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Angelina Jolie: G8 Foreign Ministers' Conference!

Angelina Jolie: G8 Foreign Ministers' Conference!

Angelina Jolie waves to photographers as she enters the Lancaster House before attending the G8 Foreign Ministers’ Conference on Thursday (April 11) in London, England.

The 37-year-old actress was accompanied by British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who will be highlighting five key policy priorities during the conference.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Foreign Ministers are holding a two day meeting where they will discuss the situation in the Middle East; including Syria and Iran, security and stability across North and West Africa, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and climate change.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the Lancaster House…

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angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 01
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 02
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 03
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 04
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 05
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 06
angelina jolie g8 foreign ministers conference 07
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Credit: Oli Scarff, Danny Martindale; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • dawne

    that would be CFR not CFT………..LOL

  • groundcontrol

    @Go Figure!:
    Justin is looking for a place for Justin and could care less is Lenny joined him. After all, he’s only looking at high end places. This must be a trade off for the marriage to take place. Why bother to buy apartments before, then sell then, then head to LA and then return to NY and buy again? Must be the deal breaker for the marriage to occur. Buy me an apartment or else.
    LOL! Great minds think alike! I thought he’s probably getting JHo to buy him this apartment as part of his “settlement” to marry her. Wonder if the apartment will be in his name – you know – her wedding gift to him.
    Hee hee. That’s his wedding present or should I say the dowry Ticky had to produce to ensure the wedding goes forward.
    Of course, it’s for him. He’ll make sure his name is on this one and that he’ll keep it when, cough cough, I mean if there is an eventuality of a divorce. At which point Ticky can recycle her entire 9 Year Ring Cycle when there won’t be enough vaseline on the planet to turn her into a Rhinemaiden.

  • sunny

    groundcontrol @ 04/11/2013 at 10:23 pm @sunny:
    I was just at the CFR site the other day aqnd I looked Angie up and sure enough she’s graduated to become an official member
    She was added into the regular membership recently. Probably this month ? CFR network will be very useful when she and her charity cause need supporters from political and business world. Like her having found KIND with Microsoft and some legal network. She also needed support from heavyweight politicians from both parties.


  • Craigypants

    If there wasn’t any positive publicity in it for herself or her family, she wouldn’t even bother.

  • Observer2


    It really chaps your hide doesn’t it. You keep telling yourself that. LOL.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    Angie is making a difference.Doing things that are relevant and that actually saves lives the trolls on the other hand spend their day hating and and being ridiculous sad really…..Angie you are awesome!

  • http://n/a angierocks

    these haters are going apeshite coz maniston is still pining from her wedding to brad sad sad beyotch!

  • http://Justjared bermy girl

    Angelina is truly inspiring.

    So courageous and always pushing her own boundaries. Of course there are many women like her – women who valiantly step up to the challenge of making a positive difference in their world. But in our celebrity-obsessed society, it is wonderful to have Angelina showing young women that they can have the beauty and glamour and still have substance.

  • dumb jenhags

    Angie has a big heart while the bitter jenhags’ idol heart is all “me me me me me me me”.

  • Ⱦamsin

    ololololol… the JP trolls really think that the Demon really made a difference by bribing her way into a meeting, after she’s been playing courtesan to famevvhore minister Hague for several weeks.

    Poor loons, spin it any which way you want, but don’t forget that your heathen idols were having dinner with the tyrant ruler of Syria not so long ago, so it’s yet another demonstration of her huge political naivety and hunger for fame, power, and recognition how she tried to attach herself to political figures whenever she deems it convenient, and it sadly backfired on her that time. Bwahahaha, talk about some “expert” in foreign affairs.

    And why is the Demon still trying to peddle that turdd of a movie that was ignored by pretty much the whole world, save for those she offended with it?

  • sunny

    When I looked at Angie’s photos from G8, I noticed she has enourmous Mar Line on her hand. hehe, I have some knowledge of palmistry.
    The Mar Line runs parallel to the Life Line towards the Mount of Venus and terminates at the wrist or the Mount of Venus.
    According to the Eastern Palmistry, people who have that Mar Lines are genius and very intelligent and have tireless vitality.. They are gifted with special powers to think and understand. Whatever decision they once take in their lives, they adhere to its end. Such people are trustworthy. Such people proceed in their lives with certain aim and do not rest till they have achieved their objective. They are robust and impressive personality.

