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Liam Hemsworth Eats at Sweetsalt, Miley Cyrus Wears Chanel Onesie

Liam Hemsworth Eats at Sweetsalt, Miley Cyrus Wears Chanel Onesie

Liam Hemsworth sports a scruffy beard while leaving Sweetsalt Restaurant following lunch on Thursday afternoon (April 11) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actor’s fiancee Miley Cyrus posted a photo of herself on her Twitter account wearing a Chanel onesie that has gotten a ton of attention.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miley Cyrus

“Don’t hate. Appreciate. #Chanel1Z,” Miley captioned the photo.

“Big bro is going on tour! Check it out @TraceCyrus,” Miley tweeted the next day. Make sure to check out Trace‘s tour dates at!

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Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, Twitter
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  • ha ha

    Pot makes some real “artists” be more creative to put out great art. Then there’s Miley the hack, whose smoking pot just makes her way too creative with ways to make herself look uglier and uglier and act stranger and stranger, and absolutely no art.

  • amy

    I”m really sick of all this Miley bashing. If you don’t like her go read one of the other posts. Miley is not the monster that some of these websites make her out to be – Miley is a sweetheart & the made up stories and “sources” are getting to be ridiculous.

    I love Miley & Liam together & wishing for the best for them. I sure do miss seeing an occasional picture of them together. I think their careers are causing them a lot of problems. I’m not in the business but I would chose love & their relationship over all. Love is really the only thing that matters in life. I think both of their “teams” should stay the hell out of their personal lives – and so should all these gossip sites and magazines (JJ is the only site that does not slam these celebs). I swear these vutures are not content until they destroy some of these celebs lives. If it were me I’d sue the b@st@rds! BUT I do think the gossip would let up a little if Miley & Liam show up somewhere together SOON!

  • lol

    I read somewhere (& I’m not saying it is true) that Miley is giving Liam some space & IF that is true it looks like way too much space! You never want to smother a guy, but there is such a thing as giving too much space – after a while you’ll realize you never are together & that is never a good thing in a relationship. With too much space leads to wandering on the other person’s part – not good!

  • see

    miley cyrus is getting more and more pathetic,
    she used to sing, she used to have a real acting tv-show,
    now all she aspires to is to be a fame-ho
    like all those empty people who are famous for nothing,
    she should know she is better than that
    because she actually accomplished something,
    stop fame-hoing, and DO something with your life again
    everybody should start looking to what people can contribute to the world
    not only empty posing for pictures and reality shows about nothing at all

  • wow


    Yeah & Disney set out to destroy Miley because she left them. They wrote that her “career apart fromDisney is TBD”.

    Miley is not a fame ho. I believe her recent pictures were to send a message – 1. looks like she is growing her hair longer 2. picture of brother in the garage shows Liam’s car in her garage. I belive they were sent to stop the gossip in a suttle way.

    Miley has a new record in the works & as far as contributing to the world Miley does PLENTY -she gives back in many cancer organizations and also went to Haiti to promote the Snarky Hearing foundation and met with the children (& plenty more).

    And by the way since “everyone should contribute to the world” what have you contributed? (I’ve gone to Russia and worked at a summer camp forthe orphans)

  • Jolie

    Hating on Miley is so 2010. Wake up people, stop being jealous and unnecessary, it’s 2013.

  • hahah

    sorry but jealous of what? She is ugly, she cant act and she cant single, plus she is a bad role model. I am jealous of someone like Jennifer Lawrence not Miley nobody Cyrus.

  • hahah

    * sing

  • cam


    Jennifer Lawrence is ugly & she has 3 chins – have you not seen a side view of her face.. & Miley beautiful & is still the most famous teen (now of course 20) in the world & she can act & sing & I’d be willing to bet you are nothing to look at & your talent is what? hating behind a computer screen – really – grow up.

  • lol how about no

    @cam I cant hear you over jennifer’s oscar……… who is miley anyway, call me when she is not too busy looking like a wasted drug addict. Miley is not even a teen…… and if you wanna see a famous teen look at jb and 1d (who I am not a fan off lol) You are the one that needs to grow up liking someone as dumb as miley. I am sick of seeing her on this website lol

  • KissThis

    They are never seen together anymore… yet are still engaged. That’s really odd.

