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Jennifer Lawrence: Short Hair & Sheer Skirt for Sunday Brunch!

Jennifer Lawrence: Short Hair & Sheer Skirt for Sunday Brunch!

Jennifer Lawrence shows off her short hair while heading out for brunch with her friends on Sunday (April 21) at Tavern restaurant in Brentwood, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress wore a long sheer skirt and straightened her hair after debuting her new cut with a more wavy look at the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards the night before.

Jennifer took to the stage during the show to present an award to President Bill Clinton with the help of studio mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Watch Jennifer‘s speech below!

Jennifer Lawrence Presents at the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards
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jennifer lawrence sheer skirt short hair for sunday lunch 01
jennifer lawrence sheer skirt short hair for sunday lunch 02
jennifer lawrence sheer skirt short hair for sunday lunch 03
jennifer lawrence sheer skirt short hair for sunday lunch 04
jennifer lawrence sheer skirt short hair for sunday lunch 05

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  • Anne

    She could be a fine actress but she didn’t deserved that Oscar. That kind of premiations it’s now all a fake business world.

  • http://noraivanova1 ScotleyLover

    Anne She is not just fine actress she is brilliant actress and she is only 22. Jennifer deserves that Oscar and many more!

  • Athena

    Love her. So very talented and so very natural.

  • Ash

    love love the new do of JLaw!! i think she rocks any hair color and style!!! such a great talent!!! and it helps that she’s hilarious and funny as well!!!

  • Ted

    Overrated bitch!

  • eliana

    OMG she looks like my sister, and she has the same skirt and shirt its zara, we found the same skirt in yellow and pink, lovely look

  • yeah

    Even if she kills somebody her blind fans still will be screaming “She is so funny and brilliant! hahahaha”…

  • yeah

    BTW, papz from National Photo Group is the ones that called by publicists. Emma Stone and Ansrew G. using them all the time in LA. And after complaining about harrasing. Lol

  • marcello

    @yeah: are you crazy or what? i respect your opinon if you dont like her, its ok, your choice and maybe you prefer other celebrities its ok but dont tell people what they should do or why they love her? hate her or like her its their choice so respect that

  • ELLA


  • trop mimi

    elle est trop mignonne avec cette jupe, ca lui va a merveille, elle devrait porter ce style c est trop classe et fraiche

  • ???/????

    @yeah: i think you are fan for somebody else9actor or singer….) and no one can tell you why you love this person? so its the same situation you hate her that why you didnt like to see anybody who said some nice thing about her so its difficult for you and the QST WHY y even read any post about her and also comment YOU HAVE TIME TO READ ABOUT all the people or you are so obsessed just with her?


    @yeah: HAHAHAHAHAH YEAH WE STILL LOVE HER SO RELAX HATER AND GO read your books or do your homework NO LIFE

  • sweetness

    She’s a terrific Oscar winning actress and ….she’s adorable!

  • Whee


    I agree. Remember, those awards aren’t what they used to be about. It’s all about popularity of present not just talent.

  • bethany

    it’s staggering what a good make up artist & decent stylist can achiev

  • funny witch

    This chick not for a bit less phony and fake that Anne Hathaway but since she is first class media manipulator with powerfull pr team – everybody buys her false image. Lets give her credit for being so tricky to fooled EVERYONE(almost). And if right now you think she is so sweet and friendly – just wait couple years and see how your idol will became insufferable arrogance bi*ch just like rest of hollywood. Back in the days Julia Ro, Reese W and Charlise were sweathearts too but look at them now… She is already puls diva stunts and that will be progress. Still dont think that is affected her career because gal is talented, attractive but what is most important – very well training how and whom kiss asses to keep going. Im little bit older to see all this coming. Mark my words.
    ps my native language NOT english!!!!!!!!

  • tap

    she is such a kiss ass

  • Connie

    Why is it if some young , pretty blond wins a Ocsar so many people have to rush out and say “Oh they didn’t deserve it” …………………………… If random people knew anything they would know it’s easy to play a pure drama, crazy or distraught women, it’s much harder for any actor (impossible ) to have to seduce the audience and ( other actor), play angry, funny, seductive and over dramatic without playing it too much to look ridiculous or over acting (and having to learn a dance sequence ) that by the end of the movie you have the audience rooting for you and falling in love with you… And believing in your love story with the other character ……so shut up. You’re just jealous people who have nothing better to do.

  • WTF!!!
  • Annebel

    She is just so loveable and unpretentious, and doesn’t act like this Hollywwod B.S is as serious as Hollywwod pretends it is.

  • Jenisthebest

    I second that. Well Said.

  • maria

    @Annebel: well haters gonna hate leave them get excited and bark like dogs LOL they would be at his place but they have a crappy life and they feel better about themselves in criticizing her or any celebrity

  • WOW

    Really @funny witch. Some of you are so darn creepy. Talking about her with so much hate as if you know her and she has personally done something to you. Why don’t you spend this abundance of time on something you enjoy?


    SEXY LADY!!! xoxoxoxoxo im your next boyfreind jennifer so plz stay single and wait for me im coming from espania

  • Chiara

    @Anne: Her performance on Silver Linings Playbook was brilliant, Tiffany will be a character everyone will remember. From her contenders she had the strongest performance so HELL YES SHE DESERVED THAT OSCAR.

