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Angelina Jolie: G8 Foreign Ministers' Conference!

Angelina Jolie: G8 Foreign Ministers' Conference!

Angelina Jolie waves to photographers as she enters the Lancaster House before attending the G8 Foreign Ministers’ Conference on Thursday (April 11) in London, England.

The 37-year-old actress was accompanied by British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who will be highlighting five key policy priorities during the conference.

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Foreign Ministers are holding a two day meeting where they will discuss the situation in the Middle East; including Syria and Iran, security and stability across North and West Africa, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and climate change.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the Lancaster House…

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Credit: Oli Scarff, Danny Martindale; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • Some Bunny

    You’re right people who don’t like Angelina don’t necessarily mean they are annisten fans. I have always loved Angelina Jolie since her earliest acting days and when she became a member of the goodwill ambassador in 2000 I was really wowed by her. With such a populated world the sad part is that there are less and less who care. It just makes me love her even more.

    While I never liked Jennifer.. I didn’t see any talent in her at all not even in that friends show. And she is such a publicly manipulator and it’s so transparent! annisten is all about her career and her career merits are on having her naked body and seen as a sexxxual vessel. She is not someone I want my daughters to role model after. The tactics she uses against Angelina disgusts me! I always liked Brad Pitt though disappointed for his choice in his Ex. Since Brad Pitt met the ” love of his life” in Angelina and only doing good like Angelina, started Make it Right, creating charitable organizations, Brad has become one of my favorite actors.

    But Angelina Jolie is in a much different rank in my book. Loved she had that interview about McDonald’s after the Oscars, made her more real to me. I mean she has seen so much pain and she is humbled by the suffering of the world. She is what the world needs more of while Jennifer is a lot lot less!

  • Rose

    @DULC€: A $2.25m apt in NYC, MANHATTAN is about 800 sq ft. Trolls are looking for attention. Ignore.

  • (:)Y!

    @ lol. Jelious of MK hum! ……. What pethetic is crazys praying for a person that doesn’t know you all alive.

  • Jolie g8 summit pitt MTV award

    Angelina is fking amazing. there is no denying her good work at this point. U will Neva catch up Pitty. Just keep signing on for lame movies about war then maybe Some will think you’re good enough for the queen.
    I thought he was retiring? Losa lia.

  • Jolie g8 summit pitt MTV award

    THE QUEEN is doing amazing work. How embarrassed will pitty be at the MTV AWARDS AFTER HIS FAR BRIGHTER HALF IS SPEAKING AT THE g8 conference? Hmmm MTV awards or fighting rape at g8 conference. It is no question why Pitty fans are angry. He is like a flea on Angie’s eyebrow compared to Queen Ange.

  • Verified Faniston

    inthisissue0410For more on Man of Steel and 108 other summer movies — including Johnny Depp’s views on playing The Lone Ranger‘s Tonto (“He’s damaged. He’s just looking to get back on track”), Jennifer Aniston’s prep work for the comedy We’re the Millers (“This fabulous dance instructor just pulled the inner stripper out of me,”), and Sandra Bullock’s first impressions of working with Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig on The Heat (“The first week I was like, ‘What the hell is going on here?’”) — pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands April 12th.

  • beautiful

    Angie’s birth date is tattooed on Brad’ s abs in case the troll needs to check- ha! No tattoos for fat tick old manny EVER. Maybe tiny stolen troll boy will get one to go along with all his ones he got to show his love for Heidi Bivens.

  • Sweetness

    AJ looks very regal. She has transcended being just an A List Oscar winning actress she’s a humanitarian and that’s far more praise worthy. Her children must be so proud of their beautiful and elegant mamma.

    Anything her critics/ haters say at this point are poor jokes.

  • valis202

    @Verified Faniston:

    Jennifer Aniston’s prep work for the comedy We’re the Millers (“This fabulous dance instructor just pulled the inner stripper out of me,”)

    Idiot. I guess she is also using this role to prepare for her journey into the porn industry that you were so excited about last night.

