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Gerard Butler & Kate Walsh: White House Correspondents' Dinner Weekend Pre-Party!

Gerard Butler & Kate Walsh: White House Correspondents' Dinner Weekend Pre-Party!

Gerard Butler suits up while attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Weekend Pre-Party held at W Hotel Rooftop on Friday (April 26) in Washington, D.C.

The 43-year-old actor was joined by Kate Walsh and Mad Men‘s Jessica Pare.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, Piers Morgan tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: My official guest for the White House Correspondents dinner is @GerardButler – I believe it’s called a ‘man-date’. #CNN.”

The day before, Kate rocked a red suit while posing for a portrait outside of the U.S. Capitol.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Stella McCartney top and jacket, Erin Fetherston pants, Gianvito Rossi pumps, and Balenciaga clutch.

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gerard butler kate walsh white house correspondant dinner weekend pre party 01
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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty
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  • Alina

    @@Alina: I can . That was sarcasm. LOL!

  • I’m german

    he loooks bad and like he dont want to go there. german girls pretty, irish girls so so ugly and stink

  • WHCD is a JOKE!

    Lindsay Lohan DESTROYED any shred of dignity the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner had left … and now it’s nothing more than a joke … this according to Tom Brokaw.

    The legendary newsman blasted the dinner during an interview with Politico — saying the standards for the once-respected event have fallen so low, his daughter’s junior prom has more dignity.



  • Gerard Lion

    gerrad wait wait if the churren olimorrow on a gory night if the churren olimorrow dreamy ween they dreamy weeno chains woahwoah woah gerad

  • fan no more

    @WHCD is a JOKE!: Yes indeed. All those getting panties in a twist because their boy is invited to this, get a grip. It’s like Dancing with the ex-stars, Beltway version. Even POTUS is supposed to tell jokes.

  • Roomie

    @fan no more: Strange how you always find the time in your busy schedule to trash on Gerard. All those amazing parties you must get invited to, and still, you’re in front of your computer typing away on a Gerard Butler thread – rolls eyes -
    Next time you’re invited within five hundred yards of the President, let us know. Until then, enjoy the hot, or go and rain on your own parade, hater.

  • Gerard Plus One

    @fan no more: @Roomie: To add injury to insult…he wasn’t even “invited” … he was a PLUS ONE hahahhaha

  • fan no more

    Not a hater. Just like to add a balanced view. Because, after all, this is a comment board, and not a fan site – or did you lose your way? What I hate is the self-importance of so many celebrities – the endless partying and preening for exposure, and the charitable events that are nothing more than a facade for over-the-top partying, when that money could be put to more productive use elsewhere. Example – Swag bags for people who make millions? At least some celebs have the grace to forego the swag, or donate it to someone who could use a hand.

  • Roomie

    @Gerard Plus One:
    Nice sock, loser.
    Just give it up and go back to kissing your Gerard posters.

  • poor roomie

    @Roomie: Why so cranky? Didn’t get invited out tonight, either? Play nice with the other posters, now.

  • Roomie

    @fan no more:
    Oh, I get it. You’re mad at the world because your life sucks. Okay then, continue with the hate.

  • Roomie

    @poor roomie: It’s like 1 am lol! Not sure what kind of invites your getting this late in the evening, but I’m not that kind of girl.
    Not cranky. I just don’t get why people come on celebrity threads to complain. Save your time and do something positive with it. That’s all.

  • Alina

    Nicole Goldin
    14m ago
    Nice to meet you, Gerard Butler- at NewYorker party #WHCD #nerdprom

  • Roomie

    Thanks Alina. I see a very small smile there. But he’s not looking like the fun and happy Gerard is he? He’s usually so friendly and ‘smiley’ with fans. What’s up with him? Hope everything is okay.

  • Alina

    Kristopher Weinisch
    12:53 AM – 27 Apr 13
    @GerardButler – good sharing an elevator. Re: your Moscow elevator story, be safe over there

  • Moora

    @Roomie: Go away. Obvious someone p/issed on your cornflakes b*tch. Free world and you don’t own this fvking forum, cvnt



    May I suggest you go f/ck offf!

  • @Roomie

    @Roomie: Obvious you are socking too, fool.

  • Roomie

    Just really happy he isn;t with that Latvian clown woman anymore. What a dumb waste.



