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Chris Pine Covers 'C For Men' Magazine Spring 2013

Chris Pine Covers 'C For Men' Magazine Spring 2013

Chris Pine suits up on the cover of C For Men magazine‘s Spring 2013 issue.

Here is what the 32-year-old Star Trek Into Darkness actor had to share with the mag:

On fame and attention: “I’m very clear about my relationship to ‘it’ and I don’t like ‘it.’ I find ‘it’ very invasive, though I’m trying to welcome ‘it’ more in an effort to be more zen and not-angsty. But on the totem pole of people giving a sh-t about me, I’m pretty much in the middle, which is great.”

On feeling lucky to be in his shoes: “I’m a hard worker. I’m organized. I have a modicum of this and that. But why me versus anybody else? I don’t quite understand how I got here. But I’m excited about where I am.”

On if he continued with the roles he had early in his career: “I think I probably would have been grateful to be working, but, like anyone, I would have hit a wall and probably preferred doing dinner theater somewhere or gone back to school. But no, I would not have been happy.”

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10+ pictures inside of Chris Pine‘s cover shoot for C For Men magazine…

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Photos: Sam Jones/C For Men
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  • Em

    Good lord he’s hot. Can’t wait for Star Trek

  • :(

    Chris Pine has a nasty habit of lying in interviews.

  • Rocky

    He’s Yummy, but wish he’d shave that crap off his face.

  • Butter_Fly


    Agree, which is why I stopped reading his interviews. This is the first one I have read in awhile. He just seems so unlikeable and I don’t understand why he talks about “it” so harshly. He sounds as if everyone knows every little detail about him but unless you care about Star Trek and seek out info on him you may know a little bit. The general public doesn’t even know this guy’s name. He ain’t no Brad Pitt. Just my opinion.

  • Butter_NotFly

    @Butter_Fly: you live in the Chris Pine tag as a fly stuck in butter, you know a lot about lies since you are master at telling lies!

  • idontgetit

    Is this the same guy complaining about fans in Japan screaming for BC and not him? He’s now complaining about the intrusion of fame into his life? I guess fans are damned if they do or damned if they don’t.

  • KissThis

    Why does he always come off as self-impressed in his interviews? I want to like him and be a fan, but I just can’t. Something about the way he talks, the way he even photographs, he seems like a douche.

  • No lie

    That because he is a real douche in real life..glad some fans are finally waking up to that..

  • :(


    Obviously you can’t disprove what Butter_Fly says….and don’t get personal…not smart.

    Here’s what Pine said in an interview:
    The only reason he showed up to the audition was to meet JJ Abrams, whom he felt was a good business contact. “So I told my agent “”Look, as long as they know going in that I don’t want the part, I’m just there to meet JJ…”

    And here’s what wiki says :
    Pine described his first audition as awful, because he could not take himself seriously as a leader.[6] Abrams did not see Pine’s first audition, and it was only after Pine’s agent met Abrams’ wife that the director decided to give him another audition opposite Quinto

    Dude, you wanna lie? do your homework first or maybe he just has a very short memory?

  • jay sanchez

    He looks like a humble guy trying to stay out of hollywood,it seems he does not like all the fame that the movie industry brings.

  • What?!

    “But Pine himself is more Spock-like, more reserved and thoughtful.”
    Spock is a Vulcan. A brilliant, logical alien who does not lie.
    Pine seriously needs to give up whatever he is smoking… least when he’s being interviewed..heh!

  • Irish fifty

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion/viewpoint but seriously you guys need to get a little humor. First off, his “complaining” about fans screaming for BC and his subsequent comment, were done in jest..relax a little folks.

    He has always had an extensive vocabulary..and guys his mom and sister are therapists, of course he is going to be self evaluating. He admits that he is trying to make piece with the angst he feels over this whole fame thing.

    Reese Witherspoon made it a point to compliment him with regards to his being appreciative of his life and his recognition that he is very lucky to have had this much success.

