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Hayden Christensen: Shirtless Beach Day with Rachel Bilson!

Hayden Christensen: Shirtless Beach Day with Rachel Bilson!

Hayden Christensen goes shirtless while Rachel Bilson shows off her amazing bikini body in a striped top and black bottoms on Tuesday (April 16) at the beach in Barbados.

The 31-year-old Hart of Dixie actress and the 31-year-old Star Wars actor are currently on vacation with some of their friends.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

The day before, Hayden was spotted going shirtless at the beach while wading in the waves with Rachel.

The season finale of Rachel‘s show Hart of Dixie will air on May 7 on The CW. Don’t miss it!

20+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson at the beach…

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hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 01
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 02
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 03
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 04
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 05
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 06
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 07
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 08
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 09
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 10
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 11
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 12
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 13
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 14
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 15
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 16
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 17
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 18
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 19
hayden christensen shirtless beach time with rachel bilson 20

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • wow

    Have to say…..she’s got a great body.

  • solecito

    Rachel’s body is very cute. A tiny waist, flat stomach, and no trace of cellulite. So jealous!

  • moi

    ohhhh thankssssssssssssssssss

  • ff

    @solecito: @wow: don’t forget freakish limb proportions, with arms virtually the same length as her legs.

  • guest

    yes, she has a fantastic looking body and a great butt too!!!…i am very surprise…usually they look good from the front but not so good in the butt department; but nope, Rachel does not have that problem.

  • Melissa

    She has an amazing figure! Stunning girl!

  • solecito

    @ff: I’m sure you are stunning and perfectly proportioned. Please, do a favor to all us mortals and post a picture of yourself rocking a bikini. The earth will stop its own axis in front of such perfection.

  • Fan

    Juicy little as on Rachel.

  • hart
  • kylie

    Gorgeous face and she has such a fantastic body for being so petite.

  • melissa

    really cute body – probably my idea of ideal for a female, and she looks healthy, not starved.

  • Ehh…


    I agree, I was surprised. I wasn’t expecting that. She looks amazing!

  • lexy hates bilson

    It’s Josh Schwartz’s charity cases!! Enjoying a vacation – it’s so hard having Josh come up with ideas to keep you employed!!

  • Apple

    Healthy and natural

  • Cate

    Rachel has a really cute figure.

  • meryan

    @lexy hates bilson: Jeloussss

  • kera

    @solecito: me too!!!!!

  • lololo

    I like his swimsuit

  • Yari

    Hayden Christensen looks nice. As does Rachel Bilson. Not a huge fan of either of them but they seem legit and aren’t stupid enough to have a child out of wedlock or marry each other too fast like Hayden’s Star wars co-star did. Also, Haydens Star Wars co-star husband is ugly and a loser. Hayden is atleast attractive and a nice guy.

  • cute

    she has a realy cute figure, curvy and petite..

  • Pretty Ka

    They seem to genuinely be in love. Good for them! :D

  • just me

    @Yari: No but that’s the reaon both can’t get any work at all. Hayden have not done any work in three years but still can get to on vaction with Rachel stupid bilson. Hoping that her shop get pick up. He stayed on day last year. Why two days? Her show has end for weeks on want to get on e! news? Rachel use for publicity and he ought to know this. Its all for her show. Cause both don’t have nothing else to do but this vacation thing.. Nice ass and no brains and with loser ex boyfriend that has not worked in years. So what so good about them being together> Rachel will sell the story to tabloids, But Natalie work on acting and Rachel don’t do nothing but look good all the time.what more important looks are brains and she keep coming out she had her 15 minutes Saturday way come out again and show yourself? You got it wrong Natalie don’t have sell her relationship like Rachel do for rating for a show. And Natalie husband do work and don’t have to do what they do. Making sure that people see her with for her show. And why hayden keep going on vacations with her anyway? Haven’t he had enough are doing that every year. I though he would stop doing that since he has move away from la for good.She run up to Canada without being notice without being seem and she lied she wasn’t going to that again since he is not working. That’s what he suppose to be doing. All this pics are not going make the rating go any higher than they suppose to be.Rachel need to stop doing that. She love the attention it gives her not him. No guy want fall for that like hayden is did, He use to not let people see him with Rachel what happen? She stolen his vacation spot and he can’t get rid of her. When are they going break up and let go? Rachel has use him enough don’t she think. Why can’t she go and get another acting job like everyone does? Hayden too. This is not fair for other people working and he is not.She never wanted to go off with adam this way when she was with him. Why hayden? Why hasn’t she said he was a loser too like she did adam. Both guys has have bad career move but at least adam did pick up his self and got something.At least Natalie didn’t get use like hayden with Rachel. Natalie don’t depend on her husband like Rachel do hayden. Natalie work and has smart and don’t her husband. Rachel is always going to be hayden booty call that what she want her relationship to be.Hayden never going to amount nothing being around her helping her out.She don’t need it. She still act like a whore jared and nothing can’t change that.Why didn’t hayen leave alone while he had the chance too. Instead spending time with her? Are she showing her ass for publicity. That is not cute at all for the both are them. Hayden needs work not taking vacations with Rachel everytime she fill like going,Alot of people take vacation alone why can’t she do it? That what Hayden use to do when he went to barabadoes. Like I said she made him go and wasn’t going. Should have went back to paris.Rachel can’t get mad everytime he don’t be with her.She is not a kid anymore. At least his co-star don’t get mad cause her husband don’t be with her, who care about her show it might get cancelled jared, So she is with her ex boyfriend that what you’re trying to say? its over already jared. They was not waving. And she followed him there when she could have stayed home like she say does watching tv and went to the music show. why didn’t she stay home and let hayden have his fun without her? Rachel is jealous for attention. Are they breaking up vacation? I hope so they are having too much fun and not no work. Why couldn’t she take another guy to the beach with her instead are hayden.? Other guys dumped her and she dumped him why is this so different? He just came back from paris and she stupid enough to be seem being his whore on the beach? He more sense than her he don’t run behind he leaves and never see him until he get ready to see her.So she just a person that loves made a fool out of herself that’s all. Hayden did it too. He stop working and didn’t do nothing at. Hayden is the one you should talking about he didn’t do nothing but waste on Rachel and other women and you think that’s something. He’s be 32 years I hope he does something then.All he did but play around with Rachel after takers movie. He’s afraid that Rachel will sell him out in tabloids if he stop coming to see her . So she do he can get other women to hang out with, So she can hang with other with if she pretty like people say she is hayden shouldn’t fall for that. I still wouldn’t be hanging with her.This what Rachel want people to see like this. Everything fine with no career in mind. especially with her ex boyfriend.So now what? Dumping each other after this vacation? And waiting for news for ratings? She dumped Adam and he was the better man! what a whore she has become for hayden!

