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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands at Rolling Stones Concert

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands at Rolling Stones Concert

Johnny Depp holds hands with Amber Heard as they make their way through the crowds at the Rolling Stones surprise concert at the Echoplex on Saturday (April 27) in Echo Park, Calif.

The 49-year-old actor and 27-year-old actress have been rumored to be dating in the past, on and off.

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It was just reported that Johnny may be joining the cast of the highly anticipated movie musical Into the Woods alongside Meryl Streep. No official confirmation what part he may play!

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  • Still

    Johnny, your stock just went down

  • Anne

    No! And to think that I used to like him…

  • Lia

    She’s a homewrecker. He passed thought a really good times with his wife and kids… Damn sad!

  • yep

    I think they make an unique couple. Wish them happiness.

  • funny witch

    WOW! Im speechless. 22 years old. diffrence??? But I like Amber so with wish them only the best…

  • Lilly

    She used to be a Scarlett Johansson wannabe and a stupid girl who dies her dog in pink and now she’s dating him? She must be very persuasive.

  • emily

    Isn’t she gay ?

  • Jean

    She used to be… strange one.

  • Elisa

    So so soooo disappointed of Johnny and I’m not even talking about this homewrecker bitch.

  • funny witch

    Lilly, is that truth about pink color for the dog???????It’s horrible for pets mental stability! So disappointed!(((

  • Demi

    @Lia: She? He had wife and kids, not her. He was supposed to think about this situation.

  • whatever

    Like them both so if they are happy so be it. Love is what it is.

  • Stephanie

    Noooo!!! So disappointed!

  • whatever


    She has said that she is bisexual.

  • jenn

    this is so disappointing… I didn’t want to believe the rumors, but I guess its true. to think this amber destroyed a family…. and johnny isn’t innocent either. smh.

  • Matheus Heard


  • funny witch

    BTW, I decided that I DON’T believe in this pairing! She is/was open lesbian in long time relationship. Think he is using her for pr to hide his womanizing with rendoms ala Gerard Butler AND his drunk/party lifestyle.

  • talia

    @Demi: actually, johnny and vanessa were never married

  • Lilly
  • L

    And another homewrecker lol
    She’s really stunning tho.

  • Truth

    Just another man with a middle age crisis and a young woman who is a transparent golddigger. She used to be with a woman but I guess money talks over attraction. Isn’t this the equivalent of prostitution. “I will buy you a horse if you date me.” I knew a gay guy who began dating a woman who was 20 years older than him. My boyfriend did not understand it. I said she is crazy wealthy and he is a golddigger. Nothing different here.

  • funny witch

    I live in Europe, and actually there was reports/rumors that Vanessa and Johnny split as couple in late 2010, before The Tourist comes up, you can see that Va nowhere been see in promo tour and dont attending Golden Globe 2011 with J. But they stay equal co-parents, so Amber wasnt straight homewrecker….

  • Angie

    I knowed it!
    They have been together for almost two years now (since the release of “the rum diary”) I believe they have to be in love.

    And also Amber is bisexual, she was even engaged to a guy before her only- reported- relationship with a woman, Tasya Van Ree…

    I wish them happiness

  • kiki


    She is bisexual.

  • kiki

    Lots of lesbians on The L Chat forum board are committing suicide as we type.

  • shamen


    They really wanted her to be a lesbian, didnt they? hahaha. She is too hot to be a lesbian.

  • Odd

    Amber tried to do the Angelina Jolie bad girl image.
    Too bad her films and TV shows – Playboy Club – flopped big time.
    She has a new film out, which is going to tank. I guess the failed second rate Megan Fox /Scarlett Johansson wannabe has to out her relationship with Johnny for collateral and relevance in ruthless Hollywood

  • LOL

    Agree 100%.
    Shes a talent free desperate fame ho and tries every trick in the book

  • starsh

    @Lia: Wo, are you kidding? He was “led” was he? No brain of his own right?

  • Evelyn

    She doesnt even look like Johnny’s type of girl.

  • pup

    Woooah baby! (Full House FTW!) I totally called this ‘relationship’ last summer? I think? When she was seen leaving a band performance thingy he did.

  • Malory

    Mid life crisis much, Johnny?

  • wonka2

    Amber, Kristen, ScarJo are the types who fool around with dirty old still-married men, but no one notices until they’re caught red handed with J. Depp, R. Sanders, and S. Penn. They’re too busy throwing rocks at nice women they’re jealous of to notice the real culprits.

  • Laura

    I am so dissapointed … Poor Vanessa !

  • whatever


    And him buying her a horse so they could ride together while he was filming the Lone Ranger was an indicator that they were close.

    Why would anyone with any intelligence use that archaic irrational term “homewrecker”. Shaking my head at this stupidity.

    Johnny and V broke up and this was THEIR decision, they co-parent their kids, and they both moved on with their lives like everyone else does. That is just life.

  • wonka2

    Vanessa got the best of him. Amber gets the scraps. He’s gone downhill as an actor an in his looks. Johnny’s latest movie looks terrible. What an old poseur.

  • wonka2

    Buying a horse to placate her while he boffs a girl young enough to be his daughter. He’s gross.

  • whatever

    @wonka2: @wonka2:

    He bought the horse for Amber.

  • IKR

    Agreed. And their stans are such hypocrites

  • whatever


    Hypocrites because we don’t condem people for being human? LOL

    Only the people in a relationship should be able to determine what the status of that relationship is.

    If Johnny and V decided to break up after many years together because their love was not enough to sustain them and they were not happy anymore, then it is their decision to do so, not my decision or anyone else’s.

    Accepting life with its many twists and turns does not make one a hypocrite.

  • IKR

    @whatever: No. Hypocrites because these same rationalisations / justifications are not applied if it were another actress. Duh
    “Only the people in a relationship should be able to determine what the status of that relationship is”- would be less like BS if some posters on here remember that b4 calling other actresses whores/sluts e.t.c

  • Jennay


  • kelly

    @funny witch: Yep there were rumors of Depp with Marion Cotillard when they were making Public Enemies. Depp’s wife was not around during they filming nor any of the premieres.

  • funny witch

    kelly, I remember that rumour too! Think, Johnny try to happen with Marion but she turned down him and stay with Guillaume Canet.

  • whatever


    I agree with you 100% as to THIS.

    No one should be calling anyone, actress or not, names like whor**/homewreckers/bitc*** or any other derogatory names.

    This sitting in judgement of people, especially of women by other women, is now an epidemic that needs to stop. Life is too short.

  • Lola

    Everyone mind your own business and get on with your own apparently saintly life, idiots on comment sections should be chased round 24/7 to see if they are so perfect. I know i’m not, so i don’t see why i should judge strangers! Get a life and actually LIVE instead of judging the ones who actually are going out there and living!

  • Curious

    I so agree!!!

  • oli

    Oh God, help Johnny. She is a bad person. She is a wendigo

  • Elena

    The homewrecker comments are incredibly stupid. People are allowed to move on after relationships are over,and they started dating after Johnny and Vanessa were over. You didn’t expect Johnny Depp to be single for long ,did you?
    Vanessa said that no one knows the truth about their breakup. Get a life!

  • Jason Statham and Rosie say hi

    Dude got tired of fukcing the same pussy for 14 years. They all do eventually. Now it’s all new and exciting but the passion WILL wear off too, if they make it to that point.
    Men are genetically unevolved pigs, homewreckers are gender traitors and forgiving women get what they deserve.