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Miranda Kerr & John Travolta: Qantas Gala Dinner!

Miranda Kerr & John Travolta: Qantas Gala Dinner!

Miranda Kerr strikes a pose as she attends the Qantas Gala Dinner held at Sydney Domestic Airport on Thursday (April 18) in Sydney, Australia.

The 29-year-old supermodel was joined at the event by John Travolta, his wife Kelly Preston, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, designer Martin Grant, and Australian singer Tina Arena.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“Sending love and prayers from Australia to all affected by the tragic event in Boston,” Miranda recently wrote on her Twitter account.

FYI: Miranda is wearing Casadei pumps.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and others at the Qantas Gala Dinner

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miranda kerr john travolta qantas gala dinner 02
miranda kerr john travolta qantas gala dinner 03
miranda kerr john travolta qantas gala dinner 04
miranda kerr john travolta qantas gala dinner 05
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miranda kerr john travolta qantas gala dinner 10
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miranda kerr john travolta qantas gala dinner 12
miranda kerr john travolta qantas gala dinner 13
miranda kerr john travolta qantas gala dinner 14
miranda kerr john travolta qantas gala dinner 15

Credit: Marianna Massey; Photos: Getty
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  • Justme

    So she decided herself *cough cough* to quit Victoria Secrets because of managing her time being a Mom, yet she has time and chooses to pimp an airline company instead?? Wow, sounds like her career path is not going as planned. She got dumped by VS no doubt about it.

  • lola

    I see why Victoria’s Secret got rid of her. She is hideous. Her head is shaped like Stewie’s from Family Guy.

  • goood

    VS sucks, what a tacky brand. Its getting worse each year. I hope Miranda can now have a legit modeling career without the stigma of that overrated panty co. All the angels are not true supermodels…only mere panty pushers being walked all over on by this company. She will be better off without it.

  • Q.

    A legit career at 30 years old? Yeah…sure…

  • Looselipz

    Wow, Travolta got thin. He looks incredible. I hope he’s not sick…he’s almost too thin!

  • Hostrolls

    Now she will comment back with her unbelievable comments that VS demanded too much of her time to do her other commitments. What other commitments? She lost two of her biggest contractual commitments all because of her diva ways. She started out seemingly sweet and approachable but has turned into a narcisstic attention seeking grabbing person who is only interested in herself.

    She is not aging very well by the looks of these pictures. I can see VS comment abouther being a diva. In the pics with John Travolta, his lovely wife and her, there is a space between them as if she can’t stand to be close to them because she is too good for them… She wishes. She looks hideous with her hair like this, her pancake makeup and red lips. Soon she’ll be onto Botox. A career at 30? As a model? Try doing reality TV

  • Oh please…

    I see the “haters” are out posting OVER & OVER again STILL trying to convince people that Miranda was fired from VS…

    Nearly all the media sites like E, Access, ET, Extra, People etc have ALL posted the statement from the President of VS saying it’s NOT true.

    As well they are quoting her exclusive interview with The Sydney Morning Herald explaining why SHE decided SHE didn’t want to commit to a full time contract but only wanted to work with VS part time.

    She’s very smart to take advantage of all the opportunities she has now by not being tied down to VS.

    Giselle, Heidi & Tyra did the same thing.

    Miranda is now a brand in her own right with her own skincare line Kora, her best selling book with another to follow.

    She still has her high profile campaigns with Mango, Reebok, Qantas etc.

    This way she gets the best of both worlds, still working with VS, other companies, her own business & spending more time with Orlando & Flynn.

    You “haters” are going to look Soooo stupid the next time she promotes VS & walks for them in this years Fashion show……lololololol….

  • @Oh Please

    You dont seriously believe that VS woud say anything else? Trash talking her would look bad on them; its just smart marketing.
    And the reports that she has been a pain in the ass to work with have come from people behind the scenes on both of her big jobs, both which fired her.
    DJ’s was totally right to dump her; asking twice the amount of money and doing twice as little …pfff. and then demanding they move all the shoots for an AUSTRALIAN based brand to LA so it would be easier for her; and that shows what a narcissist she is.

  • @hostrolls. #6

    Oh you poor thing YOU just can’t stand that Miranda gets to have it all.

    A hugely successful Supermodel, business woman, author AND happily married to a hot actor with a gorgeous child.

    Now due to her skincare line Kora being so successful she’s now expanding into the US, UK & Asia. As well she’s soon to release her new book where she’ll get to promote it on many tv programs.

    I think very soon she’ll announce a deal with Net-a-porter.

    I can see her going into tv, hosting a program about Health & Wellbeing.

    I think at the moment her future is very exciting, can’t wait to see what she does next!!!

    Jealous much???

  • @1

    Cuz spending one week in australia is EXACTLY the same as spending three months on location!!!!!
    oh wait……..

  • @8

    If VS was really unhappy with her, they wouldn’t have released a statement at all. If the rumors were true, they would have let them continue. The fact that an exec so high up in the company made a statement, clearly proves that they were all lies.
    People behind the scenes have always commented about what a sweet, funny and professional person she is. The only ones who complained were the ones who expected her to just shut up and pose. The photographers obviously didn’t have any problems with her, since she has worked ith almost all of them more than once. She knows the business, and what lighting makes her look her best, and if the tech guys are too lazy to do it right, then that’s a problem with their attitude, not hers.
    And DJ should have paid her more. She’s twice as famous as she was when she first signed with them. Her time is twice as valuable. Now they are getting a cheaper model lto take her place. You get what you pay for. They just cut their ticket sales for their fashion shows in half. Not to mention that the in store appearances will now be dead in the water.
    And DJ’s already did several shoots in the US with Miranda. Once in NY, and once in LA. And they have also done location shoots in South America, so thinking that all shoots for an “AUSTRALIAN” brand should be done in AUSTRALIA, is idiotic.

