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Alessandra Ambrosio & Anja: Coachella Fashionistas!

Alessandra Ambrosio & Anja: Coachella Fashionistas!

Alessandra Ambrosio and her daughter Anja, 4, wear adorable matching white outfits at the 2013 Coachella Music Festival on Sunday (April 21) in Indio, Calif.

The 32-year-old model was spotted that same day grabbing coffee in a long white dress in Malibu.

“Back in the #desert !!! #funn #warmweather #californiadreaming #alwaysonvacation” Ale tweeted that morning after arriving back to celebrate the festival.

Earlier in the weekend, Ale wore a pair of printed pants as she arrived at Caffe Luxxe in Santa Monica for coffee.

15+ pictures inside of Alessandra Ambrosio and her daughter looking stylish at Coachella

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alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 01
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 02
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 03
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 04
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 05
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 06
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 07
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 08
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 09
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 10
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 11
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 12
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 13
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 14
alessandra ambrosio anja coachella fashionistas 15

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  • SunnyAutumn

    A see- through dress for a 4 year old, showing her panties. Perverts are having a field day at the park.

  • sad

    this woman is the biggest model fame seekr, even worse than Kerr.

  • B.

    Man, y is she bringing a 4 your old to a festival filled with pot heads?

  • toby

    She even dresses her kid in skanky way now.

  • violet

    @SunnyAutumn totally agree. it’s ridiculous. if she wants to walk around half naked that’s one thing, but she shouldn’t expose her little daughter like that specially with all the paps around. the truth is I could expect no less from a woman who displays undergarments for a living…

  • lila

    The little girl just wants to copy her mother. What a nice example this woman is setting for that kid.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    That child is dressed inappropriately.

  • maggy

    A 5 year-old girl was nearly killed in India after being raped and this brainless woman still allows her 4 year-old to go out like that.

  • Rae

    so many levels of wrong, don’t know where to start….

  • @Victor

    Alessandra is so Amazing, she is so stylish, and Anja is so adorable, Alesandra is the best momy ever ♥♥♥♥♥, anja the most famous baby♥♥♥

  • @11

    Good mommies don’t take their kids to places where they wil be exposed to drugs and alcohol.
    Good mommies also don’t dress their little girls as streetwalkers.
    She’s such a famewh*re that she is willing to dress her child like that just so people will talk about her.

  • danielle

    omg… this is so wrong… @Rae: totally agree

  • ana

    if you don’t have a babysitter then be
    a good parent and stay home w
    your daughter…

  • diane

    well is doesn’t make it right…

  • Carla

    Stupid people!! The child is not naked. It’s just a transparent dress, duh. And she is with her mother, not with the drunks or drugged. Stop the hypocrisy … you should come to Brazil during the month of February (Carnival). I bet you would die to see what we see … lol

  • @16

    A transparent dress is almost worse than a child going n*de. It’s almost as if Ale wanted her daughter to look like she was wearing lingerie.
    That festival is nothing but an excuse to get high. Unless Ale kept her in the car, she will be around drugs. It’s unavoidable there.
    And you can do what you want in Brazil. But this is California. Our standards are a bit higher.

  • @17

    Fair enough. But I still think it’s hypocrisy … it is summer there, what did you expect? The child go to a place with sweater? Please …

  • di

    no… a more appropiate dress… or not going not coachella at all…

  • di

    to* coachella… (sorry)

  • @Victor

    people hypocrites! she is a child, and she is wearing a dress comfortable for the heat! Anja is so adorable, these stupid comments will not change anything in the life of Alessandra, it will remain beautiful, rich and famous! ;*

  • 16

    she is a child, to see that she can dress well, a beautiful comfortable dress for warmth and cooling

  • Carla

    @@Victor: Thats right, Victor !!!

  • juliana

    people don’t post comments to change the life of the celebs… only expressing our opinions… some of us think is wrong… others don’t think so… its fine…

  • juliana

    and i agree… anja IS adorable… it’s just about alessandra

  • Lia

    You are such prudes , puritans…your minds are dirty if you see anything sensual in a angel dressed like an angel. She is wearing the most beautiful and innocent white summer dress. There is nothing sexy about what she is wearing. The dirt is in your minds. In Brazil and in southern Europe little girls even go to the beach, without their tops on. Nobody even look. There is nothing sexual about it, they are just kids in their innocence.

  • danielle

    i think the dress is cute… she shouldn’t go to the festival at this age…. and is not because of a sexual issue… is about the drugs, alcohol and the atmosphere in that place…

  • Lia

    I’ve never been to that place, so I don’t know…but I agree that a festival is not a place for kids. The dress is perfectly fine!

  • 16

    Alessandra is the best Momy ever, here are not all the photos, but I’ve seen other pictures of her in coachella with his daughter, and they are so adorable, they playing on grass, alessandra lifting her up, and dad too, are a family as natural and nothing forced, they are a perfect family ! ♥♥♥

  • @the blue sockpuppet

    A child can still be dressed to be cool and comfortable without being see through.
    It shows bad taste.
    And stupidity to take your child to Coachella in the first place.
    desperate famewh*re

  • @the blue sockpuppet

    “Natural”. “Nothing forced”
    As they ‘play’ in front of the paps.
    Did you also like the pictures of Ale SHAVING HER LEGS IN THE CAR???
    Such a class act.

  • Diliana von Bork

    Mommy is teaching her daughter how to be an attention seeker. You can see it in these pics. The girl wants to pose like her mother. The problem is: her mother is an UNDERWEAR model. Does it mean her daughter looks at the pics of her mother in underwear and wants to be like her mother?
    What about the RED nail polish?
    DM posted a pic of her daughter with a friend and her friend is not wearing something that a child should wear. “I left my love at Woodstock”? That girl is too young to wear something like that.
    I think #11, #21, #22, #29 is Alessandra’s friend. Only a friend would say things like: “the most famous model in the world” or “”anja the most famous baby”.
    Do the peace sign! You are a hippie now! Why some celebs think they have to act like hippies just because they are at Coachella? You can be yourself. It is Coachella 2013, not Woodstock 1969.
    The other pics are even worse. You can see she was there just to pose for the paps.

  • Kath

    Sorry Lia, but this is the world we live in. One filled with people wanting to perve on, exploit, hurt & sexually abuse children. Im a mother & no way my daughter would be wearing a see through dress at any age. You can be ignorant if you want but if you have any experience with abused children you would totally think again about your comments!

  • S

    @ Maggie

    Typical case of “blaming the victim” and if a girl/woman get rapped, it’s always their fault. You are the problem, Maggie. You are the reason why rapping is bad in India because there are many men and women think like you do in India. When a girl was gang raped in India, some minister blamed the girl who was wearing a pair of jeans.

  • S

    Come on. It’s so stupid. semi-sheer dress or not, it’s their personal clothing choice. I was in India and in even us tourists/foreign women were not supposed to show shoulders. It was so hot and I was wearing jeans and covering myself up all the time. In a country that bare legs are rarely seen, they have worse rape case than in L.A. where you see bare legs, bare arms, low neck line all the time…

  • Ana

    Why is she taking a 4 year old to Coachella? It’s not the place for a child, considering it’s loud, crowded and full of alcohol and drugs. She should’ve at least put her daughter in a slip, I don’t care where you are-Brazil, America, whatever. You don’t expose your child like that.