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Olivier Martinez: Champs Elysees Film Festival President!

Olivier Martinez: Champs Elysees Film Festival President!

Olivier Martinez keeps it cool while attending a press conference for the 2013 Champs Elysees Film Festival on Thursday (April 25) in Paris, France

The 47-year-old French actor has been named the president of the festival, which will be held from June 12-June 18.

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This year will make the second time that the Champs Elysees Film Festival has been held.

It was recently announced that Olivier and his fiancee Halle Berry are expecting their first child together.

15+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez presenting the 2013 Champs Elysees Film Festival at a press conference…

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olivier martinez champs elysees film festival president 02
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  • Lossy

    Fücking scúmbag.

  • Heather

    oliver is going to be in a rude awaking

  • weirdo

    Couldn’t he have dressed up and smile?!

  • huggybear

    dirty looking man and Halle love that?

  • idcwyt

    Why would you choose a person with a not so great film career to judge other actors. I don’t know what happened to him. He had such promise.

  • frt

    He is super handsome and very manly. He was incredible in Unfaithful. Halle has great taste in men, and their son is going to be gorgeous.

  • huggybear

    @frt you got to be blined

  • Elodieee

    President of a film festival with a mot so relevant acting career??? Well I’ll be damned… Means I got a chance too!

  • Janelle

    Soooo handsome.

  • mh

    I figured the Halle haters would be on this post. At least Olivier still works for his money. What does Aubrey do pick Nahla up from school to earn his $20,000 a month. Go Halle and Ollivier!!!!!!!!

  • just saying

    soooo ugly

  • justme

    what job the one you give him ? when was the last big movie he was in?. He is on Halle payroll

  • m3iii

    soooooo nasty looking…..halle needs her eyes fixed…yuck…

  • tammy

    They-Oliver and Halle- need to go away for good.

  • ChowChow

    mh we dont need to get into that discussion again about Gabriel.

  • ugh

    can he put on some decent clothes for once?


  • Shelbethegreat

    Olivier looking as gorgeous as ever, really love this guy. This guy does so many things and has income, which is more than I can say for that douchebag Gabriel who needs to get a job.

  • MIX UP

    what does that douchebag do ,please do list them for us

  • ChowChow

    @Shelbethegreat: Gabriel has a job you knuckle head.

  • ChowChow

    The reason why people don’t think Gabriel doesn’t have a job is because his ex is paying him child support. I bet if he was paying her child support people wouldn’t be complaining about it.

  • Halle’s Frog Prince

    So Halle’s Frog Prince is still in Paris. He’s been in Paris at least 3x according to JJ since Halle’s clingy damage control Xmas trip to Paris. Hey, at least he’s changed his pants.

    Funny, he skipped town the day before Halle announced she was surprised to be pregnant and the day after he looked like he elbowed Halle in the stomach w/her staged return of their staged family Hawaiian trip.

    Him not being around much other than to do the deed and not issuing a statement by now says volumes…even St. Gabe’s camp had said something by now.

    Halle keeps bringing up marriage (I will be surprised), she thought her pregnancy was kidney stone related (which could be) ; she mentioned Nahla wanting a sibling in Oct. on Leno and various sources from Gabe to close friends saying they’d been trying for awhile; she recants knowing the sex of the child….

    And her not knowing French language, culture, laws and customs (no wonder she lost in Court): her bogus 30-years of on-call therapy hopping etc all to stay relevant and to make us believe her current drunken chain smoking violent Daddy Berry carbon copy is a good match who’s on payroll.

    Please, Halle’s paying this drunken jacka$$ so quit bitching about St. Gabe who she tried to buy off since day one only to prove that he may actually give a shit about Nahla than just being led by his gay/bi cock and collecting a check.

    Halle’s stuck paying him $20K/ mo for Nahla only because: karma’s a bitch; they didn’t have a written agreement to their arrangement; she really didn’t expect his to stay even though she made effort for having the appearance of such and the family Court Judge got tired of her bitching about how awful gab e was as a parent and his accommodations were substandard—POOF from the Judge and she shells out $20K/mo.

    Plus, if Halle’s going to be always working and chasing the globe after Frog Prince, Nahla does need some stability being with Gabe instead of being dug further into Halle’s mess

  • He looks great to me!

    Nice photo. He’s growing on me a lot. His haircut makes him look more handsome.

  • He looks great to me!

    @Halle’s Frog Prince: You need a therapist yourself. Get a life!

  • He looks great to me!

    Again, all the people who were bashing Gabriel when he was with Halle are not bashing Olivier. You people are so stupid!

  • made my pt

    @He looks great to me!: nope I am fine…just making point of how crazy the same posters print the same garbage.

  • made my part 2

    @made my pt: and…need to get a life. I wish them well whatever their relationship/arrangement is between Halle, Olivier, Aubry and Nahla.

  • nope/wrong

    @He looks great to me!: His dress slacks are nice, his haircut is okay. Thank God he stopped having Halle give him a bad dye job. No, not all of us Olly bashers bashed Gabriel when he was with Halle. FP’s long winded rant, while a waste of energy is really regurgitate all the haters previous posts.

  • difference

    nope still looks like a chronic alcoholic who and his partner almost got away with bloody murder. There ‘s a difference in being a possible opportunist w/a twist and someone who should have been arrested and/or his visa revoked. Halle’s lucky for Gabe ‘s and her lawyers thinking in Nahla’s behalf that she once again skipped jail.

  • stupid moderators


  • mike

    that is one ugly old man, can’t act, halle is buying friends, poor things don’t have hollywood friends, so she has to pay this ugly broke down french yellow teeth to be her friend, after she went on the internet to find someone to be in that boring movie about a shark. they all are mental. time will tell, God don’t like ugly, having kids without being married.

  • ShelbetheGreat

    Olivier is fantastic, don’t blame him if your boy Gabriel bit off more than he can chew. You can sit down with your pretty boy Gabriel who can’t fight (except girls i.e. the nanny) while the rest off use prefer a real man. He’s French and handsome too, Halle you are so lucky.

  • ChowChow

    @ShelbetheGreat: You must be blind and one of his friends. You know damn well that frog prince jumped Gabriel like a coward. Also that fight was a set up and everyone knows it was a set up.

  • Hah

    @ChowChow: You are ridiculous. Please stop saying “everybody knows…” YOU don’t even know!

  • ChowChow

    @Hah: Yes I do. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Gabriel was setup. Whoever thinks it wasn’t a setup are very stupid.

  • Shelbe

    @ChowChow, read the police report moron, Gabriel was arrested because he attacked first, because he’s violent. He had been hit first he sure as heck would have told the police the night of the fight but he didn’t becauses he’s guilty. The police aren’t stupid and that is why they arrested him. Should have deported the douchebag.