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Miranda Kerr: 'Goodbye Australia, See You Soon!'

Miranda Kerr: 'Goodbye Australia, See You Soon!'

Miranda Kerr is all smiles while departing the Park Hyatt Hotel and heading to the airport on Friday (April 19) in Sydney, Australia.

“Goodbye Australia! See you soon,” the 29-year-old model tweeted while catching a flight back to Los Angeles.

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“Kora Organics now available through Qantas Frequent Flyer Store online. Redeem points for products and go in the draw to win 2 Business Class flights to meet me in New York City!” Miranda added on her Instagram.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr heading to the airport…

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miranda kerr goodbye australia see you soon 04
miranda kerr goodbye australia see you soon 05
miranda kerr goodbye australia see you soon 06
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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • bubbles

    She is always looks so neat. And here, she seems so tall.

  • bubbles

    She always looks so neat.

  • MilnerBond

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online.(Click Home information)

  • @…

    “Hi paps”

  • Hostrolls

    Great! Now Quantas is stuck with her crappy products. She looks tall because she’s wearing heels. good bye Australia. Now we’re stuck with her again. Go back to Oz to where you belong

  • pfff

    She always uses whatever modeling/representative contract she has to pimp out her Kora shit. Rumors have it that she kept doing that during VS interviews and they weren’t very happy with it.

  • ammm pfff

    woooow I come home to pretend to be the perfect mother and wife forgiveness forgiveness.. ridiculous
    This woman has two faces -.-

  • goood

    @pfff: ummm and? its her brand. good for her promoting it any way she can. VS wants their models to be their little minions under them. Miranda is clearly her own business woman.

  • yes!

    She always looks so gorgeous and fresh!
    Hope that she has a great 30th birthday tomorrow!

  • @6

    I guess that you believe any rumor that comes along, eh? Especially the ones that you make up yourself.
    You have rumors. We have facts.
    FACT: The chief executive officer of marketing for VS has done nothing but sing her praises.
    I think that I’ll believe him over some random hater b-s.

  • Anastasia

    Miranda looks way taller than 5f9. She is beautiful. Hope she has a great 30th birthday. It’s great that she wants to try different things now and wants to spend more time with her family. Her Kora skincare line is doing well, she is writing another book, and she has her campaigns with Reebox, Mango, and Qantas. She is doing well as a businesswoman.

  • ammm pfff

    what I mean is that just coincidence that in 2007 gave rise to fame
    it is clear that all that is is thanks to orlando
    right if he is going wrong in Victoria’s or other

  • @ammm pfff…#12

    Miranda was ALREADY a VS angel in 2006 BEFORE she met Orlando.

    She become famous in HER own right because of her beauty, health & exercize philosophy, fashion style, her organic skincare line and her best selling book.

    Women wanted to know her beauty secrets for her flawless skin, shiny hair, make up, how she snapped back into shape after having Flynn and of course women also wanted to see pics of her & Orlando as their such a gorgeous couple and now with Flynn even more of a lovely family!

    It’s a combination of ALL these things that have made her a celebrity & Supermodel.

  • LOL!

    She really does love the paparazzi so very much. Without them, she would be nothing.

  • Mike

    Australia hates her. It’s not that selling Kora is bad, she was at earth hour all decked out in Kora stuff for a couple of years, the idea is to promote the planet, not lotion. Also, we australians don’t handle hypocrites and liars very well. We don’t like people who can’t just get down to earth on this. If you’re beautiful just admit it, don’t go busting out some kora bs. Now that she comes over, seriously people roll their eyes and are like it’s the kerr circus again. maybe u americans can claim her, shes not what australians are like. we’re simple, i know maybe even a little country, but we’re not self-obsessed, hollywood ass kissing, appearance obsessed people. our girls are natural beauties with no lipstick and no heels. she’s like a 1950s version of the butterface housewife.

  • Nancy

    @Anastasia: her organics and books are doing so well, combined with her jet setting, pap pimping, she’s worth exactly 1 million after her VS and DJ ended. Wanna know what business success look lie? Giselle 35mil a year

  • ammm pfff

    beautiful couple? haha if only they were seen together at events never see a family outing flynn care for separated
    orlando deserves a better person next..
    totally true paparazzi give more fame, all this was over one day.

  • @Mike

    This. Miranda says, “Goodbye, Australia!” and Australia says, “Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!” America can have her. We don’t want her.