    LOL. I’m so glad that we have you to remind us what a joke Aniston’s career and life is.

  • she`s a wow wow..

    stunning lady!

  • (:)Y!

    Billy bob did not think she was a QUEEN when he was don with her…… yes she does good work for the less fortunate……. It’s b/c she wants to repair her pass…… U know the DRUGS/SEXX……..BLOOD/KNIFTS/GUNSS things

  • awwwww

    Angie is simply gorgeous. What a woman. you can see the engagement ring on popsugar.

  • Lucian

    See on the other site, Angie has left already. She is amazing. She achieved a huge step for those women and children in war zone.

  • shes no queen

    this woman changed.yes.from sex addicted junkie to a mother and a GW ambassador..thats it..she tries so hard to return good karma that she messed up with

  • oh boy

    She looks like Audrey Hepburn there.

  • anon2

    Angelina looks so beautiful, as usual. She’s always well spoken and classy.

  • Cassi

    Is anyone still wonder why Brad chose Angie over Aniston? Angie has beauty and brain.

  • valis202

    I don’t understand why anybody thinks that Angie has to atone for anything that she did in her past.

    Sex, drugs so what. These are things i’d say 95% of the world do. So went through growing pains. Again something that happens to a large % of people. But she grew up, took responsibility for her life and moved on.

    Trolls if Angie’s past so offends your fragile sensibilities, then maybe your better off on a Pat Robertson website.

  • anon2


    Speaking of Jodi Arias, stalking has been the topic lately.

    Hmm, who does this remind me of? Same initials.

  • Timothy A. Mitchell

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  • Twins

    @ella: How many years have you been an idiot?

  • Queen Jolie

    Angelina looks so beautiful.Good job Angie. While other women in Hollywood talk about their diet and skin and workout that some are obssessed, this woman is trying to help raise awareness in this horrible issue about war rape. As a woman and as a mother to a daughter, this rape thing really make me sick.And haters have the nerve to come here and criticize what this woman is doing.Have conscience for once in your life hens.

  • Some Bunny

    Stop being stupid. Angelina Jolie doesn’t deny her past and has made no more mistakes than anyone else who is human. I remember how she felt it necessary to get in the head of every role she played. Remember when she played in Girl Interrupted she stay away from Winona at the time? This was not because of any other reason other than making her character more believable. And it worked she won an Oscar! When she experimented in drugs, she was filming Gia at time, who died from drug overdose. beside Angelina was also young at the time and your idol Jennifer is old and still has a few nasty habits she will never quit. Her addiction to herself above all being the worst !

  • lylian

    Angelina hoped that her movie ITLOBAH would have an impact. But I don’t think anyone, including Angelina herself, would have thought that the movie would have such a REAL and POSITIVE IMPACT on the issue of warzone rape. In this, I must also give due credit to Willam Hague for seeing the movie and thinking that he should step forward and take it on as a cause.
    I think everyone is realistic that no amount of money is going to result in complete cessation of warzone rape. Warzone rape is as old as war, which is older then pro-sti-tu-tion. BUT BUT BUT, if it could be reduced, if the perpetrators might actually be brought to justice, then it’s a good start.

  • anustin

    my girl.anjie.addresses the G8.DELICIOUS!!!

  • Jolie g8 summit pitt MTV award

    @(:)Y!: billy bob said he regretted the divorce. He felt small next to her because of her role in the world. Yes, she is a lot more important than some would like to admit… Including putty.

  • Jolie g8 summit pitt MTV award

    The fact about this is angelina is an evolved individual and it takes a certain time of man to except that. brad, billy and any other superficial losa in Hollywood is not the one. She needs an evolved man who won’t feel like a tiny lap dog next to her powerful presence. Could that be why she hasn’t worked on a movie in so long? Pitty is trying to keep her Oporto of the field he thinks he owns. You suck pitty. Period.plane. And. Simple.

