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Jim Toth: Back to Work After DUI Arrest

Jim Toth: Back to Work After DUI Arrest

Jim Toth walks inside his office building for the first time since being arrested over the weekend on Wednesday morning (April 24) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old CAA agent was arrested for a DUI on Friday (April 19) alongside his wife Reese Witherspoon, who was charged with disorderly conduct.

“[He] feels awful that he involved Reese in the situation,” a source told People about the incident. “He made a bad decision and it certainly made things worse that he dragged her into it.”

10+ pictures inside of Jim Toth heading back to work for the fist time since his arrest…

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jim toth back to work after dui arrest 01
jim toth back to work after dui arrest 02
jim toth back to work after dui arrest 03
jim toth back to work after dui arrest 04
jim toth back to work after dui arrest 05
jim toth back to work after dui arrest 06
jim toth back to work after dui arrest 07
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jim toth back to work after dui arrest 09
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  • Hi

    Her police statements disgusts me…such a snob. Makes me like her less!

  • Alexandre Figueiredo

    I’m also 42 years-old but I don’t drink alcohol, and I don’t drive a car, my risk to be arrested by DUI is none. If I could go out at some night, I’ll just drink soda or fruit juices and go back home taking a cab.

  • sarah

    Wonder if that snob SHORT, CHUBBY, MOUTHPIECE of a wife shows up and disrespects the women in the office. My guess, YEP. If she disrespects a Police officer she obviously would be worse to average people.

  • The Music Man

    Well, Jimmy Joe, here is what you always wanted, YOU ARE FAMOUS!

  • The Bird

    Yeah, he needed to dextox before coming back.

  • British Latin American

    All of you sound ridiculous and self-righteous. They made a mistake, and the only people they hurt were themselves. Let it go.

  • Sisboomba

    and her we go with the defenders who praise drunk drivers and drunk, disrespectful mouthing off to law enforecement until the day they are affected by it and then maybe they will stop calling it a “mistake!”

    I hope Jim gets the max thrown at him but we know Reese will just get a slap on the wrist!

  • Well, well

    It’s Mr. Witherdrunk!

  • Jessica

    He looks like such a douchebag!! not even kidding! just look at him and his face, you can tell he thinks he is hot shit. Him and Reese deserve each other. So many people keep saying it’s not a big deal, but they are parents now. Reese has THREE children who they should be at home with. Even if you do go out, take a cab. They both honestly disgust me, even before their arrests.

  • AnoAno

    I think she is going to throw him under the bus. The comment “nobody would be surprised if he went to rehab” is the start of it. He is an agent, he knows the game and she is the “talent” that needs rebuild rep. And after “do you know my name” I think she would throw her own husband, father of her child to the wolves so she can come out looking like “poor Reese, married to an alcoholic”. But whatever she does, that comment will HAUNT her forever (future SNL script and forever known as the actress “Do you know my name Witherspoon”, that comment will be imposible to erase, will follow her name for many years LOL!!

  • toni

    @British Latin American: That “mistake” as you say could have killed someone and changed everyone’s lives drastically.
    I don’t understand people who drink and drive at all. If you want to get drunk either stay your ass at home and get drunk or have a ride take you to and from the bar/club/etc.
    I hope he feels embarrassed and ashamed for what he did and I hope Reese does too for comments and letting this happen in the first place.

  • MyBigFatAss

    he can work at a fancy CAA office, wear fine suits, marry a hollywood celebrity but when it comes right down to it he is just a normal every day jack a z z ! Drunk Drivers Su ck !

  • Hannah

    Ive been arrested before (not for something as serious as drunk driving, mine didnt hurt other people!) and I cannot imagine having to face the public after

  • Michele

    To British Latin American @ 04/24/2013 at 1:26 pm, who said, “All of you sound ridiculous and self-righteous. They made a mistake, and the only people they hurt were themselves. Let it go.” The problem is, this wasn’t just any mistake. This was knowingly getting behind the wheel after he had been drinking. They have enough money that they very easily could have called a cab or limo. They willingly endangered others with their arrogant and selfish actions. And I absolutely don’t buy her line about protecting him from the police. If she was intent on protecting him, she never would have let him get behind the wheel. They’re both arrogant, insulated, overly-entitled twits.

  • Former Gopher

    and this is why CAA should not allow agent/client relationships! But they will just sweep it under the rug, as they do with everything else! Toth will still have money to buy booze and drive again! And Witherspoon will continue to make box office bombs! Business as usual….