    I think that if you listen to what he says and the way in which it is said, you would see that the guy has a wicked sense of humor..usually done at his own expense. He is most complimentary of his fellow actors and has often said that he gets that he is California people have certain preconceived notions when it comes to him and his abilities.

    The guy came into his looks later in life, and I would imagine that all the sudden being one of the cool guys after being ignored for so long, is a bit disconcerting. He is like a lot of people, just figuring it out as he goes along.

    Lastly, Wiki is not always known for its accuracy…lets be real…there are plenty of stories about who discovered what actor, in what manner etc. floating around out there…many with questionable “facts”.

    I realize that this is a lengthy reply, to what is not an earth shattering subject, but I like the guy and think that he is intelligent..and some people can’t reconcile this with his being an actor..

    Obviously, these are just my opinions as I have never met the guy…but hey lighten up…and if you find that you dislike him and that his persona offends you that much, then maybe you should just let it go and not read about him anymore..idk just a thought

  • :(

    “Wikipedia is not always known for it’s accuracy?”
    That’s your excuse for the blatant lie told by Pine? There are many, many interviews and article on the net that came out in 2009/10 about Chris Pine’s auditions for “Kirk”. Are they all someone’s imagination? And what about Chris Pine when he referred to his failed first audition and the second one where Quinto was there? Was Pine lost in Wonderland or something when he made those comments?!!

  • What?!

    @Irish fifty #13
    why am I on a Pine thread? because I like Star Trek. I’m not a trekkie but rather a casual fan. I would love to avoid Chris Pine if I could. But unfortunately he is “Kirk”. :((
    Please keep in mind that this is a gossip blog. Anyone can follow anyone for whatever reason and leave an opinion – negative or positive. Your advice on what posters should do is not required.

  • Dee

    To me CP never ever seems arrogant. Where’s this all coming from?

  • No lie

    @Dee: for starters, just ask any of his exes…

  • immanuel kant

    I was resiting commenting but I just have to. You all are free to believe whatever you want but you must realize that you are merely speculating based on very limited information. But let me just break down this whole “lying” over wanting the part of Kirk business because there’s some serious reading comprehension and outright failures of reason going on here.

    1. Chris says in UK Esquire that he only took the audition to meet JJ. And someone here complained that this in conjuncture with the quote from wiki about his bad audition makes Pine a liar. Let’s break this down.

    Now, the entire quote from ESQ finishes with Chris admitting that he was “pretty high on his horse”. Now, in context, he already was doing White Jazz at the time and in this interview and others has said he wanted to do dark, character pieces and didn’t see himself in the leading man roles. This goes with the wiki quiote regarding not seeing himself as a leader. He didn’t see himself as a leading man, and further, he saw himself as a character actor, not as someone in a tentpole movie. ANd yes, he admits this was him being full of himself. In the same section of ESQ he says re: auditioning for Kirk “All i wanted at that time was a part I really connected to and [his agent suggested trek and he said] have you not been hearing anything I’ve said? Star Trek is the furthest thing from what I want to do.”

    Thus, he blew the audition, his heart wasn’t in it and he has said he felt ridiculous. And then through some assorted circumstances, and at least partially thanks to Zach Quinto he took a second audition and then had to choose between Trek and White Jazz and the rest is history.

    Now, please tell me why these two things are mutually exclusive. He has many times said he only did the first audition to meet JJ as a contact. He has said the audition was awful, he wasn’t taking it or himself in the role seriously and he did it mainly to meet JJ not truly wanting the part and not believing he’d get it. When he got the second chance, he clearly did better and took the part.

    So where is he a liar in regards to these two statements regarding his original Trek audition? Look, you want to hate him, think he’s a douchebag, think he has no right to complain about not liking fame? Go right ahead. But please try to use some modicum of reason.

    And as a related note, if you think he’s a liar for claiming to hate fame and yet at moments seeming to court it re: some relatively minor exploitation of his “personal life” I would suggest to you you start to understand that perhaps Chris is ambivalent and understands that there is a certain price to pay for his level of success so at times he plays along and yet feels conflicted about hs participation and then withdraws from it. Food for thought. But I expect most of you will just pound your fist and insist Chris is a terrible liar. I’ll leave you to it and your illogical conclusions.

