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Katie Holmes & Suri: Nail Salon After Seventh Birthday Celebration!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Nail Salon After Seventh Birthday Celebration!

Katie Holmes and her adorable daughter Suri battle the wind while heading to a nail salon on Saturday (April 20) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress was joined by her mom Kathleen, who left the salon alone.

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“Done already. All done. I take care of the kids early. You’ll know — you have to plan ahead for these things. It’s all done and all celebrated,” Suri‘s dad Tom Cruise recently shared about her seventh birthday.

Tom added, “I’ll eat cake, cupcakes. I eat all that stuff!”

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri dropping by a nail salon…

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89 Responses to “Katie Holmes & Suri: Nail Salon After Seventh Birthday Celebration!”

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  1. 1
    Just a Comment Says:

    Happy 7th Birthday Suri. Hope you had a wonderfully, blessed day.

  2. 2
    real Says:

    Is she still carrying that big girl, in her arm?

  3. 3
    Suri the meal ticket Says:

    Suri is stimming both hands.
    KHo looks like a depressed manic woman as always.

  4. 4
    Shazzer Says:

    In the wrong light Katie can look B-A-D. Yikes.

  5. 5
    missy Says:

    Happy Birthday Suri! Hard to believe she’s 7 years old already. Time flies.

  6. 6
    something's wrong with Suri Says:

    carrying a teddy bear at 7yo? On the street in public?
    she’s very insecure little girl.
    She’s very cute though

  7. 7
    Kizbit Says:

    Tom is nuts.

  8. 8
    Effy Says:

    Carrying a Teddy Bear at 7 isn’t wrong… wow. Most of you are getting a little, seven and naive year old girl confused with a 17 year old.

  9. 9
    ali Says:

    I agree, tom cruise is the oddest guy – I celebrate early – what????? it’s your child’s birthday. why not celebrate on the day? He wants to get it over with??? Just the oddest guy. glad this little girl is going to school. hope they protect her from the media so that she can develop into the person she is meant to be.

  10. 10
    shia Says:

    Yep, beacause Tom did not let you see the celebrat for his daughter, so he is a oddest, what did you think you are? God?
    And now, kho is the most great mother , because suri appeared to the public and the paps again as your gossip conversations, so great!

  11. 11
    55vineyard Says:

    Hey I slept with my Tony the Tiger stuffed animal until about 16.
    Comfort and stability is important when you are growing up.
    Of course everyone is different.

  12. 12
    rubyz Says:

    Holmes has not had Suri out in front of the paparazzi for a week or so. I wondered how long she’d be able to last.

  13. 13
    Ullie Says:

    “Battle the wind.” Really? They are that boring.

  14. 14
    goofy Says:

    I think it’s quite normal for children with divorced parents to have more than 1 birthday celebration. There is nothing odd about it as it happens all over the world. If pictures of Tom and Suri celebrating her birthday come out, people will say it is PR work. The way I see it if you don’t like someone, nothing he or she does will satisfy you ;-)

    All these speculation about Suri is quite disturbing. I have quite a number of celebrities that I am not a fan of but have never visited their news so that I could repeatedly write negative comments about them or their children upbringing.

    Good luck Tom with Oblivion. I watched it and really enjoy it.

  15. 15
    Just a Comment Says:

    All in all I think Cruise had to walk a fine line when it has to do with Suri and being seen in public with her. Whether one likes Scientology or not they have rules that if members in the family leave the church you must disconnect from them. Cruise also had to care about his public image as he is a working actor and didn’t want to come off cold and hard as a father and human being (which might be what his church would want him to be) he still must care about his public image which is why after their divorce he will see Suri possibly more privately than in the past what appeared as a PR opportunity like when they went to Disneyland earlier in the year, and all the other times they were photographed together enhancing his image as a heterosexual male, like a Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Mark Walberg, etc. Because Cruise and Katie are in the business of image and between the two Cruise KNOWS he must care about his public image. But for his church he must care not to disrespect them weather one likes them or not. This is why I think the images that appeared of Cruise and Suri walking through an upstate park in New York was to satisfy his public that he has not abandoned Suri. And for CoS, those faraway pictures of Cruise and Suri were done as discretly as possible to not rub the pictures in their noses (COS). Personally I do not think Cruise will be that close to Suri. If he does remain close to her (in private) I think Cruise would win Suri over to the COS because it will be a slow seduction into a luxurious world that a seven year old could easily follow. Good luck Suri.

  16. 16
    Just a Comment Says:

    - The only thing that will throw a wrench in Cruise getting Suri would be if Suri has any developmental issues. I KNOW this sounds mean but I think that would be the key factor as to why Cruise would distance because himself from Suri. He is too busy with his career to devout a treatment for Suri if that is what she needs and both Katie and Cruise would want to take different approachs to helping Suri, whether she’s has development issues and stimming, time will tell. She is now seven years old and the first seven years she grew up in public. Her face is well known and even if she is exposed less in public people would eventually see her walking down the street or running with her hands stimming. This is the age of technology, most people have a camera in the phone. Good luck to Suri. She didn’t ask to be born. She was born into this arrangement. I m glad to see Katie’s mom with them. I think she is a good influence for Suri.

  17. 17
    see Says:

    Suri looks so dark, like an arabic girl. Aren’t both her parents of European decent?

  18. 18
    Yassine Says:

    They look lovely

  19. 19
    Anne Says:

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    you came back. I was missing you.

