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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Topshop Twosome at Coachella!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Topshop Twosome at Coachella!

Kate Bosworth shows off her chic festival clothes in these exclusive photos from day two of the 2013 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 13) in Indio, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress was joined by her fiance Michael Polish while showing off the clothes that she designed for Topshop, which are expected to be in stores next month.

Michael shot the stills and video for the brand’s campaign and you can expect your first look within the next few months!

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at the 2013 Coachella Music Festival

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kate bosworth michael polish topshop twosome at coachella 02
kate bosworth michael polish topshop twosome at coachella 03
kate bosworth michael polish topshop twosome at coachella 04
kate bosworth michael polish topshop twosome at coachella 05
kate bosworth michael polish topshop twosome at coachella 06
kate bosworth michael polish topshop twosome at coachella 07
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  • Ashley

    She’s as much an actress as Snooki.

  • NoNameNoPackDrill

    She’s such a try hard, wannabe, but never gonna be.

  • Sara

    God she looks terrible. And is he manorexic? He looks like one of those people who’s better chubby.

  • Amy


    I’m more worried about Kate. Look at how skinny her legs are.

  • Blondie

    @Sara: And that’s not muscle, it appears he has man boobs on his manorexic body. Ewww. Just eww.

  • Blondie

    Pretentious poser.
    And how is it she’s a walking skeleton and still have fatty looking arms?

  • ladybug

    “Designed” for TopShop? In the same why she ‘designed’ for JM?

    I guess this is the ‘top secret’ collaboration:

    I actually don’t hate this outfit, but it would look better on someone else. And not at a music festival where it’s 90 degrees.

  • Go away Kate

    So this festival it’s all about the designer outfits who wore it best then the actual music what a waste of a ticket $$$$ and good music .these celebs don’t deserve anything leeches, scroungers, ass kissers, FAMEWHORES…..

  • Merde

    Jesus she tries Soooo hard. Dbags.

  • chelle

    Why would u wear something like that to an OUTDOOR MUSIC FESTIVAL?personally I would rather be comfortable than try-hard fashionable…. stupid twits

  • micro


  • Keiko

    She’s dressed for ski season. Looks awful. He’s sickly pale.

  • ND

    I think we’re missing the point here, which is that she has been wearing different boots besides those suede ones for the past two days.

    And I like the vest, even though it does seem like too warm a layer. I HATE the dress because I’m so sick of that sheer skirt layer trend. Rachel Weisz’s heinous Golden Globes gown should have killed the sheer skirt FOR GOOD.

  • dani

    You have to just laugh at some of these ‘stars’ that wear clothes for the pap pics instead of clothes better suited for the festival. Heels of any sort on the grass have to be uncomfortable. Bet many of them have feet that are killing them at the end of the day. Serves them right!

  • Suze

    She “designed” this? It’s not very original. The dress is cute, but the whole outfit is not right for Coachella.

  • uhg

    the queen of cocahcella posing. every year i know her picture will be of the first celebs to attend this event ruined by celebrities who just go to dress weird and pose.

  • What??

    She designed that outfit? Doesn’t seem like “music festival” attire. The vest harkens back to the 60′s and the dress looks more like evening wear. Can’t say I hate the dress, but that vest is hideous.

  • Angie

    Love her!

  • Just Joanie

    Like the boots but not with this outfit. The bag is nice too. I’m trying to be nice so that’s all I got.

  • Fashionista

    Love love love the dress. Pairing it with the vest makes it boho chic. The belt is great. Nicely done.

  • Jeannie

    This looks like something that Vanessa Hudgens would wear. VH could pull this off, KB, not so much.

  • Ginger

    The only thing I like is the belt. That vest will not hold up well and will look very cheap if you wash it once. The dress is tired and over done, same with the boots. Others have already done knock-offs of the Chloe boots. Hers aren’t anything special.

  • Really?

