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Nicole Kidman: Snack Break 'Before I Go To Sleep'

Nicole Kidman: Snack Break 'Before I Go To Sleep'

Nicole Kidman stops by a hot dog stand while taking a break in filming her latest movie Before I Go To Sleep in London on Wednesday (April 10).

The 45-year-old Aussie actress happily chatted with workmen and was in good spirits as she grabbed a hot snack.

In the new film, Nicole plays a woman who wakes up each day without any memory due to a traumatic experience in the past. She then begins to question everyone around her as she discovers the truth about her past.

The psychological thriller is expected to be released in 2014 and also stars Mark Strong and Colin Firth.

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58 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: Snack Break 'Before I Go To Sleep'”

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  1. 1
    dani Says:

    Great book, great actress, great actor–winning combination! Can’t wait to see this.

  2. 2
    Ally Mataj Says:

  3. 3
    belle Says:

    I do like her & I think that she is immensely talented but does she ever stop working. She seems to do back to back films which is incredibly surprising considering she has two very young infants at home.

  4. 4
    Little MY Says:

    ^ I hope she never stops working, more Nicole Kidman please.

  5. 5
    kelly Says:

    She does work a lot and do does Keith Urban. But no one will say anything just like no one says anything about her walking away from her kids she adopted.

  6. 6
    Louise Says:

    Most of the time Nicole’s children are with her. They have been with Keith in LA the last week. People criticize her for working, but what about all of the other working women in the world who are gone away from their children for eight hours a day, and then the parents go away at night to exercise class, playing cards, bowling, etc., etc. Nicole and Keith have had the same nanny since Sunday was born; she would be like having a grandmother or aunt living with you. Those little girls are being well cared for and are not lacking for love or attention. People should give up about her walking away from her children with Tom Cruise. There were circumstances there that are private and no matter what is speculated, no one will ever know what transpired. Always remember there is the Scientology factor.

  7. 7
    Jewel Says:

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  8. 8
    micro Says:

    test test

  9. 9
    .. Says:

    Nicole Kidman stops by a hot dog stand, grabs a lettuce leaf for lunch and keeps walking …

  10. 10
    kelly Says:

    @Louise: No loving mother gives up her kids without a fight. Then when told no, you fight more. She got her divorce and left those kids behind.
    Keith is working in LA and NY

  11. 11
    Joni Says:

    ..@ and Louise. (same person, she will come up with a few more names whenever she can when it comes to Nicole Kidman.) She really has a deep hatred for Nicole. How dare Nicole marry Keith Urban, is that it???It really isn’t any of your business about any of Nicole and Keiths children. MYOB or Nicoles older children.

  12. 12
    Not buying it Says:

    Most of the time Nicole’s children are with Keith. They have been with Keith for the majority of the last 3 months. People criticize her for working, but what about all of the other working women in the world who HAVE NO CHOICE and are away from their children for eight hours a day. Nicole and Keith have had the same nanny since Sunday was born and she would be like having a REAL mother living with you. Those little girls are being well cared for by the NANNIES and are not lacking for love or attention. People should NEVER FORGET about her walking away from her children with Tom Cruise. Always remember there is the Scientology factor but there was also the nanny to the Cruise children who said “she NEVER saw Nicole spend any time with the Kids.” You can easily fool the public but children WILL NEVER FORGET.

  13. 13
    lee Says:

    These latest photos show that botox and fillers can only do so much. Next stop …… Facelift !!!

  14. 14
    NancI Says:

    Love you Nic !!!

  15. 15
    jess Says:

    I think Nicole looks more normal and life like here than she has since her mid thirties. This bodes well for the movie.

  16. 16
    leni Says:

    Oh look, Nicole has quickly decided to plant some photos of her “happily chatting with workmen”, which is quite out of character. What a shame Nicole couldn’t bring herself to intervene and happily chat with Rebel Wilson after her dinner companion told the young woman to “F–K Off”. Kidman and Crowe – what a couple of over-indulged, over-rated losers.

  17. 17
    x Says:

    I’m betting the “conversation” was one sided as the workmen approached her while she was nibbling her Air Sandwich and she told them to “Fcuk off”

  18. 18
    kat Says:

    Russell Crowe is an obnoxious pig and you cannot blame Nicole Kidman for his rudeness.

