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Tom Welling & Mark Salling: Hakkasan Opening Night Party!

Tom Welling & Mark Salling: Hakkasan Opening Night Party!

Tom Welling arrives for a night out at the Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant and Nightclub grand opening held at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino on Saturday (April 27) in Las Vegas, Nev.

The 36-year-old actor was joined at the star-studded event by Glee actor Mark Salling, musicians Calvin Harris and Pharrell Williams, and Jeff Beacher of Beacher’s Madhouse (not pictured).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tom Welling

“On my way to Vegas for Wet Republic then tonight my first ever show at HAKKASAN!” Calvin tweeted about performing at the opening later in the night.

FYI: Mark is wearing a Rudsak leather jacket.

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Credit: Judy Eddy; Photos: Wenn
Posted to: Calvin Harris, Mark Salling, Pharrell Williams, Tom Welling

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    WOW! I almost didn’t recognize Tom. My reclusive husband is looking a little more mature <3 I'll still have his babies.

  • Mary

    tom welling is ‘a fantastic and beautiful actor! tom ia’a very manly man with a great charisma.!!!!!

  • Elodieee

    Tooooooooooooooom OMG I’ve missed your pretty face argh! And well no he is a crap actor but mah god he is excruciatingly beautiful urgh GTFO!!!! *fans self*

  • lucy

    Whoa Tom looks so different haha almost didn’t recognize him.

  • Katy

    I love Tom Welling . I want TOM on my television…! I miss you!

  • Trisha

    Mark Salling looks like a penis with hair

  • shaney

    Wow. Mark with hair. He looks so mature

  • Ginesse

    omg tom, you are niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

  • Ginesse

    that’s called aging good people!

  • Ale

    Tom looking good, as always.
    Mark, what the hell is that hair?!

  • donte

    Tom Welling looks like he’s strung out on drugs, thin and old. This is the worst he has ever looked!

  • Nicole

    Respect tom welling …

  • Nicole

    @donte: HATER

  • Katy

    @donte alias @kalamonde. I do not understand your hatred for Tom. But what ‘you will have’ done? You have made some very serious allegations attentive to his Lawyers! He is well and is a clean person!

  • http://Alexakent Alexa

    @donte: Who are you to accuse Tom of such as things like to be addicted to drugs? You are a hater a liar and resentful person.
    Leave Tom alone and go to insult another celebrity.

  • Person

    Donte o Kalamonde…..GO F*** YOURSELF¡¡

  • Mati

    @donte: Respect Tom Welling

  • ami

    @donte: I wouldn’t say he looks thin but he does look strung out. Afterall it was his birthday the this week so maybe he over indulged a bit.

  • Monica

    a tip for @ kalamonde: sought a handsome man and you have sex so ‘you can finally forget the fantastic Tom Welling!

  • donteestunepute

    @donte: Stop spreading your F***king venom Kalamonde. We all know who you are W***e

  • donte

    Everyone defending their alcoholic, pretend boyfriend! I’m sure he will thank all of you personally. Wait a minute, he doesn’t even know you exist! Real actors were at the White House Correspondence Dinner, loser celebrities party in Vegas! Which category does Tom Welling fit in?

  • http://Alexakent Alexa

    @donte: you are a crazy resentful

  • reeven

    He looks fantastic, the only change is his hair but is for the movie
    LOVE HIM!!!!

  • Nathalie

    @Donte: And does he know YOU exist? NO. And even his cousin has always ignored you hateful tweets like you are a nobody!

    On the other hand when some other fans and I trended on twitter for Tom’s bday I sent a tweet to Carrie and what do you know?! She replied and said to me she was going to let Tom know about what we did for his bday. The first time she replied to someone talking about her cousin. Probably cause she thought all that love from us on twitter to Tom was worth something, enough for her to believe he needed to know.

    But your hatred on your tweets to her ALWAYS went ignored like the garbage they are.

  • Donte

    @Nathalie: Sorry, Nathalie I never tweeted Tom’s cousin, anyway do you think he is going to reply to your tweet to his cousin? NO!

  • donteestunepute

    @Donte: Liar B****h here’s the proof : kalamonde ‏@kalamonde 26 Mar
    @thevanitybelles Wish Jamie Costa a Happy Birthday! Just curious, how long has Tom been dipping tobacco? I think he’s always used secretly.

  • selenia

    Dear @ Kalamonde you have to be more positive and less acidic. But how can live with malice and hatred? Forget Tom He does not want you!!

  • ami

    Now, now, everyone is entitled their opinion. How do you know she’s a cousin anyway…. don’t answer.. I don’t get fans who appear to focus more on celebs than their own lives.

  • Nathalie

    @Donte: First of all. You ARE kalamonde. Second where in my comment did I write Tom himself is going to reply to me or us? I love it when people try using shaming tactics to shup you up, yet they don’t seem to notice they are trying to work against someting you never said yourself. All I said is that he is going to know about our trending through his cousin. And that alone made our trending worth it. Third for someone who claims not to be kalamonde you sounded awful mad at me for a simple comment.The only reason you got mad at me is because you are kala and you knew exactly what I was talking about.

