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Gerard Butler & Winona Ryder: 'The Iceman' Premiere!

Gerard Butler & Winona Ryder: 'The Iceman' Premiere!

Gerard Butler joins Michael Shannon for a photograph at the after party for the premiere of his latest film The Iceman held at Supperclub on Monday (April 22) in Hollywood, Calif.

Michael, 38, was joined at the premiere by his co-stars Winona Ryder, Stephen Dorff, Ryan O’Nan, and Ray Liotta while Sylvester Stallone and Jaimie Alexander came out to show their support.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Winona Ryder

In case you missed it, check out the official trailer for the film which also stars James Franco, Chris Evans, and David Schwimmer.

FYI: Jaimie wore a Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2013 dress to the premiere and after-party, which was presented by DeLeon Tequila.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler, Winona Ryder, and others at The Iceman premiere…

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gerard butler winona ryder the iceman premiere 01
gerard butler winona ryder the iceman premiere 02
gerard butler winona ryder the iceman premiere 03
gerard butler winona ryder the iceman premiere 04
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gerard butler winona ryder the iceman premiere 16

Credit: David Livingston, Mark Sullivan; Photos: Getty
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  • Sad State of Things

    Looking well-rested Mr. Butler

  • shannon

    great actor

  • italian girl

    If Gerard has a longtime girlfriend (Madalina), why is he always alone on the red carpets??????
    it is strange, isn’t it?

  • Kali Orexi

    @italian girl: because it’s a PR stunt

  • Kristen

    @Italian Girl Because she’s an independent woman who doesn’t have to be up her man’s butt constantly, unlike the co-dependent biddies here who exist through their husbands and kids.

  • GO

    @Kristen: debil


    @italian girl:
    Because she’s S.L.U.T

  • tatiana

    @Kristen: Oh Kristen she is so independent that most of her career advancements have come as a result of her famous boyfriends, particularly her very rich ex boyfriend Dragos Savulescu who paid for her surgerical enhancements, and you know she is sitting in Italy fuming that she isn’t in LA right now unless of course she is fully aware that this was always a PR arrangement and all the FB rants are just part of the act.

  • GFW

    There he is! There he is supporting his longtime friend and confidant Ariel at his premiere of Iceman with The Iceman himself! (goalie arms)
    You peeps need to back off. Michael is only 38 and looks same age, if not older, than Butler!
    I love that hint of a smile from ocean eyes. I do.

  • roma

    @italian girl: Because he does not want to be seen with her too much in public like most of her “boyfriends/clients”.

    Besides this is not his red carpet it is Ariel’s. Did not notice Ariel’s latest girlfriend on the red carpet either but then she seems to be a real working model.

  • GFW

    R.I.P. Mr. Havens. You will never be forgotten. Your contributions to music, songwriting, family the civil rights cause, and film are your footprints, you, man of peace and love, you. May God call upon you often.

  • hey!

    @GFW: Michael Shannon is looking pretty good there and he has never claimed to be a pretty boy leading man, he has always been a great character actor. Character actors have longer careers.

    Don’t blame him that your Butler god does not take care of himself.

  • GFW

    Ray is back in a big way now too. Just saw his brilliance shine in The Place Beyond the Pines. Good to see Winona looking well and working too!

  • GFW

    Not placing blame. I’m making an observation! And Michael lives a far less stressful life, I think or presume.
    Yes, being a character is has paid off for Michael. That smaller unforgettable part but he has also carried films like Take Shelter and now this along with others. I’ve seen all his films. He’s the guy who is not afraid to go “unhinged”.

  • GFW

    Missed a comma in there for Richie. That’s family, the civil rights cause… Oh well, that’s just me rushing!
    It is so good to see Gerry there is all. And a new thread! He seldom lets his true friends down. When they reach for his hand, he’s always there.
    And he does look rested… and dressed as a guest!
    who thinks my Butler takes care of him self better than you might expect only he’s more unseen pressures baring down on him because he might hold more internally than he should…

  • Alex

    Jaimie Alexander is so stunningly pretty!

  • Sign Post

    @italian girl: @Kali Orexi: Are you lost? This a ‘The Iceman’ Premiere thread, not a Gerry Butler thread and Gerry is not pictured on the red carpet.

  • Ariel fan

    Why no mention of Ariel, Jared? And what’s so special about Gerard Butler being there? He is a friend of the director, Ariel Vroman, who was not even mentioned in your little article, nor pictured. He had nothing to do with the film. The omission is quite conspicuous. Mr. Vroman does not need Gerard Butler to sell tickets to his film.

  • fruitcake

    Shut up, GFW. You come across like a screwball. Your spamming of the board has become so boring.

  • C.A

    What a long way from back then till now … and what a difference …

    Winona Ryder is sooooo tiny…. :)

  • Thetruthcomesout

    @Kristen: Ah, now it comes out why you’re so bitter! You’re jealous of women with husbands and kids and a life, unlike yourself who is manless and barren. Your affection for MG is someone you relate too, a young women after a man that is too old for her. I’m so sorry the object of your affection won’t leave his age appropriate wife and family for you. Sucks to be you then.

  • Ariel fan

    @fruitcake: ITAWY! She loves to hear herself spew. But hardly anyone else does.

