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Miranda Kerr: Let's Go For a Ride!

Miranda Kerr: Let's Go For a Ride!

Miranda Kerr arrives with a smile to LAX Airport to catch a flight on Friday (April 26) in Los Angeles.

“Let’s go for a ride! 😉 @jaguar @jaguarusa” the 30-year-old model wrote on Instagram, along with a pic oh her in a sweet Jaguar ride. Take a look at super stylish Miranda in the pic below.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda was spotted out and about with her hubby Orlando Bloom and their two-year-old son Flynn at Romp children’s gym.

FYI: Miranda is carrying Viktor & Rolf‘s “Bombette” bag.

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miranda kerr lets go for a ride 04
miranda kerr lets go for a ride 05
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Photos: FameFlynet, Instagram
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  • Q.

    She’s always so happy to see the paps!

  • Maybe

    Is that her natural hair color? I’m so confused :s

  • barlima

    her round as a full moon head is such a flaw, dont see her appeal. I guess because she is far from perfect? average annies with big round faces can relate more?

  • ha

    You see, stalker-haters are again the first to post. What does that say about you when you know where she is before her fans? That proves (once again) that you sad people have no lives outside of your Miranda obsesion.
    More proof that she OWNS you.

  • MIM

    look at the last pic turning for the paps… barf!

  • famehofaye

    @ha: Some of us come here to look at Just Jared’s site in general, but what does that say about you that you have to be so quick on the draw to comment. Sad life you live to watch other people and what they do. Pathetic little shipper.

    Isn’t this the same person who said she doesn’t want to travel but spend time with her family? I guess she has to do something with her time after being sacked by two major brands. She is so full of herself its pathetic.

  • @6

    Nice try. But we ALL know that you guys are far from random commenters. You post the same garbage on all of her threads, and are almost always among the first to comment. That means that you are following her. A fan doing something like that is normal. A hater doing it, is not.
    And isn’t it funny that when she was at home, you said that she was a loser because she wasn’t on set somewhere. Now you are mad that she is going somewhere to work. Must be nice working with a double standard like you haters. You have an insult for every situation.
    Pathetic. LOL!

  • Sayer

    Pumpkinhead, pumpkin eater, call the paps, because she needs to.

    Former VS model Kylie Bissuttii tells the NY Times Kerr uses her relationship with bloom to promote her career/VS.

  • @8

    A no name model says something about a woman that she barely knows and you believe it?????
    Pathetic loser.

  • Lilith

    Miranda is beautiful. Her Kora skincare line is doing well and she is doing a follow up book to Treasure Yourself. She has Mango, Qantas, Reebox campaigns as well. She has said she wants to spend more time with her family.

  • @Famehofaye

    Just ignore her loonie shipper fans, their heads are so far up MK’s ass that every time someone says something not positive about Miranda they absolutely flip balls and tell them selves its just one person commenting over and over because they couldnt handle it if they knew just how many people hated her.

  • @11

    Disagreeing and calling you morons out for your lies is ‘flipping balls’?
    You really need a life.

  • hahakissit

    @8 that actually pretty much now seems to be true I hope Orlando wakes up in time to leave a horrible selfish vain woman.

  • no

    you don’t have to call the paps to LAX
    they live there
    are you going to pretend that you’ve never seen other celebs papped at LAX?? like every single day?
    how stupid are you, exactly?

  • Kath

    OMG…….. who cares if she doesnt work for Victorias Secret & David Jones. So called 2 major brands. If Miranda had’nt modelled for Victoria Secret I would have no idea who they were here in Australia. Just another lingerie company who needs supermodels to get attn that they even exist & David Jones….whoooo. Though they wont admit it but David Jones needs her more than she needs them. We all know retail is doing bad in Australia & they cant afford her. Who the hell is the new model anyway? Id much rather turn up to see Miranda. The other model yawnnnn…… I absolutely love the fact whether you love her or hate her she has ALL of our attention. I love i!!!. The haters love her too they just cant stay away…..ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahaaaa

  • Kath

    Oh yeah Miranda your Kora Enriched Body Lotion is effing beautiful! The smell, the feel, it is a fantastic product!

