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Amanda Bynes Sucks on Sour Patch Kid in New Video

Amanda Bynes Sucks on Sour Patch Kid in New Video

Amanda Bynes steps out wearing a red hat and a camouflage jacket on Tuesday afternoon (April 16) in New York City.

The night before, the 27-year-old former actress posted a video of herself on her Twitter account in which she sucks on a sour patch kid for a minute.

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” I’m Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight :D 🍒” Amanda tweeted.

Last week, Amanda revealed that she doesn’t speak to her parents anymore.

Amanda Bynes Sucks on Sour Patch Kid in New Video
Just Jared on Facebook
amanda bynes sucks on sour patch kid in new video 01
amanda bynes sucks on sour patch kid in new video 02
amanda bynes sucks on sour patch kid in new video 03
amanda bynes sucks on sour patch kid in new video 04
amanda bynes sucks on sour patch kid in new video 05

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  • Asha

    OMG she is legitimately CRAZY! Like seriously, someone needs to get this girl some help. She seemed like a perfectly well adjusted mid-twenty something but apparently she hid her crazy well.

  • Madison

    I’m still having a hard time believing that this is Amanda Bynes. I always thought she had herself together, but I guess fame and pressure became way too much for her. It’s really sad to see :( I hope she can get the help she needs soon.

  • Audrey

    She’s completely mental!!!

  • Sara

    wow. just wow… drugs are bad man

  • patri

    That scared the hell out of me!

  • Sarah

    I don’t think it is drugs – I think she is mentally ill and I wish someone would force her to get help.

  • L

    This really sad, she does seems mentally unstable.

  • sdf

    She is mentally ill, Justjared you should stop posting things with her in it. We aren’t helping the situation at all.

  • solecito

    I think this is all an act…eating disorder, psychotic breakdown, the bizarre pictures. She just wants attention. If the Kardashians will do ANYTHING for press, why not her?

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @Sara: No, fame is bad.

  • Steph


  • JustMe

    so so so sad !!!
    but still….just another Lindsay ( who god knows why is still counted as a celebrity and the same god only knows how long she has to play with the devil)…another Amy…another Anna Nicole… another Brittany … just another… She is no one to me so its just a sad update…for the ppl close to her its pain…constant pain…
    Yes ,she screams for attention and Yes she does need it,but professional one …

  • loise

    Personally, I think it’s all one big sad joke..She’s obviously an attention seeker. I have no idea whats she’s done to her face but it’s ridiculous.

  • Mary

    HAHAHAHAH.. i think it is all an act to be honest….. Well played girl Well played

  • kelli

    I remember watching her on a talk show when she was maybe 15? and she was going on about what a great family she had, how grounded she was, how she was a great role model and enjoyed that, etc. she was (likely) just voicing others’ thoughts and this is the real her. I can’t imagine such a turn in character

  • Lytha

    Somebody go and save her, her parents needs to do something, she’s with schizophrenia because of drugs abuse.

  • Lytha


    She stopped talking to her parents she actually refuses to talk to them, she moved to NYC by herself, she said she quit her career and she doesn’t want friends anymore, meanwhile she’s seem smoking weed on the streets almost everyday, she shaved her head and it’s going nuts on twitter. She needs help!

  • Ehh…

    I definitely feel that she has many, many mental issues. She’s done a complete 180 within the past few month. It’s crazy. Hopefully, someone steps in, and gets her the help she needs, and soon. She’s already started changing her physical appearance drastically. What’s next? I was a big fan of hers when she was younger, but I don’t know what I think now besides that please get some help Amanda.

  • .

    Is she on crack :/

  • souless wanderer

    I thought it was snookie for second there.

  • rosie

    @souless wanderer: even snooki looks better than this hot mess

  • Missy

    That scared the shit out of me, so sad:(

  • Gilvan

    hopefully what those who called themselves her friends in times good, help her now in the bad times.

  • Lucas


  • M.D

    I think she has a bipolar syndrome and right now she’s definitely in her maniac phase where she believes that’s able to do whatever she wants, talks a lot, is reckless among other symptoms. The thing is that if the depression phase kicks in someone she trusts should be there otherwise it’s only gonna get harder for her to seek for help.

  • JJ

    That is scary! Her family and friends need to step up and get her some help! Now! This poor girl is gone off the edge. Drugs, bipolar, whatever is the cause – she needs help! This is so sad…

  • jasmin

    she’s crazy ………..

  • paulina

    what’s wrong with her eye?

  • Toni

    I cant help hoping this is just a joke or something :(

  • melissa

    For every person making fun of her – You are not judging Amanda Bynes… you are judging every person who does have a mental illness. My parents BOTH have mental illnesses and I spend a lot of my time taking care of them. Based on what I deal with, I believe she has bipolar or schizoprehia. Now I have always like Amanda Bynes, I believe she is sick and needs help which is why no one should make fun of her. NOBODY is helping her – friends, family, herself, fans, etc. and that’s even more sad. You might say “she has money, she can get help” … how many people have money and DONT get help? a lot because they don’t realize they are sick and they wont until they get medicine. Amanda Bynes can get better if someone ACTUALLY steps in.

  • tonlaer

    oh,amanda :/

  • Alex

    Those who say that this girl is an attention seeker are mean cause lets not forget that she decided not to be an actress anymore and she actually had many offers when she said she didnt want to do this anymore. she is sick. she needs help. and I hope there is at least one good friend of hers who will take matters into his own hands and force her to start treatment…..or rehab..or sick help because it loos like she is loosing it. she was such a smart and funny girl.. i adored her …truly…

  • Alex

    I dont think its an act though…guys, look at her eyes. I mean they are like dead. its scary. get well Amanda!

  • Anonymous

    why are the morons on tumblr saying this behavior is “normal” and that she’s still a teenager so it’s OK? she’s 27.. she’s not a Disney star who just hit 18 and decided to start acting like a mess.. this girl needs help, hope her parents are doing something but she is an adult and unless someone files a report saying she’s incapable of taking care of herself she’ll go on like this for a long time..

  • Anonymous

    ..or she knows exactly what she’s doing and just wants attention!!

  • Anonymous

    @Alex: how would you know tho? this is the type of sh*t actors do FOR attention.. look at crazy halle berry.. she’s having a kid to help her image… they’re actors for a reason!