    That vest is horrendous, especially for an event known for being very hot, but I don’t really like the dress either. I think the combination of the pokadots at the top and the lace zig zag detail at the bottom make the dress look overworked. If she had ditched the vest, traded the witch boots for sandals, left off the lace zig zag, and bothered to take the tag off of the sheer part of her dress this could have been a really cute festival look. But it’s Kate Bosworth so of course she had to over style her outfit to death.

  • Max

    My lord, she’s beautiful.

  • Raven

    Another fail.

  • jessieG

    I have to hand it to her…she tries really hard. I have never seen anyone who wants relevancy as badly as she does. Somewhat embarrassed for her as her efforts are so transparent.

  • ladybug

    @Fashionista: You forget fashion forward!

    It doesn’t seem to be going over well over at the fashion spot:

    And it’s early Sunday evening EDT and only two Coachella post this weekend? Where are the party photos?
    If she’s supposed to be promoting ‘her’ line of TS clothes at Coachella it’s not going that well so far.

  • JEN

    These two are so ridiculous. Makes me wish I was there so I could run into them and laugh in their faces at how pathetic they both are.

    Also, I fear with all this s hit-tastic designing she’s doing, she’s going to try and create her own label. “Famewhore” has a nice ring to it.

  • Rupert

    That dress has been there done that. Yawn. The vest just doesn’t make sense to me. No fit whatsoever. Does anyone remember when clothes were meant to be flattering? IDGI…

  • CrowdAlbum

    Lots of photos of Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Paris Hilton, Nicki Hilton, Kellan Lutz, Darrin Criss, Chord Overstreet, Rita Ota, Katherine McPhee and 55,000 beautiful photos of Coachella, taken by the people who were there

  • Really?

    Kate did an interview with Elle while she was at Coachella.
    This part made me laugh:
    ELLE: How do you manage your time between attending all the parties and the shows?

    KB: I don’t really do many parties to be honest. I came with Mulberry last year and they had a really fun here at Le Parker Méridien Palm Springs hotel, but I was staying there. I’m mostly the type of festival-goer who is just interested in the music and seeing the shows.
    … And get papped. Don’t forget that you go to get papped, Kate.

  • ladybug

    @Really?: Well, remember, she didn’t do the parties and the swag at Sundance this year either, because it was all about the movies. And if it was really all about the festival and the shows, why hasn’t she been to the last day of Coachella for the last three years?

    Of course, she did do that interview last year where she mentioned how fashion parties are like HS, so perhaps she’s decided not to go them.

    Of course, in her interviews in the last few months she’s talked about how she’s focused on acting. And yet, her film Black Rock is out in month, and is she retweeting any of the distributor’s tweets about that? No, she’s retweeting the Coachella fashion stuff:

  • donnadew

    Wish she’d stop with the boots already. They make her little toothpick legs look twice as skinny as they are. Pathetic.

  • Fashionista

    Congratulations to Kate for her affiliation with Top Shop. It’s a fantastic opportunity for her. The fact that TS wants to be in business with Kate is a high compliment and well deserved. Love Kate. Love Top Shop.

  • Fashionista

    I’ll try again.
    @ladybug: While I enjoy TFS, I’d say People StyleWatch carries more weight. This is what they had to say about her looks at Coachella: “As expected, this weekend’s Coachella festival in Indio, Calif., featured plenty of celebrities dressed in their best music fest attire.

    But one star outshone them all in her Coachella-appropriate eyelet shorts suit and embroidered vest: Kate Bosworth. And that’s because the star, already the queen of music festival fashion, had a hand in their design.”

  • Blackcat9

    @Fashionista: Kate. Nothing is sadder than someone who has to toot their own horn!

  • ladybug

    @Fashionista: Except the People ‘article’ reads like a PR release. Which it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s basically what it is. TFS are people who actually pay attention to her fashion and have been her fans, as opposed to an ass-kissing fashion blurb. And for all of People’s gag-inducing breathlessness about how she’s the ‘queen of music festival fashion’, she doesn’t seem to have gotten that much notice this year.

