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Reese Witherspoon Issues Apology After Disorderly Conduct Arrest

Reese Witherspoon Issues Apology After Disorderly Conduct Arrest

Reese Witherspoon has issued a formal apology after being arrested for disorderly conduct on Friday (April 19) in Atlanta, Ga.

The 37-year-old actress’ statement, which also speaks to her husband Jim Toth‘s DUI charge, was provided to by her reps.

“Out of respect for the ongoing legal situation, I cannot comment on everything that is being reported right now,” Reese said. “But I do want to say, I clearly had one drink too many and I am deeply embarrassed about the things I said. It was definitely a scary situation and I was frightened for my husband, but that is no excuse. I was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. I have nothing but respect for the police and I’m very sorry for my behavior.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Reese’s apology statement???

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  • blah

    ..more like her personal assistant issues an apology

  • Louise

    Sorry for her husband; I don’t care about her husband. I care about the people he could have hurt or killed by his driving drunk. Her apology is shallow.

  • Jan

    She and hubby should stay off the roads when they drink.

  • Emily

    Sounds legit

  • Franson

    Strange that the apology only comes out after the incident was made public.

  • Kelly

    You would think a woman with 3 children who was 37 would know better than this! I’ve always looked up to Reese this is so disappointing.

  • AustinLea

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  • N

    She’s a tough cookie to have made it in HW (and with an ex who dates girls closer to their daughter’s age)…no one should be surprised that she has an attitude.


    At least she apologized which is more than you can say for most other celebrities who get arrested and make excuses. I hope she learned from this and i hope she realizes that just because she’s a celebrity it doesn’t mean she’s above the law. Still really disappointed and will never look at her the same.

  • an opinion

    She is only apologizing because Variety found out about it. If she was really sorry she would have released this Saturday before she went to the premiere.

  • Diedre

    @Kelly: I totally agree. I have always thought she had a good head on her shoulders, but the “Do you know my name?!” statement rubbed me the wrong way. Doesn’t matter WHO you are…your husband was way over the legal limit and driving. There’s no excuse for that.
    How would she feel if some other drunk was driving and hit their car with her children in it?

  • Jo

    wow, surprised to hear she’s not as perfect as she comes across!

  • Adriana

    @Louise: I agree. She only cares for her husband, and she’s only apologizing because she cares about her career.

  • hello_kitten

    There is absolute no excuse for what she and her husband did. That being said at least she apologized unlike other celebs (Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, to name a few). I do believe that she is truly sorry, she’s not perfect, she’s a human being. She seems to be fairly humble and she’s a mother, and I think that is embarrassing enough for her children to know that she went and did something like that. I wouldn’t say give her break because what she and her husband did could have harmed them as well as others, but I will say I believe she is sincere.

  • Jane

    Would her publicist have issued an apology statement, if the media didn’t know about it? Hmm…

  • Soho

    She has to make an apology to save face. She is actually a lot like G. Paltrow in that a lot of people can’t stand her. They were waiting for her to f*ck so people can see her for what she really is. Mission accomplished.

  • kat

    Geeze people are so critical. It was a mistake and an accident. Thank god no one was hurt. And she was drunk and in result obnoxious. They had a night out as a married couple without the kids. Give them a break. They were arrested and went to jail and will be going to court. They will be penalized for their actions.

  • Rose

    She made a mistake, she’s only human. I have no issues with that, unless it was a reoccurring issue, which is not. What I do have an issue with is that she played the celebrity card, “Do You Know Who I am?” Just because you’re a celebrity, rich, and have high social status doesn’t mean you’re above the law! There’s consequences for bad behavior. It made her look very arrogant, condescending, and pretentious!

  • elle

    OMG people make mistakes!! Obviously it was irresponsible, but stop acting like your angels. were all human and have made mistakes too

  • can people stop saying “at least she apologized”
    first: her P.R people would have issued the statement.
    second: she only gives a sh*t because ppl found out

  • elle

    AND ALSO stop complaining about her apology statement. At least she released one unlike every other celeb who doesnt and you all would be complaining if she didnt so stfu

  • @elle: No.. drink driving is NOT A MISTAKE.. its disgusting.. people like you who make it forgivable are the lowest form of scum.. do you know how many children have died because of some a hole who was drunk on the road?
    mistakes are: sorry, i forgot an appointment not this sh8t
    go away until you know right from wrong!!

  • snap crackle pop

    That was nice and probably smart for her career.
    But, I have seen too many situations where cops abuse the power their jobs give them and antagonize people and situations until they elevate out of control. She just wants this to go away, so she is being conciliatory.

  • j

    Too late really for an apology your actions speak louder then words….

