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Justin Timberlake Talks Jessica Biel Marriage on 'Ellen'!

Justin Timberlake Talks Jessica Biel Marriage on 'Ellen'!

Justin Timberlake hits the stage with Ellen DeGeneres during a performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing on Thursday (April 25).

The 32-year-old entertainer chatted about being married to his wife Jessica Biel.

“Every once in a while I can catch a glimpse of her when she doesn’t see me looking and I have this moment where I’m like if you never make a good decision…if you only make bad decisions for the rest of your life. You made one really good decision,” Justin said. “Because she’s just like…it’s nice marry your friend. It’s nice to marry your best friend. It suits me.”

Check out a video snippet below!

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  • JeffH

    That quote is incomprehensible.

  • mick

    That is the sweetest thing. <3 Love this couple!

  • angela

    Did he really just imply that the best thing about her and being married was her decision to marry him?

  • guest

    @angela: No. His decision to marry her. When he said “you” he meant “I” as if he were talking to himself in his little “moment.” It took me a sec to understand that lol

  • mo

    He is not sexy any more! Meeeeh

  • H

    Suites = suits.

    As long as they move their mouths we’ll devour whatever comes out of them…BREAD AND CIRCUSES

  • danielle

    i thought it was very sweet

  • Keiko

    What a weird one. Don’t even know what to make of that statement. To me, whenever he talks about his wife he always sounds like he’s speaking in code. When SHE talks about HIM she gushes, but he always sounds like he’s searching for something nice to say. They are THE strangest couple I’ve ever seen. ZERO chemistry.

  • Keiko


    Because he’s a moron, honestly. The guy is not bright and not articulate.

  • http://justjared elaine

    it “suites” me???

  • becky

    he thinks of her as a “friend”.. I get the whole you should be friends with your partner, but That’s what you say when you’re asked how you feel about being married,? like your married to your “friend”.. nothing else came to mind? that’s probably why they always look so gloomy together. maybe friends that like to hang out together but that doesn’t mean that you should marry each other! explains why he cheats on her

  • n

    I really, really, really DO NOT like his hair. I think he looks old and preppy with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • uglyTimber

    yes I agree that he looks like an old man now and really ugly – it’s a surprise because most men become more attractive with age – Timberlake is not one of them. So he married his friend and is happy about that lol Why is it that everything he says sounds totally dumb? Because he is not bright, actually he is dumb and please, let us not talk about his wife and her intelligence or let us say, lack of lol I wonder what these two talk about when they are alone? Politics, economics? Oh no, I bet they talk about…I actually don’t know what two dumb people talk about lol Ah I know: dogs, muffins and “swiming naked with your husband” (as Biel let us all know lol) and: laughing about the homeless, so congratulations for these two losers lol

  • Alexa

    Justin looks HOT! It was really sweet what he said, my husband is my best friend too. It took JT a long time to put a ring on it but when he did he realized it was the best decision ever.

    People who have never been in love or in a long relationship can’t get it, of course.

  • pris

    he is so self-centered! at first i thought he was actually going to say something nice about her, but then he proceeded to congratulating himself for marrying her, in typical jt manner. such a douche..

  • mo


    You bring it on the point! If I find well. Only one still, how long the both still want to milk the wedding and marriage mesh. her Kariere has run anyway.

  • Pity

    @uglyTimber: What about drugs? Does he not talk about drugs as well? lol

  • Irresistable Girl

    To be honest folks I don’t buy into this crap what Justin is saying to Ellen about his affection for his wife Jessica, we all know really through his body language through all the photos that u see of JT and Jessica 2gether as a couple in public the affection 4 each other seems like it is forced on or kinda fake especially on JT part. U can tell really that Jessica does really love Justin and she was the one that gave him ultimatum to put a ring on there relationship when they had briefly split up, because if Justin didn’t marry her after 5 years of being together she made it very clear 2 him, that he will lose her 4ever and Justin had to make radical decision because he didn’t want to end up a lonely single man going from one relationship after the other especially that he was now in his thirties and because a number of women in the same industry as him that he had lusted after and he wanted to get with them in a relationship, they actually turn him down because obviously he wasn’t there type 4 a relationship and plus he had cheated on Jessica once be4 with another actress that was in the same age-group as him and Jessica called Olivia Munn and meanwhile he saw that the casual 3 day fling weren’t going to go anywhere because it was based on lust. That’s when he realise that Jessica was the one 4 him because she didn’t cheat on him in there relationship in spite that Justin did and she was waiting all long 4 him to come back to her and make a go with there relationship again and then finally put a ring on it and meanwhile JT realise it made perfect sense because she was only woman that he could find in the show business industry that lived with him, that can put up with his faults and do really love him and desperately wanted to be his wife and mother of his children and also get on well with his mum , JT knew it’s very rare he can find those qualities in a women regardless of his true emotions 2wards Jessica and that’s why he married her and dedicated the song 4 her based on his grandparents long-lasting marriage called Mirrors. Now that Jessica is now JT trophy wife up till this very day Justin cannot love Jessica in the same way as she does him and it really does show through there photos of them 2gether over the years as a couple from the past to the present. Which is a shame really if someone meant 2 be your soul mate 4 life which is your wife your emotions shouldn’t be u love your wife but u r not in love with her that is the emotion that JT has 4 Jessica it’s really a damn shame that is what happening in there marriage. Anyway time will tell though if they truly meant to be 4 each other as a married couple and if there marriage will last a distance like JT grandparents, one thing I would like to see though when the trials and tribulation come in there lives as a married couple I would like to see whatever the trials that Justin and Jessica would end up facing in there lives together, if they going 2 really stand by each other united through it all. Because they always say u really know people true characters 4 what they really are when trials come along and u will know who really has your back through your friendships and through your relationships or marriage when u r going through those trials and tribulation. Because trials can even break u down and make u a better person when u need to change your character especially if u truly not a humble person, it can make u become wise person in life experiences and it can also break up marriage or relationships or bring u closer to your partner or soulmate depending on how u and your soulmate 2gether choose to deal with those trials. I’m finished now what I’m saying here I’m just keeping it real. Goodbye 4 now

  • danny

    @Irresistable Girl: you sure did put a lot of thought in your comment too bad I didn’t read it..too damn long you sure have too much free time.

  • sea

    @Irresistable Girl:
    wow! I hate long comments

  • loserJT

    hey why still care about this person? He is the hell of an ugly fellow and has zero character – let’s be honest: if it wasn’t for some success he had years ago in the music business no woman would give a sh-t for him lol there are better guys out there on every corner of the street – it’s only fame and money which makes him attractive to some women – a special sort of women I must say lol His wife is one of these women lol