  • Yari

    @just me:
    I don’t know why you go on such long rants. Whats your point?
    Natalie Portman will be 32 and same with Rachel this year too. Do you think she and her husband will be togather forever? He was with many girls before Natalie, and they were all 10+ years younger then him. He is a nobody and he is using Natalie for fame. You have got it wrong. He is just as much fo a fame moocher and user . In every artcile written about Centipide, they have to mention Natalie, otherwise who will look at his artciles? His name is Benjamen Millipeide( Centipide mind you). There are many stories about him being a user and he was labelled ballet K-fed becuse he hit the jackpot by getting Natalie pregant. He gets all this press and PR work thorugh Natalie, Its alot worse then Rachel being a user.

  • Yari

    And yes Natalie doesn’t sell her realtionshid but her husband on the other hand is a wannabe Hollywood star.

  • just me

    Its for publicity jared for hart of Dixie! Not a vacation for hayden. She dragged herself there when she know its about her.And he is not important on this vacations when he been watched there. I thought he didn’t like taking pics. He should have went on vacation alone without her.why didn’t he go without her?Why can’t she leave it alone with the pics? She did it Saturday jared. Hayden ought to know its no vacation when pics are taken when Rachel around.She still love to take pics.If she dumped adam and slept with hayden what kind of person is she? And people thinks she is nice person and cute. Not really. Didn’t know she would make herself be with man like that. She hard up for a guy and about her career? That’s what she said. He never says nothing about her that way cause its don’t matter . When will she learned that? Nobody cares who you are with as long as you don’t mess up your career for a relationship. That’s what she did and hayden did as well. 32 years old Friday and hope he get out this relationship fave and wake up. I mean not about her career. He suppose to be working not on vacations he has had too many are them.That what about communications problems.He is her ex boyfriend treat him as such as like Rachel don’t know any better. why not take another guy out with her sometimes that’s being a real woman.Stop seeing him when he don’t come around. And dump him if he don’t come around in a two months almost. Stop wasting your time go out like you use to.How more vacations can you both go on to make up for lost time? Its wrong for Rachel to do that. Are for publicity for your show?And tell people the true that hayden sold his house and he don’t stay with you anymore. You still run up to Canada and visited him when you said you would not do it anymore. What is wrong with Rachel she use to stay home and go out even at food store now she does not.You never them again unless one is out with each other. Now alone anymore.He does she don’t come until he come around.And she should start dating other people anyway.Not staying home watching tv which she is the one that does that. He leaves and she should leave the house to alone or with some other guy. Don’t be a fool Rachel dump dump dump hayden like you did adam. His career isn’t going well . isn’t that why you dump adam and won’t hayden.? All because you think no guy will noticed you they will give it a chance and stop running behind hayden when he come back from wherever he’s been. You know hayden going to leave again. start being with other people. Don’t be hayden door mat anymore. didn’t suppose to be with you anyway on vacation. dump each other.

  • juniper

    Another paid post, for another “shout-outs^ for a vain yet dumb girlfriend who self-claimed to be a good girlfiriend nearing for 10 years already and a bumming boyfriend who wished to forego his only movie thats get delayed all over again right beforei gets cancelled just like most of his supposed to be incoming movies that were only materialized in the gossip tabloids.

