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Reese Witherspoon Cancels 'Fallon' Appearance After Arrest

Reese Witherspoon Cancels 'Fallon' Appearance After Arrest

Reese Witherspoon will no longer be making her planned appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (April 23), according to the show’s website.

The 37-year-old actress was originally supposed to appear alongside football player Eli Manning on tomorrow night’s show, according to last week’s press release, but now her slot has been filled by comedian Adam Ferrara. A pre-taped appearance on Good Morning America was also canceled.

Reese is trying to keep a low profile after getting arrested last Friday for disorderly conduct following her husband Jim Toth‘s arrest for DUI. In case you missed it, check out the couple’s mugshots and also an apology released by Reese.

The couple made their first post-arrest appearance last night at the screening of Reese‘s new movie Mud.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Reese Witherspoon has canceled her talk show appearance?

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  • Yohji

    She’s just digging a bigger hole for herself. Just get over it and move on.

  • Lisa

    Reese you I D I O T !!!!!!

  • SunnyAutumn

    Jimmy had plenty of material for you tonight Reese. How disappointing! Your kids are so proud of you right know. Don’t think their friends haven’t talked to them about it.

  • essie

    Why not go on Fallon and apologize rather than just sending a ‘statement’, would have been more personable. But if she thinks keeping low and people will simply forget, good luck. She did not excuse her husband’s action to drive drunk, but rather make herself seem like the victim by being ‘scared’… yet she was so heroically able to come out of the car twice and make a fool of herself.

  • Jerry

    Oh Boo Hoo, Just another spoiled Hollywood Liberal ” Do you know who I am”?

  • Ted

    don’t think she needs to apologize or say anything at all.
    it’s nobody’s business.

  • Kelly

    don’t see the need for the statement.
    this is like when people put out a statement when there caught cheating or announcement they are getting married separated divorced.
    it’s your personal life, not a movie promotion.
    u dont need to make public statements about them.

  • ha ha

    it would be silly if she appeared and wouldnt talk about it, like the elephant in the room

  • lolly

    aammmm TED is it is..
    she epxect us to worship her movies and give her from our on money to her big fat sallary everytime she promotes a movie and wants us to watch it.
    So sorry is it is whoever wants business….

    And she is so stupid, never understood the big deal around her and that oscar she got…

    anyway I think society gives those assholes fame and there are tones of Kardashians and Biebers that live the good lifes because of us and we live our not so glamours life. so think of that….

  • ZoeAnderson24

    upto I saw the paycheck which said $9114, I didn’t believe …that…my friends brother could realy earning money in there spare time at there labtop.. there mums best friend started doing this 4 only eleven months and as of now cleared the depts on there place and purchased a brand new Fiat Panda. I went here,

  • Kristen

    She has always had a major drinking problem even before she met this guy now it’s back with a vengence.

  • tsk tsk tsk

    You see Reese,it’s not good to be so judgmental of others when you know for a fact that you’re not too goody goody yourself,a big ass fall from grace is what it is,you never know what could happened 5 mins. down the road if that police officer didn’t stop them from driving in the wrong lane.

  • wren

    Next she’ll be blaming it on having brunette hair…..

  • wren


    Oh please. Reese a liberal? Not hardly, you see what she married? More like what’s good for me little Ms Conservative…..

  • Soho

    Karma has been knocking at this lady’s door for years. Glad to see her get her just desserts. But come on, greasy Reesy, if you’re woman or should I say man enough to go at a police officer then maybe you should be man enough to face the music.

  • Pattycake

    She’s a PR darling. A fictional public persona. So of course anything that damages it is critical. This ain’t private @Ted: this is business.

  • CAAgent007


  • Don’t you know who I am?

    They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, “No, no, no”

  • Rupert Sanders


  • Jeff

    Shows you what Hollywood can do to you. Reese used to be the class act actress with a good head on her shoulders. After hearing what she said to that officer, sounds like her head is way too big for her shoulders. Seriously, who does she think she is? I for one, will not go see one of her movies again. That was just wrong!!!

  • MyBigFatAss

    @Ted: she decided to be a high paid public figure so you are wrong it is everyone’s business and now we all know what kind of a mentality she really has and it’s extremely lame

  • Lexy

    Damn her face is BUSTED!

  • annie
  • Chris

    Y’all are funny:) Reese made a mistake, owned up to it. I assume none of y’all ever been drunk, you say stupid things, do stupid things. She got drunk, happens to everyone, and got mouthy, and got arrested for it. Move on. Its not like she was driving, her hubby was, and hasn’t asked for leniency. He’ll get 1st time offense, pay a fine, and likely have to do something for the community. Lesson learned.
    Reese is a major star, and that does get to your head, especially when drunk. She never asked to be let off the charges, she admitted to em. What would y’all want her to do, get publicly flogged? Symbolically, that likely would have happened on Fallon, he would have used it for materiel. I don’t excuse her actions, but she apologized, owned up to it, and is willing on paying her dues. Move on folks.