  • fyi12

    Another video, it is a bit longer and shows her leaving the summit as well.

    Angelina Jolie Presses G8 Foreign Ministers Over Warzone

  • http://none Mar


    Angie is not a good model any one can do her job as humanitarian, Bill Gates and his wife also doing humanitarian works donating money to hunger Africans and in 3rd World. Angelina is a bad model , she is having sex with Brad Pitt with out marriage , their engagement is a forefront , for publicity , its not unusual being engage. It’s not a good model to the world. Its Jennifer Aniston who file a divorce to Brad Pitt when she knows they have relationship. Actually , its supposedly Nicole Kidman as a Mrs Smith , but she giveway and give it to Angelina Jolie when she knew the two are attracted to each other. How many years Angelina and Brad Pitt live as a live in couple not married, is not a good model to everybody.
    She has also nannies to look after her children like other people.
    At her present age she look like 50′s . she also color /dye her hair.

  • Ⱦamsin


    Wow, ask somebody whom she’s barely seen in over a year? Like that’s going to make a difference.

    She’s in terrible shape! And after you take off your loony glasses, perhaps you’ll realize you’re not doing her a favor by lying about her looking healthy. What kind of “true fan” is someone who refuses to see the signs of a mental and physical illness?

    It’s so ironic that you’ve chosen that moniker, JP troll.

  • Ⱦamsin


    Sorry to disappoint you loontard, but I am not related to your idol, so no, there is no incest in my family. :)

  • Zenith

    Angie is truly an angel. May God continue bless her and her family, She will do a lot great thing for people in the world.

  • Ⱦamsin


    La Cicciolina, a porn star, made her way to the Italian parliament so I don’t see why your idol wouldn’t follow in her footsteps, especially when she can afford to pay $5m for an U.N rank and she’s talking sweet to Hague’s ear and offering to call German ministers. :)

  • MIMI

    G8 foreign ministers all are in awe of Angie. This woman is too intelligent too powerful.

  • sunny

    The Whys of American Ignorance
    April 6, 2013
    .By Lawrence Davidson

    In 2008, Rick Shenkman, the Editor-in-Chief of the History News Network, published a book entitled Just How Stupid Are We? Facing the Truth about the American Voter. In it he demonstrated, among other things, that most Americans were:
    (1) ignorant about major international events,
    (2) knew little about how their own government runs and who runs it,
    (3) were nonetheless willing to accept government positions and policies even though a moderate amount of critical thought suggested they were bad for the country,
    (4) were readily swayed by stereotyping, simplistic solutions, irrational fears and public relations babble.
    Shenkman spent 256 pages documenting these claims, using a great number of polls and surveys from very reputable sources. Indeed, in the end it is hard to argue with his data. So, what can we say about this?
    One thing that can be said is that this is not an abnormal state of affairs. As has been suggested in prior analyses, ignorance of non-local affairs (often leading to inaccurate assumptions, passive acceptance of authority, and illogical actions) is, in fact, a default position for any population.
    To put it another way, the majority of any population will pay little or no attention to news stories or government actions that do not appear to impact their lives or the lives of close associates. If something non-local happens that is brought to their attention by the media, they will passively accept government explanations and simplistic solutions.
    The primary issue is “does it impact my life?” If it does, people will pay attention. If it appears not to, they won’t pay attention. For instance, in Shenkman’s book unfavorable comparisons are sometimes made between Americans and Europeans. Americans often are said to be much more ignorant about world geography than are Europeans.
    This might be, but it is, ironically, due to an accident of geography. Americans occupy a large subcontinent isolated by two oceans. Europeans are crowded into small contiguous countries that, until recently, repeatedly invaded each other as well as possessed overseas colonies.
    Under these circumstances, a knowledge of geography, as well as paying attention to what is happening on the other side of the border, has more immediate relevance to the lives of those in Toulouse or Amsterdam than is the case for someone in Pittsburgh or Topeka. If conditions were reversed, Europeans would know less geography and Americans more.
    Ideology and Bureaucracy
    The localism referenced above is not the only reason for widespread ignorance. The strong adherence to ideology and work within a bureaucratic setting can also greatly narrow one’s worldview and cripple one’s critical abilities.
    In effect, a closely adhered to ideology becomes a mental locality with limits and borders just as real as those of geography. In fact, if we consider nationalism a pervasive modern ideology, there is a direct connection between the boundaries induced in the mind and those on the ground.
    Furthermore, it does not matter if the ideology is politically left or right, or for that matter, whether it is secular or religious. One’s critical abilities will be suppressed in favor of standardized, formulaic answers provided by the ideology. Just so work done within a bureaucratic setting.
    Bureaucracies position the worker within closely supervised departments where success equates with doing a specific job according to specific rules. Within this limited world, one learns not to think outside the box, and so, except as applied to one’s task, critical thinking is discouraged and one’s worldview comes to conform to that of the bureaucracy. That is why bureaucrats are so often referred to as cogs in a machine.
    That American ignorance is explainable does not make it any less distressing. At the very least it often leads to embarrassment for the minority who are not ignorant. Take for example the facts that polls show over half of American adults don’t know which country dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, or that 30 percent don’t know what the Holocaust was.