  20. 20
    Anne Says:

    For this envious seite: Holmes is a beautiful woman and has a natural beauty. It is the most beautiful Hollywood, talented and will win. Courageous, fought for his daughter away from a selfish, eccentric and religious fanatic. This “visit” Suri and Tom, there wasn,t. Holmes threatened to tell the whole farce father “biological” (William Mapother), Cruise had more to lose. She was ambitious and wanted to leverage his career, more after 05 years living with Tom,family, saw it was not what she wanted for her daughter. Kidiman abandoned older son. The “marriage” Cruise contracts are to leverage the career of the “wives” and hide that he is gay. ‘ll Watch Oblivion.

  21. 21
    toria Says:


    Holmes may be a natural beauty, but she dresses like crap.
    And for someone who is the “face” of a make up line and a hair product line she certainly does not sell it very well.

    Kidman did NOT abandon her kids. The Cult took them from her. After the divorce she and Tom had joint custody and she had physical for over a year. The kids wanted to live in LA and up until then Tom and the cult were very quiet. After they went to live with Tom she visited frequently (all of this is documented somewhere in the media) and then the Cult with Tom’s blessing turned those kids away from her. Personally I think she made decisions based on what was best for the kid’s emotional health. She knew that they loved their dad and were safe with him (the cult wouldn’t treat his kids like they do the others). She has always gone out of her way to talk about Tom in glowing terms–”I’ll always love him because he is the father of my kids” – even tho strong rumor has it she doesn’t like him at all anymore to put it mildly. She has always gone out of her way to speak lovingly of the kids. I think she is hoping as they grow older they will reconnect solidly with her. Bella has. Connor is still as brainwashed as ever.
    Was this a path many of us would have taken–on the surface no–but the kids were about 10 and 12 with the true disconnect started. If you look at courts in the US–by the time she finished fighting Tom and the Cult it would have been years and then the kids would have been teens and the judge would have asked the simple question “Where do you want to live?” And they would have said Tom since they were brain washed. And she would have put them through what would have been a truly horrendous custody battle–because it wasn’t only Tom she was battling, but the cult. They would have tried to destroy her, her family, extended family and friends. Do you think she didn’t know this? She trusted Tom with her love and he betrayed that by unceremoniously dumping her. She trusted Tom with her children and he betrayed that love and trust by taking those kids away from her.

    Katie learned from this and obviously has something BIG on Tom. And she managed to get Suri away. Do you honestly think that Tom would have allowed this if he had known? Look at how she did it. Nicole had no clue and was blind sided. Katie knew exactly what Tom would do and she plotted and planned and ran. If Tom thought there was a chance in hell he could “win” and get Suri without his public image being tarnished–you bet your booty he’d go after Katie for the kid.

    And what is really ironic to me at least–is that the cult, based on articles, testimony etc. from ex-cult members that were in high up positions–is that Tom loved Nicole still when he asked for a divorce. The cult orchestrated it and he went along with it. Several ex-Xenu-loonies have said that she was the love of his life aside from Xenu in varying terms. I bet Tom somewhere in the deeper recesses of his soul regrets letting her go. And now she is happy and he is alone which isn’t good for his image. I don’t know that Tom even knows who he is anymore. I think he is so tied up in his public image and the cult that whoever that ambitious young boy who wanted to make it big in Hollywood and practiced in his first agent’s home in his underwear in front a mirror saying “YOU ARE A STAR” is now lost forever. All that is left is this shell. He got his wish – he is a star.

  22. 22
    Suri the meal ticket Says:

    Hello Anne how are you? It rained a bit in the morning here, now the breeze and weather is perfect. May play golf later in the afternoon. What do you plan for the rest of the weekend?

    Does this piece of meal ticket still attend Avenue School?
    The dropping off pictures were daily when the school year first started. Suri’s dressed to the school’s dress code, what a big improvement from her sloppy style.
    No school pix anymore, yet the paps could car pool with the Holmes family down to FL to video tape their vacation in the Disneyland.
    Why is that?

    Did Tom actually visit Suri earlier in NYC? I saw the picture, very grainy from a far distance, reminds me of those Big Foot sighting pictures. And very few media outlets use that picture, why is that?
    The visit seemed to happen, if it happened, very briefly.

    How can the perfectionist in Tom put up with the developmentally challenged Suri while paying the residual of the prop lease?

  23. 23
    Suri the meal ticket Says:

    What a regret for Nicole that Cruise married and divorced KHo, the no talent child pimping wannabe.
    Now every time KHo pimps Suri for the paps, commenters will bring up Nicole.
    Very unfortunate for such an accomplished actress to appear in the same sentence with KHo.

  24. 24
    Yassine Says:


    Katie was pairing her heart-shaped polka-dotted top with a blue grey knit sweater, button-down denim blouse and bright blue jean trousers.
    She teamed the pieces with a pair of knee-high tan leather boots and a red leather shoulder bag.

    -> If it’s what you call crap, I don’t know how she should dress, you can’t be serious? It’s a normal looking for a lovely mum, not her best, it’s far from a disaster, I must admit that sometimes she did wrong choices but I see nothing wrong here … For each article, It’s gonna be boring at the end, really …

  25. 25
    CF98 Says:

    Okay lets get something straight here the reason why people knew Katie went to Disneyworld is because there’s this thing called Twitter where everyone was saying Katie/Suri were there you don’t need to call the paps when everyone recognizes you no matter where you go.

    Besides if they were staged Katie would put more of an effort to dress better don’t you think?

    And Tom is so not Suri’s biological father if he were he would’ve fought for custody. He put up more of a fight for his adoptive children against Nicole.

    And yes Nicole dumped those kids because no real mother would let their kids be raised by a “cult”. She could’ve fought harder like Katie did but didn’t. They weren’t her flesh and blood so she didn’t care to fight it.

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