  • stellea

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  • Frozoid

    @Ted: Um, if you had a family member who was killed by her driving drunk husband, you would think otherwise. There are reasons we have drunk driving laws. THIS IS OUR BUSINESS. Don’t read the story if you don’t like it.

  • Frozoid

    @Chris: Um, why are you enabling her? In her statement she didn’t apologize for her husband’s drunk driving. She said she was “frightened for him.” Why wasn’t she frightened that he was on the road, driving drunk and afraid that he might kill someone?

    We have drunk driving laws for a reason. We also have laws that say you have to obey a police officer. Not only did she try to interfere with the arrest TWICE, but she even told the police officer that she didn’t believe he was a real police officer.

    Please spare us the ridiculous lecture about how we don’t have problems, too. This is not about our problems. This is about a serious offense.

  • justme

    She couldn’t be preofdssional and do her JOB, yet reported she went out DRINKING with Cameron Diaz and known party gal Chelsea, like that makes her look better. Hanging with Chelsea at the moment is the last thing she needs for her image. But we ALL know how self-entitled Reese is now so she likely thinks she is above being criticized yet she is chicken to do her professional duty. Not a fan anymore, her words drunk or not, said SO MUCH about her overall.


    she is drunk and arrogant..she is hanging out with Chelsea Handler too much…CRAZY!!!

  • Ask Alice

    It looks like Reese’s all American girl next door image has been shot to H-E- double hockey sticks.

    What a phony! She has three kids and yet she behaves like a spoiled party girl half her age?

    Not impressed, Reese. Not impressed.

  • Ask Alice

    Her new movie is “Mud”…oh, the irony.
    Her name is mud.
    Get your booty to to AA, Reese… and take your hubby along too.

  • C

    @Chris: agree !

  • Thetruthcomesout

    So the real Ms. Witherspoon emerges! She’ll never live this slip down despite any apologies she throws out there! Her hubby is a menace to the open road and she’s another smart mouthed celebrity who believes their above the laws the rest of us are bound to obey! “Do you know who I am, Reese? I’m one of the ticket buying public that won’t bother to throw my hard earned out to see your films.” Now who got the power?


    Hei,Reese! You don´t alone, others famous was arrested for driving drunk: Robert D. Jr ,LiLo, Mel Gibson, Keanu R.,Macaulay C.! Welcome to club! Nobody die….They go way! Go Reese!

  • DRIVER ll

    Why you going out with Chelsea Handler after the incident? Is just wrong!
    You need news friends! Tomarrow you going out Charlie C. or KK?
    Please, don´t no!

  • Thetruthcomesout

    @DRIVER: It’s not so much about the arrest or making a mistake as it is her attitude about it. Case in point, Mel had an attitude when he was arrested that got him in to more trouble and you see where it got him too. Damaging your career so early on can be devastating. Mel had already built up his empire. Reese depends on that sweet, girl next door image. That could be ruined now that she appears like just another spoiled celebrity who believes she’s better then anyone else.


    Reese,why you going out with Chelsea Handler after the incident ? Is just wrong,no cool! Please! You need news friends! Try…you can do it!


    I love Reese!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    It´s her right to cancel this appearance! She needs her privacy now!
    Her apology comes from her heart.
    She deeply regrets what she said to the officer!
    So, there is no reason to “scandalize” her behavior. She lost control coz´ she drunk something. Nobody´s perfect, what did you expect?
    I still love her…and she´ll be always in my heart!

  • Patsy

    If they were asked to stand and cast the first stone the pages would have been blank– no comments, no names

  • Tony

    Hey People, Come on !! Wake up and smell the coffee !! So she made a mistake. She admitted it, Said that she was sorry for her actions. Was not trying to get out of anything or off the hook.. What more do you people want ?? Should she write everyone a check that dont agree with what happened ??? You people need to get real and get a life… I dont guess anyone reading this has ever made a mistake before in their whole life ??? She dont deserve the treatment that you people are giveing her… If you cant say something nice then dont say anything at all… Case closed !!!!

  • Annmarie

    Maybe she has a drinking problem, as they say? She met her husband in a bar, too, when someone pissed her off because he was too drunk. So this could be karma payback time. She has a very controlling personality and once said she was totally afraid of stinking, so when this went public … no wonder she wanted to apologize publicly, but the harm is done, she’s shown her true colours, her arrogance is out there now. I feel they’re both loosing control, they have a baby for god’s sake, and two teenagers at home. I wonder if this will change her drinking habits. Astrologically, she’ll be vulnerable to drug abuse in marriage, that’s one way to interprete her chart. The other is marrying a cheater. But she’s already done that. So now she has married into a drinking problem. Let’s see what happens next.