  • Marie

    This incident just goes to show that nobody is perfect or untouchable if they break the law. I bet Mrs. Toth would not have been so quick to make that statement about knowing who she was had she and her inebriated hubby killed an innocent person by their irresponsible decision to drink and drive. The fact that Reese thinks that her career success should absolve her behavior is a very self-centered and narcissistic ideal and a new shining light on that spotless image she’s been able to maintain much longer than many of her peers. We all make mistakes and for that she should not be condemned for eternity. However, there are consequences to these actions and this is no different than when Mel Gibson was spewing vile while drunk and then wondered why his career took a nose dive afterwards. Of course he acted out more than once but I’m sure the PR machine in Reese’s camp is going to be working overtime to get her back to where she can never be again…untainted. Hope they remember this lesson and not let it happen again.

  • Former Gopher

    and this is why CAA should not allow agent/client relationships. They will just sweep this under the rug as they do with everything else to protect their agency and clients. Toth will still have money to drink booze and drive again. Witherspoon will continue to make box office bombs, play the victim like she did with her divorce.
    YEP, business as usual for the agents and clients of CAA!

  • British Latin American

    @Jessica: Are they never supposed to go any where just because they are parents? How utterly boring and foolish. The arrest happened in Atlanta, where they were for work, the kids, or at least the older two, are back in California.

  • British Latin American

    @toni: I’m sure they will feel embarassed as long as they have people like you who have done nothing wrong in your lives trashing them behind the safety of a computer screen.

  • British Latin American

    @Michele: You have a point, but you ruin it when you end your post by insulting them, hinting that you are not thinking of the public good but just using their mistake as an opportunity to trash them.

    And before anyone says anything, Yes I am a fan of Reese and Jim, but I am also a fan of Ryan Philippe, too, and I do not condone drunk driving. The reason why I have posted four times is that I feel someone ought to speak in their defence.

  • it’s Britney Bitch

    He looks like a tool.

    If she couldn’t hold her head up for a mug shot then she is using prescription drugs.

    He probably has a drinking problem and she is probably mixing cocktails and meds.

    I doubt either one of them will admit they have a problem. They seem too full of themselves.

  • LAPD Detective

    @British Latin America
    They don’t need you to speak in their defense and it is very obvious that you have never dealt with these egotistical people in Hollywood or had to knock on some family members door at 2am to tell them a loved one was killed by a drunk driver. Witherspoon’s charges will more than likely be dropped but Toth should be doing some time and paying big money since this is not the first time with drinking and driving but more than likely, he will just get another slap on the back of the hand like the first time.

  • @British Latin America


  • THAT’S IT!

    I am taking my 50 million dollar paychecks and going to Resolution!

  • laab

    Not sure how throwing him under the bus will make her look any better. Not only did she get in the car with him knowing he was drunk, she was drunk. Then she had an entitled attitude about it. And now she is trying to blame him. She should take responsibilities for own actions self important t*at.

  • yep

    Keep moving forward Jim! You made a mistake took responsibility for it and that is all you can do at this point and never let it happen again. Same for Reese. Life lessons are hard.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    He was wearing black shoes with a navy suit in NYC and now he is wearing brown shoes with a gray suit. Buy a pair of navy blue shoes, for eff’s sake!

  • British Latin American

    @LAPD Detective: Oh, I’m supposed to be intimidated or impressed? Go back to drinking coffee and filling your big belly with donuts.

  • British Latin American

    @@British Latin America: Someone is not taking their meds again.

  • @Britian Latin America

    STFU and I hope the next time you need help from law enforcement, they leave your a$$ to rot! Disrespectful moron!

  • Really????

    What responsibility has Jim Toth taken? None! Everything being said is nothing more the damage control! This is second time for him and its obvious he has learned nothing! CAA, his attorneys will just make this go away like the last one! Please!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    I think that Jim will never ever drink under the influence of alcohol – if Reese is sitting next to him in the car! Coz´ he loves her!
    And I think, that he even will no more drive under the influence of alcohol, even if he drives alone. Coz´ he´s NOT a jerk – says the Dirk!
    He looks elegant! Good choice, Jim!
    I saw the pictures on “Popsugar”, where Reese and Jim were in Nashville together with the baby. Reese looked so unlucky! But why? I was worried about her, when I saw her unlucky face. It hit me in the heart, coz´ I felt her emotion, when I saw these facial expressions.
    Jim was – on that pictures – very proud of his baby!
    Really, he is a proud father of his son!
    Reese, I wish you a lucky heart again.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Sorry, I wanted to write: I think that Jim will never ever DRIVE under the influence of alcohol!

  • EyesOn You

    Shame he’s so cute.


    That this dude was a boozer and bad news and she was a drunk with an arrogant demeanor and fake!
    He is fugly as HELLmet!

  • British Latin American
  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    I´m longing to see some new pics of Reese again!
    (shopping, filling up the car with gasoline, making a walk, playing tennis, jogging) And I´m longing to see a BIG SMILE in her face again.
    I wish that all of her chacras will rotate in perfect harmony together again!
    Reese Witherspoon – Ocean of joy and happiness !
    Coz´ I will always love the garden of her soul !