  • GFW The Spammer :oP

    No. Don’t care. Skip me. Free will, live it.
    I agree Ariel should be mentioned. Not cool.
    Everybody needs everybody in that business. Ariel needed his cast to show up, those that could, who were willing. He needed name support like Sylvester and so on. He needs publicity, press, visuals like the billboard. This is big for him (Ariel) and Gerry knows that.
    People need people. One can’t make it in that business on talent, looks or networking alone. It is, believe it or not, a people business. It is also a numbers business. It also has a short memory. People can be forgotten overnight, as a matter of speaking.

  • dana
  • Thetruthcomesout

    @Ariel fan:
    ‘Mr. Vroman does not need Gerard Butler to sell tickets to his film.”
    You are correct but JJ needs him to start this thread. Actors and musicians are what draws attention. Directors and producers very seldom do unless they are the likes of Spielberg or Howard and then really no one seems to care what they do.

  • GB threads=hits for JJ

    @Ariel fan: Sadly, since Gerard’s threads have always been a chat room for his phans, he gets a lot of threads because he is a cash cow for JJ. Sad but true

  • Go Away!

    Amen. GFW ruins every JJ topic about Gerard. No wonder he hates his old fans.

  • Thetruthcomesout

    @GFW: Your precious “lug” was approached by a pap at Coachella and asked about the tragedy in Boston. He put his head down and kept walking like the jerk he is. Not a word of condolence from him could he spare. He just keeps showing his azz to the public. He hasn’t figured out yet that his rabid hatred for the press and media is going to just make him look bad and that’s the last thing he needs right about now. He’s never mastered grace under fire or any kind of professional poise. You all just continue to make excuses for him that it’s his desire for his privacy and it’s a “Scottish” thing. BS! And furthermore, I’ll wager you that he’ll not post another thing to twitter or face book now that his movie is promoted and out. He’ll dump it all when it doesn’t serve him.

  • Kali Orexi

    @Sign Post: Read the title hun, it says “Gerard Butler and Winona Ryder: the Iceman premiere” so we can say here what we want :)

  • fruitcake

    @Go Away!: GFW is a fan to be feared as well. She’s cuckoo.

  • GFW


  • fruitcake

    @Thetruthcomesout: He is not a nice guy in the end. He is really too self-absorbed to care about much outside of his tiny little orbit.

  • fruitcake

    @GFW: Yeah, sure, gone until you start socking your brains out. You fool no one, get it?

  • Clamsie

    I wonder if Freddy showed up as well since he’s staying at Gerry’s now. He needs work, too. Last time he worked was a bit role on OHF.

  • Thetruthcomesout

    @fruitcake: Too true! Let’s try to guess what “sock” she uses this time. The last big one was “I love chips”. Maybe this time it will be “and dip”!



  • CeliaD

    @Clamsie: Freddy is in The Iceman also.

  • Thetruthcomesout

    Michael Shannon is a fine actor! I hope he goes far!

  • Sign Post

    @Kali Orexi: Yes you can say any asinine thing you want on any Jared thread. Trying to get that shet going on a movie premiere thread that happens to contain one picture of Gerard Butler of the 15 or so pictures attached is idiotic. Thanks for answering my question. You are lost.

  • Thetruthcomesout

    @Sign Post: She attended the premiere for his film in Italy. What more do you want??

  • Kali Orexi

    @Sign Post: Please gimme some redemption for I AM lost! Blame JJ not me or anybody else that writes here about GB, we don’t write the articles. Beside who the heck are you, the moderation police? Puhlease! Get a life. Peace.

  • Sign Post

    @Kali Orexi: Yes I am

  • Thetruthcomesout

    @CeliaD: Another skirt tail rider perhaps? Too bad that when talent fails you have to rely on your friends or who you’re fckn to get work.

  • Thetruthcomesout

    I think G should hook up with Winona. He wouldn’t have to worry about buying her much when they went out shopping together. She’d be shop lifting it! LMFAO!

  • Kali Orexi

    @Sign Post: I feel sorry for you so I won’t be answering to your replies anymore cos you obviously don’t know what you’re saying.

  • Ross

    @Thetruthcomesout: The whole “Winona Ryder steals” jokes got stale years ago. Its pathetic when you have to make a joke about something that happened 12 years ago.

  • My opinion

    @Sign Post: First of all, no one is lost, it is a matter of opinion here most of the time and little fact. GB was there to support his friend again like he did in Toronto. Ariel can use all the support and exposure to draw attention to his new film. His appearance only helped to do that. What’s wrong with that?

    @Thetruthcomesout: btw, is Coachella a good party place to be asking about death and terrorist activities? I think not. Imo the pap was totally out of line and inappropriate time and place to say the least. gb covered the issue in every interview for OHF in a very patriotic way and drew cheers from the audience.

  • @ArielFan

    Actually when Ariel himself was tweeted by GBGals to offer any help in promo he tweeted back saying Gerry was attending and to get word out.

  • Thetruthcomesout

    @Ross: Oh lighten up! That was funny and you know it! You know how much GB likes a sense of humor! You should get one!

  • CeliaD

    @Thetruthcomesout: Not in the least. Freddy is well-rounded with talent in music, acting – both film and theatre and martial arts to name a few of his accomplishments.