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Angelina Jolie: G8 Foreign Ministers' Conference!

Angelina Jolie: G8 Foreign Ministers' Conference!

Angelina Jolie waves to photographers as she enters the Lancaster House before attending the G8 Foreign Ministers’ Conference on Thursday (April 11) in London, England.

The 37-year-old actress was accompanied by British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who will be highlighting five key policy priorities during the conference.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Foreign Ministers are holding a two day meeting where they will discuss the situation in the Middle East; including Syria and Iran, security and stability across North and West Africa, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and climate change.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the Lancaster House…

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angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 01
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 02
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 03
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 04
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 05
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 06
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 07
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 08
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 09
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 10

Credit: Oli Scarff, Danny Martindale; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • Verified Faniston

    @valis202: Apparently, a nerve was hit. Sucks to suck loons.

  • Megastar Jolie

    Verified Faniston is Tamsh#t. Stop engaging with the obsessive stalker of the JPs and the fans.

  • fyi12

    WOW! Angie is amazing, inspirational & very effective in fighting for the causes of refugees, women & children for over a DECADE!. KUDOS! A job well done as usual.

    More pictures of this wonderful woman at zimbio gallery.

  • valis202

    No nerves hit here. Why would it suck to admire Angie.

    UN Special Envoy, member of the Council of foreign Relations, Screen writer, producer, director, humanitarian, vintner, mother of six, pilot, does her own stunts, founder on non-profits etc, etc, etc.

    How can it possibly suck admiring all of these accomplishments.

    I’d say that it is the Jenhens whose nerves are being hit because when you compare all of Angie accomplishments to those of your idol…. Yea nuff said.

  • fyi12


    Rose,GF,Dawne & all following Jodi Arias trial.

    Isn’t it hilarious that the pathetic witness LaV is now just answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on redirect to every question the Jodi look alike & dress alike attorney asks Alyce LaViollete! This woman started out as if she was a legit witness & after 8 days she is just a joke like Dr Samuels!

    Rose, I am with you, I admire Juan Martinez so much. IF I had a loved one BUTCHERED by the likes of Jodi—I would want JM as the Prosecutor to get JUSTICE!

    GC, I respectfully DISAGREE completely!

  • fyi12

    Hi Phool & CLINIQUA, I know you also follow the JA trial, I am so sorry i forgot to include you in my post. Hope all is well. Love both of your posts.

  • fyi12
  • Billboy-Billboy

    This says a lot of of the ANGEHAGS…… this is the person you all chose for your queen? WOW!!! ……. how is PASSING-POO surpose to take this
    NEW… is the time to start praying for her waft return to the family she going to leave in a week.

  • human commodities

    “Not a bad word about that wonderful sl ut … we work together for the U.N. We do things for children. We either sell or buy, we do something wonderful for children. And then we drink at night .”

  • Sabine

    I am really worried about her. She looks painfully thin. Hope she is not sick.

  • juju

    so proud to be her fan
    she is extraordinary
    thx for links

  • fyi12

    More pictures from the G8 Summit.

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s photostream

  • juju
  • an opinion

    Beautiful, strong and intelligent.
    So proud of what a wonderful woman (not girl) Angelina is becoming.

  • fyi12

    @an opinion:

    I AGREE whole heartedly!

  • an opinion

    @QQQQ: Thanks. Angelina is a great speaking and there is no question she knows what she is talking about.

  • Bea

    Yes hens, Angie looks too thin to you because you are used to seeing Ticky’s fat ass hanging over the too tight edges of a bikini. It must kill Ticky that Squiggy calls her jeans his fat pants.

  • Ⱦamsin

    I’ve been laughing non-stop for days at the loon who in a previous Ho thread mentioned that Heroina was a mommie’s girl. Oh FFS, we know that the knife-collecting skannk gave Marcheline hell through her teenage years and adult life. First Marche was forced to accept Ho’s boyfriend moving in with them when she was 14, then she saw her daughter go through drug, knives, cutting phases, promiscuity, making out with her own son on live TVtwo failed marriagesone episode in a mental institution, a neverending rift with Jon Voight, .

