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Justin Bieber Mocks Shirtless Critics in New Instagram Pics!

Justin Bieber Mocks Shirtless Critics in New Instagram Pics!

Justin Bieber posts some playful shirtless pictures on his Instagram to mock critics of him constantly going without a shirt.

“‘Uh oh @justinbieber is losing it taking shirtless pics in the mirror’ -funny people,” the 19-year-old singer captioned the first picture.

“‘Breaking news @justinbieber posts two shirtless pics in a day could he be anymore full of himself’ -silly people,” Justin captioned the second one before quickly deleting it and changing the caption.

“‘Breaking news worldwide @justinbieber just posted 2 shirtless pictures he must be going crazy’ -funny people #forthefansanyways #dontbecreepin :p” Justin‘s second caption read.

FYI: Justin is wearing Ethika boxers.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin Bieber’s new shirtless pics?

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justin bieber mocks shirtless critics in new instagram pics 01
justin bieber mocks shirtless critics in new instagram pics 02
justin bieber mocks shirtless critics in new instagram pics 03
justin bieber mocks shirtless critics in new instagram pics 04
justin bieber mocks shirtless critics in new instagram pics 05

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  • Anna

    This guy is unfortunately just coming off as more and more pathetic, it’s really sad. I’ll give it 1 year top before he goes to rehab. He is actually too fully of himself, and it’s sad.

  • eh..

    What a d0uche!

  • andrew

    I don’t know why he’s so cocky tbh, my sister has better abs than him. hahaha

  • Jen


  • raprapanthony

    Girl, put some bra on!!!

  • Rae

    Go home Justin, your mama’a calling you!

  • yawn

    Its been proved that this gay has many fake followers on twitter.

  • Rae

    Mamma’s…..sorry butterfingers :)

  • Kizbit

    Train wreck

  • LaQueefa


  • guest

    i honestly do not understand why everyone get so worked up over every single little thing he says or does…the slightest thing becomes a national event/talking point. Yes he sings some nice songs, is a good entertainer etc…but people are way too emotionally invested in his every word, deed and thought…

  • sammy


  • Stan

    Why do people hate on Justin Bieber? Stop hating because you live pathetic lives. It is alway the ugly ones, fat ones, and social outcasts who have to make these comments. If you do not like it turn the page. STOP BEING SUCH WINEY HATERS!

  • Stan

    Why is he gay? Because he has fat stacks and you don’t.

    Go home pathetic hater!

  • Dave Franco

    Stan, Bieber has done this to himself. He loves the attention and you can tell the stress of being famous is gonna catch up to him. He says dumb things that the media will scrutinize him.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    I hope you get everything together again before it’s too late for you.
    Stop to be such a withdrawn … I don’t find the right words.
    You disappoint more and more fans, especially here in Europe.You come too late to your own concerts and not only a few minutes, no up to 3 hours.

    2 hours late in London
    In Portugal you canceled the concerts because they weren’t sold out.
    More than 2 hours late in Berlin. 3 hours late in Dortmund

    You demand prices for your tickets, that’s nothing but audaciousness. You want here between 100 and 370 Euro (130 to 485 $) for one ticket, that is completely out of the question. How do you think kids pay that?
    I always thought your fans would at least mean a little bit to you, but the only thing you care about is the amount of money in your bank account.
    I’ve seen enough videos from Germany, of crying girls who had to pay a lot of money just to see you and what did you do, you didn’t show up. You have come so late that the kids who were too young already had to leave the venue because of the law for the protection of the youth.
    It would be really interesting to know who you think who you are.

    And your Capuchin monkey is still in Germany. You care about this little one as less as you care about all the sad, hurt and disappointed fans you left behind in Europe. Really well done, Bieber. Congratulations!
    I hope you – Pride goes before a fall.

  • Ghost

    He’s a pathetic punk-azz b.i.t.c.h. Nothing special about this twelve year old girl who can’t seem to become an adult. His star is falling and his fifteen mins of fame are almost up….. 3,2,1,,, Bye Bye little B.i.t.c.h.

  • Al

    This kid is such a jerk…soon he will lose everything ….

  • Olive

    I never cared about him but the thing he said about Anne Franck was so dumb, I even thought it was some silly rumor

  • Diamond

    @Dave Franco: If he does it for attention then why do you give it to him? It really isn’t that serious. He’s 19. Other regular 19 year old does it. The ones in college, home, or just having fun. If he wasn’t famous he would probably still be doing it. Everyone just gets mad when he does it because his name is Justin Bieber. It really isn’t that serious. Don’t act like you were clean cut when you were 19.

  • dani


    Uh, charging a fortune for concert tickets and then acting like a douche and showing up late, making lame excuses etc. is irresponsible at the very least. Having pets and then giving them away (hamster), not listening to people who tell you you shouldn’t take your monkey with you due to quarantine regs–is cruel. And wearing your pants half way down your a$$ may be the behavior of a 13 year old in a 19 year old’s body, but it is still silly. He looks like an idiot. He desperately wants to win a grammy–you can tell by the things he says when he doesn’t win–this is absolutely no way to win over the very political voting panel. Hopefully though his 15 minutes of fame will fade soon and he will just go away. And hopefully for him his hanger ons and parasitic friends and posse will have left him some money so he isn’t poor and actually has to get a real job which means arriving on time or your fired.

  • Meg

    This little punk needs a good beatdown to take him down a few notches.