  • YES!

    She looks absolutely gorgeous! And so chic!

  • Truthie

    Now that VS has dumped her. let’s see if the Tabloids can pay her bill. I guarantee you she’ll be off Forbes list of top earning models next year. So much for being one of the “greatest supermodels of her time.” ha!

  • @8

    Funny how YOU completely ignore the FACT she’s still working with VS AND was invited to walk in this years Fashion Show.

    There is NO WAY in the world VS would say “Miranda is one of the best models in the HISTORY of the business and easily one of the most POPULAR” or that they have “no plans to stop working with her” if she was fired for being difficult!!! It’s simply not true as VS stated.

    There is not one credible person from either VS or David Jones from behind the scene that has anything bad to say about her, it’s all made up BS.

    Of course YOU would believe a so-called FAKE “source” from a trashy magazine over the President & Chief Marketing Officer of VS and the Excutive from David Jones.

    David Jones would have loved to be able to afford to pay her enough to get her to stay with them as she bought them so much publicity.

    Everytime she returned to Australia EVERY media outlet covered her every move.

    The simple truth is SHE no longer wanted to travel to Australia to do all the runway shows & shoots when she can easily earn as much money staying in the US or Europe.

    She’s been modeling since she was 13 so has every right to decide what is best for her & her family not YOU.

    Miranda said she wanted to get everything settled before her 30 birthday that’s why she initiated early contract negotiations with David Jones & VS so she could get on with a new phase of her life.

  • @ 13

    She probably will be off the Forbes list next year. But iconic models of the past aren’t on there, either, do you consider them failures as well?
    She made her mark, and became one of the few models to cross over from commercial to high fashion. She is one of the most successful models around, and she is one of the most versatile, but
    Miranda’s life has changed. Modeling is no longer her priority (if it ever was). She is now focusing on her family and her business.
    If you find something wrong with a person wanting to focus on family, then why were you haters complaining about her NOT staying home with Flynn , just a few weeks ago?
    When she was working, you said that if she cared about her husband and son, she would stop working so much. Now that she is deseasing her work load, you are finding fault with that as well. I guess that’s the ‘hater double standard’ rearing it’s ugly head again, eh?

  • hahah~

    why are her fans (fan?) replying to all the comments if they’re the same person? LOL
    ignore them.. god you both look pathetic at this point

  • eeew!

    Why does her face always look so greasy? She’s just one giant oil slick and it’s disgusting. I have to wonder if the oil pools in her dimples. Does Orlando scoop it out and lube up his motorbikes with it? Yuck. Oh, sure, her fans will now comment and tell me she is “dewy” but the truth is that her face is a big, lumpy, oily mess. That Kora is fantastic! Only, not so much. Ew.

  • D

    I’m not a miranda fan but anyone with a brain can see that she was not fired. There hasn’t been so much interest in her as now…why in the hell would VS fire her? Plus a 3 month commitment for 1 million – she can earn so much more if she took on cosmetic or other contracts which don’t take up half that time.

  • @16

    So we’re back to the ridiculous notion that haters should be allowed to say anything that want, but the fanS are “pathetic” if they call them on their lies and/or stupidity?
    You idiots really need a new act.

  • oh my!

    She sure is ugly. I’m surprised they kept her this long

  • LOL!


    And Miranda has a bridge on the moon to sell you, too. Just head over to her Kora blog and get all the deets. Moron.

  • reba

    I just saw The Saphires and now it totally makes sense! Miranda has Aberiginal blood in her, for sure!!!!

  • @21

    Says someone stupid enough to believe the delphidiot conspiracy theories.

  • @reba…#22

    “Aberiginal” is spelt Aboriginal…..that’s a new low even for you “haters” now racists as well…..shameful!

  • @ewww. #17

    What a spiteful & nasty person you are, full of jealousy & hatred over a person you don’t know & never met.

    You can’t stand the fact Miranda is known for her flawless & glowing skin. In nearly every interview they always want to know the secrets to her gorgeous skin, shiny hair & amazing body!

    The more you write such lies about her just proves how envious you are of the beautiful Miranda……lol.

  • Does your butt hurt?

    @25 It makes me chuckle whenever you, and I assume that you are the only MK fan who comments over and over and over again since they all same the same tone and verbiage, label anyone who has anything negative to say about your darling, dearest angel as the worst person that ever walked the face of the Earth. This is a gossip site, honey, if you are going to get so butt hurt over every little negative comment, may I suggest that you keep to sites that kiss Miranda’s @$$ as much as you do and leave the rest of us alone.

  • @26

    No, sweetie. You haters are the ones who have to use sockpuppets. There are only a few if you, but millions of us fans.
    And if our exposing your constant lies, bitterness and stupidity bother you so much, maybe you should stick to your own pathetic little site. Your lies will be comfortable over there.

  • OMG!!
  • OMG!!

    I’m not even kidding! I am going to have nightmares about that thing sucking out my soul! So ugly!!

  • @29

    Yuck! Hahahahahahaha

  • @29

    I think I’ve been scarred for life!

  • Fire her Makeup Artist

    Someone please fire her makeup artist, why would u make her look like a Geisha! she’s like vampire white with red lips.