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Reese Witherspoon: Mugshot Revealed After Arrest

Reese Witherspoon: Mugshot Revealed After Arrest

Reese Witherspoon shows a bit of smile in this newly released mugshot after her arrest in the early morning hours of Friday (April 19) in Atlanta, Ga.

The 37-year-old actress and her husband, Jim Toth, whose mugshot is also pictured, is facing a disorderly conduct charge while Jim, is facing a DUI charge after blowing a .139 on a breathalyzer test.

Reese and Jim made their first public appearance since the incident earlier this evening at the premiere of Mud.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Reese’s arrest incident???

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    LOL!!! Lil Miss Perfect!!! HAHAHA

  • Not your friend

    Reese wut do u mean the cop will find out who u are today, we know u r richly loaded so why drive under the influence when u can afford a driver or u think killing innocent ppl is cool….don’t let ur man drive no matter how manly u think he is….

  • Dieter!!!!!


  • maria

    You can’t be serious. They are new parents. Shame on them.

  • L

    funny mugshot.
    That was very irresponsible, you’re rich woman, hire a driver if you’re gonna get hammered.


    drunk look at the camera

  • Sean

    What I think Jared is that I am on the side of the Police. It’s our fault for making “actors ” feel so important. They are overpaid & useless.
    Boston Strong

  • African Girl


  • ha ha

    wow they look like any other trash couple in the daily newspaper……..

  • Tina

    Oh how cute. His and hers mugshots! I guess Reese and Jim are drunk on love. So romantic. :-/

  • AnnieBC

    Oh how I hope this tarnishes her Carefully crafted image! I met her about six years ago and she was a nasty bitch on wheels- no one has the “right” to endanger others by driving drunk.

  • GReynolds

    Heard about their alcohol problems before – both of them. Reese’s image is just a facade, totally manufactured. The way she’s described to have acted last night is exactly how she really is, per numerous insiders who have worked with her. I can’t believe it took this long for the real Reese to surface.

  • M

    How completely embarrassing for them both. Hopefully this will be a wake up call to both. And honey you’re not all that….celebrity status does not put you above the law. It only means you have more money to afford a top notch attorney who will keep you out of jail while your publicist makes excuses.

  • Livin’ the Life

    She looks like she is trying not to laugh. Guess she doesn’t take this seriously, does she.

  • an opinion

    I guess they did not need a perfect mugshot of her because everyone knows who she is. LOL

  • Judy Satterwhite

    I’ve never heard of or seen a mug shot that the person is not directly looking into the camera. Thought that was a requirement in a mugshot. They should both be ashamed of endangering others w/their inexcusable behavior. They could have called for a limo as wealthy as they are, if they had been drinking!

  • Halli

    Little Miss Type-A control freak is gonna piss herself when her “dutch courage” wares off!

  • Kelly


    Google Kevin Smith’s story about Reese. Here’s a link:

  • Alison

    Very shocked that prim and proper Reese Witherspoon was caught along with hubby for all things driving drunk. Shame on them! Being a celebrity can’t get you rout of this one!

  • ha ha


    you have heard of lindsay lohan, right?

  • Just sayin

    does anybody remember her mtv awards speech, going on about how she didnt get famous for sex tapes and girls who have nude pictures should be embarrassed… at least a sex tape cant kill anybody like drinking and driving, she should b happy all she has to deal with are mug shots and b thankful they didnt kill anybody! drinking and driving is more shameful then a nude pic!

  • Mary

    Wait, where is the good influence for children? As she said when she started dating Jim!

  • Avery

    Well she’s friends with Chelsea Handler and her crowd.. It’s not like she drinking diet coke, while they drink and snort coke…. Always thought Reese Witherspoon looks like a closet druck.

  • Hehehehe

    One fake b!t@h down.

    Jennifer Aniston you’re next!

  • ha ha


    we can only hope………

  • Elodieee

    LOOOL you cut the best part of it : her name underneath, Laura Jeanne Poon, as the pic was too big so the “Whiters” couldn’t make the final cut.

  • Samantha Sophia


  • Samantha Sophia

    Sad face

  • jana

    But what does that have to do with Reese’s pointing out the losers who just want to be rich and famous, even if it means sex-tapes.

