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Gerard Butler & Kate Walsh: White House Correspondents' Dinner Weekend Pre-Party!

Gerard Butler & Kate Walsh: White House Correspondents' Dinner Weekend Pre-Party!

Gerard Butler suits up while attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Weekend Pre-Party held at W Hotel Rooftop on Friday (April 26) in Washington, D.C.

The 43-year-old actor was joined by Kate Walsh and Mad Men‘s Jessica Pare.

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Earlier in the day, Piers Morgan tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: My official guest for the White House Correspondents dinner is @GerardButler – I believe it’s called a ‘man-date’. #CNN.”

The day before, Kate rocked a red suit while posing for a portrait outside of the U.S. Capitol.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Stella McCartney top and jacket, Erin Fetherston pants, Gianvito Rossi pumps, and Balenciaga clutch.

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty
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  • ???

    They always say a mans intelligence can be measured on who he dates although some of you may think highly of MG but I honestly don’t have respect for women who model for a meat market and social climb there way up he says she’s smart and speaks 5 languages we have yet to see an achievement or accomplishment to admire her and say yes that’s what he sees in her! I don’t wish her bad bit she doesn’t give off a likeable vibe I would say the same if she was my neighbour she had same comments went she was pictured with Leo!

    I always found modesty a very attractive quality about a woman and very endearing! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and although she’s pretty I have honestly seen better in my local shopping centre! When it comes to women I do think he’s a wimp and is scared like he changed his number when that married woman was after him why not just say it’s over not working rather than keeping ppl hanging and I think a lot of his relationships he keeps ppl hanging on Howard stern lady year he admitted a woman moving into his place and not noticing she’s gone

  • http://justjared lolita

    The serious look on his face is more likely due to what his next career move will be. We saw him in a previous thread with his man bag heading to a meeting. He may be getting many offers now since OHF is a hit but he may want to produce again and have Antoine be his director. He said they had other projects they were looking into doing.

  • maria

    luv kate!

  • confusing and funny

    @Really: What is even more hilarious is how this woman has gone on and on claiming that she doesn’t want to be known for her famous boyfriends but her talent instead and yet she is promoting herself exactly that way and therefore the only conclusions are she is a consummate liar and she knows she has not got enough talent to get her to where she wants to be without piggybacking on a famous man. Sad really. Run Gerry Run.

  • confusing and funny

    @???: Humility and discretion together are attractive qualities. I don’t understand how a famous man would not make a lack of discretion a deal breaker. Loose lips sink careers and ships.

  • Loose lips

    Indeed, this is what gave her away, imo. First she goes on and on about not using a man to get ahead, and then from Day 1 she is letting everyone know about it, and now her fb page is full of pics with him, and even her posters talk about him. It’s all about him. And as to the argument from the troll that “she’s young, it’s her page” etc., if she cared about him and his privacy, in other words really cared about HIM, she would have made her page private, at the very least. But she has revealed that she wants attention from the relationship, and everyone now is aware of her agenda. Just read the comments on DM where everyone is telling him to dump her. She brought it on herself. No celebrity would want this kind of hassle. BTW saying you want children out of wedlock with someone whom you know has a very Catholic family is insanely disrespectful.

  • ???

    @confusing and funny:

    Totally agree with you there too those are attractive qualities and in celeb world discretion is a key trait! To me it looks they are trying to hard to convince something it’s really unusual

  • The fact is

    Gerard will never be allowed to be happy with his choices because of this particular gang of his “fan” base. No matter what decision he makes, no matter what he does, no matter who he falls in love with, the venom will spew.

    Ms. Sensitive, Intuitive, Knows Stuff is the worse of the lot. When Gerard and Madalina are not visibly together, she’s over the moon with happiness that he has changed his ways and rid himself of the evil in his life.

    Two days later, when it becomes obvious that they are still happily together, the claws come out and Psycho Bitca takes over.

    Poor Gerard, a working actor for many years has no control over the articles written and the rumors told, but Madalina is a manipulative creature who has the power to plant stories and photos in obscure rags.

    You may be off your rocker, but I suspect it’s more likely you are just a troublemaker whose minions have taken over any discussion. Bottom line is you cause Gerard so much more damage. Truth.

  • Really

    Having religious beliefs and then stating having a child out if wedlock is an insult to yourself and the religion and the child itself how can you possibly take a person serious like that or give them respect when they clearly don’t have respect for themselves and their religion sums her up nicely nice one Madalina you proved me right this is exactly the thing expected from women like her gives rest of the girl race a bad name

  • Truth

    @The fact is:

    1,000 thumbs up!

  • Truth

    @The fact is:

    Look at the last few pages. Opions galore on who they think Gerry should be with. Insane madness.

  • Sugar

    I don’t have any prob with GB MG love story however I do think it’s stupid to say she wants kids but no marriage because I personally think every child needs to come in this world with respect! It may be 2013 but society still has old fashion values there’s names called for that! Marriage is a commitment that you take your vows and responsibilities seriously and acknowledge your partner by status! A lot of ppl don’t get that no wonder the societies we live in are so messed up as ppl don’t take anything seriously

  • RealityIsCorrect

    @the reality is: #189 and #194…Lolita u r telling the truth in some sayings. Reality’s post is right on.