  • ashley

    @WOW: WELL SAID bc im sure she is some twilight fans, and all of them hate jennifer its weird bc i love them both but for some reason in their heads you should love twiligt and nothing else not both like children thats why

  • Tim

    I find her the only actress that looks better close up then at a distance, must be why she is amazing for film, her face , those lips , nose , cheekbones and eyes … In a movie is up close, you just can’t help starring, she becomes the whole scene.

  • LOL

    Dough Face




    @LOL: not as youR ugly face and dirty mouth im sure hater, but im glad you have time to check this post and see all the pictures, hate her or love her you have at least time for her LOL

  • emu

    @Tim: she has chipmunk cheeks, idk what defining cheekbones are you talkin about lol

  • Who are you

    @funny witch…… Get a life , any time there’s a post about Jennifer Lawrence , you’re right there posting the same crap, how someone else should have got the Oscar except her !!! we get you don’t like her !!! If you think your opinion about who should and shouldn’t get a Oscar is so important you have to constantly post it… Get in the movie busniess , win a Oscar then you too can vote instead of spreading hate and ignorance on blog sites.

  • jason



    @Who are you: yeah she every time here, in every post about jennifer , she is little crazy having nothing to do just hate other people for stupid reason

  • @31

    @GET A LIFE:
    Aww you poor thing. Upset some people calling stupid calling people ‘dykes’ JLAW a fatso. She IS a tank. Mind your blood pressure LMAO

  • Everly

    @ tap…. Curious , how is she a kiss ass.. While everyone else says shit about Harvey behind his back , she sasses Havery to his face? And love that she acts like both Clinton and Harvey are just two old guys , that you have to nice because they’re the same age as your granddaddy .

  • marcello

    @emu: Re: Guest – beauty is in the eye of the beholder as contemplated by many a great minds of our species. William Shakespeare, wrote in ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ (c.1594) ‘Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye. Benjamin Franklin in his ‘Poor Richard’s Almanack’ of 1741 included the lines, ‘Beauty, like supreme dominion/ Is but supported by opinion,’ and Scottish philosopher David Hume’s ‘Essays, Moral and Political’ (1742) contained the perhaps too analytical ‘Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.’ So, hey! Ugly to some, beautiful to others. I don’t see a problem in it *shrugs*

  • ha ha




  • Lizeandra

    Jennifer Lawrence oscar win is something that has everyone wondering how she got it. Anyone who is over age 20 knows she didn’t deserve her win, it was all fraud. Her teen fans are silly and dumb. Just like the Kirsten Stewert, Justin Bieber type fans.
    People bringing in Anne Hatheway and bashing her to make Jennifer Lawrence look good are hilarious. Anne is 30 years old, and has been in the movie business for about 14 years. She can do anything, comedy,drama,action,signing,etc. The only bad thing she did was the Oscars hosting, but other then that, she is fabulous. She is a true A list actress while Jennifer is not really one. More directors would rather hire Anne then Jennifer. Annes works speaks for itself. Who is Jennifer Lawrence in comparassion to her?

  • tap

    @Everly: she is playing the hollywood game just like every other actress. she is a good actress but to me she comes across as someone who tries to hard to be liked. that’s my opinion and you can disagree with me all you want. People think anne hathaway is annoying but JLaw is just as annoying

  • funny witch

    And to everyone that called her brilliant – fact: she is NOT for a bit more talented than rest up and coming actresses like Mia Wasikowska, Rooney Mara, Carey Mulligan, Evan Rachel Wood, Saoirse Ronan and the others, they just wasnt cast in big teen franchise and didnt has huge media exposure. If she didnt happens be in The Hunger Games many of you even didnt know her name.

  • Everly

    @tap… What is your point, playng the game.. It’s her personality, if she was playing the game she would have worn 1 Marchesa ( Weinstein’s wife’s line) dress in her Oscar campaign or ever, she would have made sure to thank her director and producer the 2 power players instead the cast and crew . She would have not have starred in a low budget dark drama like SLP and Serena instead did romantic comedies and already have 3 or 4 more big commercial projects up under her belt… It’s sad when no celebrity can be , without someone taking them apart as if it’s their job in life to be the cycincal bi!ch on blogs

  • Jesse

    She’s wearing her Pyrrha necklace again!

  • tap

    @Everly: this is a gossip blog, im allowed to have an opinion whether you like it or not.

  • Tomas

    ; funny witch . I second or fourth, other posts )))) f- off , your stupid irrelevant opinion means nothing , she HAS the Oscar ,you moaning about like some loser, she not only HAS the Oscar, she won for BEST ACTRESS, not supporting actress. AND she’s been nominated TWICE and only 22. NOT only did SLP have 5 OScar nominations, it made over 240 million world wide from 20 million budget.. Commercially & critically succeful AND the majority of over 5000 Oscar members thought she deserved it and so did the public , she won the MTV award , which is the public voting.CASE CLOSED! ( and so did Jack Nickluas )LOL

  • Beth UK

    She just took her weave out duh. Why is everyone making such a big deal of it? wake up this is HOLLYWOOD. You act like a bunch of backwater hicks that dont know how stuff works??

  • Gayle Renn

    She is not attractive but maybe a good actress.

  • http://yahoo 1Liz

    I don’t know if she deserved the Academy Award or not. I just hope she doesn’t get too involved with the old letch Harvey.