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Lea Michele: Hike with Jonathan Groff & Dinner with Parents!

Lea Michele: Hike with Jonathan Groff & Dinner with Parents!

Lea Michele heads into Sugarfish restaurant for dinner with her parents Edith and Marc on Thursday (April 11) in Studio City, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress is seen out and about for the first time since her boyfriend Cory Monteith checked into rehab.

Earlier that day, Lea went on a hike with her Spring Awakening and Glee co-star Jonathan Groff!

“Just went on such a great hike with Jon Groff! I <3 him :)" Lea tweeted along with the adorable photo. “Living the fit life!”

20+ pictures inside of Lea Michele out for dinner with her parents…

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lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 01
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 02
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 03
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 04
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 05
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 06
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 07
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 08
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 09
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 10
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 11
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 12
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 13
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 14
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 15
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 16
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 17
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 18
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 19
lea michele dinner with parents after jonathan groff hike 20

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45 Responses to “Lea Michele: Hike with Jonathan Groff & Dinner with Parents!”

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  1. 1
    LOL Says:

    Oh wow everyone is trying to make it seem like she’s so upset and is holed up in her home depressed. She drank with the guy constantly, she wasn’t as “worried” as they want you to think. She’s been out and about a bunch of times and tweeted about it. Sorry she didn’t call the paparazzi to show off her perfectly placed necklace to show ‘support’ for her “boyfriend”. This is the most fake and predictable relationship in Hollywood. Next time we’ll see her driving his rental.

  2. 2
    Heather Morris Says:

    @LOL: you need to sort out your priorities

  3. 3
    Sara Says:

    She’s all smiley and having fun while her boyfriend is in rehab… not very supportive of you Lea… I’m disappointed =// Cory deserves support and Love. She should be there for him in this incredibly hard time.

  4. 4
    Bobbie Says:

    I’m a big fan of Cory and I don’t care what Lea Michele is doing. She’s free to live a normal life. She doesn’t have to sit at home moping around just because Cory is in rehab. To be honest, I don’t even care about her anymore It’s Cory I care about. I just hope and pray Cory comes out of rehab healthy, with a new outlook on life. And starts working hard again. I’ll always be rooting for him.

  5. 5
    Lisse Says:

    @LOL: Facepalm. Are you guys still going on about the “rental” RR? And you really gotta stop with the fake pr theories. It’s been going on for more than a year and only makes you guys look sad and pathetic. And also, FYI, Lea and her parents were driving Cory’s car tonight.

  6. 6
    Jen Says:

    Jeez, is she supposed to be dressed in black with a veil and become a hermit while he is in rehab? No, life doesn’t stop for friends and family of those in rehab. You go about your life just like you normally would, and when you are given the chance, you go support your loved one in the way that is conducive to their recovery.

    And saying she drank with him isn’t exactly accurate. A “source” tells a magazine that wants to sell issues and get page views that she did.

  7. 7
    Leah Says:


    Lol just as you’re entitled to think that they’re really together, we’re entitled to think it’s PR. Lea calling the paps and wearing that necklace when she gets seen for the first time since he entered rehab just reinforces that for me.

    Also lol at you saying she was in his car because some leader in your fandom says it is. You literally can’t tell what car she’s driving in these pictures

  8. 8
    Mia Says:


    There are pictures of her drinking with him. So that actually is factual. The sources telling magazines how perfect their relationship is all the time are the ones that I’d be questioning a bit more. Your boyfriend who is sober for 11 years goes to rehab and apparently your relationship doesn’t suffer at all? That’s what is questionable

  9. 9
    Ted Says:


    Yes cause you can tell what car they’re driving from these pictures lol. And actually the fact that you care about people thinking two celebrities might be faking a relationship makes you pathetic

  10. 10
    Ashlee Says:

    ewww fugly alert

  11. 11
    Lisse Says:

    I’m not the one who thinks they are faking a relationship. I actually believe Cory and Lea. They both have said they are dating in media interviews. Cory, for one, went on Ellen and when Ellen asked him, he answered Yes. That’s enough for me to believe. LOL The whole US media, their friends and families all know they are dating. There is only just one subset in the crazy Glee fandom that still refuse to believe what the actors themselves have told us, and the people that still think these two are in a fake relationship are so downright pathetic, I don’t know what to say to them anymore. Yes, you have your right to think they’re lying to the media, but I also have the right to think you’re pathetic. Anyway, that’s that. I hope Cory gets better soon.

  12. 12
    Lisse Says:

    @Leah: No “leader” in fandom is telling anyone anything. WTF??? You can tell she’s getting into a grey Range Rover, and Cory’s car is a grey Range Rover. Lea’s usual car is a black Prius. And Lea and her parents have driven Cory’s car whenever they come to LA.