    Think about it

    ….people were saying ths was PR…..she has taken it too far
    …..classy event. He should be there with a classy woman.
    ……HS…..he said “not her” as far as marriage goes
    ……another interview…he felt childless loveless…..y …y…y…even think about this PR staged girl……..simple…..stop being foolish……not her
    …..he has strengths……..beyond acting
    ….believe it or not…..the man is in his zone….LAW DEGREE…..why not
    …..the look….Is his realization that he has come into his own
    Lolita was right of his strengths..very right

    In all these blessings….

    Dear God remove from this man this “obvious” leech who is embarrassing this private man

    I am sure as Mel, Stallone has mentioned about welcome to HW because there are women “that will do whatever for that Chang Chang – even lie and post your private life and get low and bring your fam into it….

    Arnold mentioned Bridgitte……to a certain degree…doing such

    Gerard if it was for PR….so what we still love you…..we are concerned about u personally and want u in a beautiful healthy atmosphere as where your blessings are placing u

    Hold on….u have class and r a good man….God is sending and paving the way for the right woman for u…hold on she exists

  • blah blah stfu blah blah
  • RealityIsCorrect

    so mad……what’s wrong….truth hurts doesn’t it…….

  • RealityIsCorrect

    u can tell mad’s people…..they reflect her…..

  • Likes Facebook

    Gerard Butler
    Wednesday, 24-4-2013
    “Had fun at Coachella, but I missed snuggling with this girl.”
    19,519 people like this.

    Madalina Ghenea
    Wednesday, 24-4-2013
    “Madalina Diana Ghenea shared a link via Verissimo.”
    499 people like this.

  • blah blah stfu blah blah

    @RealityIsCorrect: Actually the truth will set you free, and you my friend are in quite a bind.

  • the reality is

    @The fact is: You are partly wrong.

    There will always be a segment of his fans who will never accept any girlfriend that is true and that is true for other actors and male celebrities that have a large female fan base but the majority of his fans if they seem him truly happy in a relationship with a girlfriend who is discreet, get the benefit of the doubt.

    At this point any subsequent girlfriend who is not a known fame ho/trainwreck is going to get a huge benefit of the doubt. If this is the kind of woman he is attracted to well perhaps time to go back to keeping your private life private. I mean come on even you Maddie fans here will not jump on any Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan love train. Yet she is just a poorer Romanian/Italian version without the drugs.

    And the other reality is if he really really loved this woman and was hurt by all the fan reaction and upset because she was hurt, all he had to say was he was very disappointed in the negative things being said about the woman he loves and you can bet that the majority of fans would have shut up and pounced even harder on the people saying bad things. I have seen it happen and it does work with the fan base that does want to see him happy with someone. He could have said it months ago. Too late now. Add the awkwardness, the large amounts of time spent apart when there is no clear reason to be apart, the need for staged photo ops, even the few die hard fans who were giving her the benefit of the doubt can see something is not right or normal here.

    Maybe the truth of the matter is he treats all his girlfriends this badly. Another reason for keeping it all private I guess.

  • Lyla J.

    Going strong at $95M worldwide. Still in over 3,000 US theaters. Wonderful news!

  • Teach

    @Likes Facebook:

    And he was talking about his DOG!
    Seeing how many folks enjoy his posts gives me joy. Best face forward or not, glad he’s finally having his say. Taking control. Movie success, now he’ll work on the rest. Go Gerry go! Think the girl is on her way out. Dinner in DC is the kind of honor you share with a partner. Ridiculous or not, it’s a legitimate honor (Lindsey Lohan not withstanding) Mads should be fuming, making her Facebook post honest. Keep looking to the future GB, you’ll find an olive skinned, tall drink of water who really will be worthy of making your queen!!!

  • The fact is

    The term “Fame ho/trainwreck” was created on this board.

  • Teach = gfw
  • Her Facebook

    SHE has just put a pic of her with a gun, and words bang bang on her Facebook. A few mins ago.

  • emmmmm

    @Lyla J.

    actually the worldwide figure is $116,936,784 as the foreign total shown is opening weekend only as of 3/24
    and the above worldwide figure is only till 4/21 which means there is a week of takings still unrecorded.
    Looking good!

  • Just Curious

    @Likes Facebook: @Teach:

  • GFW

    @Teach = gfw:
    No. Just got out of the movies! MUD is excellent.
    who is using her Kindle, having coffee in a busy cafe using their WiFi who hopes Gerry sees Matt & Sam team up = wow

  • @@@

    @Her Facebook: For the 1000th time, SHE is transferring her images to Instagram. I don’t know if you people are stupid or just reaching for any little thing. She also added one that said “God is Love”. Didn’t you notice posting that one.

  • Lyla J.