  • dumb jenhags

    Ugly bitter jenhags act like ignorant, jealous, self-deceiving clowns.

  • villedeville

    Being patted on the back is certainly more respectable than being fingered in the anus by Gerald Butler.

  • wfb

    Trolls are so pressed! LMAO

    A Jezebel poster who works for a fund raising org for the UN said that
    whenever Angelina does interviews, pictures of her comes out about refugees interest peaks & donations increased. I guess Angelina is really doing a great job.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Good evening to all the wonderful JoliePitt fans. And a special greeting to my sweethearts, Rose, Phool, Tish and Falp.
    OMG!!! This is a dream come true for my darling Angelina! This is what she has had her heart set on accomplishing for so long. Thank you God for making it a reality! And she at such a young age accomplishing such a worthy goal. How can anyone not love and appreciate all she has done and continues to do. And God bless my beautiful Brad and their precious children for supporting her in her dreams.
    The grateful women of the world who have suffered so long with no thought of what they have endured, are enduring and want to see an end come to all they have suffered lift up their voices this day in thanksgiving to Foreign Minister William Hague, Angelina and the G8 for giving them hope.
    I am moved to tears to see this august group in total agreement to enforce these awesome principles making a major stand against the heinous crimes that have been committed in the name of war.
    God grant every one of them gathered there the wisdom, strength and fortitude to accomplish what they have begun this day.

  • Ⱦamsin


    Hey Joe, she did not graduate normal HS at 16, like a gifted student. That’s the bullcrap loons are trying to sell you. In fact she attended a “continuation school”.

    A continuation high school is an alternative grade 12 diploma program for students aged 16 to 18 who haven’t already graduated and are at risk for not graduating. The purpose of continuation high schools is to give students, who may have family, drug or other problems such as depression, an alternative to complete their education.

    LOL- And my point still stands, she did not graduate a normal HS, and went to one for mentally ill kids, so what sort of credibility does someone like her have?

    Um right, so loons claim that she has a “much more fuller” life than anyone else’s and yet she has no friends, her kids are being raised by other people, she claims to be in a relationship to a man she hasn’t seen in almost a year, even faking an engagement to keep him. Her movies do not sell and audiences dislike her because of her past scandals that she can’t put behind no matter how hard she tries. Her obsession with her weight and cosmetic procedures are also very telling of how comfortable she is in her own skin, right?


  • JP Fan

    Epic troll meltdown go Angie! All that screaming at the ocean and whining all falling on deaf ears because the people who matter like the foreign ministers don’t give a crap about all of the rubbish you post.