  13. 13
    Ted Says:

    @Lisse: Cory’s car is actually an Audi, when he knows he is getting papped he @Lisse:

    If you believe everything celebrities say in interviews than I seriously feel incredibly sorry for you. Like the incredible amount of naivety you’re showing means it’s pointless even arguing with you

  14. 14
    Leah Says:

    @Lisse: Really all you can tell in the pictures is she is getting into a grey car. And Cory’s private, personal car is an Audi. The RR is a rental, no matter how much you and Monchele stans deny it. And lol yes everytime her parents visit they drive this car and only this car. Oh no wait everytime her parents visit since she starting ‘dating’ Cory and they get papped they drive this car

  15. 15
    Annie Says:

    I’m actually laughing right now. Lea calls the paps 97% of the time she gets papped and the first time she’s seen since Cory goes to rehab she’s flashing that dog chain with his name she wears only every now and then. Funny that.

    Lea and Cory could be real, I don’t care if they are or they aren’t. But there is no use denying they’re milking this relationship real or not for all they can. They’re using it for PR purposes and fans denying that are insane

  16. 16
    Opal Says:

    Wow lea has such a dedicated hater just as she has a dedicated fan lol i dont know what do you get from this haters but you need to get a life tbh i think it’s pathetic for anyone to hate a person that you dont even know about, i’m talking about haters in general

  17. 17
    g Says:

    I dunno or care (and really why should you either?) if they’re dating or fake dating………
    but usually in rehab the patients are not permitted to talk to anyone on the outside for some time and then they’re slowly allowed those privileges, first by phone then later in person.

  18. 18
    Thea Says:

    Glad to see Lea out and about and getting some exercise. Nothing she can do while Cory is in a rehab facility most likely unable to have visitors yet except go on with her life. She’s supporting him best by not letting this take over her life by holing up in the house and worrying. Cory, who loves life so much wouldn’t want that. He wouldn’t thank his so-called fans for tearing his girlfriend down for living her life especially since he is the one who is responsible for this situation. Nice to see her parents came out to support both of them and always happy to see Lea and Jon spend time together. Cory has two cars, the Audi and the Range Rover. Neither is a rental. The Range Rover is very often photographed in Lea’s driveway by the extremely invasive paps and witnessed by strange girls who show up at her gate with their inappropriate parents to tell her they love her. Lea’s father has been photographed driving Cory’s RR several times.

  19. 19
    Elena Says:

    @ LOL, What’s the problem? Suffer and she was crying. when Cory had a drug problem, but not when he decided to be treated. That he is terminally ill? Conversely people decided to fight the addiction. this should be pleased!

  20. 20
    Pot Meet Kettle Says:

    Oh wow, all these people talking about Lea calling the papz to be photographed yet your beloved Dianna Agron (yeah the only people who think Lea/Cory’s relationship is PR are those who think Lea is a lesbian and in love with Dianna) is constantly getting PR pictures taken of her yet that is apparently ok…oh and lets not forget about the pictures of Dianna and her boyfriend recently…This is hollywood people, 90% of what EVERY celebrity does is classified PR.

    However I have to say that Lea and Cory’s relationship is probably the most expensive PR relationship in history. I mean the fact that Fox have to pay Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuck, The entire Glee cast, all the different reporters from TV and magazines who write articles about them, the papz who photograph them, Lea, Cory, their parents, their friends, the rest of their family, the fans who see them out and about and tweet about it or photos…..I think someone should call the people who keep track of world records because I think with the way you people are acting they have definitely set the world record for most expensive PR relationship to date…..

  21. 21
    Hilarious Says:

    They are hating for over one year and people still going crazy about, his friends and family only have nice words about how lea michele is being supportive but people that don’t know their personal life is judging and making assumptions. And she is hiking with her best friend and having dinner with her parents, she is not going crazy on a night club, give a rest people, she is supportive of her boyfriend and haters should deal with it and move on.

  22. 22
    Tina Says:

    @Pot Meet Kettle:

    Umm I think it’s PR and I don’t even like Dianna not do I think Lea is gay. But I guess you Monchele shippers need to think that in order to feel you have a counter. Also I agree Dianna calls the paps, that don’t make Monchele real though.

    But given your description of what you think is PR it’s obvious you’re an idiot no one can reason with

  23. 23
    Susan Says:

    After two weeks of Cory been in rehab she is pap for the first time and wearing a neckale saying Cory?, Lea can’t do it more obvious.
    And what about all these articles on people and US about how she calmed him, support him , etc, They are disgusting for the way are milking Cory been an addict.

  24. 24
    Micky Says:

    @Hilarious: I love how you people just believe all sources from magazines if they’re pro Monchele. Lol. Guess what you don’t know them either and ‘sources’ and ‘insiders’ are more often than not made up, yes even the ones saying how perfect Monchele are

  25. 25
    Micky Says:

    The Monchele stans acting like they know Lea and Cory personally ate hilarious, especially when telling others they don’t know them. Oh edit I forgot a gossip magazine said his family loves Lea, that must be true! Lol

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