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Gerard Butler Talks Having Fun with Dog Lolita

Gerard Butler Talks Having Fun with Dog Lolita

Gerard Butler holds his messenger bag in his hand while heading to an office building on Thursday (April 18) in Century City, Calif.

The 44-year-old Olympus Has Fallen actor recently chatted with Shortlist Magazine about his dog Lolita.

“I know it’s not politically correct to buy a dog from a pet store, but there was this one dog asleep with one eye open and its tongue hanging out. I pulled her out and she started biting the sh-t out me,” Gerard said. “I was going to leave but I couldn’t stop myself, so I bought her and we immediately started putting cigarettes in her mouth and all that stuff – not lit, of course – and I realized you could have lot of fun with a dog. Until she started sh-tting all over the place. I was on a private plane once, and it was like somebody had bathed us in sh-t.”

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  • So Sad!

    @Safari princess: He’s running out of “bits” to get him off the hook of what he says and his PR is for crap. Numpty doesn’t even cover it! He’s a “numnuts”! Now maybe he’ll go help out in an animal shelter or allegedly pay for someone else’s dog to have life saving surgery. If the cigarette story isn’t true, then how you going to believe anything else that comes out of his mouth? All he this man is, is exhausting and not in the good fun way.

  • You said it

    @So Sad!: His looks are the only reason he gets a pass on anything, including his schlock films. None of these women would be defending any of this behavior if he was a clerk at their grocery store.

  • WhatATurnOff

    What a vulgar man-child. I have so much more respect for actors such as Don Cheadle, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, etc. — those who contribute more to the world than idiotic escalator surfing pics. Butler must be EXHAUSTING to be around. Does he ever sleep in the same bed two nights in a row? Can you imagine trying to relax on the beach with him hyper and fidgeting? Poor baby with his broken neck bones and surfing accident, while raking in millions for mediocre “art.” Give me a man like those who rushed to help during the Boston marathon bombings, not this narcissistic twit. Grow up, Gerard.

  • Highlandhottie


    Um Gerry will not turn 44 until November 13 of this year!!

  • Safari princess

    @So Sad!: When I read Tom&Jerry’s post on the last thread I thought it might be another case of him making up stories in an interview and the “Just Joking” grand finale got left off…AGAIN. Cannot imagine he could be that sadistic to a puppy and then complain about the result. He obviously never actually attended his elocution lessons.

  • Safari princess

    GB certainly looks raher annoyed at being papped today in contrast to his smiley face yesterdy. Maybe today it wan’t arranged by his team like it was yesterday so he’s angry.

  • Safari princess

    (missing letters there from typing too quickly)

  • Kristen


  • http://deleted really crazy world

    Interesting articles about Hugh Jackman …. scary, but worth reading …… I know this thread is about GB ….so sorry for posting the link….

    The kind of fans nobody wants, check out her picture…



  • ms miller

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the phannies’ desperate attempt to defend anything GB does. It’s the same thing in every single thread where he’s made an a** of himself by saying or doing something stupid. The phannies come flying like little angry mosquitos with swords ready to fight with *anyone* who dares to say anything bad about their Saint Gerard, lol. It’s actually quite amusing, but sad at the same time.

  • Manny

    Butler sure epitomizes the saying “once an ass always an ass.”

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Hi girls! Just got to the beach to hang with my BFF from NYC (too much info? Ask if I care). Anyhow my theme band for my road trip was Blue October (especially their older stuff) and two songs made me think of Gerard B a little.

    And try to listen to “Hate Me” and not cry. Written to his morher when he was going through his drug addiction. Justin Furstenfeld writes poetic lyrics regarding his own experiences in life. I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend! Luv u cupcake!


    He was clearly making light of the fact that while he thought having a puppy would be all fun and games (like posing Lolita with cigarettes), he soon realised that raising a dog required more work.
    Gerry putting UNLIT cigarettes in his dog’s mouth for a photos op, is about as cruel as dressing up a dog in costumes and then posting it all over the net. FFS! It’s not animal abuse. I’m sure he didn’t let Lolita swallow it or even put it fully in her mouth.
    Get over it!
    Some of you idiots (mainly @So Sad!: ) need to go out in the real world. You’ve been sitting behind your computer for too long.
    If you knew anything at all about Butler, you’d know that he loves animals. You are behind the times.

  • Alina

    Just saw gerard butler hahaha with arthur and lev on sunset .. First suge knight now gerard
    45m ago

  • Alina

    Grae Drake
    6m ago
    @GerardButler Nice to meet you today. Hope to see you on our @RottenTomatoes show to play the f*** off game. #olympushasfallen-isms

  • http://P WTF

    “… I bought her and we immediately started putting cigarettes in her mouth and all that stuff – not lit, of course – and I realized you could have lot of fun with a dog…”

    What a pr*ck! Of course the phannies have come out in force making pathetic excuses for his idiotic behaviour. Phannies are so gross.

  • Alina

    Nw the Graham Norton show con Gerard Butler y Tom Cruise 👌
    12:08 AM – 19 Apr 13


    Probably not as gross as inbred dic/kwads who don’t know the first thing about how Butler treats his dog.