  • Kath

    Sorry Miranda…but one of your old pics of taking little Flynn to gym. Your wearing torn light blue jeans. I have to say PLEASE wear a bra. Wearing no bra no matter how small you are is just not on!

  • @15

    Remember when Miranda was working for DJ’s and VS? The haters would call DJ’s a “cheap depertment store”, and VS “tacky”, “vulgar”, and an “insult to women”?
    Now they are EVER SO IMPORTANT!!!
    Don’t they see that their hypocrisy is what makes them the laughing stock of the fandom?
    Miranda is gorgeous, successful, happy and married to Orlando Freaking Bloom.. All things that these haters will never be. THAT is what really p*sses them off.

  • @17

    Huh? Why? There isn’t anything wrong with going without a bra when you’re Miranda’s size. Nothing at all.

  • The “haters”…

    I see the “haters” are out again obsessing about every little thing Miranda either wears, says or does.

    I was reading their Delphi “hate” site the other day & they were going on & on about a made up story they had read in a trashy Australian magazine.

    What was so funny is that this particular magazine is the Australian version of the National Enquirer or Star magazine…

    Yet they were trying to convince each other it was true……so cringeworthy as they knew very well it was all lies.

    These poor women are so consumed by Miranda that they spend every moment of their time tracking down the tiniest bit of information about her.

    What is even more scary is that they use that to makeup elaborate delusional conspiracy theories about her……beyond creepy!

    Delphidiots = Stalkers gone mad…

  • @20

    I was over there the other day, and ended having the best laugh of my day.
    Remember Kerrazy Bealze? The girl so psycho that even Delphi didn’t want her? Well she has her own blog where she can rant about her all consuming obsession with Miranda. She pretends to expose imaginary lies that Miranda tells, but just ends up looking like a pathetic fool.
    Her last debacle happened after she read an interview in the new Cleo. Miranda gave a few more facts about her car accident, which the hater idiots claim didn’t happen, and mentioned that Orlando came to the scene to check on her. Well, Bealze, who obsesses over every detail of this couple’s life, claimed that she was a LIAR because Orlando wasn’t even in LA!!!!!!!!!! She claimed that he couldn’t have been there, because she claimed that he was still in Colorado.
    Well, the dumb@sses at Delphi just ate this up. Page after page of calling Miranda a narcissistic liar (among other choice insults).
    But the funny thing is, is that we have photographic proof that Orlando was back in LA two days before her accident!
    These morons were so anxious to attack Miranda that they didn’t check the facts. But of course, when have they ever let facts get in their way?
    P A T H E T I C!

  • O.

    @20 do you ever read your own posts? You sound like a kindergarden child! Now you call “haters” to be obsessed? I call them “people who are still in the real world”. Look at what you are doing: you spend sooooo much energy to post on stuff those people post, claiming to know the truth. You don’t know either, because you also just get your stuff from the net. You admire Orlando and Miranda, they don’t. You have a different opinion than them, so why are YOU so obsessed to call on those people, just ignore them if you don’t like what they write. You will never convince them with anything…
    People can have opinions, so what?! For you it is ” you either love Miranda, or you hate her”. Do you know what we psychologists call that: mentally sick!!! Psychotic! There is either black or white, nothing in between. Seems like you made up your own reality that nobody can turn over. Go and get yourself some antidepressiva, or eat some real food. Perhaps then you realize what childish bullxxx you post here.

  • @22

    So in your opinion, the HATERS, who stalk Miranda across the internet 24-7-365, make numerous fake blogs and twitter accounts, create hate sites where they are free to lie and obsess, scour her accounts to try to find a way to twist facts, and even go so far as to try to contact her employers, are NORMAL?
    And it’s her FANS that you think are crazy?
    Just one more reason to laugh at you.

  • HA!

