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Jennifer Lawrence Covers Time's 100 Influential People Issue

Jennifer Lawrence Covers Time's 100 Influential People Issue

Jennifer Lawrence graces one of Time magazine’s five covers highlighting the tenth annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world!

The 22-year-old actress was joined by Jay-Z, Rand Paul, Aamir Khan, Malala Yousafzai, and Elon Musk on the covers.

Also making the list were Beyonce, Lena Dunham, Christina Aguilera, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Scooter Braun, Mindy Kaling, Bryan Cranston, Frank Ocean, Steven Spielberg, Justin Timberlake, and Daniel Day Lewis, among many others.

“You’ll remember where you were when you first felt it, how you were stuck to one spot like a small animal considering its end,” Jodie Foster wrote of Jennifer for the magazine. “The Jennifer Lawrence Stare. It cuts a searing swath in your gut. A reckoning. I remember going to the cutting rooms of Winter’s Bone. I thought, Sure, this girl can act. But, man, this girl can also just be.”

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Credit: Time
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  • http://yahoo diane

    Love Jen she has charisma

  • http://yahoo talent

    this girl has talent , she will go far

  • Obama’s Stash

    Of course Time Mag WOULD use a shadowy, sneaky looking photo of the conservative.
    What a bunch of Hacks

  • Queenie

    That quote from Jodie Foster is laying it on a BIT thick, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I like Jennifer L. and think she’s a good actress and all but, come on!

  • Mandy


    Its all true. Its for freakin time magazine. Jodie can say what she wants, she recognizes talent!!!

  • loena



  • L

    Good god, Jodie’s writing is so obnoxious.
    Good for Jen law, well deserved.

  • y

    jodie is hitting on her

  • rana

    i like her since pocker house!! such good movie,hope she come in dubai one day, really do!! everybody in middle east love her so much !!she has huge fans here, BENHEBEKK JENNIFER KTIR xoxoxoxoxox

  • Lily

    Do the people in Time realize that most of these “Most influential people” are unknown to the rest of the world? They should rename it “Most influential people in the US”

  • Jen

    Celebrities influenting people? Poor ones! Celebrities isn’t a good role model. They’re just misfits with money, desperate for attention.

  • wow


    That’s a rather dull interpretation you have there. Celebrities, actors and musicians do influence culture. They influence fashion, they generate millions because people pay $$ to see their latest films and tabloids and websites like this report on every single thing they do. They report to people who click on sites like this or read every tweet some star, musician puts out there.

  • lala

    @Jen: i agree. oh how flawed and messed up our society of today is where children look up to actors, actresses and musicians and not real heroes.

  • Jules

    It’s a terrific list this year and considering that this year more women were represented, well, that’s always a good thing. Congratulations to everyone, particularly the women who made the list…it’s what we need, ladies: MORE POSITIVE FORWARD MOMENTUM!!.

  • danielle

    LOL at the list. Unbelievable some of the folks on there. Not talking about JL, but plenty of others. Only because there are more influential people than the ones they chose.

  • Elle

    @Queenie: @Mandy: I almost threw up while reading that pretentious drivel. “She knows how to just be”? Seriously, wtf?! But then again, doesn’t Jody Foster like fish tacos? That could explain it…

  • Dee


  • Lola_uk

    Is this a joke!? Justin Timberlake, jay z, beyonce, lindsey vonn, christina aguilera, pope francis… Look, Time Magazine; if you don’t have anybody of substance maybe you should make a shorter list. how about “The 2013 Time 10″? because this is a complete joke!

  • Lola_uk

    ps. I think they forgot Kim kardashian, goes well with the other trash listed!

  • -B-

    @Obama’s Stash: You must have missed the other four pictures. Looks like they went shadowy with the men and bright faced with the woman. Although when it comes to Rand Paul, they should have made him even creepier looking because that man is dangerous as hell and should be portrayed as such.

    And I don’t get people who get disgusted at the idea of celebrities being role models. Open your minds, they can be great role models and people can look up to them, just as they can with religious figures, political figures, every day heroes, firefighters, nurses, teachers, etc… People can do and be amazing in any domain and the idea that you can’t idolize someone for the good they do because of their career choice is just, well, sad.

  • lol

    dumb dumb america

  • lllol

    yeah -B- open your mind and demonize ..

  • SophiaB

    CHRISTINA AGUILERA – TRUE LEGEND. Haters can stay pressed.

  • Rupert Sanders

    Really Time…what has she done…nothing

  • Message

    I know so many people are going to throw shade my way for saying this, but I think Jennifer Lawrence is hugely overrated. She is a talented and likable actress, but nothing more.

  • Yasmin

    Aguilera influential?
    This is a joke?

    this woman can not even sell more albums.
    It’s flop after flop.

    Her last hit is Beautiful, and well, this was a long time…

  • sara

    @Yasmin: LOL i agree, maybe she has good voice but com on katy perry and rihanna sells more albums than her WHAT a joke

  • Tom

    @B. celebrities great roles… Most are vulgar hypocrites , with a group think mentality , no morals , preach about the environment, while private jets, massive homes, yachts, and accumulating as much money as they can., every celebrity is a narcissist , with fragile egos , the people attracted to that kind of life, fame & adulation are the least stable people in society………………………………………….What planet are you from, most celebrity don’t even have a high school degree besides college degree , look who’s on the cover…JAyZ .. Oh a drug dealer that turned rapper turned into anything for money, name the fountions, projects he has done with his millions and influence to help inter city black kids, what has rap given the black community , ah a thug culture , no it always the governemnt ( tax payers should just keep throwing money to help black kids) when every other community helps their own………………….Rand Paul isn’t dangerous , that’s how stupid you are , it’s Obama who is dangerous , anyone who tells you they need a powerful governemnt and laws to control what society is allowed to do and what THEY , the people in power , deem right and wrong, and tells how much of your money you can keep and while taking money from one group of people to give to another group with some reasoning that it’s fair, that’s dangerous, not the ones advocating, personal power and federal government for the people answerable to the people , with limits on what a federal government is allowed to do .

