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Alexander Skarsgard & Brit Marling: New 'The East' Trailer!

Alexander Skarsgard & Brit Marling: New 'The East' Trailer!

Alexander Skarsgard and Brit Marling star in the new trailer for their film The East, in theaters May 31.

The film is about an operative (Marling) for an elite private intelligence firm who finds her priorities irrevocably changed after she is tasked with infiltrating an anarchist group known for executing covert attacks upon major corporations.

Ellen Page, Patricia Clarkson, and Shiloh Fernandez also star in the thriller.

In case you missed it, check out Brit‘s fashion feature in Glamour magazine‘s latest issue.

Alexander Skarsgard & Brit Marling: New ‘The East’ Trailer!
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  • Whycantipost

    DAT kissing scene. HEL-LOOOO! haha

  • katya

    Ooh. Can’t wait to see The East. Alex looks sooo good. That voice of his sends tingles. . .

  • ladybug
  • hmmmmmmm

    I see the second trailer is highlighting the romance ;) this time.

  • Macy

    This movie looks awesome! It’s the one I want to see the most.

  • Strange

    Omg Alex !! Totally hot , hot hot !! This film i am very excited about ..

  • Dieter loves Bjorne

    A trailer that highlights a less than romantic romance. Alex is known to have terrible chemistry with all of his co-stars. This trailer looks bad, real bad. His acting skills in the romantic dept. should not at all help to sell this film.

  • Iris

    This looks just silly.


    @Dieter loves Bjorne:
    “Alex is known to have terrible chemistry with all of his co-stars”
    Oh really? Known by who? By you I suppose lol

    And I saw the film last week, imho it was damn good and splendidly acted by all cast.
    The vast majority of reviews are good/very good so it’s not just me.
    But whaaaaatever, why bother with trolls.

  • Macy

    Keep calm and….troll on? Apparently they will anyway no matter how idiotic the comments.

  • toria

    @Dieter loves Bjorne:

    Whoa Dieter honey–and this is why he has legions of women (and men) drooling over him from his True Blood romantic scenes? Plenty of chemistry…like hot burning off the charts!

  • Keiko

    I’ll see this for Alex but I’ve got zero interest in a movie about a bunch of enviro-wackos who take out their anger with humanity by hurting others. I don’t even GAS about their angst and their “cause”.


    Not trying to change your opinion, and you may not like the film when you see it, but having already watched it I can tell you it’s MUCH more nuanced than that.
    It’s done in a way where you end up genuinely not knowing who is more right, or rather, who is more wrong betweem them and their targets.
    It’s a risky subject but I thought it was very well executed.


    lol yeah the kiss scene is damn good, way too short though (in the movie I mean)

  • Em

    Wel Alex , his GF / costar from The art gallery and why he hid her for so long , gone silent again?,

  • Cadulech


  • Cadulech

    There is a new TB clip of Alex

  • Hanna

    I’m not sure how I feel about this film. I’m not sure I want to see it. I’m sure it’s well acted, but hurting people and committing acts of terror because of your beliefs doesn’t sit well with me right now. After what happened in my home town.

    I guess it wouldn’t be HW without a little controversy.

    Alex is handsome. Scruffiness looks nice on him.

  • Macy

    Do you have a link to the clip?

  • Cadulech
  • ladybug

    @TRISH: It is PG-13, so can’t be too much in the way of sex or swearing, lest the ratings board get all upset.

  • ladybug
  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Thanks for the link. I really can’t wait for ‘The East’ and WMK! But I also looking forward for ‘Disconnect’. The more I can see clips of WMK and The East, the more I am convinced of it, that he made two really good decisions as he accepted the roles in these movies. Really interesting and about important topics. And it doesn’t bother me, that they are so called independent movies. Among this sort of movies one can often find a jewel.

    Jimmy Fallon – great! I wonder what funny story he will give us this time…:)

  • Macy

    Thanks for those clips ladies!

  • Sweden?

    Alex might be in Sweden according to a fan forum , fares fares turned 40 and Caroline w posted a pic of herself with a fan ?or friend? in Stockholm for a few days.

  • Morin


    I love alex project choices. what i love the most is the fact that every role is so differente from the other and his looks changing too…

  • wow

    Caroline is in Sweden for Top Model Sverige. She is doing some events related to that program. Fares is in Sweden also … but I doubt that Alex is there, too. Alex was doing the photo shoots in Wednesday, in LA and probably he was working on TB all week because in next week he will be in NY so he won’t work on the TB too much.

  • Keiko


    #13 As I said, I’m going to see it. I’ll see it because I genuinely love him as an actor. But there’s not going to be any changing of my mind about this topic. As another poster said, and I agree 1000%, terrorism is never, ever justified…no matter how morally convicted one feels about their cause. And I already know that both Brit Marling and Ellen Page are raging Leftists. They’re not just Liberal; they are far Left. So I know their feelings about “environmentalism” . There’s only one direction this movie can bend with Brit being the writer. She can spin the story all she wants that the movie is really “non-preachy” and “shows both sides” but the fact is she wants the audience to hate corporations, and that means hating capitalism, and this whole thing is so wildly politically-motivated that I laugh–truly laugh–at the notion of it being impartial in any way. Anyway, it’s not really about politics for me. I see movies featuring and starring topics and people of both sides of the aisle. But one thing that will never change is my opinion about terrorism.
    But first things first….I still haven’t seen Disconnect. It is on my menu for tomorrow (Sunday) when I will FINALLY have a day free of obligations for the first time in 3 weeks.