  • @15

    As if you speak for all of us Australians.
    Four words for you…like h*ll you do.
    Didn’t you see the big crowds at every in store appearance? Or the fact that she had a best selling book in Australia? Or that she is featured on television constantly?
    Yeah, you saw all that, but you just can’t admit that she is well liked and successful.
    Pathetic mercuria. LOL!

  • @16

    Pulling figures out of your @ss again, I see.
    You Delphi gals just can’t stand it, can you.

  • @17

    And I see that the idiot hater sock masquerading as an Alesandra fan is back.
    Such losers!

  • A Dad

    My little girl use to be a huge fan of ms.kerr, but then she was at DJ for autograph signing and required that everyone make a $50 purchase to even get in line. My daughter waited, and she never got a signature. It’s things like this that angers people. No other celebrities bribe people to buy their products, at least not Australian celebrities. If your stuff is good, it should sell on its own, not as a taddle tail of some other major brand. Here she is again, first selling Kora with DJ, then with Earth Hours, now with an Quantas? All these fabulous brands are getting this weird tag along. Just open ur own little store for heaven’s sake and sell whatever u like. It’s weird that an airplane company is selling face wash. It would be more appropriate for spas to promote her stuff. Like I said, with all respect to ms.kerr, it sincerely feels like she wants something for anything she does in return. We’ll never buy another Kora, or wait in another line for her autograph again. Nor will we ever buy another book, which my daughter tells me her second one is coming out. Her first one was a rough break down of everything someone else famous said years ago…

  • A Dad

    @A Dad: I want to add that she required everyone to make a $50 Kora, not DJ purchase to get in line to get an autograph.

  • LOL!!!

    @@6: the chief marketing says nothing about her contract, it’s done. Everyone agrees it’s damage control.

  • LOL!!!

    LOLOLOLOLLLL!!! It’s hilarious how threatened all u fans sound! seriously. If she’s great like u say, then time will tell. if not, time will tell too. Let us remind u that her lotion and books combined don’t make for even 1 million a year. LOLOLOL!!! DJ and VS was the bulk of her earnings. If I gotta sell lotions, pap pictures, and books to make 1 million, thats pretty tough. LOLOLOL!!!! pathetic mercurias!
    Tell me something, why does DJ say that research conducted say no one can relate to her. LOLOLOL!! You pathetic mercuria!
    Which begs me to ask the other question? why are u so angry over this? unless ur her brother, mom, or manager, she’s not related to you and people who don’t like her are entitled to their opinions. LOLOLOL!!! Pathetic mercurias!!!

  • Anonymous

    @@Mike: lol x2!!
    the americans can have her~

  • Anonymous

    @A Dad: what? i use to work for David jones a while back and never heard of them doing that! how freakin horrible.. times have changed.. disappointing 2 because Djs is an australian staple =/

  • ammm pfff

    is a nasty woman must be sick .. so thin
    added but now says that her family is a priority we know it is not so that his career was always first of all nothing will change every year just anger losing their “fame” and more now that will not work for VS

  • Lol!

    Too d*mned funny.
    First the delph-IDIOTS pretend to be different socks, now they are pretending to be DADS?
    Suuuuure, you’re a dad who took their daughter, suuuure. LOL
    You really need therapy.
    And you’ve never heard of people requiring a purchase for an autograph?
    What about all of those book signings wher the author/ celeb will only sign their own book? Viggo did that when he made an appearance. As did every other author out there.
    But wait.
    I forgot to apply the infamous hater double standard.
    Silly me.
    And I love how you keep posting that Miranda will make ‘only one million’, as if she’s going to need to apply for food stamps. LOL!
    She could retire completely and still be richer than 99% of all of the models out there. Plus she is married to a very rich man. She doesn’t need a dime.
    You morons just get funnier all the time.
    Posting sock after sock in a DESPERATE attempt to make yourself feel better about your pathetic lives.
    Bunch of losers who will never know happiness. Not as long as you are wallowing in hate. Your smarter members have left you I the dust. Now all you have is the most pathetic, and most hateful. True psychos, in every sense of the word.
    Losers, all four of you.

  • HA!