    @Blackcat9: “Nothing is sadder than someone who has to toot their own horn!”. And as I mentioned, earlier, she’s only selectively tweeting/tooting her own horn: She’s re tweeting the fashion stuff, not the Black Rock tweets from the distributor. I find this odd.

    And Black Rock has a new poster, this isn’t any better than the previous one:

  • Fashionista

    @ladybug: I seriously doubt People works that way.

    “Hundreds of stylish celebrities descended on Coachella festival this year to soak up the sun, scope out the musical talent and above all, show off their festival fashion attire.

    Among them, Kate Bosworth and Alessandra Ambrosio were the sure showstoppers, making serious style waves as they flaunted their fabulous outfits during the world-famous event. ” Hello Magazine

    IMO, Kate is always ahead of style.

  • ladybug

    @Fashionista: You seriously doubt People works that way?. Fine. But you also think that Kate is ‘fashion forward’ and ‘always ahead of style’. Except she’s not. There is nothing ‘fashion forward’ or original in what she’s ‘designed’ for Topshop.

  • Really?

    @Fashionista: I don’t know about the StyleWatch section specifically, but People in general is famous for publishing PR puff pieces. In fact, isn’t that all they publish?
    And I can’t remember if it was you or other Kate fans, but when The Fashion Site liked Kate it was made to sound like they were the most reliable source for how the fashion community feels.
    I’m not a fashion expert, but to me Kate seems more like a fashion sheep than anything else. She was dressed like everyone else at Coachella and I saw a Real Housewife wearing a vest similar to hers months ago. There’s no way that’s being ahead of style.

  • Macy

    Sigh, I’m so sick of the random moderation. Good lord! Anyway, that outfit is horrible.

  • ladybug

    @Really?: People is known for being very celeb/pr friendly. I can’t imagine a specific section of the mag being any different.

    As for KB being a fashion sheep, she is. It seems only in photo shoots is there anything interesting (maybe) going on. For her red carpet or casual everyday, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. I suspect that most of her ‘designs’ for Topshop are going to be safe and familiar.

  • Macy

    She tweeted about a fitting for her MET gala outfit. It looks like Cher will be there too. I wonder how smarmy she’ll be with Polish this year.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: It’s a punk theme this year, so watching so many people who are so not punk play punk might be very entertaining.
    And yes, they’ll be smarmy, because that’s them.

    “KB: I don’t really do many parties to be honest..” Expect this one I guess:

    Harry Josh @HarryJoshHair 13h

    @katebosworth @CherCoulter see u both at #harrysparty

  • porquenon


    I guess Stella, Gwynie, et al have other plans this year. Sienna’s in town since Sturridge is in Orphans – let’s see if the BFFs get their photo taken together…

  • Macy

    She lies, she goes to all kind of parties. She’s just not getting papped as much at them because she’s pretending to focus on her work. She may have cut back, but she still goes. Especially if there is free stuff to be had.

  • Macy

    Pfff, she probably will just to have someone else to cling to other than Polish.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Or she’s not going to as many because she’s not invited/paid/the focus. I think that’s what happened at Sundance.
    And she won’t get to go to any parties at Cannes, because despite MP’s hope that it would show there, it was not picked. So no red carpet or parties there.
    Outside of her little fashion world, who remembers who she is? She doesn’t really act anymore, and she hasn’t rebranded herself like Jessica Alba -wife/mom/eco entrepreneur-or Goop-pretentious mom/wife.

    As for Met, Goop will go. She went last year. And the year before that. So did Kate.

  • Macy

    Yeah I think it’s a combination of both, but she is getting less recognition for sure especially in the acting realm.
    Paltrow will go for sure, but she’ll most likely steer clear of Bosworth by a mile.

  • ladybug


    She’s not getting the invites like she used to. While there may be some parties/openings that she’s been to that she didn’t get photographed, I don’t think there are that many. She simply likes to be seen to much to go that out of the way to not be photographed.

    And I was incorrect about the Met attendance, Goop didn’t go in 2010, though KB did, and KB didn’t go in 2011, because she was ‘working’.
    Which must have been hard, as this is her big event of the year.