  • marlough

    These two reminds me of a ‘lamp post and a garbage bin’ when walking levelly together.

  • devaney

    A version of another mediawh0ring Zlister couple named Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Part Deux: – how well accurate is that?! Too much.

  • Leslie

    She Looks amazing, very healthy and toned, but what happened to him? He should start working out so he can Keep up with his Girl.

  • sea

    Perfect mid-section but her hips are too large.

  • @31
  • gilmorie

    Well what about ^her^?! She can do some random acting gigs & some random paps show-offs from time to time… yet NO Hollywood bigwigs nor high-end endorsements would bats an eye.

  • mila

    @Leslie: She loves cook…but I think he is ok

  • http://ETERNALOZZIE.COM eternalozzie

    @just me:

    can I get an English to English translation for that? On second thought I don’t want one.

  • just me

    Why you keep porti ng them they has left Jared. They are not important any more at all. Hayden has went home and so has she. She will not see her come home ok like said Hayden don’t pay her attention like she do him. She sold this to magazine people magazine and us weekly. They are not a couple. She use him to promote her show. She never get this,treatment on her birthday. She is fool for doing this every year. This is how she got her show renewed last year. Hayden ought to know she is using him for that purpose. Hayden has not did work in 3 years. And rachel never says nothing about. Are he using rachel for publicity too ? No matter what you all date rachel plannned the whole thing. Her rating are the show went down last night. So it does not matter. Hayden do not what a movie set is these data. But he sure know how to go on vacay work rachel and not go to work. That is stupid to do. And natalie is working and he having fun with rachel. Natalie would have been the best thing for him. Not rachel she is not smart and she uses her looks to get her way. No work in progress at all. She think this is what prole want to see and they do not. She never nothing else going with her. But she uses Other people and so does hayden its seems. He hardly was in public now he in it all the time doing nothing. Somebody ought to tell her what hayden get attention she do not suppose to be following him around like that. She votos have went her own friends there. A week earlier. People do that . Are went to the music show in california. She act like she do noy like where she live at anymore. She waited until hayden came nací from parís. He on the Other hand need to stop doing this every year. Its only about her anyway. And stand up and be a real man and he is not. letting rachel have her way. Start opening yo like she does. Even id mean telling the truth. This one sided. Why can not about hayden not working instead of lies he stay home and watch Tv. Which she does waiting to run behind him . Or a split rumor after this vacay. He still leave her anyway. He need a job. And to not to be seem for awhile

  • Desnie

    Atleast Rachel Bilson and hayden look happy togather.
    Natalie p. has looked miserable since getting toagther with that loser in tights. That kid of their also never smiles, which is odd. She is moving to paris only because of his job, which he probably got only through the publcity and hype of his marriage. He also didn’t stick up for his fellow ballerina collgue, when Nat took credit for all that dancing in Black Swan. He decided to lie for his baby-mama, then listen to a truthful collegue. Asshole.

  • Nivky

    @just me: you have a problem!

  • amaranth

    If you looked at their acting credits its just around 10 gigs (not to mention that most of them were all unremarkable), compared to their photo-ops in JJ thats already reaching “tens of thousands” and still counting – only paps & tabloids makes these vacation-hungry duo relevant.

  • sidony

    Hey Douchel, your Tard Of Dixie ‘BombeD” at the ratings all over again. Maybe you should go sunbathing ‘topless’ already for a whole month to attract more viewers but then it might still go on till its ratings sunked into 0.3 as its just from the lowest rated network in the US, the CW, who usually hires dllsters w/ no future recognizable acting careers plus w/ the big help of your showbiz godfather Josh Warts.

  • Nio

    Love Barbados y so cool

  • Kina

    Sexy Hayden!!

  • Justinia

    @just me: Are you DRUNK???

  • BIGTruckTough

    I laugh totally at the comment that her body is good, I’ve read some stuff about her being a dwarf in body proportions and she totally is: check out that her torso/body is way longer then her legs, and her arms are short not reaching to her thighs like normal human proportion – but barley reaching her crotch – making her look like a T-Rex dino.

    See in this image of dwarfism the proportions are the exact same as Rachel:

    Everyone knows she is a dwarf/ has dwarfism, and it is hilariously funny because Bilson hired a photographer to take those beach shots, and then had them airbrushed and released the ones they liked best to the media, because she has very low self esteem and her fan base is zero – as well as her approval rating as a actress – everyone dislikes her, she has no talent.

    I agree that she does look like a troll, aka vermin-girl … she looks like a rat in the face and way aging even botox doesn’t help her out ha!

    And that picture of her running? She looks like a dachshund – on thos stumpy thick legs.

  • Trollhunter


    Oooo….troll be jealous….:-P

  • http://HaydenChristensenRachelbilson she Hayden Anakin skywalker

    Hayden Christensen Rachel bilson she Anakin skywalker says togather beach fun get she Anakin skywalker says fun home togather soon yes ok AAAs winner Love jumper star wars winner to gather suses I smile wife she Anakin

  • Kate

    @lololo: GOD Hayden is gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to see him in “American Heist” with Adrien Brody too!