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Rihanna & Chris Brown: Wild Style Shoppers!

Rihanna & Chris Brown: Wild Style Shoppers!

Rihanna and Chris Brown spend the afternoon doing some shopping together at the Wild Style by Joyrich store on Wednesday (April 10) in Los Angeles.

The reunited couple took a drive in Chris‘ Porsche convertible and took care of some business at a local music studio, where they met up with RiRi‘s pal Melissa Forde.

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That same afternoon, Rihanna posted a picture of herself and Chris in the car on her Instagram page.

35+ pictures inside of Rihanna and Chris Brown shopping together…

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rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 01
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 02
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 03
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 04
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 05
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 06
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 07
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 08
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 09
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 10
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 11
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 12
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 13
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 14
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 15
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 16
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 17
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 18
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 19
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 20
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 21
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 22
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 23
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 24
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 25
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 26
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 27
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 28
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 29
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 30
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 31
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 32
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 33
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 34
rihanna chris brown wild style shoppers 35

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Riley

    I seriously have no more respect for this woman other than her talent.Not just with her relationship with Chris Brown but with the way she just handle herself. I’m not talking about the way she dresses/looks etc but just simply how she handles herself. She’s just “not classy” and to me, I don’t know with you guys, but she looks as if she doesn’t even respect herself. All she seems to care about are superficial materialistic stuffs.

  • Jim

    she is sooo stupid and IM A GUY!

  • Jody

    She is a great artist, but I dont like how fake she is. She always says Thug Life, and pretends to be a gangster. Rihanna is a little pretty girl, she is not a ghetto thug girl. I know some chicks her size that would eat her alive, and she would do nothing but cry. She cant hang with the REAL thug girls.

  • Arie

    It’s funny that everybody eats up everything that the Media is selling and then want to be mad at these two for loving one another. Next time save yourselves the stress and wait for a confirmation from one of them because it will not come from their camps.

  • Curious Styles

    Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • janekay

    i like them together…Ri Ri rocks and regardless of what the critics say, i think she has her business handled…

  • just me

    @Jim: both of stupid. Both running behind each other. When is this ending? She could have went shopping by herself. A break up mean not being around each at all. This is not love at all Chris is a weak man keep running behind her like that. Both don’t have respect for themselves. She was the one that said it was over. And still wanted to still be friends with him . So they are friends now? Hanging out and people still think they are a couple?

  • ir0

    Funny thing. Rihanna thinks it’s the biggest gift in the world that car bought by label. Don’t she get it that Jay-Z just using her for fame? He should use his own wife but i forgot, Beyonce is managing herself but still has the same management. CRAZY!

    Beyonce still gets better campaigns than Rihanna despite Rihanna having more success around the world.

  • ir0

    OK Beyonce has more class. Rih is lacking that massiv.

  • .

    black trash

  • Red

    @just me: no offense but you and all the people that actually believe there was a break up are dumb, you all are so gullible to gossip. All while people have been claiming they broke up she had been liking some pictures of them two on Instagram also today after she posted them happy together in the car she liked a picture where a fan was correcting a person of a break up ever happening and captioned that people really needed to put down the magazines and stuff believing rumors

  • guest

    @Red: who said they were broken up? certainly not Ri Ri or CB? sigh when will the masses get a not believe everything you hear/read in the media…

  • SunnyAutumn

    She is just like a regular chick with regular income when it comes to men. He keeps cheating and ignoring her calls, but as soon as he posts an old pic of them together or calls her, all is forgiven. She doesn’t care what anyone says or thinks. She broke up his 2-year relationship with her ratchet behavior. Karma in action.

  • A Mother

    Everybody likes a good old fashion romantic comeback story thus our fascination with this romance. Nevertheless thanks to Rihanna, it is starting to look too gimmicky now. FORCED AND GIMMICKY.Chris Brown, as a mother I wish I could sit you down and give u a long talk. In life we all have toyed with the “what if” notion. I have listened to all your recent interviews and I get the feeling you are not really in love with Rihanna. I get the feeling that although you guys rekindle, you CB is a little bit unsure where you want to take this romance. I think Rihanna really loves you, but again, not because she does, it means you have to.
    Although I think Rihanna really loves you, she is definitely using this newfound interest from the public to boost her image. Unfortunately you are not benefitting as much. That sucks. You know it and she knows it. If she does not stop exploiting that, it is going to backfire.