    And when Ho claimed to have settled down, poor Marche was left to collecting magazine cutouts of Ho’s adoptive kid because she never had time to pay her a visit or send her a photo (as Ho admitted on Ellen). Then she fell ill and, when she was closed to dying, Ho was still too busy setting up photo ops and parading around NO to pay her a visit. How could someone who was never close to her mother ever establish a bond with other women, let alone her daughters? XD

  • Passing Through

    # 150 Verified Faniston @ 04/11/2013 at 2:46 pm

    @Angie For President: Burn
    Quit talking to yourself, trollette. All you’re doing is verifying that you’re rockin’ the cray cray…

  • an opinion

    @juju: Great posture too.

  • Go Figure!

    @Verified Faniston: They said this right. Justin is looking for a place for Justin and could care less is Lenny joined him. After all, he’s only looking at high end places. This must be a trade off for the marriage to take place. Why bother to buy apartments before, then sell then, then head to LA and then return to NY and buy again? Must be the deal breaker for the marriage to occur. Buy me an apartment or else.

  • juju

    @an opinion:
    she has the posture of ballet dancer

  • Passing Through

    # 155 fyi12 @ 04/11/2013 at 2:58 pm
    I was looking at some of the other Zimbio pix for the kids and every time I see the photo of Vivienne in the pink unicorn outfit I can’t help but laugh. Knox is always so chill…then again, he was being carried again…the little freeloader…

  • Passing Through

    # 165 juju @ 04/11/2013 at 4:02 pm
    I’ve said it before but seeing that picture I can’t help but repeat myself – Angie has great posture. Head up, shoulders back, back is straight. I remember a while back Elle Fanning said that she tried to copy Angie’s posture and that Angie’s very elegant.

  • an opinion

    These trolls they been saying the same bs for the last 7 years. Whatever. Who cares? Not anyone who matters.
    Angelina is standing and speaking with the sec of states of 8 of the wealthiest countries of the world. She is an Oscar winner, a pilot and a mother of 6. She is engaged to be married and will direct her second movie.
    Drop the microphone and walk off
    Because she is living an amazing life.

  • fyi12

    @Passing Through:

    Well Knox & Viv were taught by the THE BEST—-ZEE!

    Remember when she was glued to Brad & made him carry her everywhere? She still has that hold on Brad.
    Z is just teaching the young twins how to out-smart Mom & Dad to get their way. LOL JK.

  • Ⱦamsin

    LMAO at the thought of a high school dropout and certified mental patient climbing up the UN ranks. Loons may be creaming their panties the same way old pepaw Hague is, but let’s not forget that Ho had to make a $5m “donation” when she was “promoted” to Special Envoy.

    How much will her next title cost her? That’s the question! :D


    first again!



    Thanks fy12, appreciate it! :)

  • fyi12
  • Wonderbust

    The icing on the cake is no matter how much the trolls and haters post all this crap about Angelina it has absolutely no effect on her life, seriously Angelina spoke at the G8 even hens know how much of a big deal that is and hence why they are spamming the board.

  • YIB

    And finally…
    She is beauty with brains rare combo. She looks so elegant and classy that you would totally think she is one’s country president or president’s wife or a government high official something. Love the classy style and demanor. Go her! Intellgent, interesting, and capitivating . oh Brad you got the envy Angie.

  • YIB

    In the bbc vedio fab in motion more… she looks emotional something , topic is serious. She looks a little nervous may be at the begining but she didn’t messup talking.
    Her boobs looks bigger again here. Is she baking something in the oven?
    those men must be reallly tallll the two women look tiny among them.
    The forgien secretary (Angie unoffcial poletical boyfriend) as ff creepy residents call him is actully cute dude with smile. .So may be a little you know they flirt?…hahha im just kidding nothing harmful u know that is what probably they say after anlazying and re anlazyize her face picture until they find the picture that worth to use it fortheir story enough hahaha poor souls. None of your bad joke on what is Brads property now .
    in the main time that movie she made about the horrible situations that happen to people, may not win oscars but made a great impact more than expected and it was only her first. Did I say she won again?!!!!!!!!!!! yes she wins again again !!!!!!!! suck it too bad jared doesn’t have smiles.They arehaving hardd time :console:

  • Bea


    Well the title of “Mrs. Anyone, please marry me” is costing your idol about $50 mill so far…

  • Wonderbust

    What a boss and this is why the haters are in agony
    For those who don’t want to click it is a pic of Angelina talking to John Kerry you can see it on Flickr or on brangelina forum on jjb

  • dawne

    Watching a bit of Angie’s world class speech and delivery I burst out laughing imagining Ticky in her position……….omg, stuttering, stoned and flicking her hair extensions………probs her boobs hanging out as well……sort of like comparing Lady Di to Kathy Griffin………..