  • immanuel kant


    I don’t believe for one damn minute you’re just a casual trek fan. Casual fans don’t go reading about the lead actors in their casual interests and then bitch about things they say. You sound like you feel Chris personally burned you by not living up to something in your own head. That says something about you, not him.

    And regarding your other statement, again, reading comprehension is your friend. Pine did not say he is like Spock, the writer wrote that because it was his impression Chris is more reserved and thoughtful. You can disagree, of course, but your quesiton should be, “what is the writer smoking, because I don’t think Chris is like that!”

  • immanuel kant


    That’s your excuse for the blatant lie told by Pine? There are many, many interviews and article on the net that came out in 2009/10 about Chris Pine’s auditions for “Kirk”. Are they all someone’s imagination? And what about Chris Pine when he referred to his failed first audition and the second one where Quinto was there? Was Pine lost in Wonderland or something when he made those comments?!!

    Why are you having trouble understanding that the quote in ESQ is regarding his FIRST audition. And this quote absolutely does not negate any of the other ones as I already explained.

    And what about his second audition with Zach? He is NOT REFERENCING THAT IN THIS QUOTE. HE IS REFERENCING THE FIRST AUDITION AND HOW HE FELT HE WAS NOT INTERESTED IN THE ROLE AND NOT RIGHT FOR IT AND THUS BLEW THE AUDITION. Did the bold help you understand? I am guessing not. So feel free to go on believing false things because they align better with your version of the truth.

  • Irish fifty

    Nice job Immanuel Kant…you hit it spot on about Chris and his quotes being taken out of context.

    The haters will continue to hate..but I myself take him at his word that he is trying to become more zen like and less angsty over his fame.

    P.S. @No lie that was a cheap shot about his exes…we really have no idea what went on and given the level of misquotes and outright lies that tend to float around out there (in general, not just about him) I’ll reserve judgment on this for the moment. Re: Jennifer Aniston is pregnant..or it always seemed to be a source close to the situation etc..

    This is a gossip site, not really a forum for serious discussion. People have enough drama in their own lives and like to come here to momentarily distract themselves from their everyday problems.

    To that end, I apologize to anyone who has gotten a headache from our little dramatic conversation. I will take my own advice and lighten up…lol

    Have a good day everyone…its all good..

  • Just curious

    @immanuel kant – comment 17
    “He has many times said he only did the first audition to meet JJ as a contact. He has said the audition was awful, ……”
    Your words Immanuel kant.
    First audition? JJ Abrams wasn’t there.
    second audition? JJ Abram, Bryan Burke, Zachary Quinto were there.
    Perhaps you would like to rethink your comment because you just made Pine a liar. A long convoluted post for nothing.
    BTW, your words ” serious reading comprehension and outright failures of reason going on here.” applies more to you than anyone else here.
    Just out of curiosity where has he said (other than this interview) that he did the audition just to meet Abrams?

  • :(

    @immanuel kant #19
    Heeeyyy, someone got there before me! or I would have had the pleasure of typing my entire comment in BOLD. Just for you sunshine!
    Oh, yeah! FIRST AUDITION indeed!!

  • Irish fifty

    round and round we go..lets just agree to disagree..he lied, he didn’t lie. differing views/interpretation of quotes..whatever….you like him or you don’t goes on…lol

  • What?!

    @immanuel kant
    I don’t give a sh*t what you believe, In the Star Trek Universe a “trekkie” is someone who knows all of Star Trek. That’s all of the series, films etc. who goes to conventions and buys Star trek merchandise. The only knowledge I have of Star trek is the 2009 film and some of the TOS TV series and films. I have never watched any of the other series like TNG or “Enterprise” or any of the other series. As I said, in the “Trek Universe” I’m a “casual fan”.
    A “trekkie” and a “casual fan” are not defined by their interest in Chris Pine’s antics. Duh!
    As for Chris Pine burning me? HW actors don’t burn me!! If they did I would be long dead by now! Jeeze. btw no need to get personal as someone said previously.
    Maybe I should ask “What was Chris Pine and his PR smoking when they passed that interview without objecting to the writer saying Pine was like Spock” since you say the writer and only the writer is to be blamed!
    Wow, immanuel kant(rant?!!) you seem to be awfully invested in Chris Pine’s popularity. My sympathies….must be hard with some saying STID is a Cumberbatch film with someone named “Kirk” in it!

