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Alexander Skarsgard: Sunday at Coachella!

Alexander Skarsgard: Sunday at Coachella!

Alexander Skarsgard enjoys the sunny day at the 2013 Coachella Music Festival on Sunday (April 14) in Indio, Calif.

The 36-year-old Disconnect actor recently chatted with THR about how he is a terrible texter.

“I’m a terrible texter. I like to keep it short and, that’s sometimes a problem because it can come across as you’re being rude,” Alex said. “I’m not trying to be rude. It just takes me forever. I’m not a good texter, and with these big hands, it takes me a long time.”

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard enjoying the end of Coachella weekend one…

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alexander skarsgard sunday at coachella 01
alexander skarsgard sunday at coachella 02
alexander skarsgard sunday at coachella 03
alexander skarsgard sunday at coachella 04
alexander skarsgard sunday at coachella 05
alexander skarsgard sunday at coachella 06
alexander skarsgard sunday at coachella 07
alexander skarsgard sunday at coachella 08
alexander skarsgard sunday at coachella 09
alexander skarsgard sunday at coachella 10
alexander skarsgard sunday at coachella 11

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  • Point is

    he does have lovely big hands.

  • yawn

    here is this boring person again with receding hairline.
    don’t get the appeal.
    this is really a case of projecting his fiction character onto the real person.

  • Mimi

    He’s right. His hands are huge! Take it from someone who’s met him IRL ;)


    Alex seems really sweet #StopHating

  • ladybug
  • Iris

    Very beautiful man.

  • Flo


  • sophie

    @Mimi: I’ve met him too!

  • Carol

    I just love men with big hands!
    Is he dating Caroline? He must really like the skinny ones…

  • Morin


    The fact that i think hes gay does not mean i dont love him…he is a wonderful actor and a sweet guy

  • Strange

    Hello again gorgeous !!

  • June

    @Carol: I don’t think so, he looked like he was getting close a brunette in some of the instagram pics coming out.

  • It’s a brunette

    He has his arms clearly around this brunette and she has appeared in some of the other pics

    It could be new GF new relationship / getting to know each other

  • It’s a brunette
  • Canuck

    @It’s a brunette: No he doesn’t, he looks to have his hand on her shoulder. And can we please stop with the constant “try hard” relationship pushing? The last time he was in one, it was, at the beginning, quite clear he was in one. I’m sure it will be the case with the next time too.

  • Cadulech

    @It’s a brunette:
    ¿¿¿????? just because you see in both pictures a girl with the same hair colour you say is the same girl? one can hardly see her face,there are plenty of brunette girls in this world.Is not like we are in a world full of blondes and then by magic just one brunette is next to Alex.

  • Not again

    @It’s a brunette:

    I would be pretty pissed if I was in her shoes (your convinced it’s the girlfriend) he actually went to coachella with Keith, fares &co and meet her there , and then hung out with his buds most of the time while she is no where to be seen, in any of the pics walking the grounds with him…. Nice bf

    And besides we do not have a clear shot of her 1) where she is sitting on the step and alex is standing slightly away from her observing other things how do we know she is in that group just accidently caught in the shot
    2) I cannot see her face we dont even know if the pic with his arm on her shoulders is the same girl?? It’s a grainy shot.

    Until i see clearer picture of them hand holding, events Inc parties together or randomly shows up in Sweden then yeah it’s a relationship, but that pic Its clearly friendly might even be a fan pic taken

  • what

    @It’s a brunette:
    … yes, for sure ;) … on the first picture, with Keith, they just go down the stairs between the people who sit there, and on the second it looks like they are checking the photo with the girl, if is good or not. This search for the relationship with random girls becomes boring and ridiculous.

  • hey

    @It’s a brunette:
    yes, for sure ;) … on the first picture, with Keith, they just go down the stairs between the people who sit there, and on the second it looks like they are checking the photo with the girl, if is good or not. This search for the relationship with random girls becomes boring and ridiculous.

  • nemo

    ugh, stop feeding the relationship troll.

  • FWB

    She was with them she was in mostly in the fans pics so Alex didn’t want to be seen with her publicly the pap pics so he brought her along for the s*x and his boys blocked her or kept her company while he appear to the his fans as sad lonely guy who doesn’t have anyone. Because he obviously wanted to appear to be single. here he is smiling down at her at OMG set
    then at the vampire weekend that pic that it’s a brunnette posted and this is her infront of him
    So she was with him the whole time in the shadows the thing is was she there for coachella FWB or is she new GF?

  • Cadulech

    Yes, you are right

  • Canuck

    @FWB: You are rather sad.

  • Cadulech

    Also he is dating an aristocratic woman,just that she was kept hide.

  • FWB

    You are rather stupid. Because of course he is too nice to do that right?! haha keep thinking that.

  • A sarcasm post

    So he didn’t want 2 be seen with this women publicly (who is there for the music) so alexanders mates block her so cameras didn’t get a shot of her while Alexander took fan pictures so appears single to fans lol lol :)
    She must be so dam disgusting ugly lol and such an embarrassment for alexander 2 walk anywhere with her publicly let alone outside
    I’ll rather Waite for a fan encounter or couply legit info lol lol

  • Cadulech

    @A sarcasm post:
    That is the point,i don’t see Alex as such a big inmature man that hides if he finds a nice and pretty woman.I understand he doesn’t like paps but paps are not all the time,there would have be tweets and fans pics of them as couple.