  • Rupert Sanders


  • HYPOCRITEchelseaHANDBAGbesties

    Oh please, if this were Kstew, or Angelina, or any of the other bishes you mad uugly cows hate – you’d be lighting bonfires to burn them at the stake and putting on your tap shoes to dance on their graves – it would be party hater central around here, but because it’s one of the fugly stepsister mediocre bland pals of Chelsea ‘sex tape/boozer/attackdog’ Handjob that pretends to be ms. wholesome churchgoing ‘mom’ – you’re like..’waaah…back off, she apologized.’ EFF YOU hater cows!! She’s a drunk and so’s her husband, and so’s her little circle of bland actress and non comedians she hangs with – this is a perfect example of what hanging with drunk bullying alchie bishes with nasty hateful stupid cable tv shows, will get you.

  • rj

    can she offer an apology without saying “but”? in English language “but” means not sorry, just an excuse. she’s not sorry for disrespecting the officer who was doing the job the citizens of the pay him to do: she’s sorry she got caught. i hope she and her husband get the same treatment as everybody else who drive drunk and behave like idiots. if she understands the seriousness of DUI she should never have made an excuse. sorry for my behavior BUT i was scared for my husband. NOT SORRY IN MY BOOK.

  • rj

    i hope people see her and her husband for who they are and not get sucker into their PR tactics. it’s really too bad that image can be bought with money, especially in these days of internet. i guess we have to let these people know that WE are NOT the mindless sheep, like they think we are.

  • rj

    sorry girl. apology not accepted.

  • ugh

    @HYPOCRITEchelseaHANDBAGbesties: you are ignorant. .. this isn’t about who the person is.. it’s about the fact that drink driving is disgusting — who cares about other celebrities right now.. your argument is invalid

  • AJ

    She made a mistake. A big one. They couldve hurt somebody. But she apologized and hopefully learned from this. But most of you need to stop acting as if youve never done something incredibly wrong, where you knew you could be facing consequences. Its human nature. Were not perfect. Not even “Americas Sweetheart” is perfect. I do agree that someone of her age and maturity (who has 3 kids) should’ve known better. But at the same time were human, we do stupid, reckless things all the time! She doesnt deserve tall the harsh judgement. She apologized. No one was hurt. Lets move on.

  • ugh

    @HYPOCRITEchelseaHANDBAGbesties: what has chelsea handler have to do with it? lol
    go back to tumblr..
    arguing with you would be like teaching a seal to walk up stairs.

  • bears repeating

    snap crackle pop wrote (and i am putting it in big letters because it bears repeating):

    i totally agree with snap crackle and pop, cops are assholes and create violent situations or make violent situations worse. they are bullies and idiots.

  • bears repeating

    they habitually use excessive force

  • bears repeating

    ironic that they call themselves peace officers when they are anything but

  • bears repeating

    if the cop was angry or aggressive or threatening in demeanor, then yes, she had every right and an important responsibility to point it out that he is the one responsible for escalating the situation. who knows how many other people he or other officers in that region enjoy intimidating the people they pull over. i would think that would be reported on their record and i would expect them to be disciplined for that…those are early warning signs of officers who use excessive force.

  • bears repeating

    when cops are unprofessional or uncivil those are the ones more likely to kill people or to use excessive force.

  • bears repeating

    if you’re really a peace officer your job is tone things down not escalate them.

  • bears repeating

    are you not aware that people who served in iraq and afghanistan are the ones becoming cops when they get home. to my mind, military training is not appropo for civilians. we can’t have hotheaded cops on the streets. that does no good for society.

  • bears repeating

    me personally, i have no respect for cops who are fitting these violence markers that are being described here. they are not the right people for the job. we can’t have trigger happy cops walking the streets.

  • bears repeating

    same goes for cops with short tempers. they are not suited for the job.

  • bears repeating

    so if this cop was a jerk, i hope he gets written up. he shouldn’t be threatening or scaring the public on a simple stop. big deal if she wanted to stand. the cop was disorderly himself and created a disorderly situation with his attitude and threatening demeanor.

  • bears repeating

    his words to her were uncivil, that indicates he is disorderly.

  • Tomax

    As long as she supports gay marriage. Forgive and forget.

  • Millie

    Come on, people! she made a mistake, and already apologized. Do you have to be so cruel and harsh?. Plus, a judge will decide the matter, right?

  • sheigh

    The true face of Mrs WithersPalin came off !
    I understand why she didn’t want to marry Jake Gyllenhaal!

  • mimi

    this is actually not necessary, everyone seems asking apology for something

    you just need to think first before you saying i am sorry because its kind of lame if you say sorry for big mistakes which you are an adult and you know its wrong behavior or act because your not a kid anymore.
    when your adult there always a consequences.

  • xx

    Apology seems legit. She has made a mistake. Well done Atlanta police.

  • deliaoverr

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  • LOL

    Whatever. This woman is scared because her true bitch colors came through and it is has been documented and reported on. Everyone in the industry knows she is a heinous, spoiled, stuck-up, petty cow to work with. She treats the people like trash. Crews, directors and most of her co-stars loathe her.