    @Irish fifty
    Sure, life goes on but arrogant, self righteous idiots like “immanuel kant” don’t get a free pass.

  • What?!

    @ Irish fifty
    I just read your post at #20
    “Nice job Immanuel Kant”
    “you hit it spot on ”
    “The haters will continue to hate.”
    And now you want all to calm down???? Really, I mean really?!

  • Irish fifty

    @What! post #20

    Yes, really…if you scroll further down you would see that I apologized for my making such a fuss on what should be a relatively “light” site.

    So I am sorry if I offended you or anyone else when I expressed my thoughts…my post #23 is making fun of myself and the fact that it really is what it believe he lied or someone else interprets his quotes in a different be it….that is what I meant when I said life goes on..

    I am poking fun at my own self because I really should have just let the comments go and not ever posted such a “serious” in that is why I apologized…it was not appropriate to have a “in depth” conversation/discussion on this “ever so not worth arguing over/losing sleep over it topic.

    So please don’t take it so to heart..I apologized for the words/phrases I used and I guess that is really all I can say

  • What?!

    Ok, Irish fifty Peace! :))

  • Irish fifty

    @What?! lol..peace it is…*shakes on it..

  • can’t find

    where in atl Ga can i find a UK Esquire magazine may 2013 edition

  • Butter_Fly

    Wow. Well, I don’t know about any of his auditions (ain’t gonna know, don’t wanna know) but from what and how I read his newer statements and remembering some of his older ones, he seems to be a very contradictory, conceited man. Again that is just my opinion on him now, which is kinda sad because like “KissThis” (#7) I really wanted to like this actor but he made it so easy for me not to.

  • nadine

    So, just so I feel like I’m in the loop, people are upset because he supposedly lied about his Star Trek auditions?

    This is why you don’t like him?
    Why are some of you are acting like he hurt you personally about something important.

    All I ever heard from him was he auditioned, he didn’t really want to be there, screwed it up and he thought that was that. But they called him back and he decided he was going to go for it and he gave a better audition, apparently. I’m confused, where’s the lie?

    You know some reporters also said Zach referred Chris to JJ for the part, right? Zach said in an interview (that you can find online as part of the first film’s marketing push), that that was not true. He read with Chris and a few others and gave JJ his opinion after the audition. That was it.

    So misinformation is everywhere.

    And I don’t get the conceited part at all. I don’t know what other people are seeing but I see a well-spoken and well-read man with a healthy confusion about fame.

  • sick of this cra!p

    Nadine, no you are not in the loop!
    He didn’t “supposedly” lie. He lied.
    He didn’t “hurt” anyone. It’s just that no one likes a liar.
    No he didn’t just audition. He said he didn’t want the part AT ALL but went ONLY to meet JJ, when in reality JJ wasn’t even there.
    No, misinformation is NOT everywhere. It’s just Chris Pine’s fans that spread misinformation to cover up his lies.

  • Josie

    This guy can’t put two sentences together without dropping the f*** word and he’s a “well spoken man” ? Sheesh!!

  • bullsh8t

    so there is a video circulating with chris arriving at some hollywood club with some unknown model type and they tag her as Dominique Piek…she is not dominique piek but how embarassing for Piek..that she could be mistaken for any random tall skinny brunette..altho she does look like Piek..but maybe the poor man’s version of her. also looks younger…so Pine is doing the whole leo modelizer thing now…typical..

  • Oh, Hollywood!

    Sometimes I feel sorry for Chris Pine. He can’t be seen with any girl without someone saying it’s his girlfriend or whatever. but again HW actors lie and manipulate so much they kinda deserve it! Yep, too funny how they say this girl whoever she is, that it’s Piek, like they said Piek was Beau Garret when they first saw her!!