  • Alina

    MEXICO CITY, April 19.
    Gerard Butler:
    -”Basically I grew up only with my mother, because my parents divorced when he was two years.
    So my memories of when I was growing focus on it, whom I can be defined as the most beautiful person in this world.
    She is my heroine, is a woman with style, with great power, with a high degree of honesty and sometimes a little hard, but also fun and loving.

    “She is everything to me, is a great storyteller and has always been my guide.
    When I look back and watch all the sacrifices they had to do to get her three children had a chance in this life, I can only feel infinitely grateful to have had her as a mom, ”

  • Articles

    Thank you Alina for the great links!
    I love how he speaks about his mom. He loves her so much. I think the woman he ends up with will have to win her heart as well.

  • pugsy

    wonder what he sticks in the girlfriend’s mouth for sh*ts and giggles

  • french bulldogs are better!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/hugh-jackman.jpg

    what is the Jackman dog thinking – “boy am I glad Hugh is my owner though I should have been with him in the gym, I’d have taken care of that stalker, I am going to give her Gerard Butler’s address”

  • Articles

    “wonder what he sticks in the girlfriend’s mouth for sh*ts and giggles”
    Haha! Thanks for the laughs. Desperately needed after the wave of lunatics and trolls that dampened our Butler threads.

  • Note of thanks

    @CALM DOWN: Well said #63 and #68. So Sad is really a dimwit.
    Thanks to you too Alina. We know how he feels about his mom, but always nice to hear it again.
    Kristen, I am figuring that the capital letters is one angry post and totally agree.
    JJ sure knows what he is doing to get posters riled. Is he really on gerry’s side? hmmmm

  • goodgravy

    Lolita was biting him to get away lol.

  • Liz

    Excusing away Gerard’s behavior by saying he “loves” Lolita misses the point. There are plenty of people in the world who love their pets, but don’t know how to treat them properly. There are people who “love” their kids who are incompetent and irresponsible parents.

  • TJ

    @So Sad!:

    “Like the remark of comparing his Mother and Aunt to a sumo wrestler? I bet she was mortified when she heard that and quite hurt.”

    For goodness sake, his mother would find it funny. She’s Scots and they can laugh at themselves and see the funny side of things. As for this story about the dog, we don’t even know if he even said these things. The whole story could just be made up by the reporter.

  • @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    Personally I would take that ugly dog and stick it in a sack and throw it in the sea.

  • @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


    Should perhaps point out I’m talking about little Maddie and not Lolita.

  • Alina
  • Thanks

    @Alina: Whoa, thanks Alina, guess we aren’t the only ones. Gossip cop is so lame. Who ever heard of gerry’s mom giving out that kind of information. She would never and shame on them for bringing his mother into this. No wonder he hates the paps.

  • C.A

    GB looks like a man on a mission ..Very focused … Maybe new work coming along … I sure hope so …. :)

    Plz stop taking every single word from journalists for real …. they are trying to make money and probably will put GB in bed with the Pope if that would make them a dollar or two … :)

    Lets have some fun instead of all the ranting ….Any one on a bet for the weekend??!!?? Will GB be at Coachella? With or without MG??!!?? ;)

  • Articles

    @C.A: @C.A:
    My bet is that yes, he’ll be at Coachella WITH Mads, because, the port-a-potty rumor needs to die and be replaced by a wholesome couple story. He will go with her or not at all.
    If she wants to be there in time, she’ll have to leave Europe today or tomorrow. You’ll see her post on Facebook.
    Gerard makes a lot of money from appearances, like recently with the VIP club. It’s very easy money and he gets to relax and enjoy himself. If he is a guest at Coachella, he’s probably taking money for it, like a lot of the other celebrities are.
    If she’s not there with him then, maybe it’s already over.
    Any other guesses?

  • Liz

    Gossip Cop is saying the story isn’t true. So they’re not “lame”. They’re rumor busters, I would think you’d like them.
    It was the Enquirer that made up the story about Margaret pressuring Gerry to marry MG.
    Gossip Cop is shooting that down and are saying there is “zero truth” to the Enquirer’s story.

  • Alina

    May I to assume? He will not be there. In my opinion he has a new script.

  • Liz

    By the way, Gossip Cop’s sources are usually the celeb’s publicist. It was likely Gerry’s team that contacted Gossip Cop and asked them to shoot down the Enquirer story, and are the source of the “zero truth” quote.
    Gossip Cop is the go-to site for celebs when they want to deny a story.
    Gerry must be pi.ssed off about the Enquirer’s claim because he doesn’t often bother to deny false reports. He probably felt he had to do something this time, because they’re lying about his mother.

  • Articles

    Great insight Liz. I think that makes quite a lot of sense. And I think you’re right, he must be pi/ssed off because there a lot of rumors that he doesn’t bother to address.
    Was this story about Mads and his mom every published in the UK? I’m asking because it may be that his mom read it somewhere and spoke to Gerry about it.
    Good to know that it’s been put to rest at least.