    You idiot hater-socks make post after post as you stalk her across the internet, speading lies and filth, they you try to say that HER FANS sound threatened?
    People who make up lies, and even go so far as to pretend to be “a dad” to insult a woman who has never done a thing to you are the ones who sound threatened. Threatened by her beauty, fame and success (and who is married to). If you didn’t feel threatened by her, you wouldn’t spend a moment of your time trying to bring her down.
    It won’t work, though She will remain successful and gorgeous. You will remain sad and pathetic. lol!

  • @28

    I see that you kept one of your sock names.
    You still sound like a blithering idiot!

  • ammm pfff

    the truth is that bitch is married to a very wealthy man
    not because she earned it fourth was a model until she met poor orlando does not deserve a woman like … adventuress! bitch!

  • Anja_ale

    miranda only became angel in 2007, see the parades of 2006 and 2007, the 2006 is not she darling angel, she is so in 2007!

  • @Obvio

    Angels will never be as iconic as: Alessandra, Adriana, Gisele, Heidi and Tyra! 5 are the only angels very famous and iconic that already exist

  • Wow

    No sooner does someone mention the fact that you actually stuck to one name that you change socks.
    Why do you try to hide when your bad English puts a spotlight on you. Don’t you realize that you are making a fool of yourself? Or are you too stupid to see that?
    And I do find it hilarious that you include Alessandra in the same group as icons like Gisele, Tyra and Adriana. Poor Ale. As much as she tries, she will never be an icon. When she leaves VS, she will have nothing. I hope that she saved her money.

  • Sara

    Sending out birthday wishes to Miranda!
    Happy birthday you gorgeous girl!

  • ammm pfff

    last words: ahaha happy birthday… bitch
    and god show all these stupid,shit you’re ;)

  • geez


    You’re a lunatic.

  • @Obvio

    @Wow: è en it’s funny how you talk to Alessandra, Because Alessandra is greater than Miranda, and you know it, hahahahaha! Alessandra is one of the most iconic angels who ever lived and one that brings more profit to victoria secrets / Alessandra is the oldest along with adriana lima, Alessandra is in VS since 2000, and Adriana Lima since 1999, ie, Alessandra has 13 years in VS, Adriana Lima and 14, are the models who spent more time in the history of VS ;** Alessandra will always be remembered for his greatness

  • Anonymous

    @Lol!: why is it so unusual for a father to take his daughter out? 0_0
    my Dad was the person who would take me everywhere when i was a kid, even if i wanted to get my hair done.. your comment is strange!

  • @39

    Poor delusional fangirl.
    You never answered the question put to you on the other thread.
    If Ale is soooo important to VS, why did they almost completely ignore her at the last show, even though she was wearing the multi-million dollar bra?
    And since you mentioned it, if she is so important to them, why did it take them so long to give her the fantasy bra?
    12 years???
    It only took Miranda 6 years.
    That looks pretty bad, IMO.
    It’s almost like they finally gave Ale the bra because they felt sorry for her.

  • @40

    It’s not unusual for a dad to take his daughter out.
    What is unusual is for bitter hater to PRETEND to be a dad taking his daughter out.
    Unusual and pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    @@40: uhhh! got it.. got it.. but let’s both be grown and not use the term hater.. and honestly, having to spend $50 just for an autograph is ridiculous (asked a friend who works in make up if it was true – said yes) — then again that’s pretty typical of someone doing an in store signing.. but fifty is too much.. especially because a lot of her ‘fans’ are kids

  • MoteKL

    She’s a pretty girl. But as a guy I feel she’s the least appealing of the VS girls. Over the last couple of years, she appeared naked so many times (even pregnant), I can’t see her seriously as a woman or a model. I think the word is over-exposure. In the real world, a girl who puts half naked pics of themselves on twitter is a slut or whore, whatever you girls call them. You girls also know the way to get anyone’s respect is not by flashing them off. It’s not a good marketing strategy for a VS model to be that naked. She’s also privately twits more over exposed pics of her goods as if the rest of the media doesnt release enough. Once there’s no more mystery, there’s no more desire or admiration. That’s the problem with over-exposure. Also, as a CFO in a major marketing firm myself, she’s a tough one to contract. People pay more attention to her than the clothing. when you want a model, you want the clothing and products to be sold, you’re not selling their celebrity, and having the pap there is chaos to the work. I wouldn’t hire her for my company. Her manager would be wise to tell her to stay clothed for a while, don’t post more pics of yourself half naked, just be a mom and enjoy yourself rather than letting the world think you have nothing else going on than live through the lens.

