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Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Captured Alive - Celebrities React

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Captured Alive - Celebrities React

After a day-long manhunt, the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings has been captured alive.

Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, was found hiding inside a covered boat that sat in a backyard in Watertown, Mass. He is currently being transported to the hospital for unknown wounds.

Celebrities immediately took to Twitter to express their relief as well as their support for the Boston Police Department following the apprehension.

Kim Kardashian: “Watching the news right now. This is insane. I’m glad they finally captured the 2nd suspect!!! #prayersforBoston”

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BJ Novak: “Suspect is in custardy”

Mario Lopez: “Great to see this nightmare over… #prayersforBoston”

Elizabeth Banks: “Standing ovation for the Boston PD and all the Massachusetts first responders. #MassPride”

Alexa Vega: “They finally caught the Bastard! Thank God. #bostonlove”

Kay Panabaker: “So proud of the Boston PD and the others involved. They obviously wanted justice but handled themselves well. Well done. Well done America”

Bryan Greenberg: “Thank you Boston police department and the FBI for all of your hard work.”

Olivia Munn: “Officers and FBI say its over. Suspect #2 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is in custody, alive and about to be treated by medics…”

Dave Annable: “Well done Boston. Well done. Kudos to all the Police/FBI/National Guard involved, not only in this event but everyday of our lives #heroes”

Kaley Cuoco: “Unreal!!!!!! In custody , mutha- f-er . Thank god”

Alyssa Milano: “I am so blown away by the police officers and all 1st responders in Boston. Awesome bravery. I salute you! #BostonStrong”

Maria Shriver: “Boston did what it needed to do. Finished the race. As I said, no messing with Bean Town.”

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  • maria

    So proud to be a Bostonian tonight! The city shut down, the police and FBI did their thing, and the suspect was captured alive. Was an impressive thing to watch all day!! Thank you to the amazing work by all the law enforcement officials! We can sleep tonight!!

  • Lola_uk

    No one cares what these vapid, self-absorbed, narcissists have to say! Like every other time, they’re merely using this opportunity to draw attention to themselves! They make me sick!

  • amanda

    @lola….they’re just sending out twitter messages the same as every other person who uses twitter…chill out, don’t click on the headline and don’t let it get you so worked up……you sound like you have some issues you need to work out

  • anonymous

    “Boston did what it needed to do. Finished the race.”

    Love Maria Shriver! What a class act! What she said was brilliant and beautiful!

  • J-Mac

    Oh, thank God! I’m going to sleep so much better tonight now that I’ve heard from Kim K on this matter.

    Please…..just go away!!!!!!

  • Leenah

    I’m not so sure the guy that got caught is responsible for anything,the social media and the police can make it seem like it,but I’m not sure.I just read his tweets(btw he has about 80.000 followers now…wtf?) and he didn’t seem angry or ready to kill/die. I just can’t bash him without knowing for sure.

  • Lola_uk

    @amanda: well excuuuuuse me for having an opinion your highness! for somebody who’s accusing another person of being “worked up” you seem pretty worked up yourself. why don’t you take your head out from these celebs’ collective arses and get a clue? cheers!

  • Lydia

    Celebrities always find a way to make things about themselves! What’s the different between their messages and any other normal citizen? Same sentiment….

  • anna


    I feel the same! I know it’s terrible for me to say this, but I kind of feel bad for him, especially because he’s so young and because he’s around my age (I’m 18) hits a little close to home. I can’t stop but think that his older brother (the one that died) was mainly the one responsible for this and Dzhokhar just decided to follow his brother because he’s the only person he has (it seems like he doesn’t have any other close relatives living in the US).

    I’m glad that Boston and the United States is safe now from harm, but I can’t help but feel bad for him (and for the people who died during the bombings–especially that 8-year-old kid).

  • Kat

    Wow, I cannot think of a more irrelevant issue than what Kim Kardashian has to think about the marathon bombing suspect being captured alive. NEXT UP: Tori Spelling gives us the 411 on her thoughts re: whether China’s North Korea envoy to the US will really make headway on the deadlocked nuclear crisis in the region.

  • Tom

    @amanda… What a loser you are,” they”re just sending twitter meaages, as if that normal,”. the narcissism of celebrity culture …. God forbid soceity pass a day without knowing what Kim Kardashians thinks about world events.