  • Bullsh8t

    @Oh, Hollywood!: I didn’t say she was his gf..probably just a hookup..but she does look like piek..only less attractive and younger. Before he used to date different types, blondes brunettes tall short medium he seems to be sticking to one type..that what happen to Leo.. I somehow expected better from Chris. Also pine whines about his privacy but then he shows up to Hollywood hotspot that has paps waiting around outside with a girl who is clearly his date. Really can’t complain about lack of privacy.

  • Oh, Hollywood!

    The entire video is a PR set up “date” for Pine. You know STID “Capt Kirk” and all. lol As for Pine’s “privacy” ……haha. Wonder who the girl is? another “unknown” looking for some publicity??
    There PR people are sooo predictable!

  • Irish fifty

    I’m a little confused because I thought he was in Vegas for Cinema con.
    How old is this video? Can you supply a link or send me in the right direction, so that I may see for myself..

  • youtube

    @Irish fifty
    Chris Pine & Dominique Piek arrive at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood
    by PopCandiesTv

  • Irish fifty

    thanks for the tip…only an amateur would think that was Dominique Piek..

  • Bullsh8t

    Yes some unknown., Looking for some publicity. Chris is the one who has become so predictable. @irishfifty The face may not look like piek, but she does have the same look about her. I could see how she would be mistaken for her if you were not paying close attention.

  • Serina

    interestingly enough Dom piek tweeted last night a link to a short interview she gave a few days ago at some event. They asked her about Chris and she confirmed they are no longer together.

  • Irish fifty

    I must say that Dom Piek has shown a lot of class with her response. Rather than putting a nasty tweet out there along the lines of hell no that’s not me, she chose to respond in a low key, but effective manner to let people know that she and Chris are no longer together.

  • NotConfusedAnymore

    I read the Esquire article and I have to say that this “White Snow” movie he wanted to make instead of Star Trek would have been a bad idea for both Chris’ and George Clooney’s careers.
    Women don’t want to see a cute guy crushing on another cute guy. YUCK! That’s just another gay movie; unless that was their intent which means it would not have been made with women in mind.

    Remember “The Cable Guy?” where Jim Carrey stalks another dude? Not sexy. Jim’s charm could not save that movie. Chris crushing on George would not be sexy either, not to me anyway. It’s as if fate DETERMINED Chris would not do that movie and I’m glad!

    I get it Chris, you want to do edgy artsy stuff where you can shine and not be pigeon holed in comic book iconic roles. I would like to see that but not if you are gonna stalk or crush on another dude. DO NOT DO THAT! Keep your female audience happy. I wanna see him in an edgy version of “Tequila Sunrise.” Ahh Tequila Sunrise…the jacuzzi, the sleazy sax music, the sex…THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN ABOUT!”

    Or something with integrity where he plays a single struggling single father or an activist going up against evil political forces like “The Constant Gardener.”

    What do you guys think?

  • Wtf

    @NotConfusedAnymore: I think that not all his female fans are that close-minded.

  • NotConfusedAnymore

    @WTF #45. Are you saying this as a female? As a woman are you cool with seeing a hot dude like Chris perv on another hot guy like George?

    If you see a movie where the guys look better than the women chances are women are not the target audience.

  • Are you for real?

    Wow! I thought this was 2013??
    Movies are made for everyone. Men, women, children and straight and gay people too….I haven’t met anyone with “NotConfusedAnymore” dumb, closed, downright homophobic ideas in a long time…..the hell?!

  • confused

    I think you should replace every “women” and “female” in your comment by “I” and “me”. Then it starts to make sense! lol

  • wtf

    yes i am a woman. and no i wouldnt have minded seeing him in that type of movie. (though perhaps not with Clooney as i cant stand him)

  • ??

    CP interview….he says his dream girl is – intelligent and beautiful.
    Umm, so what happened with his ex gfs? None of them are beautiful and intelligence and their names shouldn’t even be in the same sentence!