    She didn’t proclaim to be the best female out there. It’s not her fault that people think of celebs as demi-gods. Vultures attacking her as superficial as people questioning celeb parenting when their own kids aren’t getting enough attention.

  • Milla

    Missy fake smile Witherwitch showing her true character! To bad her best friends the paps were not around, LOL!

  • S

    A mediocre actor at best. Overpaid, overrated.

  • S

    Oh, and she looks like the Third, long-lost Olsen triplet.

  • wren

    Jana – your point would have been well taken, except she took pains to tell them who she was…..Acting as if being a demi god should have made her above the law….She’s on her way out anyway….but it always happens to those on the wane.

  • rootytootyrooty

    @Just sayin:

    AMEN! Taking photos, whatever they are on your mobile device or even a sex tape! – is INFINITELY better than endangering other people on the road. Looks like her arrogance is going to cost her a lot more than attorney fees….

  • Liz

    Why is she smiling or was it bad timing on the camera?
    Drunk driving isn’t funny. I lost a good friend and she was only 17 yrs. old from a driver under the influence. Slammed into her car-driver side, at 80 mph and it wasn’t his first time with dui. My friend was to graduate from high school this year.

  • Drago Harley

    I think Reese is just shameful. What a spoiled little princess! “Do you know who I am?”. Evidently she doesn’t know who she is because she is not as big a deal as she thinks she is.

  • tsk tsk tsk

    Guessed the side snark for B

  • tsk tsk tsk

    Guessed her snide snark for Blake Lively during her famous MTV speech about other actress using naked photo of themselves to get famous bites her back in the ass,what a hypocrite,now she got caught worst of all drinking and driving just to be noticed,what an ass!!

  • Anonymous

    now fangirls need to realize that a persons image on screen isn’t who they are..

    just waiting for anne hathaways real personality to come out

  • Anonymous

    @ha ha: yeah but lindsey doesn’t get away with it because she’s not high profile anymore..

    ..and btw –halle berry got away with a hit and run because she’s a big “star”! it happens all the time

  • rootytootyrooty


    Liz, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend – but stories like that, when we tell them, often keep people of the road. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mamie

    The Brangeloonies somehow manage to drag Jennifer Aniston’s name into something that has nothing to do with her. My goodness talk about obsessed. Can’t stand Reese and she looks embarrassed like she knows her image will be hurt. Drinking and driving is the worse thing you can do. Stupid!

  • Cami

    So true. Fake Aniston is next. Watch CAA go into damage control full mode in the next few days. CAA keep Reese, Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler afloat.

  • Chanel

    I’ve always suspected that this lady was never on the up and up about who she really is. I’ve heard that she and her hubs like to get their drink on as does her ex husband who likes to get his coke on too. Wouldn’t be surprised if hubs has some issues with alcohol. Reese likes to front like she is a proper southern belle but we all know this woman has some skeletons rattling around in her closet. Let’s not forget that her brother was arrested for sexual assault. This family is obviously not the picture of Southern gentility that she likes to put out there.

  • Shamrock

    Oh my goodness!! Is this true? If so, that is extremely disappointing to hear and I hope in the future that she and her hubby get a driver to take them to and from.
    If my memory stands correct, this reminds me of the skit she did for Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel. She shows up on the show with a ton of booze in her bags. Weird!!!
    Hopefully, she and hubby have learned from this mistake.

  • Chanel

    They say that birds of a feather like to flock together and you can judge a person by the company they keep. Well, it’s no wonder Reese gets along so swimmingly with Chelsea Handler who everyone knows has a problem with alcohol and drugs.

  • nyob

    So disappointed. “Do you know who I am?” But for this completely douchey, entitled line, this story really would not be that big of deal. I absolutely hate it when rich and/or famous people use that one, like they are above the law.

  • just me

    She knew better. Her career is going is not going well. She is not above the law in georgia. We do not care who you are.

  • linsu

    She looks pretty good for barely having any makeup on! There’s some pics where she’s not looking too good makeup free…

  • caro

    @Avery: Handler is also with Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock