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Gabriel Aubry & Nahla: Art Class Pick-Up!

Gabriel Aubry & Nahla: Art Class Pick-Up!

Gabriel Aubry picks up his adorable daughter Nahla from her art class on Saturday (April 20) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 36-year-old model watched as his five-year-old little girl played with the art she made and laughed with a pal outside the studio!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gabriel Aubry

Nahla recently returned back from a trip to Hawaii with her pregnant mom Halle Berry and her mom’s fiance Olivier Martinez.

10+ pictures inside of Nahla Aubry and her dad Gabriel leaving art class together…

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gabriel aubry nahla art class pick up 02
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gabriel aubry nahla art class pick up 05
gabriel aubry nahla art class pick up 06
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  • MundayBlahs

    Nahla looks so happy nice to see her with daddy.

  • janekay

    Daddy is so hot!

  • kate

    Nahla is so happy with her gorgeous daddy.

  • Elodieee

    Oh my… well hello there Daddy… *fans self*

  • SunnyAutumn

    Nahla seemed more happier after school than she was in Hawaii. She is actually laughing. Daddy is HOT!!!!!

  • Truthie

    I love her hair, the color and length.

    Gabriel looks like Nicolas W. Coster from Game of Thrones.

  • Lee

    Such a daddy’s girl! Too cute.

  • From Paris with Love

    yeah he’s absolutely hot, manly and sexy

  • mh

    Does this guy have a job? That’s right Halle has to support him until Nahla turns 18.

  • mh

    @SunnyAutumn: Oh please so you ignore the pictures of her smiling with her mom in Hawaii. Get a life and find her daddy a job so he won’t have to live off child support. He could at least get a hair cut and some clean clothes with the monthly $20,000. He’s gross and stinky.

  • just me

    Good father to Nahla. . He should find him someone to date. He is hot and cute at the same time.

  • Dani

    @mh And I assume you have on authority that he’s “gross and stinky”? Nice use of kindergarden insults by the way.

  • danielle

    good genes… nahla is beautiful

  • tammy


    And Olivier Martinez has a job like leaving at Halle Berry┬┤s expenses!By the way crazy Halle downgraded from 10 to zero when she went from Gabriel to Oliver stinky.She prefers trash…

  • SunnyAutumn

    I never saw her smile in any of those pictures on their vacay in Hawaii. I saw Halle playing the cameras, by covering her belly in every pic and Olivier fake smiling for the camera at the same dang time.

  • MKeyes


    No… doesn’t need a job now, Nahla is his cash-baby… he’s in heaven. School runs, few nights here, few day duty pick ups here… “Show me the money…H-Halle Berry…” Singing all the way to the bank.

  • jen

    He is still a #1 male model!! And HOT!!

  • ChowChow

    Gabriel is a top earning model. Those who think he’s a living off of HB’s money is full of crap. According to the CA law, she has to pay child support since she makes more money. Plus she told the judge he doesn’t make enough money. So he said okay you pay him then.

  • Lou

    Beautiful child, VERY HOT daddy!

  • msirene



    Do I detect some jealousy here? This man help make a beautiful child with Ms. Berry. He’s deserving of anything tha t he gets! He gave her the baby that she wanted, and now, she pays.

  • Bellaboo

    @MKeyes: uh, so what? That’s what Halle gets for using him for his sperm…

  • mh

    @tammy: She dropped that loser because he cheated. He doesn’t even have a job. If that’s your idea of a 10 you have low standards. Oliver still does small acting gigs. Aubrey gets a support check. What-a-Man. I’m sure women are lining up to get some of that support check. Someone should tell the idiot modeling isn’t forever. White male models are a dime a dozen.

  • mh

    @ChowChow: He has never been a top male model. Googling would have given you that bit of information. What real man feels comfortable having a woman support him? Halle still works and this guy gets to sit around waiting for a modeling job to fall in his lap. Hopefully Nahla picks up her moms work ethic and stands on her own two feet.

  • mh

    @msirene: Get real. He thought he had a sugar momma and she cut the loser loose. You guys act like he wasn’t in on making a child with her.

  • mh

    @jen: LOL He has NEVER been a TOP 10, 20 or 30 male model. Google it, male models are a dime a dozen that’s why it’s so hard to make it.

  • ChowChow

    @mh: If I know any better, you must be one of Halle’s people saying all this bull crap or you absolutely hate Gabe. Yes he is one of the top earning models. Why are you having a cow about her paying him child support? The athletes pay child support too and they pay way more than Halle does. So what are you complaining about. I hope you don’t believe in everything she says about the men she’s been with. If he was a loser like you said and he’s leaving off her cash, he would’ve asked way more in child support.

  • shei

    The number 12. Before sending someone to google up, we should be better informed. He is currently the face of some segments of hugo boss.

  • Stella

    For years after they broke up he didn’t ask for or get child support. I wasn’t until Halle Berry took him to court for sole custody(and lost)that the issue of child support came up. The JUDGE ordered it as support is always a part in custody cases. Gabriel is not allowed to refuse it because it’s the child’s money. Court documents also state he’s worth over 5million…much less than Halle so she pays, if she made less than 5 million he’d pay simple math not gender. Google it.

  • SA

    correction: halle = 70 million Gabriel =4.5million She pays and should.
    Funny how people think 4.5 million poor. He’s wealthy….she’s rich but the kid would still have a great life on just his 4 million lol

  • Lizzy

    Funny to see that Halle’s Fans are just as crazy as her – stop bashing Gabriel Aubry, you don’t know anything about that guy. Neither do I, but at least I can use Google properly and see that he is indeed one of the most successful male models out there, even after all this time. Nahla seems happy with her dad and I’m glad that Halle hasn’t managed to pull of her mad scheme to get Nahla away from him. If her fans think they can somehow justify Halle’s insane and mean actions by debasing Gabriel Aubry, well, it’s not working.

  • ChowChow

    @Lizzy: I agree with you.

  • WSup

    @Lizzy, agreed!

    And @mh….GET A F”N LIFE!!!!!!

  • Best Wishes!

    I always thought Aubry was handsome, but he was never comfortable with Halle. You could see it in photos. At first, I thought he was just shy, but I don’t think he could handle the attention when he was with her. After all their years, he still appeared ill at ease. Now, he’s looking more relaxed and happy — and more sure of himself. Nahla isn’t ALWAYS smiling like this with Aubry. She’s with her little friends, joking around, and times with Dad are usually the fun, play times anyway. Mom has the tougher child-rearing job. Thank God Nahla has Halle Berry for a mom! Nahla will surely grow up to be a “lady.” Halle is stylish and poised. This little “golden girl” will no doubt have a sense of femininity and class because of what her mother will instill in her and because of getting so much love and devotion from not only her mom, but the males in her life. It’s a win-win for Nahla!

  • http://website ms whitney smalls

    Why in the world does she has to pay child support to him when they weren’t married. They have shared custody. I never understood that.

  • Alex

    lmao!!!He isn’t a top model???? sure *rolls eyes* and that’s why he was on every prestigious catwalk for years??? Versace, LV, Hugo Boss, Armani, Louis Vuitton etc right ok…U seem to have very personal issues with Gabriel….talk to someone about that.

  • Alex

    @Lizzy: Exactly!!!

  • marty

    This guy clearly can’t be perfect, but he’s trying to do the right thing.. spend time with his daughter. Appears to spend more quality time with her than her mother. Seemed Halle B’s main priority was getting down with the new guy.. not that she doesn’t have the right to live her life, but she barely waited for the dust to settle with Gabriel before she was moving on with O.Martinez and I think she was geared toward ending things with the guy before he even knew what was happening because she met Martinez and was already trying to make this Gabriel guy look bad.

  • Taddaaaa

    @ms whitney smalls:

    That’s what happens when you have a child with someone.
    Has nothing to do with marriage. Really?
    Both parents are responsible for the child whether they married or not.