..#25

    Poor thing you have no reading comprehension, let me explain it for you!

    US weekly started a FAKE rumour that VS were not renewing Miranda’s contract so VS released a statement saying it wasn’t true, simple.

    “Miranda Kerr is one of the best models in the HISTORY of the business & easily one of the most POPULAR”
    “She’s also a consummate professional and any RUMORS to the contrary are completely UNTRUE”

    “We have NO plans to STOP working with her” “In fact I have already invited her to walk the runway in this years fashion show and happily she’s agreed”

    Jealous much….???

  • @anonymous #27

    Mmmm you must be so upset on your little “hate” site that VS were so quick to shoot down the FAKE rumours by the trashy magazine.

    Now how are you “haters” going to twist & spin this to suit your delusional conspiracy theories when there’s an actual official statement from VS???

    “dumped by 2 companies”….come on surely you can do better than that?

    Spin, spin, spin……lololololololol.


    Her fame sky rocketed and these “sources” are very eager to see a successful WOMAN fail. sadly people believe what US weekly says, Lmao. they are never legit and make up stories for web hits. If it were a lesser known model no one would write an article us weekly, knowing not many would even click on the link in the first place.

    My guess is she has a NEW mega contract and MANGO (taking over from none other than Kate Moss….) not too shabby. VS is cheap catalog modeling. I feel bad for their older models who do nothing but VS, holding onto the only brand that really ever liked them….Miranda is a business woman now. To be a successful business woman, you dont let people take advantage of you.

  • @5

    Oh, I’m sure that they released it to multiple media outlets. JJ probably requested the statement, so it was sent to him. Notice that he never said that it was an ‘exclusive statement’.
    Keep trying.

  • LOL!

    Interesting that the rumors use the same verbage as the posts on the hater sites. Wonder how they would like it if we started to send nasty rumors to their employers? I know where two of them work. It would be interesting to see how they would like having the tables turned on them? But of course, they already took a hit. They forced an executive of the company to tell them exactly what they didn’t want to hear…that Miranda is amazing, popular and successful. Everything that they are not. LOL!

  • tisch

    I think that VS really does like Miranda. She is still one of the only angels that has solo commercials, which means they put a lot of faith in her popularity. They also make allowances for her other commitments, without dropping her as they would if they didn’t think that she was a valuable asset.
    But I can see her leaving them in the next year or two. She has her family, her books and her skincare line to keep her busy, and I think that she has achieved everything that she could want as a model, and she certainly doesn’t need the money.
    I can see her giving it up quite easily.

  • From Paris with Love

    She is gorgeous and sexy and looks 10 years younger than she really is, gets paid millions to travel the world and look good in the most paradisiac beaches, hotels and lofts and she has the cutest little boy.
    I’ll admit I’m jealous :)

  • …………

    HA HA! The end of the alien creature! Yes! It’s about time they booted this hideous, obnoxious woman.

  • charlotte


  • shala

    Her career will be bigger and better than ever now, mark my words. VS got her, her fame and money. what the f* else can cheap stagnant panty modeling do for a model? next….

    those shoots take too much of the girls time to shoot actual LEGIT modeling work and the contracts are too restrictive. They cant model for any beauty companies etc. thats why you hardly see the VS models hired by the big brands other than the tattered catalog that comes in your mailbox each week. yawn.

  • wow

    David Jones got rid of her for being a diva, Victoria’s Secret will be next.

  • @LOL….#33

    Yes I’m sure someone from the “hater” site sent the fake rumour to US weekly.

    It’s just like all the false “blind’ items they have posted on gossip sites.

    When you read their threads you realize how they’ve completely lost the plot.

    The lengths they go to find out the tiniest information about Orlando & Miranda is very very creepy.

    I mean what sane rational person checks Real Estate records to see if they have purchased any property anywhere in the world.

    I thought obtaining Flynn’s birth certificate to try to prove Orlando was not his father was obsessive!!!

    One day their going to go too far & will be in serious trouble.

