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Leonardo DiCaprio: Coachella Music Festival Concertgoer!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Coachella Music Festival Concertgoer!

Leonardo DiCaprio chats with a group of ladies while attending the first day of the 2013 Coachella Music Festival on Friday (April 12) in Indio, Calif.

The 38-year-old actor was seen dancing along to the music with his friends.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

An extended television spot for Leonardo‘s new movie The Great Gatsby was recently released!

The film, about a Midwestern war veteran (Tobey Maguire) who finds himself drawn to the past and lifestyle of his millionaire neighbor (DiCaprio), opens in theaters on May 10.

Leonardo DiCaprio – New “Great Gatsby” TV Spot

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  • Wizzer

    His style has improved
    I much prefer him in these newsboy caps than the baseball caps.
    Makes him look less like a frat boy douche. Nice hairy arms.

  • LOL

    OMG. The background guy in the third pic wearing black T shirt sans cap, is Brandon Davis. A ‘close personal friend’ of Leo’s ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton also the guy that infamously called Lohan a “firecrotch”. Whodathunk

  • hopeless

    Good God so unattractive and trying to front it like he’s still 22.

  • funny witch

    If Brandon Davis is there – cocaine around. Gross.

  • Cindi

    Leo is a fat drunk.

  • Baby

    Babyyy boy!

  • B.

    Really? At 38? Such a Peter Pan complex!

  • Dana

    I like Leo, but he seems stunted at 20. A-list celebrity or not, it’s starting to look very pathetic.

  • Nessa

    Dude, he looks so f*cked up in these pictures. Coke would explain the face bloat here….

  • 55vineyard

    I thought it was the inmates in the LA jail who named her firecrotch, but hey, I may well be wrong. Don’t follow her stories that closely.

  • beautybarbie

    i dont like this guy.

  • AJ

    I have to agree to a certain level with some of the comments. This guy needs to grow up. Gisele was his chance to settle down. But he effed that up. Clearly he wants the single life a la George Clooney…which is fine. But seriously dude grow up. Chasing 20 yr old tale all the time must be exhausting.

  • @12

    The thing is he’s never going to. No matter how many times bloggers insist on it. Most of his friends are single and child free (including new recruit Bradley Cooper) and there’s nothing to show any of them are going to give up the lifestyle of parties, yachts and booze for responsibility or commitment. Not happening

  • sb

    He’s starting to remind me of Matt McConaughey’s character in Dazed and Confused…

  • Ava

    People were raging on Bradley Cooper, when DiCaprio actually older, he’s born in 74′ and Cooper 75′ , Even though Leo hasn’t been 21 in 17 years his girlfriends have stayed 21.. Besides the fact he always at teen bopper events like this or clubbing, he’s never embarrassed to be hanging out at clubs when he almost pushing 40, god bless the deluded, he probably still thinks he’s 25 and has enough fame and money to almost believe his delusions .

  • Sara

    Leo DiCaprio looks better in the face then he has for long time or the hats doing a good job… But no matter his looks I can never find him attractive , he had the ugliest gait, so unattracive, flat footed, how a man walks is important for their sex appeal and how he wears his pants is too, Leo just all kinds of wrong from the neck down.

  • huh

    @Sara: I’ve always found his walk really attractive, very loose limbed, it exudes confidence in my opinion. How many Hollywood divorces are there? I think he should stay single, enjoy life, he’ll settle down when he’s ready.!

  • Mary


  • :D

    ………………beautiful. great man.

  • smartss

    Brandon Davis is a fan of Leo and the cameras around him.
    Btw who are those in the seventh pic?

  • See My Name

    Shake it Leo ….. :D

    Shake your groove thing ohhh yeah!

  • iminlovewithyou


  • Leo Fan

    Did I read well? Gisele was “his chance to settle down”? What a joke!
    May I remind you she is the one who ran away with that surf bald dude to Bali while Leo was working on The Departed during the summer of 2005? What a relief it was to learn these two were done for good.
    He is not looking “for a chance to settle down”. He wants to live his life surrounded by the people he cares for and who really care for him.
    He might remain single all his life. So what?

  • @23

    So it’s all about Gisele leaving Leo for the surfer dude. I bet her giving up on him had nothing to do with the numerous breakups and rumors about him cheating.if Leo wants to live like this for the rest of his life maybe he shouldn’t try to sell the image of a guy who wants family and kids one day. Because that’s what he says in interviews. Maybe then people would stop picking on him for chasing barely legal girls and partying all the time.
    Sorry but he looks like ‘the old guy at the club’.

  • —//—

    …group of ladies!!?? Really? Yeah right.
    Are you sure they’re not another pack of hired escorts to keep him and his retarded friends company?

  • @26

    LOL! I think you are right about the ‘ladies’.

