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Gerard Butler: I Love Nudity!

Gerard Butler: I Love Nudity!

Gerard Butler shows his fists while attending a photo call for his new flick Olympus Has Fallen on Friday (April 12) in Mexico.

“No beaches in Johannesburg so surfing the escalator on the way to the @OlympusMovie premiere!” the 43-year-old Scottish actor tweeted later in the day, along with a pic. Check out the pic below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Last weekend, Gerard was spotted taking a stroll with his girlfriend Madalina Ghenea in Rome.

“With full nudity I would take less! I love that!” Gerry recently shared about doing a movie with nudity.

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gerard butler i love nudity 02
gerard butler i love nudity 03
gerard butler i love nudity 04
gerard butler i love nudity 05

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Twitter
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  • Ashley

    I had a dream about Gerard last night, which is weird since I’m not a fan. But now I am, after that dream. ;)

  • cupcake

    I knew there would be a new thread.

  • Funny

    Odd how JJ has to bring up last weekend’s farce. Wasn’t that pretty much covered in the last thread, or are we going to keep up the PR campaign indefinitely?

  • SeeSawSally,03ca99ee5240e310VgnVCM3000009acceb0aRCRD.html

    This is very revealing. It’s not old, it’s from since he has been in Mexico this time. Is he trying to tell us all something?

  • It seems to me
  • Hmmm

    @SeeSawSally: Article may be “new” but this is from an old interview.

  • janet
  • Coachella Cutie

    We’ll have a new thread when he goes to Coachella. I think the paps are going to be stalking him, just in case he goes to a ‘porta-potty’.
    Madalina will probably be in LA soon to keep an eye on him. There’s a lot of gorgeous young girls there.

  • horrible new thread title

    I think the heading on the this new thread sounds sleezy and wish they would change it. So right Janet.

  • ####

    @Coachella Cutie: She has a movie coming out in Italy this week. She has no time to stalk the Butler this week,

  • Silly threads

    Get used to these threads about nothing, since he’s got no work coming up in the near future. There will be no red carpets for at least a year or more unless he goes to the awards shows.

  • Sophie

    Of course he loves nudity. He’s a ‘ho.

  • So True

    @Silly threads:
    I think we’ll get a few candid shots of him on holiday or something but I agree, there is going to be a dry spell on JJ.
    It will prove how serious he is about Maddy. If he hasn’t got much going on, then you would think he could spend more time with his girlfriend. He may go spend time in Europe.

  • commando

    Oh I was really expecting to see different pics based on the headline, lol (kidding). I like to see GB on the escalator, though. :)

  • horrible new thread title

    I have my doubts whether gerry will be at coachella. He said that he was going to spend a few days in Mexico and coachella is over tomorrow.

  • ####

    @Silly threads: Ha unless he goes to her premieres.

  • Hmmm

    @horrible new thread title: Only the first weekend is over tomorrow.

  • Baited Breath

    When the promoting of the film is over, we’ll see what happens next. Seems there was something about him going to Cochella this weekend, reserving a suite near by. See if he shows up or takes his SO there too or it was just name dropping hype to get people to attend. The next few months will be interesting.

  • C.A

    Wauw … a new thread …Nice to see some new pics….. Didn’t think it was still a hit to pose like a boxer … He looks better now … Hope he will have some more work very soon …. :)

  • Baited Breath

    Gerry has already had plenty of scenes in the buff. I think he’s just kidding around.

  • ####
  • Baited Breath

    He said he had some good scripts coming across his desk. Maybe that’s a good sign. Seriously though, he needs to not mess with them and leave the writing to the writers and stick to what he does best. JMO.

  • Baited Breath

    @####: Good. Then if he can’t make this weekend, there is still next one. He’ll want to parade around with his girlfriend in tow no doubt if she’s not busy! Show her off. We shall see.

  • So True

    @Baited Breath:
    I have to agree.
    Last year’s debacle with the toilet lady was embarrassing. Nothing like bringing your hot girlfriend to trump it and show that you aren’t sleazy.
    She’ll be there with him and we’ll see more PDAs worthy of the paps.

  • angelsrock


    Yes, it was. As many of his comments are. I could not work in the media business and become a vulture sitting safely high in the tree waiting for people to slip and stumble and then “wham”. Exaggerate the point in a twisted negative twist and hit print.

  • OW

    There could be more affected than walk around carrying a cheap escort and getting paid for lutherans nazi.
    guy you’re a bad joke.,03ca99ee5240e310VgnVCM3000009acceb0aRCRD.html

  • ME

    @So True:

    There was never any proof of that.

  • Kali Orexi

    @So True: thenwhole ports-potty story has been proved to be false, this already happened to e proved as false last year.

  • Kali Orexi

    @Kali Orexi: I hate my iPad! I was trying to say that the whole portaloo story was proven to be false,

  • what?

    @OW: I must be dumb, I didn’t understand a word you said.

  • So True

    There was never any proof that he slept with Brandi until she opened her mouth.
    You never know with Gerry.
    I keep an open mind. Some rumors I know are complete BS, the other stuff may be a 100% true, but only he knows for sure.

  • Gerryfan


    It was proved to be untrue. It’s just another lie to try to discredit GB.

  • Gerryfan

    @So True:

    And if she hadn’t opened her mouth nobody would have been any the wiser as there were no witnesses but there were lots of people at Coachella who say he was never near the porta poty.