    You only have to read the comments at the Daily Mail to know instantly which ones are their comments therefore so easily traceable. It would be interesting if someone turned the tables on them as you say, a link of their site sent to the DM would do the job. It wouldn’t take long for one of their journos to put 2&2 together to figure out the “source” of the magazine rumour.

    Typical bullies they like to dish it out but don’t like it in return.

    I think it’s hilarious that this has backfired on them & instead VS has released a statement singing her praises, exactly the opposite of what they wanted….

  • ?????

    Can someone explain to me why are there not one but several posts saying that VS dumped her when we have all just read that one of the VS bosses says they won’t dump her by any means?
    Some people have lost ALL contact with reality.

  • @39

    Mmmm keep deluding yourself that David Jones got rid of her for being a diva when in fact everyone knows they couldn’t afford her anymore. It wasn’t worth her while to stay as she has so many other modeling jobs she could do to replace them & not have to travel as far, simple.

    Funny that VS just called her “one of the best models in the history of the business and easily one of the most popular” AND they “have no plans to stop working with her”……..doesn’t sound like they want to get rid of her at all.

  • @41

    Don’t worry it’s just the “haters” trying to convince people she was fired because their upset that VS love Miranda so much.

    The OBSESSED Orlando Bloom fans sent the false rumour to US weekly hoping to damage her reputation but instead VS came out & defended her & now the “haters” just look stupid.

  • reading is fundamental


    If you knew anything about deceptive writing, then you would have noticed that Ed Razek never directly addressed the issue of her contract being cancelled. VS never releases that info. I’ll give Razek credit for being tactful enough to not go full David Jones on her because clearly they are never, ever, ever getting back together! I couldn’t resist.

    Always be an Angel to me + Invited to walk the runway show= freelance panty model.

    Izabel Goulart was another Angel demoted for the same shenanigans, but still walks the runway show, so don’t go celebrating just yet. Miranda will still work with VS at their discretion, but she is not under contract anymore. She will have to find another way to finance her daily pap sessions if she wants to continue showing off her kid and her pricey wardrobe.

    PS. Media outlets know the identities of their “unnamed sources” and they keep it that way in order to prevent lawsuits. Yes, you’ve guessed it. That’s deceptive writing too.

  • Huh?

    Doutzen Kroes and Karlie Kloss have and maintain fantastic campaigns despite working with VS. And working 5 years with VS never ‘restricted’ Gisele

  • faf

    @Huh?: Karlie is hardly an older model…her career is on fire. Doutzen? meh. compared to most angels yes, she does work outside of VS. but compared to most top supermodels? shes hardly a go to in demand chick….

  • @44

    Is it a coincidence that a delphidiot proclaims to be an expert on “deceptive writing”?
    Too darned funny.

  • Huh?

    Doutzen has Miu Miu, Loreal , Swarkowski campaigns amongst others and she never stops getting Vogue Covers. True she does not sell her family life as well as Kerr but she’s doing very very well. As justified by Forbes magazine ranking
    And compared to which current top super models is Doutzen lower than exactly? The top supermodels of the past are no more. And Miranda nor anyone else is ever going to get Gisele status again

  • reading is fundamental


    Not as funny as a shipper blaming delphidiots for Miranda losing her jobs and being outed in the press as an asshole and a cheating whore. It’s hilarious that you shippers are entertaining the idea that the press is entertaining fan girls now for stories. It shows your desperation.

  • @48

    Are you kidding? We’ve as many pics of doutzen’s kid as we’ve seen of Flynn. How many pics of them at the beach just recently? On several different days? Hmmm?
    And who was it that posted a pic of the baby’s face on their facebook or twitter account? Not Miranda, that was Doutzen.
    And how special can she be to Loreal, when they made the choice to dub her voice during the last commercial? lol!
    Don’t get me wrong, I think that Doutzen is gorgeous. But she certainly isn’t the angel that you are trying to make her out to be.
    It was a delphIDIOT who sent in that anon tip to the gossip site that first started the rumor about the infidelity. Pretty obvious when it was practically verbatim from their cesspool of a site. Same with this last rumor. Verbatim.