  • huh

    @@23: Yep he said “one day” but for now he’s doing what he wants to do…is that ok with you?? lol

  • @27

    Relax. I referred to your sentenc that he might want to remain single for the rest of his life. Is that ok with you? :eye roll:

  • tma

    He is my favorite Actor of all time (well certainly of the “newer” generation) but Im disappointed in his personal life. Not that he has to please anyone but himself,…its just a little irritating seeing him loving to party still. I am 27 and parying hasnt been that “fun” past 25. There is just more to life that that. He is almost 40 and acts like he is a 21 yr old frat boy. My sisters ex was like that and he is her ex for a reason. After 5 years he wouldnt commit. He is never gonna be married, I guess he doesnt care but he should stop implying he wants that, when he clearly doesnt.

  • LeoFan

    @Leo Fan: no it wasnt a joke, she was saying Im moving on and good for her. I love Leo but you dont run to a man like a little puppy who maybe cheated on your or w/e happened between them. there was a reason they were so on and off again in their last years of dating. In their life paths since breaking up one can clearly see they both wanted different things in life. They always speak fondly of one another though and she is close to his mom. Now his other ex after Gisele, tweets insinuations about “as*hole ex boyfriends” all the time, I think he clearly broke Bars heart.

  • really?

    @LeoFan: really? what did bar say…this I gotta hear!!

  • Anonymous

    We saw many pics of Irmelin and Gisele AFTER she and Leo broke up. Irmelin loved her. For Leo his relationships seem to be on/off are like that for a reason. Though if a man wants to marry you it wont take 4-5 years fro him to decide. Leo claims in interviews he’s never been in love.
    Ah well. Whatever. His Life
    On topic he looks relaxed. Wonder wheres Lukas

  • me too

    Yeah wha’d she say. spill it girl. the ex is tweeting?

  • : )

    hahaha isn’t he cute?

  • @30

    True. Gisele was smart. Women don’t get that men can TELL when a woman respects herself. That way he will respect you. If you have self respect you don’t stay/cling with a man that cheats on you. All that will happen is that the man will eventually suss out what kind of woman you truly are and will still dump you in the end anyway. Its toxic psychology 2.0

  • yup yup

    God help me! Brandon Davis actually looks good from this distance *gulp*

  • Well

    ..?? I don’t know where you get your “infos” but the EX you are referring to clearly mentionned in two different recent interviews that she always keeps good terms with all her exes. I guess no one knows how Leo keeps in touch with his ex girlfriends. Texting, emailing and communicating are quite easy these days.

  • LOL

    Agree 100%.

  • LOL

    why are you some so DESPERATE to insist leo secretly communicates with any ex- girlfriends. ‘texting’, ‘emailing’, still clinging/hoping. the power of wishful thinking

  • @39

    And why do you insist that he is not in touch with them? The thing is you can`t possibly know for sure. Wishful thinking regardless of what you believe.

  • IKR

    @39- Its like Fatal Attraction. Leo’s moved with his life, good for him. as have most of his exes. But its the same shit we have to be subjected to in his posts. Again and again. I’m just waiting for someone to mention jewelery or accessories any one is wearing as a desperate prayer of a ‘sign of something’ in a Cochella post!

  • LOL

    I don’t insist he’s not in touch as I don’t care. I believe the #32 because we had pictures and Gisele starred in a music video with them years later. You’re pursuit of the subject suggests it matters to you a great deal so insist all you want. One insisting on it does not make it true or false
    @41- LMAO that’s the way the thread is going. I’ll stop engaging them

  • @42

    I honestly don`t know whether he is in touch with his exes or not. Some say he is and some say he isn`t. My point is that I don`t think we can be sure about it so why bring it up in a way you did it ( `insisting`? ). No doubt that his exes stayed in touch with his friends and/or his family but Leo himself? Who knows? It`s one thing to stay in touch with friends and another to stay in touch with your ex… I just think nobody can be sure about it unless you know him.

  • lol…

    Maybe I’m bad but I thought thus tweet was really funny.
    Posted like 6 weeks ago.
    Leonardo Dicaprio’s future girlfriend was born today. Congrats, everyone.
    12:00pm – 1 Mar 13

  • Andrea Calabrese

    Leo should be taking care of his wife and baby. It’s time, Leonardo. I am 11-14-74. If Spielberg had any sense, he’d send both of us on a plane together to shoot a movie and say, “Don’t come back to Los Angeles until the two of you make a baby.” Then all the transgressors who try to keep us apart will not be punishedanymore for their transgressions or adultery. 14 more kids were stabbed last week, just outside of Lukas Haas’s mother’s place in Austin, TX. Lukas Haas was punished for being a transgressor. He tried to keep us apart and God got mad. Proverbs 13:2, Luke 22:37, Psalms 59:5

  • leo’s fan girl

    No one is perfect, but on the movie screen Leo is amazing.

    Love you Lots.

  • wow

    i see some of his crazy fans are still around

  • @wow

    and what does that make you?

  • @48

    an observer. is that alright aggressive Leo stan? f uck you

  • rightbackatcha

    @@48: you’re like the others so no f uck you