  • Ava

    Why are the people patting themselves on the back, that a whole police, state , federal, city caught one lone 19 year old kid … As if they weren’t going to catch the perpetrators with hundred of pictures taken of bombing and Boston under police state… Ah 911 the perpetrators were caught too, they happen to die with their victims, the attack wasn’t about the people who did the deed, it was about the people who planned, financed and were behind the attack , and I doubt that these kids were the master minds of the Boston bombing.

  • perm
  • anonymous

    @anna: i thought i was the only one that felt that way, im 18 also and i really do feel bad for him

  • hahah~

    UH do they know he’s a suspect so basically they THINK it’s him but even if it’s not they’ll fu(k him over anyway??
    good job ‘merica

  • Anonymous

    @Ava: exactly!!
    well said!!

    i don’t believe it’s him but the poops need someone to blame.. it seems all of twitter want this kid kill*ed
    makes me proud to think like an adult rather than an extra from the crucible

  • josi

    just before I looked at the bank draft which had said $9115, I have faith that…my… friends brother had been realey earning money parttime from their laptop.. there moms best frend had bean doing this 4 only sixteen months and just now cleard the morgage on there cottage and purchased themselves a Lotus Elise. we looked here,


    he was identified by the man whose LEGS HE BLEW OFF!
    he and his brother were also tossing explosives at the police from their car, including THE EXACT SAME TYPE OF BOMB THAT THEY USED TO KILL AN EIGHT YEAR OLD BOY, AND TWO OTHERS, and maim hundreds,
    Eye witness identification, and possesion of explosives…..and you IDIOTS still say that it wasn’t him?

  • Marilyn


    Question: then why the hell are you commenting on a celebrity gossip site if you hate celebrities and they make you sick?

  • karl

    over they say? yeah because these guys if they now even are these guys, planned this by themself…

  • Anonymous

    @UHMMM: oh i didn’t know we had an expert..
    did you see these bombs? because it takes 48 hrs to identify remains of bomb fragments.. has it been 2 days genius? -_-
    once again..
    good job america at placing the blame on anyone and everyone
    first someone brown
    then black
    now a Chechen.. ??

  • Anonymous

    @UHMMM: go roll your eyes on a miranda kerr thread idiot.. they’re called suspects for a reason.. check yourself before you fall down

  • Nina

    You’ll say whatever but Americans are just a bunch or narcissists who only think of themselves, all the time. What about the kids you Americans killed in Iraq? Weren’t they humans? Didn’t they deserve your prayers? Oh no, let’s accuse someone who seems to be a foreigner just because your government is a racist and does want you to think that anyone who is not you is evil.

    Well, let me tell you something: it is all pretended. I’m sure that by the end of the weekend or early next week they’ll say that these guys had NRA book, guns and blablabla just for the shake of the country… Oh we caught them… Yeah, sure.

    If only 1% of the american society woke up and realised the lies and stupid stories that your government told you, the world would be a better place. But no, it’s better to be a self-centered community and forget that YOUR COUNTRY invaded Iraq, killed a lot of innocent people and put you against half the world. And I can’t hear you praying for them.

    Go to hell!

  • XYZ


  • XYZ


  • sam


    You feel sorry for a man or men who murdered 3 people at the race, injured over 170 people, and then assassinated a police officer?

    You make me sick.

  • sam


    But “these kids” (note 19 and 26, with a child) put together these bombs, carjacked a man, bragged about the bombing, and then assassinated a police officer in cold blood.

    Those are THEIR actions that have nothing to do with who gave them money.

  • sam


    You’ve got a lot of issues you need to work out. I’m ashamed if you are an American

  • Nina

    @sam Thankfully I’m not American. And I think you should think more deeply as you don’t know who the hell put the bombs and you have beleived the first statement that the gov made…

    You are the one who has been brainwashed so far by your own government. I’m just saying that we can’t judge everyone because someone said it. I hope you realise and put the pieces together to see the truth. Wish you good luck. Honestly.

  • sam


    I’ve seen the footage, so has the rest of America. I’ve seen the photos of them leaving their bags. Shoot, there’s even one of the second suspect standing behind the 8 year old boy that died.

  • Ben

    @Nina: How’s your PR work for the Assad government going? You’re an idiot.