    @emmmmm: Thanks for the update! Even better. So happy for Gerard and Antoine and everybody else for this undeniable success.

  • Teach = gfw

    @GFW: But you did manage to check in here just in the nick of time to protect your good name. Pfft.

  • GFW

    Almost everyone in heaven has someone on earth they watch.
    ~The Lovely Bones
    Who thinks Gerry’ s dad is beaming
    Who is damage control never damage :o)

  • Sugar

    I personally think that if he truely loved her he would tell her to be private about things! When your a public figure and make your accessible then you have to be very thick skinned! The amount of abuse you get is astonishing and just understand why she would put herself out there!
    When you love someone you think the best for them! Fair enough they couldve been some general candid pics taken from paps bit all the pics seem so staged and scripted! I still remember that video of the arcade girl when she was with him and how he kept looking at the camera and mins later she was talking to the cameraman like she was advised too!

    Men that truely love their women are possessive about them and wouldn’t want then part of the media joke circus

  • EURO

    @@@@: who cares ???? she can practise WITH NEW PICS LIKE ALL OF US

  • Amy


    Alot of celebrities discuss portions of their private lives it’s no big deal.

  • Sign Post

    @GFW: Well, no blue suit for last night. I have to say blue is my favorite color suit on Gerry, too. Many posters commented on the brown. In the pictures from last night, Gerry’s outfit was drab and maybe that lends itself to giving the sad, didn’t want to be there look. Thinking about pictures from OHF junket press line, Gerry wasn’t always smiling, still posters commented on how good he looked. Could this be an optical illusion? Because when he wears blues, grays and black his eyes pop a little more so there appears to be a twinkle. And those colors compliment his skin tone more than brown. I don’t know, just wondering. Anyway, I think the suit/shirt combo that Gerry wore has a lot to do with the drabness. Maybe the brown suit with a crisp white shirt would have brightened him up a bit in the pictures.

  • Sugar


    Most of them don’t Leo never talks of his relationships, Ryan and Blake never talked and got married, Rachel and Daniel ppl never even knew they were an item, Christian bale never discusses his private life, mila and Ashton don’t admit they’re seeing each other beyonce and jay z never talked about their relationship only a bit after they had a baby, Jessica and Justin hardly did. Brad and angie don’t. Irina shayk never discusses Ronaldo! So if you see the vast majority none if them do as they are guarded and don’t capitalise on it! Yes the ones that go over the top with the PDAs like Ben and Jennifer did, Kim k does you know it’s a disaster

  • ?????

    Clamsie is a lesbian
    thought you’d like to know that.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    From Paisley Green Everything about gerry. Enjoy!

  • GFW

    @Sign Post:
    A white shirt would have been very English Patient! It could be an illusion. But I can’t recall ever seeing limp arms at his side? It appears more like work than fun. I understand. DC is like that. It is filled with workaholics! Not me though.
    No worries. DC isn’t his cup of tea. We get it. I’m on the fun side of the Potomac.
    More powerful than the fear of death is the will to live.
    ~K, still at the cafe waiting for Gerry…KIDDING

  • CDAN

    Blind Items Revealed

    August 31, 2012

    So, this foreign born A list(barely) movie actor is foreign born and also will sleep with anything that has a pulse. He has been seeing a woman(#1) for almost 3 months now which she thinks is a world record. It would be if he was not also sleeping with one of the other women(#2) from the same commercial in which the three of them starred. He has told #1 that they need to keep their relationship secret because he is known for being a ladies man and if women thought he was unavailable then it would be bad for his career. It is so #2 does not find out because he loves having both women think they are the only ones in his life. He says the sex has never been better and if he had known this before he would have always had 2 or 3 women who thought they were the only ones.

    Gerard Butler

  • Sign Post

    @GFW: “still at the cafe waiting for Gerry…KIDDING”. Hey, you never know!

  • back issues

    people with back issues need someone about the same height as them…so you shorties don’t stand a chance with gb.
    and if you’re short, tall people don’t stand a chance
    am i right or am i right?
    over and out

  • Amy


    Wrong. I’ve read each of those couples discuss their partners excluding Leo.


    @back issues: When it comes to sex , everyones body is anatomically correct ,( for the not to bright) our bodies are all equal , be it little people or giants. Thats how the good Lord made us. As for your bad back try yoga as Gerry does,

  • Knew it

    @CDAN: Was there ever any doubt? LOL.

  • Tanya


    And just what is your point?

  • Sign Post

    Forgive me. I don’t mean to strike a nerve. I am just curious. Has anyone ever seen a picture of Madalina Ghenea and Leonardo DiCaprio?

  • back issues

    sofia is short and in denial

  • back issues

    people with bad backs can’t stand there and talk to a short person for a long length of time. and they can’t stand there and talk to a tall person either for a long length of time. they need someone about their height. if you’re not the same height…you’re a pain. literally.

  • Tanya

    I think Gerard will settle down one day and his lady will be nothing like these models. Are they really his “type”? after all, his longest ever relationship was with a woman who is said to have had a voluptuous figure.