  • @43

    I didn’t think that there was a monetary amount set. if I remember correctly, it was that you needed to purchase two Kora products to get an autograph. Since her time was limited, it only made sense for her to limit autographs to customers only. And judging by the line of people waiting to get her signature, plenty of people were willing to buy.
    And I don’t think that many of her fans are ‘kids’. Teens, yes, who would actually benefit from her products, but not kids.
    And I’m sorry, but maturity has nothing to do with us using the term ‘hater’. What else would you call someone who devotes so much time hating someone that they have never met, and has done nothing to them? These people spend hours a day stalking her across the net, posting lies and trying to spread rumors. They make fake blogs and twitter accounts to try to besmirch her name, and say horrendous things about her, her husband, and even her child. What other word is there for people like that, than ‘hater’?

  • @43

    And check out post #44
    These ‘haters’ are giving it another go.
    Do they actually think that we would believe that a “CFO in a major marketing firm” would really be here commenting on an older thread?
    LOL! That’s rich.
    And this statement proves that they know NOTHING about marketing:
    “People pay more attention to her than the clothing. when you want a model, you want the clothing and products to be sold, you’re not selling their celebrity”
    Idiot. Their ‘celebrity’ is why people hire ‘celebrities’ for ads. Their fame brings interest to the advertising, which in turn, brings interest to the product. Why else would companies pay small fortunes to celebs to advertise their products?
    anot very bright, are they?
    Oh, and first, they were a “dad”, now they are just a “guy”.
    A “guy CFO” who happens to follow Miranda on twitter?
    Now what could you call this person besides a psycho hater?

  • @Obvio

    the only explanation for this is that the VS erred in not putting ugly before because Selita Ebanks used in the first year she paraded, and she was never a great model victoria secrets, the same thing is karolina Kurkova, you’re just jealous because it is much larger than miranda hahahaha; * Alessandra and Adriana are the richest and the most famous, That says it all

  • Anonymous

    @@43: hater is a term for kids and her fans aren’t predominantly 30-40-50 y/o.. i’d say they’re more pre-teens.. and what teen can afford kora products btw? aren’t they at least $60+ ?
    whatever, people are going to say ridiculous things until the end of time, but the word ‘hater’ makes me cringe because its so juvenile..

  • @48

    What would you call them?
    or just plain b*tch?
    Also, the people that I saw in the video of those waiting for her autograph were predominantly young women in their late teens or early twenties. And you would be surprised at hpw many teens can afford Kora. It’s no more expensive than other high end brands. Teens shop at Bregdorf’s, Nordstrom’s, Nieman’s, etc., all the time. No difference.

  • @..”haters”…

    Wow you “haters” are sounding more & more desperate with every post.

    YOU “haters” are the ones who feel so THREATENED by Miranda that you stalk her across the Internet posting spiteful & nasty comments full of lies.

    The Delphidiots that hate her out of pure jealousy for the simple reason she’s happily married to Orlando.

    Then the others that are crazy Lima fans that can’t stand that Miranda gets all the media attention from all the tv shows like E, Access, Extra, ET.

    That all the magazines & celebrity sites all talk about her fashion style, want to know her health, beauty & exercise secrets. They think her & Orlando make one of the most gorgeous couples in Hollywood.

    While their not the least bit intetested in Adriana unless she’s promoting VS.

    The President & Chief Marketing Officer for VS said “Miranda is one of the best models in the HISTORY of the business and easily one of the most POPULAR”
    Now she’s just been voted the celebrity with the “best legs” in the world. Along with last years ” sexiest woman in the world” and voted first as the celebrity most women would like to see design their own “fashion line”

    Add to that she also has her own successful skincare line which is now expanding into the US, UK & Asia. Her best selling book with another on the way. Now Kora will be available to buy on Qantas flights as well soon on Net-a-porter.

    So Miranda is doing very well for herself, still working part time with VS. Has other high profile campaigns like Mango, Reebok, Qantas, Clear Shampoo etc. Becoming a successful business woman with Kora & her books and now gets to spend more time with Orlando & Flynn by not being tired down to VS full time. Is also an Ambassador for Kids Helpline.

    She pretty much has it all, a Supermodel, businesswoman, author AND happily married to a hot actor with a gorgeous child…. ; )