  • So True

    “And if she hadn’t opened her mouth nobody would have been any the wiser ”
    That’s my point. A lot of fans said that the Brandi thing never happened but then had to acknowledge it when Gerry and Brandi admitted to it. It all started with ‘witnesses’ and tweets. That’s why it’s hard to know what’s real and what is BS.
    But don’t forget, witnesses also said that he never went to the port-a-potty for s/ex, but that he actually went in there to do blow with some girl.
    The problem isn’t whether it’s true or not, the problem is that the general public read online blogs and gossip sites and believe that’s true.

  • Gerryfan

    @So True:

    “witnesses also said that he never went to the port-a-potty for s/ex, but that he actually went in there to do blow with some girl”

    So just say he did go into the porta poty with someone, how do these “witnesses” know what took place when the door was closed?

  • ME

    @So True:

    “he actually went in there to do blow with some girl”

    Sorry, but do you mean oral? because if so, that is sex.

  • So True

    “So just say he did go into the porta poty with someone, how do these “witnesses” know what took place when the door was closed?”
    Again, that’s my point! lol!
    No one can know for sure. The trouble is that the public think that it’s true. Wether it happened or not, isn’t relevant. People believed it because his reputation in 2012 was already on a downward slope. I mean what middle aged man goes to a music festival just months after rehab and behaves like a teenager?
    You can’t fault the public for believing stories like the port-a-potty one, when Gerry doesn’t try that hard to curb his behavior.

  • So True

    No. I meant ‘blow’ like the drug.

  • Gerryfan

    @So True:

    The problem is that for some reason there are people out there who spread lies about GB. There have been reports of girls tweeting claims that they are in bed with him and he’s been sitting at home with friends when the tweet was posted. Anybody can say things on things like tweets and they don’t have to prove what they are saying is true. GB himself has said that over 90% of stories about him are not true and he hasn’t a clue where they come from.

  • Yawn…

    Phannie, can you turn the lights out when you’re done? We’ve already heard this defense of GB a million times already.

  • Tanya


    Piss off!

  • Can I just say?


    Very eloquently put.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Hi girls, been catching up and reading the Russian sisters . This was in the comments part and I couldn’t help but be touched by the words. Wish I knew a clearer translation other than google and I certainly hope she doesn’t mind that I post this. She made this after seeing the pictures from the Independent article:
    Good evening, girls! Strange personality, full of mystery and magnetism … When Gerard smiles, the heart is filled with joy, happiness and incomprehensible day is sunny, despite the weather and the time of day! But when Gerard looks so sad, sad, you want to forget about everything and go for this mysterious man on the edge of the world … Only. When I look into the sad eyes of Gerard, I understand why we are going, why go to him thousands of miles brightest women … Gerard is Space, We all love the Earth, but why do we always long for the starry sky … Girls, thank you for your work!

  • So True

    I actually think Gerry is right about some gossip being made up and totally untrue. But even he’s admitted to some of it is based on fact. It’s hard for the public to decipher between fact and fiction sometimes.
    But, I think it’s ridiculous that some fans say that 90% of the bad rumors about Gerry are completely false but then they accept that 100% of the bad rumors about Madalina are completely true! lol!
    What a double standard.
    That is what you call a delusional fan.

  • So True

    Someone called Five Cents posted this on the previous thread and it sounds like what Gerry may do.
    “Judging by what he’s said about himself over the years, and prior behavior, my guess is when he meets the right person, no one will know until he is seriously committed. There won’t be any PR pap strolls involved and he’ll be protective towards that person. This situation appears to be all about business, which is why most GB followers have never bought into it. Plus I doubt any woman that was serious about him would antagonize his fans with her fb page. She wouldn’t say one word, unless she was in it for the attention.”

  • stop lying

    “There have been reports of girls tweeting claims that they are in bed with him and he’s been sitting at home with friends when the tweet was posted.”
    Stop posting this lie!
    There are no “reports” of Gerry being at home with friends while girls claim to be having sex with him. There are NO media reports of this and there is NO interview with Gerry saying it.
    One of you phannies came on JJ with this tall tale and then the rest of you started repeating it like it was a fact. For someone complaining about those who spread lies about Gerry, you phannies sure like to tell big whoppers of your own.
    There are women who have tweeted that they went on a date Gerry, that he asked for their number, or that he slept with their friend or family member. But there has been no instance of a tweet like that appearing and the woman being discredited by Gerry or anyone else. It has never happened. None of these tweets have ever been confirmed to be untrue.
    You can choose not to believe them if you don’t want to, but STOP stating that these women have been discredited with actual proof because none of them have.
    There have been media reports that Gerry is dating another celeb, and Gerry has denied it. He has said the media will claim his is dating someone while he’s off “doing damage” with someone else. But neither he, nor anyone else on his team, has discussed twitter or FB claims.

  • Kkk

    Piss offff gerry. Your are a HAS BEEN!

  • Alina
  • Diva-Darlling

    Thank you for the link! He is gorgeous on that red carpet. And I love how he says that the people in Mexico are warm, but at first he wanted to say, ‘the women are so beautiful’. We know Gerry, you love the latin ladies.

  • Teacakes

    @So True: She doesn’t antagonize mentally healthy secure women like myself.

    You only THINK she’s antagonizing YOU because you can’t stand that she’s with Gerry. You’d hate anyone he’s with and the fact that she’s young, stunningly beautiful and REAL with him bothers you a lot.

    You’re not happy unless you’re sliming her which means you’re also sliming him. Get over yourself and go find your own love.