  19. 19
    jobeth Says:

    Louise, I’m always in agreement with you. But Nicole has made films constantly since the girls were born; in fact little Faith isn’t 2 1/2 yet, and Nicole has made 4 films (that isn’t counting the one she’s making in England now) since she was born. During her latest film, the girls have spent most of their time with Keith, who’s been working on “All for the Hall”, a summer concert, an album and Idol. Time to give dad a break and spend some time home in the states; Tennessee’s beautiful in the spring.

  20. 20
    TC Says:

    The girls will remember their father’s genuine kindness and that is why, when the split does come, they will choose to live with the father, just like Isabella and Conor did. Her self indulgent ambition is insatiable and she allows nothing to get in the way.

  21. 21
    dz Says:

    Bella lives in London! While Faith and Sunday were with Nic for the whole period she shooted Grace in south of france( that’s why we could only see pictures of keith taking off almost every weekend)!!besides this I do not regard her as a bad mother only because she keeps on working!
    And in these pictures it is clear to everyone who has at least the faintest observation skills that she has quit fillers!
    so , haters, stop bothering us all!!!

  22. 22
    Skeptics are stupid liars Says:

    Nicole’s daughters are infants??? Someone alert Dr. Spock!

    The kids have only been with Keith and nannies? Photos don’t lie.

    Nicole doesn’t give to charity per you know who and yet you know who admits Nicole funded a scholarship won by Rebel Wilson? Someone needs to check the website of a hospital board to see who is a generous yearly vontributor for cancer research.

    Nicole is responsible for everyone’s actions? I guess the famous quote from a skeptic that she’d like to blame Nicole for everything from hurricanes to high gas prices still holds true. BAHAHAHAHA!

    Skeptics, don’t post the usual ”I like Nicole but….” and think you are tricking us. Obvious set ups are obvious, just like the one hater talking to herself.

  23. 23
    SM's pathetic obsession ... Says:

    Were you aware, as well as being the author of the failed blog ‘Skewering the Skeptics’, Sewer Mistress once had a sideline business manufacturing prosthetic pregnancy bellies. SM called her business ‘Belly Up’ and quickly put the word out that with these fake tummies you could … convince and deceive audiences with confidence … take that close-up camera shot … create that wow factor … and fulfill your personal pregnancy dreams! Almost immediately, SM received a call from a female publicist (acting as a front) for an ageing, barren actress who deeply desired a pillow pregnancy. But why try and deceive the public this way? Well, for years this particular actress had very publicly lied about her failed fertility attempts in her first marriage. Why? … because there was NEVER any sex with her first husband due to the fact he was GAY and consequently there were NEVER any miscarriages. It had also been confirmed (by an impeccable source) that the actress in question would be incapable of a pregnancy because of a long standing medical issue. So, to reinforce the heterosexual illusion for her first gay husband and to appear young and fertile with her new husband, whilst generating enormous PR, the actress gleefully proceeded with the plan. For the first few months, she relied on the following “I have a little bit of a belly, a tiny bit of pooch” which came in very handy for early pregnancy photo ops. However, as the faux pregnancy progressed, SM began having serious issues with her manufacturing quality control. Consequently, the anonymous actress’s prosthetic bellies would occasionally deflate, resulting in the baby bump randomly and bizarrely reducing in size as the pregnancy progressed. Naturally, public suspicion escalated but unperturbed, the actress kept milking it for the extra PR. She showed up with a noticeably bigger bump at the Country Music Awards, whilst continuously CUPPING her prosthetic belly in nearly every single photo … hysterically, in a series of approximately 500 images from several agencies, there were maybe 3 of the actress giving it a rest! Not long after the real surrogate baby arrived via gestational carrier, SM’s business literally went ‘Belly Up’ due to poor sales of her lumpy and ill fitting product. So what has SM done with all the leftover bellies? She now finds them very useful to kneel on, thus protecting her arthritic knees as she maniacally worships at her alter to KUNK, still blissfully ignorant of the true identity of the manipulative, scheming client … who cunningly did not tempt fate with a second pillow pregnancy.

  24. 24
    .. Says:

    “Bella lives in London.” INCORRECT
    The girls were with Nicole for the entire “DisGrace of Monaco” film shoot. INCORRECT
    “Nicole is not a bad mother because she keeps working.” INCORRECT
    “She has quit the fillers.” INCORRECT
    “So haters, stop bothering us all.” NOT A CHANCE

  25. 25
    tan Says:

    Nicole look like bag lady , she need her Botox .

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