  • AJ

    I cant stand people who think this girl is “overrated” or “overexposed”. She’s a part of a huge franchise, she had a huge fan base, she’s been nominated twice for an Oscar (not to mention she won the second time around and SHE’S EFFING 22!!). For the first time in a long time we finally have this young actress with *ACTUAL* talent and soo much range,and who also happens to be charming, funny and down to earth. Of course people are going to like her! This girl has a HUGE career in front of her, she’s a force to be reckoned with and I for one cannot wait to see what kind of actress she’s gonna be in 20-30 years! She deserves all the accolades and hype she’s been given’.

  • XYZ


  • XYZ


  • cindy

    Congrat’s Christina Aguilera being on the list love the words Celine Dion wrote about you. True Divas praising each other like that is amazing. I love how she’s on the list as one of the other icons who praised you for your voice like Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Etta James and more to your list of praise.

  • Susie#1

    How can you say that the entertainers are influential???? Malala risked her life so that girls could receive an education, and Time is stating that these others are influential? What a joke. They have no significance at all next to Malala.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Who is she influencing??? This chick is so over rated!!

  • antonio

    @lexy hates bilson: i think next time the time magazine will take y opinion in consideration bc y so important to them!!!@@@ LOL GET A LIFE with yourboring opinion , i bet y life sucks as hell

  • ABC

    Just so long as they don’t put a hooker like JLOW on the cover.

  • Uhh


    Celebrity comes and goes. Just because a person wins an Oscar doesn’t mean they deserved. There were people nominated that were just as good or better than her. Oscar’s are about popularity now. I think she’s alright right actress, but not someone I would go out of my way to see. I also find her relatively annoying in interviews.

    On a different note: people are aloud to state how they feel regardless of how upset it gets you.

  • Yep


    I agree. In my eyes, the character’s she plays seem to just be her personality in general. Given I’ve only seen like two of her movies. I have seen enough interviews to know that I find her annoying and bordering obnoxious.

    I have a feeling that in the next couple years, if she keeps up the rate she is now, she will be a virtual unknown. Remember Orlando Bloom? Prior to him marrying Miranda Kerr, no one heard much about it. He’s life was going like JLaws. It’s still get parts, but not the recognize that he used to.

    In my personal opinion, I don’t think JLaw had the fight and drive to survive a long time in entertainment. Yes, she could prove me wrong, but that’s what I’m feeling now.

  • Argh

    I know a lot of people who probably give me crap for this, but I don’t care and call me a hater. *eye roll*

    Anyways, this girl if overrated and overexposed by far. I have only seen half a movie because I couldn’t get into, because I’m tired of seeing this chick’s face. Also, I have only seen a few interviews of her, and find her to be annoying, childish, and somewhat obnoxious during them. Then again, I may have caught her on her off game.

    Also, if she continues to overexposure, people will get tired of her. She even mentioned that in an interview.

  • Anne

    God , love Jen’s face , can’t help starring at it… And JayZ really , both him and his wife are nasty pieces of work.

  • Sam

    Jennifer Lawrence my favorite celebrity, still love her from Oscar night, and dying to see Catching Fire***************. Why are people slagging on her for being on the cover, how is she from all the crap celebrities on this list including that hustler Jay Z less influential…. Who is the only women that carries a billion dollar franchise on their shoulders,, Hunger Games made 700 million at the box office, she has 3 more movies to do, besides the fact that she is the only female as a lead action/ hero and only 22, She just won the most coveted/ respected acting award in her industry, again at 22 and did it all with grace and humor and with people falling more in like with her instead of dislike after being in our faces 3 months straight, which is difficult to do, just ask Paltrow, Hathaway , Portman, Berry and others…. And she does it all without shilling in front of the paps every day or being at every opening, pemerier or event or trying to make a quick buck hawking her own clothing line, perfume or book.

  • SophiaB

    INFLUENTIAL doesn’t necessary means SELLING ALBUMS, all thought she sold over 50 million albums WORLDWIDE. She is not just another basic “POP GIRL”, she is philanthropist, she helped thousands of people, won numerous awards including grammys, she is TV judge on the most successful show for talents, has famous parfume line, she is also a fashion icon and trendsetter. SHE IS THE VOICE OF HER GENERATION. If this was only about sales, where are those basic “singers” like Britney and Rihanna? STAY PRESSED.

  • SophiaB


    INFLUENTIAL doesn’t necessary means SELLING ALBUMS, all thought she sold over 50 million albums WORLDWIDE. She is not just another basic “POP GIRL”, she is philanthropist, she helped thousands of people, won numerous awards including grammys, she is TV judge on the most successful show for talents, has famous parfume line, she is also a fashion icon and trendsetter. SHE IS THE VOICE OF HER GENERATION. If this was only about sales, where are those basic “singers” like Britney and Rihanna? STAY PRESSED.

  • delia444

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  • cubedwellie

    She looks so ugly on that cover :/

  • Mevi Kirkwo
  • L

    she is overrated beyone belief

  • Athena

    Gorgeous cover!…love her!!. Damn, Jennifer Lawrence is on top of the world and good for her.

  • ana

    bad cover. and seriously jennifer lawrence next to malala? girl who fight for educatinon for women and girl who fall on stage…

  • Just Boston

    “how you were stuck to one spot like a small animal considering its end,”

    Knowing how this kid feels about PETA and animals in general, and always portraying a hunter and wearing fur, I am sure many animals will be considering their end under her reign.