  • hey

    Yes, whole time – it’s mean – maybe she was standing near him one concert ;) or not :) beacuse one time she is very tall, almost his height, and another very short because he had to “smiling down at her”.

  • Lawlz

    Dating a brunette?! Ladies, we all know he only dates anorexic blondes. Lolol, just kidding..but that is seriously what it seems like. Anyone with breasts over the size of a 32A is unacceptable for him to date, because they must be too fat! Whatever floats his boat.

  • Sara

    Who is that idiot troll and why do you idiots keep replying to it?

  • boy

    he is not a man he is a douche. he treats women badly

  • nina

    @boy: Oh really? So that’s why he’s still friends with all of his exes? Because he treated them poorly? Who are you morons?

    And the brunette is his friend Linda. wtf is wrong with you people?

  • karl

    you guys are dumb, that is ellen page…

  • Slinky the Cat

    Karl, you’re on a roll with the jokes. Pace yourself now. ;)

    What? No pool pics, Jared? And here I got my water wings fer nothin.

    Helloooooooo big hands I know you’re the one…

  • Blind Gossip

    These two hot, young celebrities (one male, one female) were both invited to a private party at Coachella. They wound up hitting it off, and – after consuming some liquid courage – crept away to spend some very intimate private time together. We wonder if one revealed to the other that they are currently being treated for an STD before she got down on her knees._Alex is 1 of them. No wonder his skin is so bad.

  • Canuck

    @Blind Gossip: hahahaha, most of the guesses are Lohan and someone on that site. Not a single Alex guess.

  • Cafélady

    @Blind Gossip: Good grief – an Insider troll again. What crazy stuff did you took? Sounds more like your own fantasies…
    Wtf is wrong with you people?

  • ladybug

    @Slinky the Cat: Earworm!

    @Cafélady: relationship troll’s gotta troll.

    I’m going on the presumption that we’ve had a Skarsapalooza this past week that we won’t seem him for two weeks. Isn’t that usually how it goes?

  • dani

    @Blind Gossip:

    Right. First off I looked up the blind and he isn’t even one of the guesses–you just don’t like him.

    Secondly Alexander is 36 and I would not consider that age to put him the “young” category.

    If you are going to make stuff up at least try and be a little more circumspect and check that the blind matches the facts.

  • Cadulech

    @Blind Gossip:
    His skin of one of the best skins i ever seen,i don’t buy your STD in a hundred years.So please,leave your bitterness somewhere else.

  • Slinky the Cat

    @ladybug LOL! I know, right? Here’s to you Gordon! *cheers* Back in the day (really dating myself here) a good friend of mine dated him. We all hung out. Nicest guy.

    @Blind Gossip Now you’re not even trying.

  • Good Gracious

    Ha ha that blind gossip unfortunately there 100 picks of Alex boozing with his mates , fan pictures etc Alex does have some dignity not to sneak off round the back for a quicki
    if he was sneaking off with someone we would have heard of it.

  • Sneaky

    he looks like the type that does do that stuff but more at his shack pad where he boozes up and takes flaky ana girls to his pad but he is very sneaky about it or great at covering it up. He looks very immature and so does his friends. All is friends have frat boy attitude as any of them been in a long healthy relationship? All they do is state to state drinking and party and flaky girls. It very apparent that Alex type is weak minded women. He doesn’t look like he could handle a healthy body and mind women hence why he dates these flaky girls that call themselves women that can’t keep a decent conversation who probably let him get away with alot of bad bf thing then he has a reason to break up and he looks like an god awful BF.

    Anyways he can say what he wants in interviews but all he wants is this frat boy life he is living now with his frat boy friends who may or may not have a job other than to hang around him. he going to be 40 and still living this sad frat boy life.

  • Canuck

    @Sneaky: Shack pad? Flaky girls? Frat boy? You sound a little preachy. Still haven’t gotten over his dumping of his ex, have you?

  • ladybug

    @Slinky the Cat: Ah, the Violent Femmes. Well, Gordon being nice doesn’t surprise me, they’re from Wisconsin, after all.

    One of my coworkers has this as her ringtone, I started laughing when I heard it.

    @Canuck, I think the ‘frat boy’ troll is suffering from some envy. Or a lot.

  • rifkin


    Ok so?…thats his life. I think you need to relax a littlebit its not like you’re gonna merry the guy

  • dani


    This is a six-degrees of separation comment, but I know someone who knows someone who knows him in Sweden and says he is nothing like what you are describing. He is very family oriented evidently, loyal to his friends (male and female) and stays friends with his ‘old’ friends (male and female) whereas so many when they get to Hollywood drop their old friends. He is also evidently intelligent and can converse on many issues.
    He is single. He isn’t in a relationship. So what if he wants to party and date around. His choice. Not everyone wants marriage and a family and although he has said he’d like kids he may not be ready for them. When he is ready, things will fall into place. And if he wants to be single for the rest of his life that is also his choice–just like Leo and George.

  • Morin



  • ladybug
  • didi

    LOVE the Violent Femmes and the Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!s that’s who I would have gone to see – Alex is allowed to be dating and single -