  • @@@

    @Roomie: You are wrong about that one

  • Alina
  • Ugly Irish Girls

    What a bunch of loons. Gerard isn’t looking at ANY of you EVER. get over yourselves!

  • Roomie

    I’m out – some troll is using my moniker.

  • smiling

    A real smile. He looks a little tired though. Not sure what’s up with him.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Thanks Alina and CGE. Nice pictures. Wonder if the flight out took a little longer. Maybe the 4hr. trip and another 4hrs. sitting on the tarmac due to sequestration did the damage to his smile. Hopefully he’ll get his beard cut a little and a nice massage should do the trick before dinner tomorrow night. lol

  • noactinginvolved

    So you’re rxcusing the glumness by delayed travel, yet he had time to drench his head in Just For Men dayglo chestnut and have someone butcher his locks. That , and the 1983 polyester brown suit , makes him look like a grumpy old man.

  • Greta

    He doesn’t look too happy because he’s worried that a certain mad Romanian is going to gatecrash the photo session. But seriously, perhaps he’s just not feeling well or his tinnitus is bothering him and, as we all know, when you are not well you really can’t be bothered.

  • Pshawnee

    @Lord Love a Duck: Nah, he was skeeved cuz he and Fweddy could only get a room with two twins when Gerpoo wanted one king. They’ll probably head to their Chelsea loft next for some hot man love.

  • Greta


    GROW UP!

  • Greta


    And you need to grow up too, slander is not funny.

  • smiling

    @Greta: And calling Madalina a “mad Romanian” isn’t slander?
    How does that work exactly? Why are you allowed to bash his GF but no one can make a comment about Gerard’s preferences?
    Clearly you don’t know what slander means because you’re doing it yourself honey.

  • ?????


    Hi Clamsie how’s things in lesbianland today?

  • Greta


    She has proved she is mad by her silly games and the countless the lies she has told so the proof is there for all to see. There is no evidence at all that Gerry is in a sexual relationship with Freddy or any other man.

  • smiling

    @Greta: That’s your interpretation of the facts and you have no right to label someone “mad” because you think they have lied. When has she lied?
    And if we are using your theory, I guess Gerard going to rehab makes him a junkie right?

  • Greta


    On her FB she has claimed to be a widow with a child, that was shown to be a lie, she also claimed her father had died, (who in their right mind would claim such a thing), and it was her own grandmother who exposed that lie. She claims to be 24 but a class mate of hers posted asking how could she in her twenties when the class mate was in her thirties yet they were in the same class. She keeps having to remove things when they are proved to be untrue. Oh and the class mate and her grandmother are now banned from her FB. I could go on but have to get to work.

  • Slather

    @Greta: you would pay for it i know why u mad?

  • Alina

    Neda Semnani
    Currently im watch Luke russert and spike mehndelson talking. Standing by me self after smoking near Gerard butler et al. #Bizarre #whcd2013
    1:37 AM – 27 Apr 13

  • Gryffindor

    That’s your “brush with a celebrity?” “Smoking near” him? What a total loser. Like all of you.

  • Shelley Poteet

    @Greta: Madalina is showing NY pics on her FB page. Does this mean she’s waiting at home there for Gerry’s return after the DC bash? She’s hinting at another reunion so brace yourselves.

    Whoever keeps saying he’s gay is grasping. He might be bi but no one knows. He loves all women as long as they’re young tall models.

  • yuck stalking

    she is gross

  • dami

    @Shelley Poteet:
    Very interesting Shelley. If she does show up in NY with him, then I am officially done with this woman. I am so sick of her hints. Over it!

  • yuck stalking

    I dont see any nyc hints. What are you talking about?? @Shelley “gossipmonger” Poteet???

  • Really Over It
  • Truth Serum


  • Gipper

    @Shelley Poteet: And Gerry will most likely just go back to LA proving everyone here wrong and making her look like a stalking chump

  • Fug

    She is 5’11????? it says so on her fb


    MADD HAS 93k FAKE ‘LIKES’ for HER FACEBOOK PAGE. They are all ‘bot’s paid for and not real. What a fail. CHEATER!

  • dami

    Actually, she’s closer to 6’0. If you look at photos of her Gerry together, they are almost the same height. Say what you want about Mads, with the plastic and surgery and all, but I would kill for her figure! Now, her personality is another thing all together.