  • grow up

    @cam: both of you need to grow up, your as bad as each other.

    ps miley is not the most famous teen in the world, that title probably belongs to justin beiber

  • cam

    @lol how about no:

    Says the Jennifer Lawrence groupie. i like Miley for the person she is (her heaqrt) not the person YOU think she is. And BTW an oscar does NOT make you a better person. And your idol jlaw is a pot smoking…..

    I’m sick of you and losers like you who cannot resist coming to a site that has a story about Miley just to spead your hate. I would not have even brought up Jlaw if you had not because I’m not fond of her & I don’t read the sites about her – not interested in her.

  • Meh


    If a celebrity’s relationship is ruined by publicity and the tabloid columns then obviously they don’t have their head and heart in the right place. Like Miley says in most of her interviews and twitter, etc she doesn’t care, but her actions tend to prove otherwise. I’m not a fan of either of this pseudo celebrities, but I just saw this post and had to comment.

  • Ehh

    Lots of fighting on the board today. Let’s be nice guys. While everyone is allowed to their opinion, let’s keep it civil. I’m not a fan of either Miley or Jennifer Lawrence.

    @lol how about no:

    Just because an actor or actress has an Oscar doesn’t mean their better than the other person. There is a huge amount of celebrities who have won Oscars in which they don’t deserve. They only won out of popularity. Oscars and reward shows aren’t what they used to be. They use to actually be about talent. I’m not saying that Miley or JLaw aren’t talented, but I’m not saying they are either. Really, I haven’t seen much of their stuff, so, I really cannot say to be completely honest. I can say, however, I do feel that both are bordering on being overexposed.

    Have you guys ever thought that people may post things just to rile fans up? Obviously, it’s working.

    Take a chill pill peeps and let’s respect. If a person has an opinion that’s different than yours just say, “that’s your opinion although I don’t agree with it.” Leave it at that. No need to get into heated discussions like juveniles. That’s my two cents.

  • MIAM

    wow…haters all over the internet…I am glad tho because haters are making her even more famous! mouahahahahahaha…and they clearly so jealous of her!!!!! Or else they would just ignore her xD Pathetic jealous haters and losers, get a life!
    Miley you are AWESOME!!! And Miam is going strong..They are going to get married, no matter when!!! They are still young. They have a life to get married. Besides Chris Hemsworth said in a recent interview that he is very excited for the upcoming wedding. So yeah…I am going to believe Liam’s brother, than any gossip magazine or site xD

  • Chris

    @cam: VERY WELL SAID CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amy


  • Jason

    Miley is recording in the studio from 2012. You could think: LOL, we are in April 2013! But don’t forget that a real artist like her doesn’t care about fame, so she takes enough time to write and record the songs. I mean, it’s easy for the other celebs that record 2 albums a year because they don’t write their songs. They just sing and use a lot of autotune. Recording an album can take 4 years if necessary. She doesn’t write because she has to do it. She writes when she’s empty or something like that. Look at bieber and the others: they need to record a lot of cds because they would lose fame and money.
    Miley earned about 130 milion dollars and she didn’t spend a lot when she was a teen. Now i think she can use her money even if she’s not on tv.

    PS: Miley Cyrus is not a teen (for the person who wrote it). She’s turning 21.
    And then: there’s a big difference between Miley and J. Lawrence. The first one is a singer song-writer. The last one is an actress. Miley doesn’t act anymore and she’s not even very good at it. Jennifer is really really good and she really deserved the Oscar and all the other prices.
    And then, Miley a role model? Are you retarded? Tell me why someone has to be a role model. Firstly, Miley’s fan are about 20 – 25 years old. Then, nobody should be a role model. If little kids act like her or other celebs, then their parents are really stupid and useless. I hate smoking and I’m probably one of the biggest Cyrus’ supporters but just because she smokes, doesn’t mean I have to smoke too. Do you really think a celebrity is a role model. Look at them, they’re just people like us but there’s the big difference that their lives are always recorded, photographed and published in magazines and sites.