  • JP Fan

    Hey tampon maybe you should email the Foreign ministers all the dirt you have on Angelina bwahaha. keep screaming and ranting meanwhile Angelina has the respect of world leaders, you think she gives a shirt that a male Internet troll doesn’t like her. While you are busy stalking our girl check out the clip where John Kerry commends her on her speech and how the other leaders greet her. Troll meltdown.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Thank you FYI12 and all the fans who have provided video clips and articles and information regarding what has taken place today in England.
    We alive today are watching history being made right before our eyes. The words spoken by William Hague, Angelina Jolie and the other lady and the resolutions made by the G8 all represent a turning point in the thinking of this world and show compassion to those who have waited so long to hear justice, healing, correction of these egregious wrongs have been given a way to be righted.
    Brad is so right. Angelina is a FORCE. And so is William Hague. Their coming together to achieve what they have achieved at this G8 conference was not by happenstance or an accident. There are greater powers working to bring about these incredible results.
    I am so thankful we still have leaders with hearts who live in this world. This is truly a time for thanksgiving and celebration.
    Every woman in this world today should be proud and pleased at what has been accomplished today.

  • dumb jenhags

    Angie shook hand with world leaders while tampon uses his hand wash maniston big fat butt after she had her caca LOL, I really believe tampon do that otherwise he won’t be so defensive of Ticky on a BA thread LOL.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Excellent points Lylian. I agree completely.

  • dumb jenhags

    tampon is maniston’s clown.
    bye maniston’s clown,

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Jones! Love your post.

    ” And to top it off, Angie helped to broker this historic, international agreement with her film, ITLOBAH and her work with the UN. Angie is using her agency and influence to do some truly phenomenal things in this world. She’s an incredibly strong, focused and a determined woman. There is no comparison.”

  • Ⱦamsin

    JP troll no one even knows whether you’re male or female, so it’s rich that you’re trying to discuss other people’s genders. And let’s not discuss “trolling” as this is all you do all day with your multiple aliases, mkay? :)

    Since it’s already established that anyone with enough money can buy an UN-sponsored rank, let’s show those “world leaders” (some of whom have been accused of chasing photo ops) how she used it to influence third world countries into shutting down their borders or letting her adopt children despite their local laws only allowing married couples to apply. I’m sure those are really respectful and exemplary acts from a humanitarian, aren’t they?

    And right, she’s right there where she’s supposed to be -a PR actress playing her part to perfection, natch- because that’s all she can afford. Name recognition, and enough media coverage? Check, but
    can she do the same as the nameless humanitarians that risk their lives every day on war torn zones? That’s where real prestige and a sense of dignity for really making a difference comes from, and no loon, it doesn’t come from standing all glammed up at a podium to give a rehearsed speech, with help from a pepaw who is more interested interested in chasing photo ops with Hollywood celebrities rather than solving the problems.

    Of course your lack of education and common sense prevents you from seeing the real issues at hand, but go on and continue to amuse me, loon. You know I need the laughs.

  • Ⱦamsin

    @dumb jenhags:

    Leave it to loons to deflect any criticism towards their idol by mentioning the ex wife as an act of desperation. How sad is it that the Brand can’t stand on their own and will forever be associated to a love triangle by their own fans’ doing. Basic, predictable bytchez are basic and predictable.

    Goodnight JP trolls! :D

  • lurker

    piece of shi* troll go to bed have a life,you are too bitter


    Tamsim,you is my herooo…an she do the same as the nameless humanitarians that risk their lives every day on war torn zones? Hugly TAMSIMGHOST,YOU are very nobody,and you can risk your life for humanitarians…I hope see you and Jen,together! Go,TAMSIMTALKMOORE…. We need see what you make for others people,because Angie the world knows for 10 years!!! Go big rat!

  • wow

    Angie is so very beautiful- both inside and out

  • babies make $

    “Not a bad word about that wonderful sl ut … we work together for the U.N. We do things for children. We either sell or buy, we do something wonderful for children. And then we drink at night .”

  • Anonymous

    No one cares about what you have to say don’t waste your time.

  • wfb

    Do not feed the trolls!

    I’m so proud of Angelina, I’m glad she has the eyes & the ears of world leaders and not of tabloids.