  • pitch

    girls love when the boys hit them

  • Timothy A. Mitchell

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  • noprobBOB

    Its funny because everything that Rihanna does she gets criticized for but these are the very same things people are begging Taylor Swift to do instead of her all American girl routine…So it looks like your damned if you do and damned if you don’t in this industry so everyone just mind their own business lol

  • Still The Real Dirk_Reese-Fan

    It´s OK, what Rihanna does!
    In the future she will marry Chris Brown!
    Then they´ll get a baby.
    This future is already written. And it´s good so, I think!
    Ri-Diamond-Love-Power-Foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwith Chris !

  • Boy

    It’s as clear as day he’s not that into her. I don’t think he was ever that into her to begin with. I thinks he just was with her and is with her, because she gives him status, fame and most of all popularity, the thing he needs the most right now. So he’s with her for that. But I don’t think she realizes that. She seems incredibly desperate to be with him, whlie he looks like he could take her or leave her.

  • Boy

    I also think she’s incredibly corny. Has anybody read her Twitter posts? It’s always something like f your this, f your that, in one of the last tweets she refers to herself as a yellow model chick, with a yellow a*s dress. I mean come on. She’s very corny. I think she thinks she’s really gangsta. I guess it’s easy to be gangsta when you have all those bodyguards. If she had none, she wouldn’t be running off at the mouth like that.

  • Boy

    Just PLEASE look at the look she’s giving him in picture # 15. That’s a very suspicious, hateful look, not one of love.

  • Boy

    Does anybody notice how they’re never looking at one another? They’re laughing, and smilling, but never at one another. That’s very telling.

  • Bridge

    @Boy: You really don’t believe that Rihanna gives Breezy fame and status and popularity, do you? Wait….LOL….LOL….I think you have Chris Brown mixed up with YOU! Go take your meds now.

  • Bridge


  • Bridge

    @Boy: Now your’e mad about her twitter posts and her bodyguards? Do you want to fight her?

  • Bridge

    @Boy: “Just PLEASE look at the look she’s giving him in picture # 15″.
    REALLY? What are you on? Dude, it’s OK. LOL…..LOL……LOL……

  • Kae

    This girl has the lowest self esteem ever. She can talk “thug life” everyday but her actions with him, show a weak woman with minimal self esteem. This relationship is on a collision course. I’ll wait………

  • Kenya

    @Kae are you praying for him to hit her so you can say I told you so? And if he never abuses her what would you say then? Oh yea, you’ll just keep waiting.

  • Kae

    @Kenya “a collision course” doesn’t mean he will hit her. And no I don’t pray for him to hit her. As a matter of fact I don’t mention them in my prayers. And yes I will wait for whatever they put out for the public to know.

  • Jane


    Just calm down. It’s gonna be ok. Wow. Are you a stan? Is Rihanna your mom, or your sister? FYI, she doesn’t give a f*ck about you, yet you keep defending her on sites….Speaking of meds, you seriously have issues, being in love with a celebrity, who doesn’t even know who you are. Peace.

  • Margot

    What a horrible and degrading example she is to all the young women out there to go back to a guy who almost disfiruged her….!!!!!

    She has no pride and selfesteem at all.

  • Beyone fan


  • AMY

    It’s none of our business if they are together or not. We are a pathetic society that cares about eh lives of others. No wonder out country is so messed up.

  • chianne

    Jared! I came here cuz I thought you were a supporter! Why are all – well, most – of your readers so negative? and ignorant – there ARE pictures of them looking at each other, very genuine ones. Even from the Lakers game. But how comfortable can you feel showing emotions with 10 cameras in your face when you go out anywhere?

  • What?

    Wasn’t this crappy guy once arrested because he abused her…??? Then what is she doing with him again? She wants more?
    How awful and what a horrible example for young women.

  • hopeless

    These two will not end up together in the happily ever sense because he flat out just isn’t really into her or even loves her. He will cheat again and again and she will keep taking it over and over because deep down she has very little self esteem. She is talented but her behavior is such a bad example for young women. I predict they will split for good and she will go off the rails and end up in rehab. What an absolute waste.

  • D.Scott

    I’m sure all of our opinions on their personal lives really matter to them lol

  • Melanie

    @just me:

    But the fact that the media really knows nothing about their relationship but only what Chris and Rihanna or their PR releases. Obviously they never broke up, but the media wants them to look like they break up every week to make their relationship look weak, unstable, when they are really okay.

  • miranda

    if rihanna is so stupid, she’s sitting on 50 million dollars plus. What do you idiots talking trash have going for yourselves? However she handles herself, she’s handling the main things where they count– exceptionally well. These are basically children. They have every right to grow and explore and figure out who they want to be in the long run. They need to just be left alone but they are so intriguing that well…they probably never will be. Try handling that while trying to have a meaningful relationship with someone you really do care about. anyway, i’m going to bed.