  • Keiko

    Who GAF where Caroline Winberg is????? OMG, I’m so sick of seeing her name attached to every single conversation about Alex these days.

  • Whycantipost

    IMO, if Caroline was his gf he wouldn’t let her post pics of him, his friends etc. KB didn’t even have Twitter when she was with him, and as soon as it ended she was online. Not that it’s a good idea to let a man tell u what to do, but if she would post suggestive stuff (him, his friends) all the time I doubt the relationship would survive it, since he is so obsessed with privacy etc.

    On topic; I am hoping to see his recent movies soon:D If only for that kissingscene, HA!

  • Canuck

    @Keiko: Unbridled capitalism is not a good thing either, money has no conscience, morals or humanity.

    Not seeing any indication in the press that Page is far Left in her views. She sounds like a pretty normal average Canadian to me.

  • Hanna

    My reasons for not wanting to see The East has nothing to do with my political beliefs. As far as politics goes neither side is completely right or completely wrong and a whole lot more of meeting in the middle needs to happen.

    Terrorism or as they are trying to spin it as anarchism is never okay. You can stand up for your beliefs and push for change without causing harm.

    While, Marling may have sincerely attempted to be impartial she does have a bias. You can even argue that having the actors that portray the terrorists be attractive and sexy is favoring them. It’s a standard in story telling to portray the “good guys” as beautiful and attractive and “the bad guys” as less attractive.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, to me any story that glorifies terrorism in any manner isn’t ok with me.

    All that said, I hope this movie, Disconnect, and What Maisie Knew give Alex the mainstream attention he deserves. He truly is a talented actor and deserves major attention.

    I hope 2013 is the year his career really takes off

  • Hanna

    As for his romantic life, as much as Alex values his privacy I have a feeling when he finally meets “the one” he won’t care who knows or sees.
    I’m not speculating about who he may or may not be with. All I’m saying is that when you find that someone you kind of lose yourself and the things that mattered before don’t matter at all or matter in a different way.
    That’s not to say we will see him starring in his version of The Newlyweds or taking out 10 pages in People declaring his love, just that he won’t care as much who knows or who sees because at that point the only thing that will matter is being with that person in the moment.

  • Morin
  • Morin


    As i said before i belive hes gay an wont comeout becouse he is a sex symbol who plays a very sexy vempayer (not for long…)

  • yep


    You’re an Idiot on both your comments. Seriously where do you people crawl out from.

  • Morin


    Seriously its all over the net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tb

    While it is very possible that regular characters have to die I highly doubt that it will be main cast Eric Sam Jason bill pam Tara (should have got rid of her whiny ass along time ago including arlene and Terry )
    it will be more like the recurring regular characters (non main cast)
    I hope it is Nora nothing againt Lucy griffiths but I I think she is a waste of space in TB does nothing for tb apart from shagging Eric and how much she loves him bla bla.

  • Whycantipost


    Agreed, I hope Nora goes. No hard feelings towards Lucy Griffiths, but her char is so 1 dimensional, yet I don’t want to find out what her background story is. We have SO many backstories already, please no more. And no more new chars (see they have another new dude for Sookie, *SIGH*).

    I wouldn’t mind Eric dying tbh. The show had a good run, but it’s getting worse and worse. It’s better to stop now and then get a big break in a good movie (I hope). I think he IS leaving, he is spotted a lot lately, has a tan etc.. But maybe that has a different reason, idk. That aside, I will watch to the end out of loyalty, even if the rumors about the latest book are true (Won’t spoil, but i was like WTFFFFFFFF?!).

  • Morin


    Agree. he is not on the set working and has a tan plus the rumor is all over the net even on youtube, perezhilton, tv line…no one deny it. I just cant belive they are doing this to alex

  • Morin

    another thing…no one mentions some othe chars the could die…only Eric

  • Canuck

    @Morin: The whole thing started from one article where they never said Eric would die, they simply didn’t rule out that he could. Carefully planted to get people talking right before the season starts. BUT…one has only to look at the reaction of the book fans to the ending of the SVM series to get a very clear idea of what would happen if they killed off Eric on TB. They could kiss their ratings goodbye immediately.

  • ladybug

    @Morin: He’s been working on TB, tan or no tan.
    And ‘being all over the net’ does not make something true.
    @Whycantipost : I’m not why the character of Nora exists-to show that Eric’s very loyal to ‘family’, even to a fault? She’s a boring character.

    @Canuck-And Eric doesn’t die on DEA, CH just basically ruined the character.

  • Macy

    CH ruined lots of things in the past few books IMO. Homegirl just wants to cash in her fat checks and be done with it all. Pretty lame and a slap in the face to her readership. There’s not a lot of pride there if you ask me.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: She really did slap the core readership in the face. But she’s got her own FU money and probably does not care anymore.

  • maría

    another year that alex wasnt invited to the WHCD.why???

  • yep


    How do you know that he wasn’t? I am pretty sure he gets invited to alot of things. He seems to avoid Famewh*ring parties. He was even low key for Oscars n GG.

  • maría

    @ladybug: really really like the photoshot is a good look for alex:top tank and new messy haircut.i hope he keept the hair like this.

  • Cadulech

    Can we blame him? many HW stuff is so yikes!

  • Cadulech

    I mean i would also avoid it at all cost.
    Don’t see the point of going to superficial parties.

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