  • mick

    He’s gotten to be so full of himself. Breaking News Worldwide Bieber: Your skinny as a 12 year old and pull your pants up!!!!

  • Isabelle

    This guy is so douchey and irresponsible. I say that of men I meet in real life that do the same stuff as him too by the way.

    Selena is so much better off without him…
    Honestly if I were a celeb I wouldnt use any social media. WAY too many crazy people out there

  • dey

    Since his underwear is showing because his shorts are too low can’t help but notice there is not even a hint of bulge of his manhood there his junk must either be very low of very teeny tiny. lol

  • James

    Pull up your damn pants!!!!

  • nina
  • Camden

    Could he be anymore full of himself?
    Think about it, this idiot isn’t even drinking legally yet? Can you imagine what a douche he’ll be once he starts?

    Note to JB: It’s not your shirtless pictures we can’t get over, it’s your narcissistic self involved ass!.

  • EndOfTime

    still look like a 12 y.o

  • wren

    He’s just a kid, with greedy parents and management. He is just a kid though. Ease up. Landing back on earth will be hard enough.

  • Joak

    dang it I knew it was too good to be true when he disappeared for a few weeks. now the little boy is back and his pants are still hanging around his knees. what else has changed..?

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @Joak: His monkey is still in Germany. That has changed. I doubt he’ll get the little one back. Hopefully a zoo take him, or a person who will actually care about the little monkey.

  • tsk tsk tsk

    Best thing ever about his concert was when somebody threw a bottle right on his douche face ,i never laughed so loud .

  • Puh

    Go home Justine.
    You are a toddler.
    And a narcissist..

  • http://Charter rdh

    I find it very sad that none of his so-called friends have taken time to talk with Justin, and explain that he is making himself look really awful. I don’t particularly care for his music, but I truly hate to see anyone implode. It is becoming evident that he is losing his sense of what is acceptable. He is a young man with some huge issues. Perhaps it is time for his family to step in and save him from himself. I hope he is able to salvage his career, and his life, before it is too late.

  • cindy

    I think if you are young,and in shape too, you should post as many shirtless pics you can. If you got it, flaunt it. Live it up kid, and don’t let anyone get you down!

  • allforusophia


  • @@

    Justine Bieber … what a loser.

  • Dana Martin


  • rhea


    What stupid comments? Live it up? dont let anyone get you down? This guy is so vain and full of himself..I dont care so much about the shirtless pics but the pants pulled down> that is ridiculous. My brother is his age and is way more modest and mature than this punk. His head is huge and he never ever takes responsibility for any of his is always someone else who is being too hard on him,. He could have been role model..a real one, but now he is just a joke.

  • jamie

    @Dana Martin: another vain idiot. how about if you look good naked..?

  • scyren

    just like I don’t want to see Paris’s firecrotch when she’s getting out of a limo, or Brandi G’s boobs, I don’t want to see Justin’s little man boobs. Keep that ish to yourself. No one wants to see your body. And take off those ridiculously sagging pants. I’m so sick of wanna be gangstas.

  • norie

    um, why would he wear his pants pulled down showing his shortcomings? there is nothing there, just like nothing in his head.

  • heather

    Just like they said on the MTV awards, the opposite of humble is Bieber.

  • Jimmy Z

    @dey: if anything showed it would be a camel toe

  • lainey

    He is a child star. For over a third of his life now, he has been surrounded by adulation and indulgence. His sense of entitlement has been well documented. He carries around a victim complex. It’s me, me, me all the time. I agree that there was no malicious intent behind JB’s comment. I don’t believe that Justin Bieber was consciously saying to himself, “let me cockblock Anne Frank’s legacy” and make it all about me. At this point, that behaviour isn’t on the surface anymore. On the surface is the illusion. They all believe their own constructs. The problem is that they’re never challenged to go any deeper. Nobody today is saying to Justin, hey, can you understand why people might think this? If you could revise your message, do you think maybe you would say it differently? Of course not. What they’re doing is agreeing with him. Don’t worry Justin. You’re special and they’re attacking you. Just be yourself, and no one will be able to stop you.

    How, then, can there be any growth?

    You remember how he was treated when he wasn’t nominated for a Grammy? Scooter Braun went on a Twitter rant about how it wasn’t fair. It’s an approach that leaves no room for improvement — and I don’t mean artistically but in character. Not once did they consider why the Academy may not have been as impressed as they thought it should be. Not once was the counter argument properly examined. Now imagine being in a relationship with the kind of person who was never given the tools to understand anyone else’s point of view. You set them up to fail in all their relationships.

    But whatever. JB’s back in the gym, tweeting shirtless shots of himself on Instagram, clearly not bothered by the controversy. Chest and Abs first, homies. Chest and Abs first.

  • Athena

    …just go away please!

  • :$

    Can he even comprehend how hideous he is?

  • Weird

    I don’t like him just because the stupid things he has done and because hes letting his makeup crew and dress crew make him look like a total flame. Theirs nothing wrong with flames but when your straight and you look like a flame, thats obviously a big problem.

  • Misty

    @rhea: you’re so upset about his pants being pulled down? Wow. You need to relax a bit girl cause I think there are way much more issues in life than getting stressed about someone else’s pants. I can understand those who were irked about the being late and anne frank ones but the pants? I’m more worried about you. Let the guy be vain, that’s his problem, not everyone’s.