    @Ami:Several things prove Carrie IS Tom’s cousin look it up and see for yourself. And as for someone who claims not to get people who focus more on celebs than their own lives, well look at Donte she makes her life’s mission to trash Tom everywhere, and look at yourself too honey. You are here talking about what WE are talking, I guess you do care a lot about that don’t you.

  • donte

    @donteestunepute: Proof of what, you retyped a tweet?

  • donte

    @Nathalie: Who’s mad at who? You are attacking me because of a my post! I don’t even know you and I only replied to you because you keep getting mad at me for what someone named kalamonde did, girl YOU need to get a life. Tom Welling is not thinking about you, kalamonde is not thinking about you and I’m not either!

  • donteestunepute

    @donte: You Kalamonde you said you never had tweeted Tom’s cousin. That retyped tweet is a proof that you lied.

  • laura moss

    kalamonde’re obsessed with Tom Welling, you’ve made ​​inquiries to see if Tom was still married and then hi harassed the two women who have come out with tom (M. and V.) But why are you interested in the private life of Tom Welling?

  • Donte
  • Donte

    @laura moss: Why are you interested in my post?

  • Laura

    I’m not interested in your post but I’m a friend of one of the girls!

  • donte

    @Laura: Your point being?

  • Mary

    I really like the new cut of Tom Welling. Unlike many of his colleagues Tom is a real man very nice. I hope to see it at work because ‘is good!!

  • jay

    People you forget that Tom is currently filming his new show and could very well be groomed for his character. Those talking about his aging please let this man be. He is living his life, not caring about what you think…..Hes 36…..he looks his age…..normal…..and good for 36. He’s doing his thing.

  • Angelica

    tom unlike many actors does not stain her hair. Honestly Tom is much more ‘beautiful and full of charm now than when it was more’ boy. He is perfect!!

  • Donte

    @jay: Where did you hear he was filming a new show? Yes he is 36 years old and he is graying a little early but it may be because of genes. Yes he is liviing his life as a normal single celebrity!

  • Francesca

    Donte = Kalamonde but you’re really obsessed with Tom Welling! Maybe you’re one of his ex-girlfriend? ’cause your curiosity’ is exaggerated, you have a love – hate relationship towards Tom.

  • donte

    @Francesca: No, I’m not one of his many hookups!

  • Nathalie

    Man I love how hipocrite you are.You give yourself the right to say whatever you want to say but when we say what we want to say, we’re attacking you. Oh please.

    Once again I repeat my question: where, in my comment, did I write I believe Tom is going to reply to me in person?! I love the way YOU put words into people’s mouths and then acts as if they said those things themselves. Sounds just like Kalamonde to me.

    And one more thing, since you keep asking if Tom does even know we exist. Does he know YOU exist sweetie??? You are a nobody to him just as much as you claim we are. The difference is that at least we are a bunch of nice people who come together to share our admiration for him. You are nothing but a bitter person whose goal is to bash someone you don’t even know personally for no reason other than mere pleasure.

    You question why we care since he does not know we exist. I ask you YOU the same. Why do you care about what he does or not? Why do you put so much time trolling Just Jared posts on Tom and twitter, just to bash him every chance you get. What do you get out of that? If you hate him so much, just forget about him and go live your life in peace. It’s as simple as that.

  • Nathalie


    Plus how do you know kalamonde isn’t thinking about me, if you are not her??? You just took a gun and shot your own foot right there didn’t you sweetie??? Friendly Advice: Think before you speak.

  • donte

    @Nathalie: Why are you so concerned about my post, their not about you so why are you so bothered about my Tom Welling post? My opinion about Tom Welling have nothing to do with you!

  • Nathalie

    Nice way of dodging the questions. I guess you took my advice and thought very well before replying right?!

    Tom’s life has nothing to do with you either but you gave yourself the right to bash him based on his actions that also have nothing to do with you. So I guess I can give myself the right to comment on your post that has nothing to do with me.

    See that’s your problem, you say what you want but get upset when others say what they want. Why? If you are free to express your thoughts about Tom so are we.

    The thing with you Donte/Kalamonde/svm is that you want your opinion to be accepted by those who read it as the most absolute truth about Tom and when others commit the atrocity of having a mind of their own and question your opinion you get upset.

    Keep one thing is my: your opinion is just that “ONLY an opinion” and it does not make it the truth about something.

    One last question:Why do you give yourself the right to voice your negative opinion on Tom but act like we can’t voice our opinion defending him?

  • Nathalie

    *Keep one thing in mind…

  • Jess

    Tom looks sad/tired to me. I hope he’s okay. Maybe he just partied too hard that night, haha. But…I legitimately hope he’s happy and not depressed or anything…

  • michelle

    Please respect the private life of Tom Welling, THANK YOU! Tom at the moment is super happy for her new work projects.