  • Alina

    @Liz: I agree. The red arrow points to the RUMOR. So it’s not true.

  • Thanks

    @Liz: Oh boy, I really should go back and read again. Sorry about that. No excuse for not getting it right.
    @C.A: That’s a tough call, I thought I would say no, that he would stay away, then read “Articles” and “Alina”. I would hope that he would stay away and play it down, but if he is expected by vendors, then maybe.
    I don’t think that mg will be there. I have a feeling it is over. Gerry likes to party and she always seems so affected, messing with her hair, more worried about appearance and seems ill at ease. Maybe just because she isn’t used to the paps. Who knows but good question for discussion C.A. Will be interesting to hear what everybody thinks for sure.

  • Kali Orexi

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen: Glad to hear you had a great time at the beach, I just returned from a daytrip to Norway. Went to visit one of our vessels and nearly got blown off the gangway. Am going to see OHF this weekend and can’t wait! Have a great day AnaB :)

  • cubedwellie

    What’s funny is ‘ZERO TRUTH’. Gerard is not marrying that girl/man.

  • Korean Flower

    He is so gorgeous, say what you want but my goodness what I wouldn’t give for a roll in the sack with him!

  • Ginger

    That picture of maddie with short hair she look super ugly!



    oh, la la !

    Lolita, comme nom pour un chien, et voilà que certains s’offusquent…
    pas plus ridicule que Bonaparte. En plus ça lui va bien.
    Mr Butler avec sa cigarette (éteinte) n’est pas plus nul que ceux qui habillent leur chien. j’aime quand il raconte ses petites anecdotes à propos de sa chienne, on sent qu’il a eu le coup de foudre.

  • clarifying


    You are idiot #127 who post here. Congratulations. He loves that dayum dog.

  • http://justjared lolita

    Ducky, I’m still hanging in here, just had a rough three weeks at work, now I’m off to the Smoky Mountains.
    Hope all you JJ’rs have a wonderful week, be kind to each other and
    That goes for you too my big brute♥♥

  • No way

    He and MG are sticking together for show now. Any couple that spends a month apart at a time is not a couple unless they are very mature and building a future life together (kids, dog and all).

    He must have others on the side.

  • http://P Yuck

    @ BIDULE

    GB est un idiot. Alors, êtes-vous si vous pensez que c’est ok pour traiter un chien comme ça.

  • http://gerard-butler-talks-having-fun-with-dog-lolita/comment-4 CHOLITA

    …..(⊙_◎)……ay!! como siempre mi osito escoses…..y sus historias…..hay que comprender que el hombre es asi……exagera las historias …a un punto……bueno……que le vamos a hacer…..hombre peculiar en mucho sentidos…… como homero simpson…..y sus frases celebres…….como esta……¨ nena, eres tan hermosa como la Princesa Leia y tan lista como Yoda…¨……risitas…….bueno ahora dejo una linda cancion de amor…….de MIRIAM HERNANDEZ…….llamada TONTO…….. ♫♬♪Tonto,cómo no voy a quererte,
    cómo no voy extrañarte,
    cómo no voy a adorarte.
    si estás en todas mis cosas,
    y sólo contigo me siento feliz.

    Tonto,cómo no voy a quererte,
    cómo no voy a esperarte,
    cómo no voy a admirarte,
    si todo el tiempo te llevo en
    mi mente en mis sueño y en mi corazón.

    Ni la distancia ni todos los tiempos,
    nunca podrán alejarme de ti,
    ni los caminos que no he caminado,
    ni nada nadie.

    Te amo, te extraño,te sueño,te espero,
    no puedo vivir sin tus besos,
    mi vida no es vida si no estás en mi.

    Te amo, te extraño,te sueño,te espero,
    me muero de ganas por verte,
    cómo no voy a quererte amor,
    amor,no quiero perderte.

    Tonto,cómo no voy a quererte,
    cómo no voy extrañarte,
    cómo no voy a adorarte.
    si todo el tiempo te llevo en,
    mi mente en mis sueños y en mi corazón.

    Ni la distancia ni todos los tiempos,
    nunca podrán alejarme de ti,
    ni los caminos que no he caminado,
    ni nadie. ….♫♬♪…….que linda melodia……….un gran besito querido y amado osito escoses… (^ε^) ❤ ❤→ ( ̄(エ) ̄)….que tengas un fin de semana muy feliz con los amigos…..ya viene nuevamente mucho trabajo como siempre………pero no olvides a tu parte espiritual……mucho equilibrio.y descanso .acuerdate….. siempre mente positiva…….y a la negatividad excesiva…….dale una gran patada en el trasero………ja……ja……..ja……………yeah!!!!…….i love you ……….adios….

  • GFW

    In the same article, JJ is exploiting to get site hits which is fine, Gerry mentions two other projects. Both are famous men, only differently.
    Burns and Bruce. We need role models. Burns rose up from being a farmer to become a poet but suffered along the way from maladies Gerry can identify with. Robert the Bruce became King of Scots until his death that led the Scots to independence, which Gerry can identify with. He too fought for his freedom.