  • Dc

    Angelina has smarts, she has beauty and has a beautiful heart. She’s got it all.

  • dawne


    Now that’s when you know you have arrived as you lunch with the Scty of State at a G8 conference because of years of UN work and a promotion but then writing a political movie to effect change in the world. What a successful woman on every level…………iconic.

  • Ⱦamsin

    ROTFLMAO at Ho having a “great posture”. What does a 600 pound she-beast know about it anyway? And when you look at Ho’s saggy tits, non-existent ass, hips or waist and two chicken legs that can barely hold that skeletal frame and huge bobble head together… is that what a loon calls posture?

    There’s medication for that loons, and by “that” I mean your insanity. Seriously, no wonder your own idols think you’re all sick.

  • YIB

    @Wonderbust: cool proud of her. the fools gonna have more option

  • dawne


    Oh, Used Tampon, you are sooooo jealous why do you subject yourself to such agony???? Poor widdle thing just because you comport yoursefl with those fat rounded shoulders shadowing your huge gut like a gorilla protecting is young and all this topped off with your skinny bowed legs. and giant flat feet…………….oh, yes…………we feel your pain……….

  • dawne

    All in a day’s work for Angie………fly to London for a speech and lunch, board plane and work on your new movie Unbroken, maybe jot the day into your journal, read the NY Times, phone the kids…….speak to each of them… with Brad……..and maybe have a few moments to work on her latest screenplay. Home in time for dinner Cal. time and tuck the kids into bed. Debrief over a glass of wine with Brad then work on tmo’s schedule. Ticky couldn’t fit this in in a month let alone a day.

  • Mel

    @Tamssin: are you back you ugly slut. You dare to attack a mother who does charity while you sit in your pathetic room trying get more clients? For the record Angeline has a degree from UCLA. She is talking to political heads and has a successful career and wonderful family life. You on the other hand is a washep up wanker who is desperate to be like her. Do you all a favour and disappear from this world. No one will shed a single year for you…

  • dawne

    BTW troll, Angie is so smart she graduated high school at sixteen. Do try and get your facts straight……..B.S. doesn’t fly here.

  • Ⱦamsin

    My poor stalking JP troll is delusional and missing the point. Fact of the matter is, the Hor of Hors paid $5m to have that Special Envoy title and she continues to make these “donations” to bribe her way into these events and take up the podium for a few minutes. Again, we’re talking about someone who checked herself into a mental institution and also dropped out of high school, so what could she possibly say that has any value to those in attendance? These are experts in Foreign Affairs, whereas Heroina is only an expert in extra-marital affairs. Somehow I don’t see how both relate. LOL.

    Pepaw Hague is her only supporter and he was already called out on “chasing photo ops” with her, instead of addressing the European crisis. XD

  • Passing Through

    # 183 YIB @ 04/11/2013 at 5:02 pm
    I must have been sleepwalking through the thread for the last week or so…cuz…when did Deej change her name? Man…I’ve got to pay closer attention…

  • Passing Through

    # 186 Wonderbust @ 04/11/2013 at 5:16 pm
    I saw a picture of John Kerry earlier today and thought it was Jay Leno. I’m not kidding. I was just wondering if he’s always looked like Leno or is just because his hair is grayer? That chin? Whoa…you could use it as a blunt object to kill Tampon. LOL…

  • truth

    Angie has a great body and a good booty , just ask Brad. The haters like to start tabloid gossip by calling her skinny. Also, the whole grey hair story is garbage. Angie looks and is amazing. Brad is a lucky man and he knows it. The hens always go crazy with positive Angie news even after all these years.

  • Wonderbust

    Is anyone else laughing their asses off because the trolls are having an epic meltdown because Angelina spoke in front of the foreign ministers of the eight most powerful nations in the world. Hey Tammy like I told your FF buddy earlier you can post all night long doesn’t change the fact that your insults has absolutely no effect on Angelina, look at where all your huffing and puffing landed Angelina, a voice at the G8



    Tweet from @The876MDProject :

    @ariannahuff Angelina and her movie ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ were key to G8 decision on rape. Wheres this important dev. on HuffPo?