    Since she failed so spectacularly with the ‘Orlando was in Colorado even though he was pictured in LA’ fiasco, good old KERRAZY LIAR has fallen back on an old failthful.
    She still can’t admit that Orlando is Flynn’s father. Even though they were together during the period of conception. Even though they had been in the same place for nearly a month. And even though Flynn looks EXACTLY like Orlando, this psycho still can’t face the truth.
    One of her fellow IDIOTS brought up a casual aquaintance of theirs, an art dealer who was just arrested for some white collar crime, as a new possibility. And even though this theory is as IDIOTIC as the theory that a man half way around the globe is the father, good old, reliable Bealze is running with it. So what if Flynn looks NOTHING LIKE HIM! What does that matter in the world of idiots and psychopaths? In their world the only thing that matters is the total avoidance of the truth! Because it burns!!!!
    I keep thinking that they have gone as far as they can with their delusions, but they keep proving me wrong. LOL!
    Bealze, you need help. Serious help. And I only wish that I was joking.

  • Lilith

    I don’t get how the Delphi haters think that Orlando is not Flynn’s father. Flynn clearly looks exactly like Orlando. They need serious help. What they have been saying about Orlando, Miranda, and Flynn is sick and despicable. They are a beautiful family and I don’t get how they can have so much hatred for them. They keep making up lies about them and keep mentioning the split rumours when those rumours have been dismissed. Why can’t they admit that Orlando and Miranda are happy together and clearly love each other?

  • @24

    My favorite part was when they tried to claim that Orlando and Miranda were part of his money making schemes.
    One moron suggested that that was where they got their money.
    No stupid, Orlando is worth well over 30 million, and receives an estimated six million per year in residuals. He gets over a million for each endorsement, and was also rumored that for the Three Musketeers, he got paid more than all of the musketeers combined. Not to mention his pay for the Hobbit.
    Miranda has been in the top ten earners for years, so she doesn’t need get rich schemes either.
    The hater idiots just can’t help but dig their hole a bit deeper every time they open their traps. Such fools. Pathetic, lonely, deranged, obsessed fools.

  • @26….

    Yeah so true.

    I really think one day their going to go too far with their obsessive hatred of Miranda.

    Their crossing the line already with their posting of “blind” items about her.

    I’m sure they had something to do with the FAKE rumour in US weekly about her being “fired” from VS.

    They must have hated that the President & Chief Marketing of VS so quickly denied the false rumour & sang her praises instead…

    They just can’t stand the fact that Orlando loves Miranda, that’s what it all boils down to, plain old fashioned jealousy and sour grapes….she’s got what they want but will NEVER have….. ; 0

  • hmm

    LOL! The delphidiots are so funny. Proof that they read here when they have now deleted the entire section of comments relating to the accident, and their idiotic belief that Orlando was out of towm.
    Old Kerrazy still has it on her site, with no correction or detraction since she can never, ever admit that she was wrong (again), but Delphi just deletes their mistakes. You see, in their tiny little minds, if you delete something, it never happened. LOL! They pretend that they never said any such thing.
    My favorite thing that they tried to sweep under a rug was a report from one of their own (though I think that she got smart and left a while ago). She was to attend a benefit/party type event where Orlando was one of the ‘hosts’. She promised a full report on the happy couple the next day. Well, what she reported was that she saw Orlando and Miranda holding hands and ‘acting like a couple’. Well, her delphi sisters pounced immediately. They bullied her, and basically called her a liar. her post was deleted, and they twisted it into words that suited their agenda. They wanted a first hand account. But not a truthful one. The truth hurts, you see. They can use that delete button all they want. But we will always remember their hypocrisy and stupidity.
    Too darned funny

  • elena
  • @29

    There ya go. A perfect example of their psychosis.
    The man whe she was sleeping with for four years is NOT the father, but any other random, dark haired dude IS!!!!
    Never mind that Flynn is a dead ringer for his dad, ORLANDO BLOOM.
    That doesn’t matter! Oh, noooo. of course not.
    See how delusional and sick they are?

  • HA!

    Hi elena! Thanks for briging over proof that you are all insane.