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Alex Pettyfer: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Sex Scene for Test Film?

Alex Pettyfer: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Sex Scene for Test Film?

Alex Pettyfer has reportedly shot a sex scene for a Fifty Shades of Grey test film with director Gus Van Sant, according to The Wrap.

The 23-year-old actor, who is no stranger to stripping down for his art, played Christian Grey for the scene in which Anastasia Steele loses her virginity.

Gus supposedly made the test film to send to the producers of the movie in hopes that he will land the coveted role as director. There is no word yet if he will be chosen and if he is, whether Alex would be given the role of Christian Grey.

DO YOU THINK Alex Pettyfer is right for the role of Christian Grey?

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  • LARA

    Matt Bomer should play Christian Grey.

  • Ace

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, he’s rumored to have a short temper and be rather controlling/aggressive on the relationship front (see Dianna Agron relationship) and can be moody on set, so I can see that side of him making a good Grey. On the other hand, I just don’t see it. I don’t see the physical resemblance or dark broodiness the writer wanted to portray. Not a huge 50 Shades fan in the first place, but I’m just not a fan and I don’t see it in him.

  • Sarah

    Alex needs to learn to act and adjust his attitude prior to landing such a role.

  • nerline germain

    No, no, no! please give me Matt Bomer or Brad Pitt. I read two of the trilogy books already , not him, please. What about Zac Efron?

  • Dianacc

    I’m not even a fan of 50 Shade of Grey..nor am i really looking forward to it….but from what i’ve learned of what the role of Christian Grey is going to be required….there is NO WAY…that Alex Pettyfer fits that role.

    I mean just….no.

    HELL NO.

  • camila

    really good, i can’t stand alex, i hate fifty shades, so yeah is fine with me :)

  • http://@noah_lo noah

    matt bommer forever, anyone lese could never

  • Ilse



  • Bella

    why everybody want to a gay guy play such hot and macho character??? i still don´t get it… sorry but after i found out Matt Bomer was sooo gay i can´t see him as straight guy

  • Amy


    It’s called “ACTING”. His character on WC is straight. NPH plays a straight character on HIMYM. Also there are plenty of actors in Hollywood that are still in the closet.

  • BG

    Sorry can not see it. He just doesn’t fit the description of Christian. In the book he’s taller, his shoulders are more broader, and he has no tattoos whatsoever. No sorry no way. ,Abe he can play the brother though.

  • Shdnns

    When I think of Christian Grey I’m thinking more of Henry Cavill not Alex Pettyfer!!!! I’m not bashing his acting skills but he’s no way close to Christian Grey.

  • Anne

    Matt’s openly gay.. No producer / studio will put their money on the audience not minding. And ” it’s acting ” is a dumb cop out , almost every comment is about Pettyfer the person in his real life is right or wrong for the role.

  • APH

    This was only a test scene by Gus Van Zant to try out as a director, not for the part of Christian. I’m going for David Gandy for Christian, myself.



  • Emily

    In the end the studio will decide who is right for the role not the fans;) I personally see more Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer for the role. Much more built and manly tbh.

  • emilly

    Yeah a gay guy in real life should play Christian Grey. Not! no to matt bomer!

  • Millie

    @Amy: the problem is that he can not act. And in all the roles he moves, talks, looks like a gay man.

  • Dreamin

    Definitely NOT Matt Bomer! Ugh! That would ruin it entirely. Not hot to see a gay man in this role.

  • Kim

    I know very little about 50 shades, but even I know that Alex is NOT old enough to play Grey.

  • Lizzy

    Matt Bomer should NOT play Christian Gray. Why not? I absolutely love him as an actor and that role will ruin anyone who accepts it. Really, I think Matt is great in White Collar, totally nails the charming-your-pants-off, slightly shady, dandylike but brilliant Neal Caffrey. I think he is capable of so much more, all kind of serious roles and not that 50 shades of grey trash.

  • Lizzy

    Oh and btw, those people who think Matt Bomer would be wrong just because he’s gay, well, they need to overthink their ability to seperate a character from a real life person. As you evidently can’t handle it, it’s all the more reason for Matt Bomer to stay faaar away from that role. Fans that can’t seperate fiction from real life are the same bunch that act creepy and stalkerish and make an actor’s life hellish – like with the Twilight cast. At least those weren’t already great actors and just used the enterprise to get a foot in Hollywood’s door.

    Christian Grey should be played by some aspiring actor who isn’t already known and desperately trying to make a living off acting. I guess such an actor is the only one who can actually profit from that project.

  • Yasmin


    I totally agree with you, he’s too good for that.

  • Lana

    I’m sure he’ll done a fine job if given the role, but in my eyes I feel someone with an older look would be better suited for playing Grey

  • Lawrence

    I’d love to tongue some of that!.

  • xx

    @nerline germain: Zac? ahahahahahahaha……… LOL

  • xx

    @BG: have you heard the “make up” thing?

  • Warren

    @nerline germain:love handsome boys? Zac Efron? AHAHAHAHAHAH agree to xx LOL!!!!!!!!

  • Take me

    I know what I’d like to do with him, he can play hide the sausage with me any time.

  • mark gerald

    Matt Bomer should play as Christian Grey… MATT BOMER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiki

    why isnt Ryan gosling selected for Chritsian Grey and natalie portman for Anna perfect match

  • Сassie

    omg, why on earth Gus wants to direct this crap?
    it just made me so sad(((

  • Andrea
  • fauntleroy

    Give him a chance!! people!

  • Misty

    Henry cavill! Alex doesn’t fit at all. He’s too hot boy next door type. Def not christian grey. Emilia clarke should be Ana!

  • LiiL


  • Flynn Zahel

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  • LiiL

    What about Ian Somerhalder?????
    He is the perfect Christian Grey. with Alexis Bledel as Ana naturally :]
    Alex is too young…
    Natali Portman?Seriously? She is 31 ys old. Sorry, but she sould rather play Gia or Gail..

  • Colleen Hyser

    I don’t even know who this guy is…Ian Somerhalder is COMPLETELY right for the role!!!

  • N.Ly

    NO WAY! Henry Cavil – there is no other perfect fit for the role as Christian Grey!

  • Darihan

    I don’t think he could do that… Alex can’t be Christian, no way…

  • sammyyummy

    ALEX PETTYFER IS SOOO STIFF AS AN ACTOR. While a stiffness in our parts of him will be useful int eh film, he is JUST NOT RIGHT.

  • Roberta Tatarin

    No!!!! Matt Bomer for Christian Grey!

  • toria

    Ian Somerhalder or Alexander Skarsgard. Both of them have already played roles that show their, um, dominate talents!

  • john

    zac ,fits the role – physically.he’s the only dashing cg candidate

  • Lizzie

    I think that Gus Van Zant would be a great choice for director. He would take the great bones of a story and rise above the quality of the book.

    As to Alex Pettyfer, he’s a great looking guy, but I just don’t see him as Christian Grey. Although Christian is only 5 years older than Alex, he is written as an “old soul” in a young man’s body, and Alex seems to me to be more a young soul in a young man’s body.

  • Tanya

    Ben Barnes is Christian Grey!!!!

  • http://tohelp beautybarbie

    i like pettifer he is so hot

  • Jamie


    I agree. Matt Bomer is incredibly attractive and does have the perfect look, BUT, he is an openly gay man. There will have to be a super hot connection between the two and I just don’t think a gay man will put off that heat towards a woman like a straight man would. Just my opinion :)

  • Christine

    He’s good looking, but he’s not Christian Grey. Stephen Amell, please!