  • Jen the hag

    Ⱦamsin @ 04/11/2013 at 11:53 pm

    and you have a college degree ii guess ? .. and here you are writing desertation of hate on somebody doing a great job for the improvement of women and children on the war zone area.. what a big difference.. oh by the way HAGiston there are lots of great minds that did not finish any college degree…… you can have college degree but if you got small mind like you.. look where you are now on a basement posting non stop hate as if it would make a difference to Angelina’s world wide fame and being respected by world leaders nuff said.. you can post all your hate till you grow old and have a heart attack bwaahahahah!! Oh FYI Angelina was invited to speak in the World Economic Forum for 2 years in a row.. a member of Council of Foreign Relations.. A Special Envoy of UN , partnered with MICROSOFTand 25 law Firms to launch KIND and now even invited by G8 to speak on behalf of women refugees I guess these Powerfu head of State and Business Leaders does not mind that Angelina Jolie did not have a High School Diploma no? Only the braindead troll with multiple personality mind bwahahhahahhahahhahhahahhh!!!

  • Jen the hag

    Got any complain HAG? write to G8 and UN and let see what they will think of YOU… yes they will think you’re somebody from mental institution ..bwahahhahahhahahah!!

  • Jen the hag

    bwahahhah the TROLL HAG calling the regular posters and fans troll somebody really lost his marble LOL!!

  • dark angel

    Hey troll, why all the hate? Where is this all coming from?

  • Phoebe

    Mein Gott!

    The big fat hen attack loons are still on patrol here at JJ

    One might have imagined that by now they would be seeing Fotzelina for the giant lying fraudster that she is… But no, they extend their delusions on und on. Meanwhile, Fotzelina spreads it around for the G8 ministers, including that gay dwarf she has befriended.

    The wedding? Never. The family? A fraud made possible by an army of servants.

    All in all, an utter fairytale.

    The sooner it ends, the better.

    Auf Wiedersehen, Bitches.

  • Lily

    Angie is an extraordinary woman, sucks to be Maniston hens because Angie continues winning.

  • bubblegum

    Nice hair, lint-free black coat and a very light make-up with the pearl earings and necklace. This chick knows how to dress.

  • hag

    i think we now know how maniston’s wee man is earning his meager salary. trolling for a living……..oh well…….manny’s burden.

  • Phool

    ( Apologies if its been already posted unbeknown to me i’d rather read posotive news about Brad & Angie than read tiresome trolls rambelings)

    Britain’s £10million bid to fight sex attacks in war zones… inspired by Angelina Jolie: William Hague joins Hollywood star to announced new drive against violence
    By Steve Nolan
    PUBLISHED: 14:33, 11 April 2013 | UPDATED: 07:50, 12 April 2013

    • The Foreign Secretary was joined by the actress at a G8 meeting in London
    • Jolie welcomed a £23million G8 pledge at Lancaster House
    • She was present as a Special Envoy for the UN Human Rights Council
    • The UK Government will contribute £10million of the overall package

    Read more:

  • Phool

    Good Morning ladies:

    Especially shout out to all the lovely ladies out there Rose , Passing Through, NAN, Premalee, Busted, Jen The Hag, Lylian, First and last post, Ssshhii_Baby, Bizzy Bee, 4Q, lylian, Groundcontrol, Lurker, William Bradley&The Jolie, Susan, Dawne, Tish, Anustin, WonderBust, Love The Jolie Pitts, Fyi12, JPS, MIR, JP Fan, Tweet, Well, Who, Women Spanish, Sunny and all the lurkers out there I hope you all have a great day take care.

  • Phool

    Putting Focus on Wartime Rape:

    Angelina Jolie stood up to world leaders Thursday in an address to the G8 foreign ministers meeting in London. She identified wartime rape as one of the most intractable – and ignored – travesties in world affairs. “Hundreds of thousands of women and children have been sexually assaulted in the wars of our generation,” Jolie said. “I have heard survivors of rape from Bosnia to [the Congo] say that the world simply does not care about them.” Added Jolie, “But wartime rape is not inevitable.”

    Read more:
    Watch sports videos you won’t find anywhere else