  • Queen Jolie

    Angie has always been honest about her past and that’s one of the things I like about her.She has turned her life around and is now doing many good things.Everybody deserve a second chance, why not this wonderful woman.All of Angie’s fans knows about her past but they still love her unconditionally.Nothing that these haters says can make Angie’s fans love her less.Deal with it.Hens are just wasting their time hating.

  • Rose

    There is a new video at BRANGELINA forum showing when Angie arrived at the conference this morning. Thanks BRANGELINA forum for videos and photos and links.

  • Jolie g8 summit pitt MTV award

    Putty is not good enough forThe queen. Just accept it and hope that he meets Dakota fanning soon.

  • Jolie g8 summit pitt MTV award

    @Queen Jolie: right, you have a great name.

  • Twins

    @Verified Faniston: He and Heidi were renting the advantages of being a kept man.You go boy spend Maniston’s money.

    Angie ROCKS!!! “Schools fools,” you know that’s right! She is BOSS!

  • anustin

    the godless circles right now must be …….i wish i have an ounce of anjie’s BRAIN.

  • We’re the morons

    @CLINIQUA: Almost all of the comments on the article are positive as well. A LA JOLIE!

    Comments from the article:
    recidiviciousGinger, get the popcorn!

    She’s consistent, too. A lot of celebs will do their one promotional charitable call for aid and then that’s the last you hear of it from them. It rings a lot more sincere when a person keeps on caring about an issue past the initial magazine cover story

  • We’re the morons

    bleachableGinger, get the popcorn!

    I read her book years ago, which is based on her journals from some of her first journeys to refugee camps in Pakistan and her experiences in Cambodia. She was clearly very affected by what she saw when she was 25. It’s cool to see that she has dedicated so much of her life to these issues ever since. 32 minutes ago

  • Dc

    Now that’s Class! She’s so amazing.

  • anustin

    wtf!!! it is obvious brad chooses jolie b/c of her healthy uterus and brain.the end.

  • We’re the morons
  • Jolie G8 pitt MTV

    @anustin: a peasant such as Pitty doesn’t get to choose someone that is greater than he. Everyone knows Queen Angelina of Hollywood chose him and now she will flick him like the tiny flea that he is. He is worthless and useless. Seriously MTV awards? How desperate can you get? ?


    @Jolie g8 summit pitt MTV award:

    kisses angry syd

  • Jolie G8 pitt MTV

    That is precisely why Joan told angie to give him back to his ex wife. Because the world knows he’s worthless and queen Angie is the one with the power.


    @Jolie G8 pitt MTV:

    so much anger over something you will never control lol
    pointless waste of engery, focus on finding yourself a partner first, before advising angelina jeez louise

  • Bea

    This new tact of the hens would almost be clever if not so transparently pathetic. Isn’t the a thread on Ticky examining her belly button lint for acting lessons somewhere you can comment on?

  • Saiph

    @ella: Just the one! She turns 39 in June.

  • QQQQ

    U.S. Embassy London @USAinUK

    Angelia Jolie entering the #G8 Summit taking place in London today. She is there to highlight the #PSVI agenda item

  • QQQQ

    Angelina Jolie’s G8 speech in London about preventing wartime rape

  • anustin

    egad!! seriously2.relax!!! our girl jolie loves him so much… him too,his good in bizniz.

  • Queen jolie peasant pitt

    @HI SYD STAY MAD 8 YEARS: anger? no. Happiness? yes. What is there to change? Once again Queen Angelina shows how powerful she is. And once again peasant Pitt shows how desperate he is to stay relevant. Seriously MTV? After all the garbage you talk about others who shall remain nameless you let the fact that Pitty is desperately and shamelessly promoting his movie months in advance at the freakin MTV awards while Jolie is fighting for rape victims. I mean, really nothing needs to be said but I have to say so the obvious contradictions won’t be missed. btw, you have no idea who or what I am. For all you know I could have 20 lovahs. Why don’t you take your own advice, losa…

  • T&L

    Angelina is such an inspiration — already an icon and one day a legend. I’m a huge fan and wish her the best always. She has angels watching over her and have noticed that anyone who maligns her sooner or later get their just deserts!